Use >a< or >an<. Write the correct forms of the indefinte articles into the gaps.

Example: We read __ book. Answer: We read a book. 1) There is new English book on the desk. astronaut

10) My friend likes to be 3) They've got 4) He is drinking 5) The girl is 6) Leipzig has 7) This is idea.

cup of coffee. pilot airport

expensive bike bird flying. honest person old comic. dog. song. new desk in her room.

8) Look! There's 9) My father is 2) She's reading 1) Lucy has 2) Let's sing 3) Emily needs 4) I need 5) Ben has 6) Peter has 7) We listen to 8) She has

blue pen. old bike. aunt in Berlin. English CD. exercise book in her school bag. hour.

9) The speed of this car was 160 miles 10) They finished A or An unit.

aunt, dog, apple, outdoor activity, English CD, car, animal, book, exercise book, error

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