Microeletronic EEN732 40 marks duration : 1 hr 1] Two semicondutor samples of equal dimension are given.

Drift electron current of sample A and drift hole current of sample B are equal. Then calculate their doping oncentration. 2] To derive Jp(x)=Pn0. Exp[(eVbi/KT)-1].Exp[(Xn-X)/Lp] 3] A LC tunning ciruit uses pn diode capacitor for tunning, for Vr=0V, it operates at a frequeny of 2G, if Vr is varied from 0 to 2V, calculate the change in frequeny.Na and Nd are given. 4] for a n type SC, Nd=10^16/cm^3. SC is illuminated by light giving 10^15 per cu.cm excess holes and electrons. Calculate quasi Fermi energy level and compare it with Fermi level of n type SC before illumination. 5] mobility verses temperature graph for Nd=10^14 and Nd=10^18 are given. Explain physically the difference between two graph.

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