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Literacy Memoir Outline

Aryanna Reid Objective: Show how culture and motivations strengthened my level of Literacy over time

Introduction- Childhood A. The desire to read as a child (1.) Making Grandparents read to me (2.) Excited about Book Fairs/ Book orders so Grandpa would always write me checks (3.) Strong motivation to make my mother proud because I craved her attention since she was in and out of my childhood B. Learning Spanish (1.) Grandparents taught me a lot of Spanish but desire to learn more essentially came from wanting to be able to communicate & comprehend with other fluent family members (2.) learning roots of Spanish words help C. Activities that helped literacy develop (1.) Singing/Songwriting: having to learn more words to make songs flow & studying other peoples works to help my rhymes make sense (2.) Cheerleading: helps in being comfortable in front of crowds (3.) Drama: reading scripts and practicing monologues (4.) Performances: winter musical, Shakespeare recitation, talent show, football games etc. Culture/ Family Background A. Drop-outs (1.) No one in my family has ever graduated high school (2.) Usually because of teen pregnancy a. The reason why my mother wasnt really there because she was still young and experiencing teen life (3.) Mother pushing me to do good in school so I wont struggle li ke the rest of my family which causes that to become my motivation (instilled in me to do well at whatever I do) (4.) Desire not to become a statistic B. Being a Woman/ Minority (1.) Men automatically have the upper hand

(2.) Bring out example: If a women and a man were going for the same job position and had the same qualifications , the man is more likely to get the job (3.) Have to work harder than most to become something Highschool/ My Future A. Skills/actions that helped literacy (1.) SAT Vocabulary (2.) Required to do connotations on every text I encountered but continued to do so even after the class was finished it because it became habitual (3.) Flash Cards helped me embed information in my memory (4.) Volunteer with tutoring B. Career goals (1.) Having to get good grades and go the extra mile to make it to college & throughout college staying on top of things to get into nursing program (2.) Motivation to be Nurse Anesthetist (3.) Practicing speaking for job interviews & strengthening customer service helps with interacting with people in general Closure A. Strengths (1.) Public speaking due to musical literacy (look for better word to describe all childhood experiences that deal with performing) If you can perform in front of crowds , You can definitely present (2.) Learning information/tasks at a face pace & making inferences due to educational/Alphabetical literacy (easier to make connections if you know a lot of information) (3.) Interacting with people is easier because of accumulated knowledge B. Effects of literacy overall (1.) My level of literacy helps me not only keep up with society but be a more well-rounded individual (2.) I will continue to strengthen my literacy throughout my journey of life because I would like to hold a significant place in society through all the generational changes.