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Affirmative to Being a Vegetarian

Affirmative to Being a Vegetarian

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Published by: Ira ajah on Sep 13, 2013
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This House Would Go Vegetarian Ira Rahmawati, 1106023070.

Text of affirmative: Humans have the right to choose his way of life, including choosing a vegetarian lifestyle. As we know that a vegetarian is to consume only products of vegetable or plant and not to eat foods that come from animals. However, there are several types of vegetarians that still allows for the consumption of processed from animals, such as butter, milk, eggs, cheese, and even fish., but they still didn’t want to eat the meat. Many of the reasons people choose vegetarianism because of being vegetarian gives many benefits for the man himself. These benefits in accordance with the data that has been implemented on the research, including: In 1961, the magazine Journal of the American Medical Association states that vegetarian diets can prevent heart artery blockage up to 97%. In 2011, the British Medical Journal published the results the research, in which researchers measured the IQ of a number of respondents at the age of 10 years and then follow their progress until the age of 30 years. The available data indicate that those who became vegetarian when the children had an IQ of about five points higher than the average adult who is not a vegetarian. In 2013, Bangkapos.com stated that the research of English, which states that vegetarians have a lower risk in a third of suffering from heart disease than those eating meat. These data suggest that being a vegetarian is very useful. Therefore, the benefits of being a vegetarian are: 1. Be healthier, longevity, and youthful. According to research in America, vegetarians will be healthier, longevity and youthful. Being a vegetarian makes us healthy physically and mentally as well as extend the life of our life because animal foods, such as meat generally can narrow the blood vessels so that nutrients and oxygen which will consequently reduce impaired immune system.

China Health Project found that Chinese people who eat the least amount of animal fats have the least risk of cancer. Adherents totally vegan does not eat meat and animal products of any kind. the U. While the perpetrators of vegetarians still eat non-meat animal ingredients.S. This risk will drop to 15% if they stopped eating meat.. such as antioxidants and some phytochemical substances.. 4. yoghurt. eggs. Another study conducted in the UK for 12 years. cheese. increased levels of blood cholesterol. When compared to the vegan. U. Deaths from heart disease increases. and other chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes. man meat eaters 50% chance of dying from heart disease. Conclusion of the research team from Loma Linda University. According to several studies conducted by health experts meat eaters have a higher risk of cancer than vegetarians. The result. and only a 4% risk if they stop eating meat. From a study found that children as young as 5 years old who grew up with a lot of spending fast food (fast food) and the nutrient-poor foods (junk food) showed early signs of heart disease.S. vegetarians live 15 years longer. vegetarian actors who died of cancer 40% lower than meat eaters. Free of cancer. The experts concluded that the plant products such as fruits and vegetables have many important chemical substances that suppress the risk of cancer.S. involving 6. said compared with meat eaters. in Indonesia also had heart disease the number one killer. including non-meat ingredients were obtained without killing such as eggs. The team of researchers from Louisiana University. milk. Longer life. vegetarians tenuous life over 7 years long.000 vegetarians and 5. heart disease.2. Awake heart health. while others died from the disease 20% lower. lack of exercise. . so too in our country. Currently the average U. and stress..S. 3.000 meat eaters. The study results reinforced some conclusions of other similar studies. This is due among other things the wrong diet. the data obtained one of nine women aged 45-65 years suffering from heart disease. The same as in the U. and processed products of animal.

Cholesterol is dangerous because it can block blood flow to the heart. The average American woman consumes 144% of the recommended protein adequacy. 5. When the blood flow stops. it means a heart attack has come. Decrease in bone mass in women aged 65 years vegetarians by 18%. However. It can cause cancer and stress on the urinary system. such as heart disease and stroke. twice the recommended adequacy of the National Academy of Science. 6. while men consume 175%. and skin cancer. colon cancer. The researchers came to the conclusion that based on a study of excess protein consumption. such as meat and chicken. Harvard Nurse Health Study mentions alleged meat linked to breast cancer. person generally eating everything and not vegetarian. Otherwise the risk of cancer in women who ate vegetables every day reduced 20-30%. mainly due to protein-dense foods generally also quite a lot of fat.S. the bones will be stronger if it gets enough calcium supply. Free of cholesterol disease. Excessive protein also result in increased risk of cardiovascular (heart vessel disorder). excess protein can block the absorption of calcium in the body so that the body steals calcium from the bones and cause bone loss. Another study conducted in Germany concluded vegetarians immune system more effectively kill the tumor cells of the immune system rather than meat eaters. consume 112 grams of protein per day. said the average U. Vegetables protect them from prostate cancer. while the non-vegetarian women are twice as large. thus encouraging . or cassava. Excess protein interferes with the absorption and retention of calcium. beans. an ecologist. Vegetarians typically consume calcium from several plants such as spinach. Strengthen bones. if a person consumes animal products that are rich in protein. broccoli. David Pumantel. It is common knowledge that the meat or animal products can cause increased bad cholesterol levels that would pose a dangerous statement. The National Cancer Institute says women who eat meat every day four times greater chance of developing breast cancer than those who do not eat meat every day. According to the study.One study.

chickpeas. cinnamon leaves. 9. tofu). According to The Center for Science. soybeans. cause acidic blood. papaya leaves. . so that it becomes brittle. female hormone estrogen will drop and cause a series of disorders. In other words. and diabetes (diabetes mellitus). being a vegetarian will keep you from such threats. pod vegetables (beans. 7. Animal protein. The disorder can be soaked by consuming the types of vegetables or some fruit. while the CDC suspect 70-90% of chicken campylobacter bacteria (some strains of the bacteria are resistant to antibodies). Based on research conducted by the British Medical Association. cowpeas). stroke. broccoli). Vegetarians generally more slender-bodied than meat eaters. The reason. soy is rich in phytoestrogens. For example. green beans. vegetarians tend to be leaner with weight close to ideal weight and obesity have on average lower.000 of them died. Free of menopausal disorders. 25% of all chicken sold in the U. Protected from food-borne illnesses.deplete the body of calcium can lead to brittle bone disease (osteoporosis). I wonder if the perpetrators were rarely affected vegetarian diseases associated with excess weight. bean leaves. which is a substance that has characteristics very similar to ekstrogen. fresh red beans. This is related to the amount of fiber consumed at least animal fat intake.S. proteinrich vegetables. the body steals calcium deposits in the bones. Without the need to rely on milk. While going through menopause. One of the benefits of being a vegetarian is to minimize any disruption before menopause commonly occurs in women. including dairy. such as bean sprouts. To compensate for the situation. cassava leaves. Reduction in bone calcium deposits make bone density is reduced. and nuts and beans (red beans. cassava leaves. such as coronary heart disease. contain salmonella bacteria. contain less fat and calories than the standard diet. 8. Reduce the risk of obesity. vegetarian actors can get calcium from other foods rich in calcium. such as leafy green vegetables (spinach. red spinach. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated nearly 80 million Americans each year are affected by food-borne illnesses.

Prevention of Type 2 diabetes. However. Investigators also found in fish-eating groups. compared to the vegetarian group. Even EPA and DHA can resist the negative effects of AA. 10. In theory. the amount of EPA and DHA they have increased by 95-100 percent. while the third group ate versatile vegetable. . After two weeks.9. Foods such as fish and meat found to contain Arachidonic Acid (AA). although intake of DHA and EPA was high. fish and poultry eggs every day. researchers found a change in mood scores in the group of fish and meat eaters. Recent research published in the Journal of Nutrition shows that eating a vegetarian diet can make you feel happier and reduce stress. Making more happy and reduce stress. The second group was told to eat fish only 3-4 times per week. a study showed that people who ate meat and fish food department reported experiencing mood swings worse than a vegetarian. Previous research has shown that eating foods that contain high levels of AA can cause mood swings that interfere with the brain's performance. researchers looked at 39 people eating meat and divided into three groups. Researchers also revealed that eating foods containing omega-3 fatty acids associated with increased brain health. such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). But recently. a type of omega-6. Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common with the rise of obesity around the world. and unfortunately was not able to fight stress and mood changes. The first group was asked to eat meat. better mood. and so on. eating fish is very good because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. and vegetarian diets may even can prevent it by including complex carbs and fiber that help the body manage insulin more efficiently. vegetarian groups in fact have mood is significantly better and less stressful. In a follow-up study.

other animal food also binds toxins so difficult eroded. fruit juices as well as vegetable juices. Diets rich in water-based and plant foods are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins-ideal for healthier skin every season. and even cooked. the first step is to replace meat and other animal products with fruit and vegetables. preservatives. Fat tissue in fish. If you want to start a detoxification program. Especially fish contain cancer-triggering substances (from agricultural pesticide sprays are soluble in water. These materials contain a phytochemical that helps eliminate toxins naturally. This can include chemicals sprayed on the dead animal. and synthetic sweeteners. Healthy skin. Restrict animal foods means to minimize the entry of contaminants into the body. and other unnatural ingredients used for packaging and mass distribution. other animal products. Some studies suggest that when animals experience fear. such as DDT and PCBs) and heavy metals (mercury. 12. Chemical-free food. although the fish have been washed. the adrenaline rush causes a release of epinephrine.11. cadmium). along with chemicals and by products used on the animals during processing. Examples: environmental pollution and food additives (food additives) such as preservatives. frozen. lead. . Meat and other animal products (dairy products) also contain steroids and hormones. Not eating meat helps purge toxins in the body. dyes. and other stress hormones into the bloodstream. arsenic. Meat-based diets take in animal cells and fats. which can cause disease. 14. Stockpiles of toxins in your body will be depleted. and fish. presenting a range of toxins that can accumulate in the blood. steroids. Protect the body from pollution Allegedly almost 95% of pesticide residues from food we come from meat. 13. These are then ingested by the meat eater.

Vegan and vegetarian diets can be naturally low in fat and sodium. Thus. vegetables. Lower blood pressure. which can lead to stroke and coronary heart disease. Hormone-free eating. Improved digestion. improving the digestion and elimination process. and the cycle of blood sugar peaks and crashes is almost eliminated without the meat and unhealthy carb combinations. an energy boost is a nice side effect. . Lowered risk of diabetes. Fruits. High fiber diets have also been linked to preventing certain types of cancer. helping reduce blood pressure and improve circulation instead. With the body spending less time digesting animal protein. 18. Plant-based foods and fresh fruita are rich in fiber. Steady blood sugar is easily achieved with the nutrition vegetarian diet. 19. Do not suffer from back pain Back pain can be caused by a disturbance in the arteries. He said also by consuming plant foods. 17. author of Foods that Fight Pain. and soy products are never injected with growth hormones and other chemicals that may harm the human body. 20. Excess cholesterol lead to blockage. 16. MD. the arteries become clean of deposits of cholesterol. said Neil Barnard. Increased energy.15. foods derived from plants can maintain the health of your back.

This is free of unhealthy saturated fat which can lead to a variety of heart problems and cardiovascular disease. 22. the U. With the body in harmony and free of harmful toxins and chemical buildup. Vegetarian menus typicall use all-natural oils and cooking methods to enhance flavor. Increased life span. By shopping the perimeter of the grocery store and stocking up on high-fiber. vegetarians can eliminate almost 25% of their food budgets without pounds of meat on the bill. Healthy amino acids. Mentioned in the conclusion of a study conducted at a hospital in Harvard and Brigham. . Low or no saturated fat. soy) can be an excellent source of amino acids that help with protein assimilation and metabolism. vegetarians may live longer than their fellow meat eaters. Mooth bowel movement. Plant-based proteins (e. vegetarians can live up to 3-6 years longer than meat eaters. MD. 23.S. highly nutritious food. the people who consume a lot of fiber as eating lots of vegetables rarely suffer from constipation.21. but average costs do tend to be much lower per trip. According to William Cstelli. Lower grocery shopping bills. In some cases this balances out if the vegetarian shopper chooses to buy premium veg brands and gourmet ingredients..g. 25. Eating lots of vegetables means eating lots of fiber that helps to push junk food out of the body. and intestinal disorders. director f or the Farmingham Heart Study. 24. hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids).

Especially when considering the Indonesian people are generally not a meat eater. chicken. in addition to the selection of materials and the type of food that will be served. 29. Palettes can become much more sensitive to different flavors. a lot more variations to be said like rainbow. Eating a plant-based food ingredients colorful means you have to eat a variety of natural ingredients immune system boosters and deterrent various germs. Spending more efficient. tend to beige to brown. texture. Dish over moor interests. and other animal products with vegetable and fruit can save money every day. because the price is quite expensive. Certainly not the vegetables and fruits you should buy imported. and fish. Appreciation for simple flavors. After eliminating meat from the diet. Enrich the culinary variety of vegetables lets you serve food / dishes that taste delicious. fish. it becomes much easier to differentiate flavors and get a real taste for fruits and vegetables. Therefore. Pigment colorful vegetables and fruits contain phytochemicals. This colorful dish enrich appearance. Variations of local fruits and vegetables pretty much affordable by the general public. and flavor as well as diverse. textures. This statement of Deborah Madison. 27. Replacing animal foods with plant foods does not mean reducing the nutrients needed by the body. chicken. so it looks similar and monotonous.26. In contrast to the color of vegetables and fruits. founding Green Restaurant in San Francisco and author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. making food more appetizing published. 28. and combinations. The easiest way is to look at the composition of your food colors: green. each time preparing dishes always look at the adequacy of nutrition. white. substances that can fight disease. Dishes of meat. Food taste better Vegetables are foods that can be processed into a variety of interesting dishes with color. Animal foods are generally more expensive than plant foods. . red-purple. Importantly. yellow-orange. replacing meat. brown. but more can enjoy dishes of vegetables and other plant foods.

net/2012/07/15-keuntungan-menjadi-seorang. and from natural materials. Children have the habit of eating habits as their parents.html http://id. When parents. We often see the kids do not like to eat vegetables.she. Reference: Susianto. like hamburgers or hot dogs. not too much food containing additives. nutritious. if the child is accustomed to eat fast food. Diet enak ala vegetarian. Cooking your own meals for everyday family consumption than fresher. always providing healthy food. (2008). then the child will like these foods. Being a role model for children. Jakarta: Penebar Plus. the kids will like these foods than the actual natural foods are healthier. This is because their parents do not get used to eating vegetables in children. and less expensive.jurukunci. http://www. especially mothers.com/jadi-vegetarian-lebih-bahagia-dan-tidak-mudah-stres-080000297. which in the long run can be detrimental to health.html . more varied. Conversely.yahoo.30.

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