Aggravated Assault

On Monday 9/10 around 2115 hours, the adult female victim was jogging in the 1700 block of Poplar Run Drive (off Layhill Road opposite the entrance to The Barrie School). A suspect resembling the pictured composite was walking in the opposite direction. As the victim passed the suspect, he grabbed her and threw her to the ground. The suspect struck the victim in the face, breaking her orbital bone. He held the victim down and told her to “shut up.” The victim screamed and the suspect fled when he heard the victim’s boyfriend approaching and calling her name.

Suspect: white Hispanic male, late 20’s, 5’7”, 165 lbs., lean, muscular build, medium length, wavy black hair, possible trimmed eyebrows, no facial hair. Note: The victim noticed an odor of alcohol and sweat on the suspect.
This is a computer created composite based upon witness description –it isn’t any known suspect photograph and is presented to aid investigators in identifying the perpetrator of this crime.

Wearing: gray hoodie over a white t-shirt, black basketball shorts, and sneakers.

Montgomery County Department of Police Wheaton Investigative Section
Investigator Det. Kye Pak | Case #: 13042847 / 0431
CAS #13-497 Prepared by: J. Dassoulas | Date: 9/13/2013