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SCOFIELD time my hands john SCOFIELD time my hands Guitar Transcriptions by KEN CHIPKIN COPYRIGHT © 1991 CPPBELWIN, INC. 18800 NXZ 48TH AVENUE, MIAMI, FLORIDA 33014 INTERNATIONAL COPYRIGHT SECURED MADEINUSA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED ALBUM ART: © 1990 CAPITOL RECORDS, INC. EDITOR: AARON STANG PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: CAROL CUELLAR ‘ALBUM COVER DESIGN: PATRICK ROQUES ALBUM PHOTOGRAPH CAROL FRIEDMAN ‘WARNING: ANY DUPLICATION, ADAPTATION OR ARRANGEMENT OF THE COMPOSITIONS CONTAINED IN ‘THIS COLLECTION, WITHOUT THE WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE OWNER IS AN INFRINGEMENT OF US. (COPYRIGHT LAWAND SUBJECT TO THE PENALTIES AND LIABILITIES PROVIDED THEREIN. INTRODUCTION T’d like thank Kenn Chipkin for his transcriptions of my work and his attention to detail. [think itt noteworthy thatthe book includes the lead sheets to the tunes just as the other musicians received them at the recording session. Ifyou listen to the record tohile checking out the lead sheets, you can see how the music is open to interpretation. Don't forget that these transcriptions are from spontaneous, loose improvisations. Youll ned to pair them with the recording to hear the dialogue between the musicians. Those parts improvised by Charlie Haden, Jack DeJohnette and Joe Lovano aren transcribed here, but its better that you listen to them as well to understand the guitar solos! One word about “TAB”... hope all young guitarists out there realize that written music is still the primary mode for communicating musical ideas between musicians. Having at least a basic under standing of writien music is almost essential in jazz if you twant to play with other people. ‘Time On My Hands was a great experince for me... hope this book helps all interested partes “get into” the music even more. Thanks for being among them! fol John Scofield ABOUT THE BOOK Let it be known that without John Scofield’ contribution to the making of this book, it would simply not be on the level itis on. John made the time to meet with me at his home in New York City for the ‘purpose of nailing down as much musical fact as possible in order to make this book as accurate as it could be. From this meeting came a video tape of Scofield patiently playing all the written parts to the songs on Time On My Hands so we could assure perfection inthe tablature and give me cues to work from during the transcribing process. Understandably, the solos would be too difficult and time con- suming to reproduce for video, so the tablature should therefore be considered a suggested approach for positioning and fingering. This book is unique in that it includes lead sheets forthe songs exactly the way Scofield wrote them, allowing us the opportunity to experience the evolution of this music. Once Thad transcribed the music, John supervised the work and fielded a truckload of questions ranging ‘from general to microscopic by way of telephone and fax while on tour in Europe. Saxophonist Joe _ Lovano was kind enough to edit and contribute phrase markings to the saxophone transcriptions as they appear in this book. T hope that you enjoy and learn from this wonderful music. fer Chath Kenn Chipkin