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THE VIEW FROM NOWHERE THOMAS NAGEL ‘OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS ‘New York Oxford xfer University Press Jigen Hoag onyye Copyright © 1986 by Thomas Nagel ality Or nine, lr ins ered amar of Onl Ue re gen art epi nin ny “gma cana Petoping ing herr. bay f Cages Caton Poin Daa msm “Rattner + tes ea ae oe pining “The Large Ese Ne Dre” “Se a ee 8 Cri aw wT6s WE RH ToALH. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ‘This book was begun in 1978-78 during a sabbatical fom Princeton University nd completed in 1984-85 during a sabbatical from New ‘York Universty—with the support in each cae of fellowship from the National Endowment forthe Humanities, ‘Chapters 2, 8, and 9 are descended from the Tanner Lectures given ‘n May 1979 2 Brasenose College, Oxford and published 5 "The Lim- {ts of Objctviy” in The Tanner Lecurs om Human Values, volume I Chapter 4 derives from my contrbution to Knaeledge end Mind, a vol ‘ume honoring Nerman Malcolm. An earlier version of chapter 7 was presented in August 1981 to an International Philosophy Symposium it Oaxaca sponsored bythe Insituto de Investigaciones FlosSeas. ‘Many friends, colleagues, and students have had an ialuence on ry Uhoughts. Apart From references in the text, let me here thank Rogers Albeit, Thompson Clarke, Ronald Dworkin, Gilber Harman, Shelly Kagan, Frances Mya Kam, John Rawis, Thomas M. Scanlon, Samuel ‘Scheffler, Barry Stroud, Peter Unger, and Susan Wolf. am particularly _ratefu to Simon Blackburn and Derek Part, each of whom produced ‘aluable comments onthe entre manuscript ‘New York 1N, February 1985