Traditional Birth Attendant (DAI

Issues and Concern Presented by Dr. Ajay Khare

Some Tribes or Muslims  .Who are They Traditional.Family based  Old Women / Family Member ( Tribes)  Trained for 30 days  Mostly Schedule Cast.

Their work Care During Pregnancy  Identification of Danger Sign  Assisting Labour  Care of New Born  Post Natal Care/ Follow up  Disposing placenta  Massage Women / New Born  .

started from Rs 2 to now Rs 50  House Hold.Rs 50.Their Remuneration From Govt.Rs 600 .100 5..1000 • JSY.10 Kg Cereals Sari Some times Rs 500.350/ Delivery Birth Assistant – Rs 50  .

Deficiencies / Difficulties        Mostly old. Illiterate. Poor Women. SC Work is considered dirty / untouchable Training was given very old time Unable t access new information/ Knowledge Mostly put pressure during delivery Bath New Born even premature baby Retraining required But deep rooted culturally and socially .

Some Facts    Available in most of the villages Villages 52049 Dais 52995 Villages without Dai 1026 Dais Training started in 1973 Training Component 1.Asepsis 4.Breast feeding 5.Referral . Normal labour 3. Care of pregnant women 2.Weighing new born 6.Vaccination 7.

Issues Some Dais became ASHA  Some are Anganwadi assistant and competing with ASHA for JSY  After Institutional delivery child and mother unattended  Deliveries on the way  Villagers still have faith in Dais  Some times waited dais for two days for cutting umbilical cord  .

Working as motivator for JSY  Bhuriaya Bai 70 Yrs .Some Cases Mangaliya Bai 55Yrs. tribal village trained for 3 days. get only coconut or Sari. traditional dai. considered religious work.Village Markadhana Illiterate. Selected as ASHA but JSY cases are taken by Anganwadi worker  .Village Harsdiwari Trained 6-7 years back. ASHA not available.

Chhindi Trained Dai. Very Popular. received Rs 300. ASHA is not getting JSY cases  .Some Cases  Ganiya Bai 70 Yrs . Cereals and Sari / Delivery She has conducted many difficult delivery After ASHA all income stopped Katto Bai 50 Yrs.Village Bijori Familial work.

Trained. ASHA is not getting JSY cases Some Dais are conducting deliveries in PHC and CHC also . Earlier Govt. paid 50Rs / Delivery and from family Rs 400 – 500.Some Cases  Naziran Bee.Chhindi Taken Fatwa for Dai work.

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