1) Fiona and Ginny shared some dolls in a ratio of 5:7.

After both of them gave away 26 dolls each to their friend, the ratio became 1:4. Find the number of dolls Fiona had at first.

2) Two identical pots cost as much as five similar bowls. John bought 4 such pots and 7 such bowls at $93.50. What is the cost of 1 pot?

3) A sum of money was shared among Mary, Nancy and Ann in the ratio 4:5:6. a) Express Mary’s as a fraction of Ann’s share. b) What fraction of the money did Nancy get?

there were 120 more females than males. 5) In a cinema. The number of males is 60% less than the number of females. The ratio of the number of dark and white chocolates is 1:2. How many people were in the cinema? . Find the total number of chocolates in the box. The rest are dark chocolates and the white chocolates. There are 8 more pieces of white chocolates than dark chocolates.4) 5/13 of a box of chocolates is milk chocolates.

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