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11 Medical Breakthroughs and Breakdowns That Will Rock the World
Compiled by The Health Sciences Institute research team

Secret #1 Billion-dollar drug company hides discovery of a natural cancer killer ..............page 2 Secret #2 New Zealand tribal secret for knocking out arthritis pain ...................................page 4 Secret #3 The “Perfect Cure for Heart Disease” ..................................................................page 6 Secret #4 Diabetes Defeated: Botanical breakthrough revealed..........................................page 8 Secret #5 The Return of Polio?...........................................................................................page 11 Secret #6 The Flu Shot Hoax ..............................................................................................page 12 Secret #7 A marine miracle that rivals blood pressure drugs............................................page 13 Secret #8 Stop cancer in its tracks with killer grapefruit ..................................................page 15 Secret #9 The “Sugar Pill” Myth.........................................................................................page 17 Secret #10 Rub out your pain on contact.............................................................................page 19 Secret #11 Could it happen to someone you love this year?...............................................page 21

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11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs


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11 Medical Breakthroughs and Breakdowns That Will Rock the World

Billion-dollar drug company hides astounding discovery of a natural cancer killer
10,000 times stronger than chemo—but without the side effects!
Recently, Health Sciences Institute (HSI) uncovered a remarkable story about a natural cancer killer that had been kept under lock and key for over 20 years. With this information, the future of cancer treatment and the chances of survival look more promising than ever. There’s a healing tree that grows deep within the Amazon rainforest in South America that could literally change how you, your doctor, and possibly the rest of the world think about curing cancer. Since the 1970s, the bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and fruit seeds of the Amazonian Graviola tree have been studied in numerous laboratory tests and have shown remarkable results with this deadly disease. Several years ago, a major pharmaceutical company began extensive independent research on it. They learned that certain extracts of the tree actually seek out, attack, and destroy cancer cells. Because the natural extracts themselves could not be patented, the company labored to create a synthetic copy that showed the same promise. After more than seven years of work behind closed doors, researchers at this company realized they couldn’t duplicate the tree’s natural properties with a patentable substance. So they shut down the entire project. It basically came down to this—if they couldn’t make huge profits, they would keep the news of this possible cure a well-guarded secret. But one researcher couldn’t bear that, and decided to risk his job with the hope of saving lives.

Seven years of silence broken
This conscience-driven researcher contacted Raintree Nutrition, a natural products company dedicated to harvesting plants from the Amazon. In the course of working with Raintree on another story, they shared the exciting Graviola breakthrough with us. Since then, we’ve been looking closely into the research to date on Graviola. One of the first scientific references to it in the United States was by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). In 1976, the NCI showed that the leaves and stems of this tree were effective in attacking and destroying malignant cells. But these results were part of an internal NCI report and were, for some reason, never made public.1 Since 1976, there have been several promising cancer studies on Graviola. However, the tree’s extracts have yet to be tested on cancer patients. No doubleblind clinical trials exist, and clinical trials are typically the benchmark mainstream doctors and journals use to judge a treatment’s value.
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1995 2 Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 2000.HSIBaltimore.59(2): 100-08 (Continued on next page) Visit us online at www. See the Product Source Directory at the back of this report for ordering information. We encourage you to consult with your doctor before beginning any new therapy.”3 Perhaps the most significant result of the studies we’ve researched is that Graviola selectively seeks out and kills cancer cells—leaving all healthy. Results showed that it selectively killed colon cancer cells at “10.com 3 . causing such devastating side effects as hair loss and severe nausea. especially when treating cancer. Graviola is available in limited supply in the United States and is distributed through Raintree Nutrition. you should take six to eight capsules of N-Tense per day.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 3 Nevertheless. you and your doctor should look into all the available treatment options.2 Another study. Anon: Nat Cancer 1st Central Files––(1976) from Napralert Files. our research has uncovered that Graviola has been shown to kill cancer cells in at least 20 laboratory tests. As a dietary supplement. Grown and harvested by indigenous people in Brazil. published in the Journal of Natural Products. Graviola has been combined with seven other immune-boosting herbs in a product called NTense. normal cells untouched. University of Illinois. But now. conducted at Catholic University of South Korea. you can be among the select few in the entire country to benefit from this powerful treatment.000 times the potency of Adriamycin. showed that Graviola is not only comparable to Adriamycin—but dramatically outperforms it in laboratory tests. Graviola could just make all the difference in beating cancer. Sources: 1 Unpublished data. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer. even normal hair and stomach cells. Chemotherapy indiscriminately seeks and destroys all actively reproducing cells. The most recent study.8(1): 285-90 3 Journal of National Products 1996. National Cancer Institute. revealed that two chemicals extracted from Graviola seeds showed comparable results to the chemotherapy drug Adriamycin when applied to malignant breast and colon cells in test tubes. Graviola and N-Tense are completely natural substances with no side effects apart from possible mild stomach upset at high dosages (in excess of 5 grams) if taken on an empty stomach.

medical statistics show that arthritis and rheumatic disorders are unknown among the coastal-dwelling Maori. all of the subjects had failed to respond to conventional treatment and were scheduled for surgery to repair badly damaged joints. A double-blind. France. in fact. In 1986.HSIBaltimore. and standardize its potency for reliable results.com 4 .2 Lyprinol: 200 times more effective than high potency fish oil in controlling swelling Ultimately. England. Their excitement mounted as each phase yielded a more potent and powerful compound. an active lipid fraction isolated from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. clinical and laboratory studies confirmed that scientists were moving in the right direction. and perilla oil. Scientists have now determined that the antiarthritic properties of the green-lipped mussel are due to the unique configuration of certain polyunsaturated fatty acids (or PUFAs) called Eicosatetraenoic Acids (ETAs). stabilize it. the researchers reported improvements in 68 percent of the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients and in 39 percent of the osteoarthritis (OA) patients. and France worked together to understand the secret locked within the green-lipped mussel. And. It’s called Lyprinol. or Perna canaliculus. a trial of 53 RA patients. The scientists also noted the low incidence of adverse side effects. cleanse it of impurities.1 At the start of the six-month trial. the scientists managed to identify the active biological fraction of the green-lipped mussel. flaxseed. Step by incremental step. Even early versions of the green-lipped mussel extracts were found to be more effective than aspirin and ibuprofen in reducing inflammation. leading scientists from universities and research labs in Australia. Related to the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. isolate it without destroying its essential properties. Nearly two decades later scientists perfect the solution For the next 18 years. At the close of the trial. native Maoris believe that eating the greenlipped mussel leads to a long and healthy life. According to centuries-old tradition. ETAs display more intense and targeted antiinflammatory and anti-arthritic activity than any other known PUFA or Omega-3 fatty acid. But inflammation isn’t the only thing it helped. Japan. Research in the 1970s and 1980s confirmed that something in the New Zealand green-lipped mussel had the ability to erase arthritic pain and stiffness. conducted by the Societé Française de Biologic et Dietique (SFBD) in Dijon. placebo-controlled trial conducted in 1980 at the Victoria Hospital in Glasgow. tested a powdered mussel supplement on 66 arthritis patients. scientists zeroed in on the ETAs in the green-lipped mussel as the active ingredients Visit us online at www. while those on a placebo had a 20 percent increase in pain. found that the greenlipped mussel extract reduced pain by 62 percent after six months. At every step of the way.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 4 SECRET #2 Both types of arthritis pain vanish Doctors stunned to find why New Zealand Maori have very little joint disease Imagine if you didn’t need pain relievers every day? The Health Sciences Institute has uncovered something totally new—a completely safe and natural food extract that may be the most powerful antiinflammatory compound ever discovered.

However. The final result is now available as Lyprinol. It can take up to four weeks to evaluate the full benefit. This specific grouping of ETAs is not found in any other known substance. Australia. three Lyprinol was “non-gastro toxic. Unlike indomethacin. rheumatoid arthritis. Of these. A higher amount (up to six capsules per day) can be used for the first one to two weeks of use. While Lyprinol appears to be the most powerful anti-inflammatory and arthritis pain reliever yet discovered. MaxEPA was the next best at 50 percent. the mainstream drug of choice at the time of the study. and virally-induced arthritis. which is the closest model for rheumatoid arthritis in humans. Lyprinol is non-toxic and essentially free of side effects. 224: 955-60 2 Gazette Medicale 1986. 93(38): 111-16 3 Inflammopharmacology 1997. the research suggests that rubbing Lyprinol onto swollen and tender joints can help relieve pain and swelling. or fatty acids. simply open the capsule and squeeze the contents onto the affected area.3 When administered as an oral supplement. the real story is the 11 dosages used to achieve these results. Lyprinol was the most effective in preventing arthritis-related swelling. It was also effective when rubbed directly into the affected area. For the most complete healing of arthritis. known to be helpful in treating arthritis and inflammation. evening primrose oil. A dosage of 5 mg/kg of Lyprinol was 97 percent effective in reducing swelling. But the effective dosage of Lyprinol was only 20 mg/kg—or 1/100 the amount. researchers found that when compared to NSAIDs.HSIBaltimore.com 5 . Researchers at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Recommended amounts: The amount needed for optimal results can vary widely for each individual. Lyprinol reduced arthritis-related swelling in the animal’s paws by more than 90 percent. while indomethacin was only 83 percent effective at the same dosage. studied the efficacy of Lyprinol using laboratory animals with adjuvant-induced polyarthritis. In a 2000 study. In addition. Comparisons of Lyprinol to other natural lipids. 32(7): 272-78 Visit us online at www.”4 Recommendations for use Lyprinol is recommended for the alleviation of inflammatory conditions. including osteoarthritis. Norwegian salmon oil. we recommend you combine Lyprinol with a natural joint building supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin.5 : 237-46 4 Allergie et Immunologie 2000. Outperforms arthritis drugs without harmful side effects Researchers also compared the effectiveness of Lyprinol to that of the prescription arthritis drug indomethacin. and MaxEPA (a high potency fish oil product).11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 5 responsible for its remarkable anti-arthritic effects. Sources: 1 Practioner 1980. To do this. it still won’t rebuild or restore previously damaged cartilage. The methods used to concentrate these active components in a pure and stable form have been granted patents in several countries. reducing swelling by 79 percent. Extrapolations from these results suggest that the anti-inflammatory compounds in Lyprinol are 200 times more potent than MaxEPA (and 350 times more potent than evening primrose oil). Achieving a 50 percent effectiveness rate required a dosage of 2000 mg/kg body weight of MaxEPA. See the Product Source Directory in the back of this report to learn how you can order Lyprinol. tested Lyprinol against flax oil. but range between two and four capsules per day.

One Cuban study compared the effects of policosanol to Pravastatin on patients who had elevated cholesterol levels and were considered to be at high risk for coronary disease. Lescol. In several studies that compared both cholesterollowering methods. but they also have side effects ranging from heartburn to potentially fatal cases of muscle breakdown. The HDL levels of the statin test subjects remained the same. Thousands of people struggle with cholesterol problems.. cholesterol does play an important role in coronary health. Nevertheless.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 6 SECRET #3 The “Perfect Cure for Heart Disease” Sugar cane extract rivals popular cholesterol-lowering drugs.com 6 . This widely prescribed class of drugs–– statin sales topped $14 billion last year––includes the brand names Lipitor. have discovered that it can have a cholesterol-reducing effect1 without creating the uncomfortable and even dangerous side effects associated with statin drugs. then 10 mg daily for another 12 weeks. Prevastatin.9 percent.HSIBaltimore. researchers first attempted to bring down elevated lipid levels through six weeks of a standard lipidlowering diet. making it easier for cholesterol levels to rise in our bodies. In addition. the women expeVisit us online at www. The group taking statins saw their LDL levels fall by 15. Mevacor. they gave the women 5 mg of policosanol daily for 12 weeks. however. So you can imagine how excited we were when our researchers discovered that a sugar cane extract could dramatically reduce cholesterol levels.7 percent. Zocor. cholesterol isn’t the primary cause of heart disease. As we’ve told our members over the past couple of years. and any good program for reversing heart disease must address that as well. But those in the policosanol group exceeded those numbers. Researchers believe policosanol may be a safe method of reducing and regulating LDL.3 Statin drugs lower elevated cholesterol by limiting cholesterol production in the liver. Researchers found that the supplement was effective in significantly lowering LDL levels (25. As we grow older. without the dangerous side effects Amid reports of health problems and deaths caused by statin drugs. In a clinical trial involving 244 post-menopausal women with high cholesterol. while the policosonal group increased their HDL by 15.2 percent) and total cholesterol (16. Patients took 10 mg of either policosanol or Pravastatin with their dinners for eight weeks. When this proved unsuccessful. our hormone levels drop. an increase in these levels is beneficial.. Because HDL cholesterol aids in the removal of fat from arterial walls. and dropped their LDL levels by 19. and Baycol (which was recalled after being linked to over 40 deaths).homocysteine levels are. Pravachol. HSI has learned that an extract of a commercial crop––sugar cane––can lower cholesterol just as effectively.6 percent and their total cholesterol by 11.8 percent.2. While it’s drawn from the same plant that produces table sugar. Cuban scientists.7 percent). policosanol doesn’t affect blood sugar levels when ingested. and the chance of developing high cholesterol increases as we age.3 percent and their total cholesterol by 13. policosanol surpassed the performance of statin-drug therapy.

Dr. which is associated with the progress of mind-robbing plaques and tangles. In an interview with Emma Hitt. patients in the placebo group were able to walk a maximum of . and 24 months after beginning treatment. A possible defense against Alzheimer’s Dora M. Removal of arterial fat deposits has been found to decrease claudication. tested. 12.D. Researchers determined if the policosanol was relieving the claudication by conducting treadmill walking tests on each subject before the study and again on 6. This is often linked to poor circulation and the presence of arterial fat deposits (atherosclerosis). She found that even normal levels of cholesterol may increase the risk of senility-causing plaques and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain. Ph. Kovacs. and made available to the public. recently received a $200. Kovacs’ research is focusing on the development of drugs that inhibit the production of ACAT... In this two-year long study. 18. Kovacs and her research team believe that ACAT-inhibiting drugs are the keys to halting the process of cholesterol and lipid buildup that results in AD. But the related research is in its early stages. an enzyme that enables cholesterol and other lipids (fats) to enter cells and form solid lipid droplets there.6 Dr. When lipid droplet levels increase.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 7 rienced a 29. Researchers at the Medical Surgical Research Center in Havana.40 miles before having to stop. such as after walking. which are associated with the development and progress of AD. the final results indicated that policosanol had a significant benefit for sufferers of intermittent claudication.. Cuba tested policosanol patients who suffered from moderately severe intermittent claudication. But it may be another five to 10 years before this family of drugs is thoroughly developed. 56 patients were randomly assigned to receive either policosanol or a placebo. Those droplets can hinder the normal functioning of the cell.5 And it’s possible that policosanol could do more than alleviate the risk of heart disease.com 7 .15 miles while the group taking policosanol could walk .3 percent increase in HDL levels. a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital. to test ACAT inhibitors on mice specially bred to have AD. There may be an alternative therapy available right now.000 research grant to study the side effects of cholesterol on the development of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Only five members of the placebo group showed a similar improvement. The 21 people taking policosanol increased their walking distance by at least 50 percent. Visit us online at www. Intermittent claudication occurs only during certain times.HSIBaltimore.4 Extract relieves painful leg cramps One of the common––and debilitating––side effects of high cholesterol is a syndrome known as intermittent claudication––a cramping pain in the calves. Dr. Kovacs plans. They can also increase amyloid beta production. and other ailments commonly associated with high cholesterol. Other researchers have developed a potentially safe class of ACAT inhibitors to treat atherosclerosis. amyloid beta production increases…and so does the risk of Alzheimer’s. circulatory problems. but has not yet started. After two years of treatment. Although both test groups showed some progress during the interim tests. however.

she stopped not only her insulin but another prescription drug as well. but the act of maintaining low cholesterol levels lowers the risk of dementia. If you would like to purchase policosanol. You read that right: In just six weeks an alternative doctor solved a problem that mainstream medicine couldn’t handle in nine years and for thousands of dollars. wanted nothing to do with creating a diabetes treatment. 19(4):117-27. the acclaimed researcher who found this remedy. Jon Barron. headache. In double-blind trials. policosanol produced mild. Kovacs indicated that several studies have shown that patients who take statin drugs have lower rates of AD and other types of dementia. nervousness. But this diabetes breakthrough almost didn’t happen. and weight loss––in less than 1 percent of test subjects. 14(3):187-95. Believe it or not. 52(2):115-25. 127(3):286-94. 1999 4 Gynecol Endocrinol.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 8 Ph. So policosanol may prove to be an efficacious mind-saver as well as a life-saver.D. 29(1):21-4. Dr. So if you try policosanol (after consulting your doctor).000 to treat a medical problem that plant remedies cured in no time at all! A standard diabetes test showed June went from severely diabetic to healthy in the course of the treatment. diarrhea. 2001 6 www. 1999 3 Int J Clin Pharmacol Res. She had been on insulin and oral prescription medications for nine years when she agreed to test a new natural solution.com 8 . policosanol may prove to be a better alternative. He thought it would be a mistake to use herbs and nutrients to manage the symptoms of diabetes rather than addressing the root cause––mainly the way we eat. your dose of blood-thinning medication may have to be adjusted with careful medical monitoring.000 a year for treatment. Within six weeks. Sources: 1 Arch Med Res. Cholesterol lowering statins do not appear to hinder the ACAT enzyme. 1998 2 Rev Med Chil. Caution: Researchers warn that policosanol can interact with blood-thinning drugs. short-term side effects ––such as insomnia.ahaf. The fact is that it costs the typical diabetic around $10. 40 Percent of Americans At Risk Visit us online at www. Conventional medicine soaked this woman for maybe $90. 2000 5 Angiology. Since statin drugs can induce serious side effects. for the Reuters news service. you should consult with your doctor before trying policosanol or discontinuing any prescription drug.htm SECRET #4 Diabetes Defeated The botanical breakthrough that’s leaving doctors flabbergasted This is the story of how one member of the Health Sciences Institute got off insulin in six weeks… after nine years on prescription drugs! And if only she’d known about this “blood sugar supplement” she could have prevented the whole problem before it ever started! June was a 56-year-old with diabetes. see the Product Source Directory at the end of this report.org/alzdis/research/awards_body.HSIBaltimore. If you’re already taking cholesterol-lowering drugs or being treated for any other health condition.

Isn’t it about time for a natural solution to diabetes? Jon Barron decided it was. but the average American scarfs down 152 pounds of sugar a year. and comes with some pretty unpleasant side effects (like foul-smelling sweat and urine) when you eat a lot of it. allowing your body to produce more insulin. Plus. Seven herbs tackle diabetes seven different ways We told you we’d tell you about a two-herb combo that packs a punch against diabetes.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 9 What changed Jon’s mind was the galloping diabetes epidemic all around us. and it’s destined to move up the charts pretty quickly. Other traditions offer dozens more. Barron analyzed all the studies and competing claims for natural diabetes treatments and sugar-regulating formulas. So instead of dealing with that end result. making much smaller doses possible and getting rid of those smelly side effects. It’s easy to do. offers 44 different natural remedies for diabetes. “organic” cereals. “the sugar destroyer. In Visit us online at www. for example. even if you think you’re being careful. Before formulating his product.. You may have heard of the first two ingredients below from other sources. not the cause. sodas contain as much as a teaspoon of sugar per ounce. but you probably can’t name the other five…and that’s where Barron’s unique research expertise comes in. The key is to balance your blood sugar now—before you get sick. Now a new extract concentrates the active ingredient in fenugreek. researchers saw a 54% drop in urinary glucose levels—the test doctors often use to identify diabetics. given the way we eat. But it’s actually much better than that… Jon Barron combined a full 7 diabetes-fighting herbs in one amazing supplement! Barron came at his solution from a wholly unique angle. The first ingredient is fenugreek. There’s sugar in catsup. Barron addressed the fact that diabetes was the wrong point of attack.” Here’s why: A protein in the plant makes you lose your craving for sugar and may actually prevent you from digesting some of the sugar you DO eat.. patients had to eat a huge amount of fenugreek––a pretty unpleasant undertaking. Instead of just following the mainstream approach. The stuff tastes terrible (it’s extremely bitter). Barron narrowed the menu down to six that had the best chance of creating a thorough. and up to 40 percent of the rest of us are pre-diabetic. 6 cause of death in the United States.in practically everything. It’s hard to believe. Ayurvedic medicine (the ancient tradition of India)..com 9 . root-cause approach to maximizing the body’s ability to metabolize sugar.HSIBaltimore. After much study. gymnema seems to regenerate pancreas cells. salad dressing. For instance. Barron developed a formula to help optimize the body’s ability to metabolize sugar properly. he added the seventh potent ingredient to come up with the ideal sugar metabolic enhancement formula. In a recent study. Nearly 20 million Americans already have full-blown diabetes. We take natural supplements for cholesterol and blood pressure. Diabetes is the No.. In India they call gymnema sylvestre. That’s because diabetes is the symptom of a metabolic problem. Then. on the heels of a new discovery. But to get the most benefit. a traditional Ayurvedic diabetes remedy.

Bitter melon contains at least three components that act on blood sugar – and clinical trials confirm its effectiveness for managing glucose levels. To learn more about Glucotor™ v.2. Konjac mannan is a potent herb you’ve probably never heard of. In fact. Best of all. go to the Product Source Directory at the end of this report. Thanks to our inside. Individuals with type 2 diabetes have experienced a 10 to 20 percent reduction in blood sugar levels after eating nopal.a.HSIBaltimore.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 10 an 18-month gymnema study.com 10 . In fact. meaning that participants’ bodies learned to handle sugar more efficiently ® Improved carbohydrate metabolism (meaning that patients’ metabolic systems handled dietary carbs more effectively) by an average 39% ® An average weight loss of 5. It also helped the people in the trial keep tighter control over glucose fluctuations.6 percent! The nopal cactus (a.8 percent and their levels after eating drop 84. confidential sources. no one has reported any adverse side effects of gymnema. A word of caution: If you’re on prescription medications—and even if you aren’t—you need the guidance of a qualified health professional before you try this (or any) remedy. which can help control diabetes from the right angle.5 pounds This sugar metabolic enhancement formula. in a 65-day trial. we were able to follow the development and testing process and bring this breakthrough to our members as soon as it became available. Best of all.2. 72 patients with adult-onset diabetes who took konjac saw their fasting blood sugar levels drop an average of 51. but several small studies suggest that eating nopal leaves with a meal can help contain —even reduce — serum glucose levels. banaba appears to encourage weight loss…without any major dietary changes. The final ingredient is a patented cinnamon extract called Cinnulin PF™ which ramps up the overall effectiveness of the supplement. most test subjects were able to reduce their medication… and some were able to get rid of drugs altogether. There’s not a lot of clinical research into its medicinal benefits yet. Not one. Visit us online at www. Banaba leaf extract has been shown to lower blood sugar levels in people with Type 2 diabetes by up to 30%.k. is just one great example of how members benefit from being part of the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) network. the prickly pear cactus) is just gaining recognition in the natural medicine world. but it’s been proven effective in clinical trials.4 points ® An average 52% improvement in blood sugar utilization and optimization. Cinnulin PF actually works to make the insulin receptor sites on your individual body cells more receptive…and that means your body can use its own insulin more efficiently. Barron put all these ingredients together into a highly beneficial supplement he called Glucotor™ v. Here are just some of the astounding results seen in six-week Phase I Clinical Trials conducted using this formula: ® Blood sugar levels dropped by an average 54.

HSIBaltimore. Experts predict Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will be the neurological disease of this century. with symptoms that include weakness. the incidence of polio fell…to be replaced right away by a sharp rise in the cases of GBS. The first international scientific conference on the Post-Polio Syndrome. But the virus never “goes away.com 11 . instead of wiping out polio…the polio vaccine simply suppressed it in favor of one of its cousins…another paralyzing virus for which there is no known cure! And this is just the beginning. pain down the spine. In other words. allergies and weight loss. Researchers from the Second Hospital of Hebel Medical College in China reported that “the widespread use of the OPV may have led to…a change in the main epidemic of the polio virus. according to some scientists.” It simply sits in the body. without knowing it. and other vague. recurring illnesses such as fatigue. Only 10% of all children infected with polio actually contract the virus. Is it just chronic fatigue…or the Post-Polio Syndrome? You…or your children…may have been infected with polio. And the polio vaccine itself will help these 69 strains spread even faster! A biological nightmare In fact. including 6 who have shown that the virus that causes CFS is genetically related to the virus that causes polio. travels through the bloodstream…and.”1 In other words.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 11 SECRET #5 The Return of Polio? Vaccine programs introduced over 50 years ago caused many of us to incubate mutant viruses—including a form of polio for which there is no known cure! Contrary to what you’ve been told. CFS and polio stem from the same family tree of viruses! Over half a million Americans suffer from CFS. we’re about to face an onslaught of bizarre and threatening diseases. Visit us online at www. documents the research of 118 specialists. Some cripple…some kill…some merely cause flu-like symptoms and then remain in the body for years…to re-emerge 20 or 30 years later in the form of a mysterious Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. resurfaces 20 – 30 years later in the form of Post-Polio Syndrome…otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). recorded in the Annals of the New York Academy of Science. our war with this powerful virus is far from over. The polio vaccine may have “conquered” polio strains 1 – 3 … but we’ve since identified 69 more strains of polio. Countless more mutations have yet to be discovered. One frightening example is the “mysterious” disease known as Guillain-Barre Syndrom (GBS). The other 90% experience nothing more than a headache…a fever… mild aches and pains. After the introduction of the oral polio vaccine (OPV) in China in 1971. thanks to the live polio vaccine.” and that “the polio virus is an agent in cases diagnosed as Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Jackson says…YES! Even though he admits: “Earlier studies have overestimated how well the vaccine works in reducing complications of influenza. but was linked to an INCREASED risk of 4 percent during seasonal peaks. you know. Mixed signals “In seniors. They don’t have to call and make an appointment and then drive to their doctor’s office.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 12 This is just one example of the failings of “mainstream” medicine. never-before-used strains. FluMist. Fluzone… And these aren’t just some mix of tired old virus strains with maybe one new strain thrown in. FluLaval. But when you're expecting the vaccine to offer protection and the opposite turns out to be true. In other words. October 8. And all would be right with the world if not for an annoying new study the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would probably rather you not know about. That’s right––we’re starting from scratch! (Why? Because last season’s strains were a bust at doing the thing they were supposed to do…prevent flu). And needless to say.com 12 . Visit us online at www. Jackson. your 2008-2009 flu vaccines! Afluria.S. And it’s probably available to most of them for free. Source: 1 The Lancer. Jackson’s study shows that any benefit seniors do get from the flu vaccine is most prevalent in younger. These contain three brand new. Fluvirin.” That’s what Michael L. lead author of the new study. These are people who have easy access to flu shots. is the flu shot actually preventing infection. which included more than 1. So. that seems sort of. those who naturally have healthier immune systems are less likely to get the flu. then 4 percent is even less significant. the flu vaccine reduced pneumonia risk by a “nonsignificant” 8 percent during flu season. You can trust the Health Sciences Institute to keep you well informed about the dangers lurking behind every Big Pharma television ad…and the natural alternatives that could save your life. Fluarix. told HealthDay News. healthier seniors. flu vaccine was not linked to a reduced risk of pneumonia. or would it have been prevented anyway? Ready for the kicker? Mr. here they are. that’s not the sort of thing FDA and CDC officials want to hear just as they’re gearing up their seasonal fear-promotion of the flu shot.” What do they know that we don’t know? The FDA announcement about the 08-09 vaccines contains a surprising detail: Only 40 percent of health care workers in the U. 1994 SECRET #6 The Flu Shot Hoax What do health care workers know that you don’t? Ladies and gentlemen.170 subjects over the age of 65. Jackson reports that in his three-year study. Imagine. Mr. get a flu vaccine each year. significant! Should seniors still get the vaccine? Mr.HSIBaltimore. And yet six out of 10 say no. Now if 8 percent is nonsignificant.

Japanese fish alleviates hypertension Vasotensin is made from a substance called bonito peptides. Metagenics.com “Flu Vaccine Doesn't Protect Seniors From Pneumonia” HealthDay News. ACE also has a negative effect on a substance called kinin. a product formulated from a single ingredient that appears to rival one of the leading classes of hypertension drugs—but without the potential risks. 8/2/08. So what exactly are bonito peptides? Well. Bonito peptides have been shown to inhibit Angiotension Converting Enzyme (ACE) activity. bonito peptides are amino acid chains isolated and extracted from the bonito fish. one industry’s) trash being another’s treasure. That’s it—one ingredient. Makes you wonder what they know that we don’t know. ACE spurs the formation of angiotensin II—a potent compound responsible for blood vessel constriction. 8/5/08. No. But unfortunately sometimes drugs are necessary. 7/31/08. you can control your blood pressure with some simple diet and lifestyle changes. which is the most logical way to avoid the flu and other viruses.HSIBaltimore. don’t you think all those nurses and doctors and EMS personnel would happily take advantage of this easily accessible protection? And yet they don’t. You can find useful tips for strengthening your immune system in the e-Alert “Trying to Reason With Flu Season” (3/13/08).gov “Influenza Vaccination and Risk of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Immunocompetent Elderly People” Lancet.nih. nlm. It turns out that this discovery was a case of one man’s (well. 9636. But the manufacturer.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 13 So if the vaccine were truly effective. So. in other words. in general. So we always keep an eye out for natural hypertension alternatives for those of you who need that helping hand. And unfortunately because the only drugs that seem to work come with a nasty list of side effects. fda. Sources: “FDA Approves 2008-2009 Flu Vaccines” FDA News. 372. Maybe they simply practice healthy habits that keep immune systems strong. Specifically.com 13 . Katsuobushi is a traditional Japanese seasoning that has been used in soups and other Visit us online at www. Necessary because some cases of dangerously high blood pressure stay that way no matter what you do to try to lower them. Vol. Fish food finds its way to the research lab They type of bonito peptides used in Vasotensin are actually a by-product of the Katsubushi manufacturing process. which is a member of the tuna and mackerel family. bonito peptides seem to slow down the process responsible for high blood pressure. claims that bonito peptides have been shown to have such significant effectiveness as a single ingredient that there’s no need to add any others. thelancet. The latest one to cross our desks is called Vasotensin.1 But we almost never heard about it. peptides are short chains of amino acids. in this case. which lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels.gov SECRET #7 The single-ingredient formula rivaling a major class of blood pressure drugs But it’s more than a little fishy… In many cases.

In other words. there are actually nine specific active peptides that contribute to bonitos’ ACE-inhibiting effects. the placebo group failed to show any significant decrease in blood pressure.2 We also managed to get our hands on a study that showed how bonito peptides stack up to mainstream hypertension drugs. it helps to know a bit about how Katsuobushi is processed. Even though the majority of testing seems to have been done by the manufacturing lab in small. The other 30 subjects (group 2) received a placebo. through careful purification and separation. and Captopril (a common prescription ACE-inhibitor) in rats. our bodies don’t produce the right enzymes to separate the active parts from the rest of the fish. But in order to be “activated”. these peptides are dependent on specific enzymatic reactions. In the second five-week period. And the effects lasted over six hours.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 14 dishes for over 1.com 14 . Apparently. decided to take another look at its potential. But when ACE interacts with LKPNM it gets is converted into the peptide LKP. LKPNM. And researchers reported that the anti-hypertensive activity was demonstrated without any side effects. The research HSI found focused on two of them. Limited—but promising—results In a human study out of Japan researchers tested the antihypertensive effects of bonito peptides against a placebo in 61 borderline and mildly hypertensive subjects for 10 weeks. This unique property gives it a longer sustainable effect––accidentally skipping a dose would not produce a quick spike of blood pressure. Masaaki Yoshikawa of Kyoto University. But you can’t get the anti-hypertensive response by simply eating the eating the bonito fish itself or by eating Katsuobushi. Yoshikawa’s research uncovered. nine active bonito peptides have been identified and sequenced.500 years. During both phases. For the first half of the trial. 31 subjects (group 1) took 1. so the only way to get those blood pressure lowering benefits from the bonito peptides is to have them separated from the fish for you. LKPNM only slightly inhibits ACE. In this study.HSIBaltimore. short-term studies. Yet it is from this residue (typically discarded or used as organic fertilizer) we get this promising compound––because one creative (and curious) researcher. To get a better understanding of how the Katsuobushi industry is connected to Vasotensin. you need to take a supplement like Vasotensin to get the ACE-inhibiting effect. but the blood pressure started to go back up after two hours. The Reader’s Digest version goes something like this: The fish meat is heat-treated in water and stirred. ACE-inhibitory activity of LKP is eight times higher than LKPNM. He discovered that this part of the bonito fish’s muscle has strong ACE-inhibiting properties. and it’s made from the flesh of the bonito fish. The result is the seasoning and the remaining residue. On its own. The group fed LKP showed an immediate response. Dr. As Dr.3 The bottom line on Vasotensin is it has potential. the order was reversed: Group 1 subjects took the placebo and group 2 subjects received the bonito peptide mixture. The problem is. But in the group fed LKPNM. all results were positive and Visit us online at www. the anti-hypertensive effect was almost the same as Captopril.5 grams per day of a bonito peptide mixture. one called LKPNM and one called LKP. researchers examined the anti-hypertensive activity of LKP.

called the C-terminal end. you still need to work closely with your doctor to regularly monitor your potassium and blood pressure levels. as well as your kidney function. Sugar chains. and metastasis. colon.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 15 showed no bad reactions. and lung. or glycans. 44: 123 SECRET #8 Stop cancer in its tracks with killer grapefruit An 86% cure rate for hopeless cancer patients Years ago. the sugar chains in MCP seem to target one very specific lectin called galectin-3 that plays an important role in cancer development. The dosage recommendation is two tablets twice daily with meals. Sources: 1 What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM): Hypertension : The Revolutionary Nutrition and Lifestyle Program to Help Fight High Blood Pressure. One end. like oranges and grapefruits. Now. breast. you should keep in mind that it is an ACE-inhibitor.com 15 . though. “Effect of an ace-inhibitory agent.” Nutr Res 2001. They bind to molecules on cell surfaces called carbohydrate-binding proteins (CBPs) or lectins and pass along all sorts of information. Yamagami T. These shorter sugar chains are more readily absorbed through the intestinal tract into the bloodstream. each utilizing one end of its protein molecule structure. are critical to cellular communications. like many of the products and therapies we cover in our Members Alert reports. Of course. The galectin-3/cancer link has been found in many forms of cancer. breast cancer. Ohshima K. New York: Warner Books. It turns out it’s another example of glycobiology. and with these types of products there is always a possibility of potassium buildup and kidney problems. at the time. 21: 1. See the Product Source Directory at the end of this report for ordering information. In this case. where they can do some pretty amazing things–– particularly against cancer cells.158 3 "LKPNM: a prodrug-type ACE-inhibitory peptide derived from fish protein. 2003 2 Fujita H. against some of the most common––and deadly––kinds of cancer. gastric cancer. like prostate." Immunopharmacology 1999. Targeting cancer’s “getaway car” MCP comes from pulp and rinds of citrus fruits. confirming its anti-cancer abilities––and shedding some light on just how it achieves these effects. HSI published information on MCP’s unique ability to stop cancer cells from spreading ––or metastasizing––to other parts of the body. And this real-life application of that cutting-edge theory is already demonstrating significant results in animal and human trials. But.HSIBaltimore. binds carbohydrate molecules on Visit us online at www. including thyroid cancer. and colorectal cancer. pituitary cancer. MCP was showing exciting enough results for us to want to bring it to our members right away. but it was also still too new to have much research behind it. angiogenesis. apoptosis.149-1. in the spontaneously hypertensive rat and in borderline and mildly hypertensive subjects. including tumor cell adhesion. that have been modified so that they produce shorter sugar chains. the revolutionary new research field. katuobishi oligopeptide. Studies have repeatedly shown elevated levels of galetin-3 in cancerous tissues as compared to healthy tissues.1-6 Galectin-3 plays a role in a variety of biological functions related to cancer.7 Scientists think that galectin-3 accomplishes all of this in two different ways. So even though Vasotensin is a natural ACE-inhibitor. there’s new research emerging on MCP.

The opposite end of the galectin-3 molecules is called the N-terminal. M. Dr.9 MCP clogs the cancer-growth pipeline So what does all of this have to do with some grapefruit pulp? MCP’s sugar molecules block the protein’s ability to bind to carbohydrates on other cancer cells and on healthy tissues by binding to the galectin-3 carbohydrate receptor sites at the C-terminal end themselves. and 60 percent developed metastases in the liver. This process allows cancer to spread. More research is needed to validate this theory. spontaneous metastasis and angiogenesis. But some scientists think there may be even more to MCP’s effects on cancer cells. while 66 percent of the untreated mice had tumors on their lungs at the end of the study. the other is turned off. When one end is up. There have been several significant animal and laboratory studies demonstrating MCP’s potential to stop or slow metastases and even kill cancer cells. I spoke with Stephen Strum. He suggests that “parking” MCP sugar chains in galectin-3’s C-terminal may also turn off its N-terminal protective response. there is plenty of research demonstrating MCP’s ability to halt or slow cancer development. Slow tumor growth––even kill cancer cells While we may need more data to validate the seesaw theory. MCP effectively inhibited tumor growth. a medical oncologist and researcher who co-authored a study on the effects of MCP on galectin-3.8. cancer cells can’t clump together and can’t metastasize by adhering to other areas. In the breast cancer portion of the study.D. The primary tumors of MCP treated mice were half the size of those in untreated mice. Scientists believe this is a two-pronged defense: The galectin-3 kills off immune system cells that are attempting to attack the cancer cells. when one end is activated. the tumor volume in mice treated with MCP was less than 1/3 of that of untreated mice.com 16 . mice were fed MCP in their drinking water and then injected with human breast cancer cells or human colon cancer cells. or apoptosis. making cancer cells even more vulnerable. When a specific amino acid called serine binds to the galectin-3 molecule in a certain position on the N-terminal end. it triggers a series of biochemical reactions that protect the cancer cell from death. In one study.10 Visit us online at www. shielding them from the effects of anti-cancer drugs and treatments like chemotherapy or radiation. the process by which cells develop new blood vessels. In all cases. With their binding sites all clogged up. but it highlights another exciting area of research into galactin-3 and the potential of MCP against cancer.. It’s a perfect example of the sugar chain anti-adhesive properties. The researchers found similar results in the mice injected with colon cancer cells. All of the untreated mice developed metastases in the lymph nodes. or metastasize. Strum explained the theory this way: Imagine galectin-3 molecule’s two terminals are like a seesaw. But only 25 percent of the MCP treated mice developed cancer in the lymph nodes and none showed signs of cancer in the liver. and it also forms a protective barrier around the cancer cells. And none of the MCP treated mice developed lung metastases.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 16 other cells. the other end is down.HSIBaltimore. the protective effect the galectin-3 affords the cancer cell at the N-terminal end would be turned off. That would mean that when MCP’s sugar chains bind at the C-terminal end. allowing cancer cells to adhere to each other and to healthy cells.

” Visit us online at www. Jonathan Bergen of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. But what makes MCP even better is that it doesn’t appear to have any dangerous side effects or interactions. these problems are very minor. California. talk to your doctor about adding modified citrus pectin to your treatment plan. PectaSol is available in capsules or in powder form. Sources: 1 Glycoconjugate Journal 1994. Fewer than 5 percent of people who take MCP report some flatulence or loose stools. “It was time to provide doctors with this often highly effective option. it’s important to use modified citrus pectin (MCP)––not just regular citrus pectin––to obtain these results. You can achieve the same dosage by dissolving 5 grams of powder in water or juice three times a day.4 g per day you’d have to take six capsules three times a day. placebo gained approval for prescription use from the Food and Drug Administration Monday.com 17 . For product ordering information see the Product Source Directory at the end of this report. It’s identical to the MCP used in many of the studies cited above. This can usually be managed by reducing the dose and slowly working back up to the recommended level. and it’s manufactured by EcoNugenics of Santa Rosa. Again.84(6): 438-42 SECRET #9 Placebo Pills: More Than Just Sugar The importance of being inert After more than four decades of testing in tandem with other drugs. while only 13 percent of the MCP treated rats had metastases in the lymph nodes. scientists saw similar results in rats injected with human prostate cancer cells and treated with MCP. most people prefer the powder form because the recommended daily dosage is quite high. Nearly all of the untreated rats (15 out of 16) developed lung metastases in 30 days.. while only 50 percent of the MCP treated rats (seven out of 14) developed lung metastases.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 17 As far back as 1995.87(5): 348-53 3 Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1992.12 In fact. Either way. If you’re fighting cancer. Or it may just give your body the extra boost it needs to help fight the disease on its own. nearly all of the research on MCP’s effects has been conducted with the same formula.HSIBaltimore. due to its soluble fiber content. Eliaz. The results seen in these studies rival the effects of many prescription cancer drugs. To achieve the recommended dose of 14. “For years. M.11 Effective cancer therapy with no serious side effects It’s an impressive body of evidence. it’s a valuable addition to any anti-cancer arsenal. scientists have been aware of the effectiveness of placebo in treating a surprisingly wide range of conditions.S. PectaSol was developed by Isaac Eliaz. It may help your body respond better to the treatments you’re already undergoing. according to Dr. But compared to the toxic side effects of most conventional cancer treatments.D. More than half of the untreated rats also developed lymph node tumors. M.11(6): 527-32 2 Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1995.” said Dr. It’s called PectaSol. studies have shown that only MCP has the ability to inhibit cancer cell adhesion and impact galectin-3 activity..

Before conducting human trials for drugs. your body will have a reaction. For instance. is that placebos used in clinical trials are completely inert — just “sugar pills. So. and for each individual study they create a unique placebo formula — sometimes including ingredients that match ingredients in the drugs being tested. placebo pills are commonly called sugar pills. drug companies make their own placebo pills for research purposes. But if you’re given that same pill as part of a drug research trial.) The sly joke here. for instance. And they have an explanation for this. But if a placebo could talk. Visit us online at www. pharmaceutical companies are often fully aware of many of the side effects of the products they’re testing. placebo pills are used in clinical trials to measure the true effect of a drug or supplement.” Right? Most people would never think to question the contents of a placebo. But the contents of placebos are never revealed. of course. But consider this: there’s no such thing really as an inert substance. where do you suppose they get placebo pills? Do they place an order with a placebo pill manufacturer? Or does Nestle’s candy company run a side business that supplies researchers with sugar pills? The fact is. They are thought to be made of inert substances designed to have no effect.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 18 Those two paragraphs are the opening of a satirical report fabricated by the staff of The Onion.HSIBaltimore. These days.com. see the HSI e-alert “Wonder Drug” from 10/23/04 at www. if a drug is known to cause dizziness and nausea. they claim. They say the placebo should mimic the drug being tested so that the control group of the experiment will have side effects similar to the placebo group. After all. Does that sound “inert” or “inactive” to you? Suddenly the idea of a “sugar pill” doesn't seem so innocent anymore.hsibaltimore. and when the patients reported positive results the concept of the placebo effect was born. a humorous “news” website. everyone knows that placebos have no active ingredients. it would respond just like any con man caught with his hand in your pocket: “Who ME? Would I lie to you?” Sugar coating There was a time when doctors sometimes prescribed phony medication to their patients who they regarded as hypochondriacs. but a little sugar is not the issue here. the drug company running the test may want the placebo to have the same side effects. A dirty little secret When a pharmaceutical company tests a product in a placebo-controlled trial. But is sugar inert? Far from it. If you take a sugar pill. of course. Without that. your reaction becomes a factor in the research. especially if you happen to have an insulin disorder. (For the entire spoof. Far from it. They called the pills “placebo” (a Latin word meaning “I shall please”). That may seem like nothing (what real difference could a tiny boost of sugar make?). the results of a blind study would be compromised.com 18 .

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. And with that in mind let’s look at an advertising campaign for a popular allergy medication.backache…sore muscles…aching joints…sprains…strains.. As you might suspect. let alone enjoying simple pleasures like gardening and strolling through the park. what about physicians and researchers who work independently from the pharmaceutical giants — do they know the truth about placebos supplied by drug companies? Right now it’s hard to tell just how widespread this knowledge is. As we get older. but for the moment let’s focus on the idea of what they call an “active placebo. drowsiness. Golomb's idea of letting go of this aspect of product testing that they have full control over. or they’re not saying. drowsiness. Source: Chemistry and Industry. Pg. She also recommends that standardized placebos should be developed so that side effects will be uniform and predictable. And prescription drugs have side effects that only compound the underlying problem. San Diego. but it can eventually tear up your stomach. Dr. Taking aspirin helps. 900. PhD.HSIBaltimore.” A sugar pill? Really? Just what kind of “sugar pill” were the researchers using that caused headache. it seems as if pain becomes a constant companion. the drug companies are not very receptive to Dr. dizzy.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 19 There are plenty of gray areas to debate in that logic. irritable and nauseous from a sugar pill someone gave them. the placebo effect is defined as “desirable physiological or psychological effects attributable to the use of inert medications. Or maybe they’re just feeling drowsy. About 50 percent of the population is suffering Visit us online at www.” designed to mimic the side effects of a tested drug. But they want you to believe that this medication will produce side effects no more serious than what you’d get with a TicTac. To level the playing field. This would go a long way toward eliminating the pharmaceutical industry's cynical manipulation of test data. fatigue and dry mouth — occurred about as often as they did with a sugar pill. is an assistant professor of medicine at the University of California. when the moment arrives to list the side effects. and has been actively fighting the research establishment's claim that placebos are inactive substances. Beatrice Golomb. Golomb wants scientists to provide a list of placebo ingredients so trial results can be properly evaluated. freedom from the pain cycle Arthritis. Inertia standardized Dr.com 19 .” From that statement it would appear that the NIH either believes that placebos are genuinely inactive. 21. Vol. “The most common side effects — including headache. In the TV ads. fatigue and dry mouth? Sounds like a sugar pill with a little something added.. MD. Golomb suggests that drug companies start divulging all placebo ingredients. Just getting out of a chair can become challenging. Meanwhile. 1995 SECRET #10 Rub out your pain on contact Finally. the voice-over says.

Recently.com 20 . continued pain and inflammation.HSIBaltimore. While Barron was refining an all-natural transport system that would send herbal extracts through the skin. we tested it informally here at the Health Sciences Institute Baltimore office. their combined efforts resulted in a formula available in a product called Soothanol X2.” This is the result of pain caused by injury and inflammation. Manwarren had just finished formulating a healing oil based on traditional herbs— but lacked a botanical-based foundation to transport it. The scented Visit us online at www. such as histamine. doctors aren’t receiving much training in medical school about pain intervention. Unfortunately. Palliative care—a relatively new medical specialty—was developed to address pain relief. and camphor. or three painrelieving substances.2 Healed injuries can continue to flare up over time Effective pain management is a complex issue.1 Most medical schools don’t teach pain relief Mainstream medicine is finally becoming aware of the need to relieve pain. because your body responds with all its defenses to protect and heal an injury. When Manwarren brought his new formula to Barron. menthol. Most people can relate to occasional flare ups from past injuries. such as methyl salicylate. to surround and heal the area. But they can also irritate the injury over time.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 20 from occasional aches and pain. When you injure yourself. two. Soothanol X2 has 10 proven painkillers. Hospitals now have pain-management teams. 90 percent of respondents said they received 10 hours or less of medical-school education on palliative care and 79 percent said they received no more than 10 hours of instruction in palliative care during their surgical residency. Another problem associated with pain is referred to as the “snowball effect. which in turn causes distress and. prostaglandin. only a few drops are needed. Pain centers are also opening across the country as more and more people look for relief. that doesn’t mean the hurt will leave once your injury has healed. and substance P. Soothing pain relief is delivered on contact. According to a survey of oncology surgeons. This cyclic pattern snowballs and results in discomfort even after the original injury has been healed. While over-the-counter topical products commonly contain one. which are rife with uncomfortable and even life-threatening side effects. bradykinin. he teamed up with Ron Manwarren of Royal Botanicals in the development of a unique topical pain reliever that is safe and completely free of the side effects of dangerous pharmaceutical pain killers. Putting a stop to the pain cycle Finding a way to stop the pain cycle has been a goal of Health Sciences Institute panelist Jon Barron. your body sends protective fluids. or subsequent pulled muscles or aching backs that come from trying to compensate for the original injury. as a result. While you may have done everything possible to heal an injury for good. But they all concentrate on mainstream “cures”— drugs and surgery. Because Soothanol X2 is an easyspreading and potent liquid. In fact.

... See the Product Source Directory for ordering information...... That ‘tight feeling’ turns into a HEART ATTACK The pain won’t go away this time. 2000 SECRET #11 Could it happen to someone you love this year? The biopsy comes back CANCER.355(9199): 233-34 2 Reuters Health Information.. • Herpes. Let me tell you WHAT THEY ARE and HOW TO GET THEM. • Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis • Chronic Pain.. And just in case you’re still wondering.NOW! Read on… And you’ll also find out how to get your 100 FREE Reports! This brand-new 100 Greatest Underground Cures is your FREE BONUS. • Asthma and other allergies... You’ll also find out how the new breakthroughs work. • Heart disease. They’re not being hyped in the mass media or the health magazines...... The answers are much better than you’ve been told. First of all.... relax.com 21 .if you know how! And I promise you..... lung. • Migraines.even recommended dosages. Sources: 1 Lancet 2000. prostate. Visit us online at www.. They’re not on the shelves of your drugstore or health food store. • Macular Degeneration.. • High blood pressure. Of the five people who tested our sample bottle here in the office. • The slow decline of ‘getting older’. April 23. much of that sensation depends on the type of injury you’re treating and your sensitivity to cayenne. But YOU can get them. they can each change your life — or very possibly save the life of a loved one in the coming months. the cost per application is extremely economical.. It contains full details about all of HSI’s most important breakthroughs––find out how to avoid. • Breast.HSIBaltimore... The new ‘miracle pills’ are available now.. • Alzheimer’s...how to get them... skin and other cancers... one commented that he felt an uncomfortable amount of heat. Although cayenne can deliver a warming or hot sensation. • Memory Loss..11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 21 ingredients in Soothanol X2 are mild—contrary to the overpowering smells of most over-the-counter products.. Because a little goes a long way..... It’s ARTHRITIS.

It isn’t funded by drug companies. In the pages of the MEMBERS ALERT reports. To get the world’s most lifesaving news out to you. researchers and medical professionals in the world have joined together. Among them. out-ofcontrol regulators and special interests. Why Be the Last in Line For These LIFESAVERS? As an HSI Member.. the authors of top-selling newsletters. HSI doesn’t recycle the same old health-talk! You and I both know how the same well-worn natural remedies bounce from one periodical to the next. Not long ago. Directly from the scientists themselves! That’s right. The people actually making some of the greatest new discoveries in alternative and preventive medicine––in America. And so.HSIBaltimore. when you read about a ‘miracle’ in HSI... It isn’t owned by an HMO. are you starting to see how many “underground cures” have slipped under the radar of mainstream medicine and alternative health newsletters? And this report was Visit us online at www. Some of it is good advice. For the first time ever.. it’s a wild success among insiders. And we want to give you the ultimate power to save your own life. Often. Asia and Australia... But is it news ? Well. Canada. To form an organization unlike any other: The Health Sciences Institute HSI exists for one purpose only..com 22 . Not just a little-known health fact but a major new development. some of the best of these brilliant minds got sick and tired of watching their hard-won breakthroughs get buried by red tape. Already. The scientists. years before it will hit the mass media or the popular health press... HSI has become the secret source of health gurus Those receiving HSI’s monthly Members Alert include some of the world’s most trusted medical people. HSI prints the latest word on the newest breakthroughs in natural medicine. but from a most unconventional source. They decided it was time for an information breakthrough. you’ll always be first Now that you’ve read this report. HSI is the world’s only medical network looking out ONLY FOR YOU. RIGHT NOW. it really is a miracle. Europe. It doesn’t serve the hidden agendas of medical schools or hospitals. Why? Simply because.11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 22 Why haven’t you heard about ANY of these new ‘magic bullets’ before? It’s because this news doesn’t come from the mass media. HSI is truly independent. a group of the most innovative physicians..

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their insurance costs were unbelievably low—and their astonishing secret has just been made available to YOU. untrustworthy actions. Smarter alternative… FDA-approved “stop smoking” drug may kill you faster than cigarettes! But this hushed-up extract of plantain creates an instant tobacco aversion that lasts up to 24 hours… Daily aspirin therapy may double stroke and heart attack risk for many patients. and no cancer prevention! Yet it can distort hormone levels dangerously. If you’re sick and tired of catching everything. getting sick and feeling lousy. Jenny Thompson Director. Health Sciences Institute Visit us online at www.com 26 .11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 26 PLUS! RSVP now and it’s FREE! No More Sick Days! The Immune Discovery of the Decade It all started when a group of Iowa factory workers complained they weren’t getting sick.HSIBaltimore. They weren’t taking sick days. read this now. Switch today to this natural blood-thinning alternative… FREE if you RSVP now! To Your Good Health. hot flashes or menopause miseries. You may never come down with anything else again! RSVP now and it’s FREE! How to Survive the FDA’s 10 Deadliest Hush-Ups About 200 FDA scientists recently stated they’ve been asked to lie by superiors! And here’s our hotoff-the-press hit list of the FDA’s 10 most unwanted. contrary to FDA-approved labels! New data from American Heart Association shows almost no effect on cholesterol. says FDA! Why? Because this deadly toxin makes old meat look fresh! Buy only from these safe supermarkets that won’t carry it… Soy is not health food. Don’t let these legal lies claim your life… Is your meat being treated with poison gas? Perfectly legal. says new study.

readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being. No part of this report may be reproduced by any means or for any reason without the consent of the publisher.com 27 .. http://www.econugenics. http://www.com/ Rub out your pain on contact Soothanol X2.baselinenutritionals.. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this publication.com/ New Zealand secret: Both types of arthritis pain vanish Lyprinol. (888)305-4288 or (503)232-0475. Baltimore. Raintree Nutrition.com ©Copyright 2008 Institute for Health Sciences L. All material in this publication is provided for information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. Visit us online at www. (800)544-4440. Center for Natural Medicine Dispensary.HSIBaltimore. instead. http://www. (800)223-1216.lef.org/ Diabetes Defeated Glucotor™ v. Baseline Nutritionals..11 Medical Breakthroughs:11 Medical Breakthroughs 9/26/08 10:21 AM Page 27 Product Source Directory Billion-dollar drug company hides astounding discovery of a natural cancer killer Graviola and N-Tense. EcoNugenics.L.northstarnutritionals. www. (800)913-2592.cnm-inc. but readers who fail to consult with appropriate health authorities assume the risk of any injuries. The publisher is not responsible for errors or omissions.vitaminshoppe. www. 702 Cathedral St. Inc. Inc. NorthStar Nutritionals. The Vitamin Shoppe. MD 21201.com The “Perfect Cure for Heart Disease” Policosanol. Life Extension Foundation.C. The information and opinions provided in this publication are believed to be accurate and sound..2. tel. (800)521-0160. www. All rights reserved. based on the best judgment available to the authors.com The single-ingredient formula rivaling a major class of blood pressure drugs Vasotensin.rain-tree. (800)780-5902.com Stop cancer in its tracks with killer grapefruit PectaSol. (800)695-5995 or visit their website at www.

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