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Using the notes below, write an article about a visit to Kuala Lumpur.

from rural school- first time- visit- Kuala Lumpur- bus - saw flyovers LRTs, skyscrapers jammed Kuala Lumpur City Centre what you did and saw Petrosains Discovery Centre educational shoppingv- Kinokuniya, biggest bookshop National Museum one hour admire artifacts Putrajaya gardens Prime Ministers residence government buildings dinner at lakeside restaurant returned night tired - happy When writing your article: you may use all the notes elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting add any other relevant information make sure it is not less than 120 words Intro: when? who? What activity?How did you go? The objectives; 1. to expose the students to the outside world. 2. to help the students experience what they only read about in books and newspapers. Points: (Para 2) - from rural school everything new and cultural shock for us - saw flyovers, skyscrapers, LRTs first time in life - the roads jammed with cars, taxies, buses and lorries - the flow of the traffic-slow a few kilometers- until reached the tallest building the KLCC - KLCC awesome - spent time gaping at it snapping photographs Para 4: - left National Museum spent an hour admiring all the artifacts and other ancient things - the artifacts portrayed rich heritage proud Malaysians - last destination before leaving Putrajaya arrived evening before sunset admired the gardens, Prime Ministers residence, government buildings teacher briefed the importance of Putrajaya country the centre of administration houses -all the government departments - had dinner lakeside restaurant served delicious food costly but did not mind once in a lifetime experience

Para 3: - teachers hustled us- Petrosains Discovery Centre - educational entertaining - more interested in shopping - given two hours shopping and lunch - grabbed burgers and some snacks from McDonalds entered Kinokuniya, one of the largest bookshops never seen so many collections of booksentire life - books other things too expensive merely window-shopping

Ending: - had to leave enjoyed the moments felt

tired happy unforgettable experience hoped go again