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JIET School Of Engineering And Technology For Girls PTS Abstract

Name of Project Application development in Android. Company/Organization Name HCL CDC, South Extentension-1 , New Delhi Training/Project Guide Mr. Abinash Alok Objective/Aim To learn how to develop application in android operating system. Technology/Programming Languages Involved Technology- Android Language Used- Java Software used- Eclipse IDE with ADT plugin Branch/Year/Semester/Batch Branch- CSE Year- 4th Semester- 7th Batch- D2 Section -D

Training Coordinator Verification Template

Name of Student: Shivani Jain Branch/Year/Semester/Batch: CSE,4th year,7th sem,D2 Batch Name of Training Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Naresh Purohit Name of Company/Organization : HCL-CDC, Delhi Verification by Coordinator Week 1 : ________________________________________________ (Signature of coordinator) Week 2 : ________________________________________________ (Signature of coordinator) Week 3 : ________________________________________________ (Signature of coordinator) Week 4 : ________________________________________________ (Signature of coordinator)