MESSAGE #2257 from the Blessed Mother December 27, 2001 My daughter, Sin crucifies my Son.

Please tell my children to repent and live a life that is more pleasing to God. Tell my children to use this time to truly come to know Jesus. This time cannot be given back to you. This time cannot be wasted. This time is so precious, so please convert now and turn to Jesus. Each day you must do penance for your sins and live a pure and holy life. Please take my hand and accept my motherly assistance. I am truly here for all my children. I am your Heavenly Mother. I am here to rescue those who are living in darkness. My daughter, many are still on the wrong path. Many are making up their own rules to fit their lifestyle. Many do not want to believe that there will be consequence for sin. So many are refusing the protection God has provided for them. It is time now to truly listen to my motherly advice. It is time now to console my Son and truly take part in healing Jesus’ wounds. The way to do this is to surrender and let go of worldliness, self-centeredness, and pride. Be faithful to daily Mass, cleanse your souls, fast, and pray. Be obedient, loving children. Become true apostles of unity. Be compassionate and conscious of the needs of all your brothers and sisters. Imitate Christ by the way you act, speak, and live your lives. Concentrate on building family unity and make time for family prayer in your home. Live the Gospel life, and obey all of God’s Commandments. I am asking each of you to truly give your life to Jesus. I am asking each of you to pray the Rosary and meditate on the mysteries. I am telling you, that those who are faithful to Jesus, and who pray the Rosary, will not be abandoned by me, or by my Son, Jesus. Your lives will change if you do what I am asking of you. So please surrender today and respond wholeheartedly. Please live these messages, so that I can lead you closer, closer to Jesus. Unite your prayers with the Holy Family, so more wake up and come to know the Divine Truth. I have come today to bring hope and joy to all my children. I am truly here because I am your mother, a mother to each of you. Take my hand and allow me to assist you now. Take my hand, persevere, and be humble, loving soldiers for Jesus. Go forth now with hope, trust, and love; for this dear children, will truly, truly comfort my Son. Amen.

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