MESSAGE #2256 from the Blessed Mother December 21, 2001 My daughter, I ask that all my children be obedient and

listen, listen to my Son, Jesus. There cannot be peace without obedience. It takes sacrifice, trust, and willingness to surrender yourselves to what God is asking of you. The greatest gift you can give Jesus is to be obedient. To truly obey and live, live each commandment. In order to live a peaceful life, you must truly love, serve, and obey God. Please, dear children, obey God. Turn away from sin and consecrate your heart to Jesus and me. Live your consecration so that I can truly assist you on this earth. Live a pure and holy life so that I can lead you closer, closer to Jesus. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you, so you become strong warriors for Jesus. Seek the truth, for then your love for Jesus will become alive in you. Abandon yourselves now to Jesus. Open your hearts so that He can fill you with His Grace. Accept your suffering, so that God can heal you in those areas that are difficult for you. God will truly heal you, if you let go of your desires and truly seek Him. I say to each of you, harden not your hearts. Open them and be more grateful for God’s love and mercy for each of you. Trust Jesus with your whole heart and allow Him to mold and purify you. Allow Jesus to accomplish within you what He desires, so that change begins in you. Now I ask that you truly turn to Jesus so you come to know His truth, His peace, and His love for you. Accept Him totally as your Lord and Savior, and happiness, and peace, will dwell in you. Be obedient to God and live now in peace and harmony. Amen.

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