My city San Felipe San Felipe Gto. Is a very beautiful city. It has old buildings.

The best times to visit San Felipe are spring and autumn, and there are cheap hotels in the center. You can visit the hidalgo’s house the most important museum, and you can find cheap restaurants. San Felipe is very affordable for visitors, and there are many great parks where you can walk, and ride bicycle. It’s a very clean city, and there isn’t much pollution, and in the evening, the city has great nightclubs to visit. When you enter to the city, first you can see the notice “Very calm and peaceful”. San Felipe full of life.

Universidad Tecnológica Del Norte de Guanajuato Name: cesar Felipe cano Ibarra Web quest group: GPI0441 N° de control: 1212100023 Teacher: Rosalia Peña Peña 12 de septiembre del 2013 .

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