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Q.1) PD 1185: Which of the following denotes a fire involving flammable liquids and gasses? A. B. C. D. Class A Fire Class B Fire (your answer) Class C Fire Class D Fire

Q.2) Within how many months shall be the release of Retention from date of Final Payment? A. B. C. D. 2 months 3 months (your answer) 4 months 6 months

Q.3) When the owner hires an Architect of a firm to coordinate the whole range of Comprehensive Architectural Services, it shall constitute? A. B. C. D. Design-Build Labor Supervision Project Management (your answer) Construction Service

Q.4) The father of modern picture books of Architecture A. B. C. D. Andrea Palladio (your answer) Leon Battista Alberti Philibert De L’orme Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola

Q.5) Which of the following is NOT the architect’s responsibility in relation to the contractor? A. The Architect shall immediately upon his personal knowledge and inspection, reject or condemn materials, equipment or workmanship which are not in conformity with

the Contract Documents in order not to cause Unnecessary delay and additional expense to the Contractor, The Architect shall not knowingly call upon the Contractor to correct or remedy B. oversights or errors in the Contract Documents to the Contractor’s financial advantage. The Architect shall give the contractor every reasonable aid to enable him to fully understand the contents of the Contract Documents by furnishing clear, definite and C. consistent information in all pertinent contract documents to avoid unnecessary mistakes that may involve extra costs to the Contractor. The Architect shall consider the needs and stipulation of the Contractor and the D. effect of his work upon the life and well-being of the public and community as a whole (your answer) Explanation the phrase "the effect of his work upon the life and well-being of the public and community as a whole" is a responsibility to the public Q.6) Entities, agencies, organizations & the like that have been accredited/registered with the Board of Architecture of the Professional Regulation Commission to deliver seminars, lectures, & other Continuing Professional Education Modules for Architects, other than the IAPOA which is automatically accredited by the Board of Architecture. A. B. C. D. United Architects of the Philippines CPD Providers (your answer) Integrated Accredited Professional Organization of Architects National Convention

Q.7) It is the first Development Garden City where it is a combination of landscaping, informal street layouts, and main axis focusing on town center. A. B. C. D. Savannah Welwyn Letchworth (correct answer) Hampstead Garden Suburbs (your answer)

Q.8) Which of the following situation would trigger the owner to suspend work? A. B. C. D. Bankruptcy-Declared by BIR Insubordination Non-payment of contactors debt/non superintendence of contractor All of the above (your answer)

Q.9) Architectural programming is one of the architect’s services that falls under: A. Pre Design (your answer)

B. Design C. Design-Build D. Specialized Services Q.10) He is a registered & licensed architect, who is academically and professionally qualified, & with exceptional or recognized expertise or specialization in any branch of architecture; A. B. C. D. Architect-of-record Consulting Architect (your answer) Architect Architect-in-charge of the construction

Q.11) “The man of learning… can fearlessly look down upon the troublesome accidents of fortune. But he who thinks himself entrenched in defense not of learning but of luck, moves one slippery path, struggling though life unsteadily and insecurely.” A. A New Architecture by Frank Lloyd Wright B. Ten books of Architecture by Marcus Vitruvius (your answer) C. Space, Time and Architecture by Sigfried Gideon D. The Poetry of Architecture by John Ruskin Q.12) The approved form of security furnished by the Contractor as a guarantee of good faith on the part of the contractor to execute the work in accordance with terms of the Contract. A. B. C. D. Guarantee Bond Surety Bond Performance Bod (your answer) Payment Bond

Q.13) The architect who said that the exterior of the building is the result of the interior. A. Mies Van de Rohe B. Le Corbusier (your answer) C. Frank Lloyd Wright D. William Ruskin Q.14) A British pioneered in regional Planning for the Doncaster area (1920-1922) and East Kent; Involved in greater London Plan; Use of open space as structuring element. A. Clarence Perry B. Leslie Patrick Abercrombie (your answer)

C. Henry Wright D. Andres Duany Q.15) PD 957: In Design Standards for Residential Condominium Projects, offsite parking is allowed but must NOT be more how many meters away from the building it serves? A. 31 meters B. 50 meters C. 100 meters (your answer) D. 150 meters Q.16) The memorial column built in the form of tall Doric order and made entirely f marble is; A. B. C. D. Column of Antoninus Pius Trajan’s Column (your answer) Column of Marcus Aurelius Column of Dioelectian

Q.17) It is the third phase of English-Gothic Architecture where elaborated ornamental vaulting, and refinement of stonecutting techniques. A. Perpendicular style B. Rayonnant style C. Decorated style (your answer) D. Rococo style Q.18) The Grandest Temple of all Egyptian temples, it was not built by upon one complete plan but owes its size, disposition and magnificence to the work of many Kings. Built from the 12th Dynasty to the Ptolemaic period. A. B. C. D. Great Temple of Ammon, Karnak (your answer) The Great temple of Abu-Simbel Temple of Queen HATSHEPSUT Temple of Ramsesseum, Thebes

Q.19) Enclosure formed by huge stones planted on the ground in circular form. A. Menhir B. Cromlech (correct answer) C. Dolmen D. Tumulus

Q.20) It was the first law passed by the national assembly in 1921 where the maestros de obra or the master builders are required to register as architects? A. B. C. D. Engineers and Architect’s Law Act no. 2986 (correct answer) Engineers and Architect’s Law Act no. 2896 Engineers and Architect’s Law Act no. 9286 Engineers and Architect’s Law Act no. 8296

Q.21) Under PD 1096 the executive officer of OBO appointed by the secretary to enforce the provision of the code in the field as well as the enforcement or orders and decisions made pursuant thereto. A. Architect B. Urban Planner C. Building Official (your answer) D. City Engineer Q.22) An English Architect who prepared plan for London i.e., St. Peter ‘s and St. Paul Cathedral; proposed a network of avenues connecting the main features of London. A. B. C. D. Leonardo Da Vinci Leon Battista Alberti Pierre Charles L’ Enfant Sir Christopher Wren (your answer)

Q.23) A style in the architecture Italy I the second half of the 16th century and to a lesser extent elsewhere in Europe. It uses classical elements in an unconventional manner. A. Illusionism B. Mannerism (your answer) C. Palladianism D. Abstract Q.24) He is remembered for his “Ideal Cities” – star shaped plans with street radiating from central point, usually proposed for a church, palace or castle. A. B. C. D. Leonardo Da Vinci Leon Battista Alberti (your answer) Pierre Charles L’ Enfant Sir Christopher Wren

Q.25) The Greek council house which is covered meeting place for the democratically-

elected council is called: A. Bouleuterion (your answer) B. Thersihon C. Prytaneion D. Diathyros Q.26) Defining open space in residential subdivision A. B. C. D. PD 957 PD 1216 (your answer) BP 220 PD 579

Q.27) Published the book called “Fields, Factories and Workshops; or Industry Combined with Agriculture with manual work”. A. Antonio Sant’elia B. Don Soria y Mata C. Eugene Henard D. Peter Kropotkin (correct answer) Q.28) A full time construction inspector hired by owner assisting in the supervision of the work. A. B. C. D. Project Representative (your answer) Engineer Architect Contractor

Q.29) Which article is NOT included in the Owner Contractor Agreement? A. Time of Completion and Liquidated Damages B. Performance & Payment Bonds C. Cost Records (your answer) D. Payments Q.30) It is the eclectic style of domestic architecture of the 1870’s and the 1880’s in England and the USA and actually based on country house and cottage Elizabeth architecture which was characterized by a blending of Tudor Gothic, English Renaissance and colonial elements in the USA: A. Mannerist Phase

B. Queen Anne style (your answer) C. Jacobean Architecture D. Stuart Architecture Q.31) Condominium & Subdivision Buyers Protective Law. A. PD 1216 B. PD 1295 C. PD 957 (correct answer) D. PD 9514 Q.32) The architect who claimed that: “The ultimate goal of the new architecture was the composite but inseparable work of an art, in which the old dividing line between monumental and decorative elements will have disappeared forever.” A. B. C. D. Frank Lloyd Wright Le Corbusier Walter Gropius (correct answer) Mies Van de Rohe

Q.33) The Contractor shall submit the following before Final Payment is to be released except for: 3 copies of directory of Panel boards with list of circuits, instructions and Manuals for Operating and Maintenance of Fixture and Equipment and Keying Schedule Guarantee Bond equivalent to 40% of the Contract Price covering a period of one B. year after the Final Acceptance of the Work. (your answer) C. Certificate of Final Building Occupancy. D. Original and 3 sets of prints of As-Built Drawings of the finished project. Explanation guarantee bond should be equivalent to 30% only A. Q.34) After ___________ substantial completion of contract work, the architect shall inspect the project & issue certificate of completion after certification, the contractor will finish outstanding work during period of making good of all known defect of 60 days. A. B. C. D. 90% 95% 98% (correct answer) 100%

Q.35) It refers to contracts or arrangements involving the transfer of systematic knowledge for the manufacture of a product

A. Technology transfer B. Transfer of Record C. Contract Documents D. Technical Transfer (correct answer) Q.36) The architect of a housing project was given Php 300,000.00 for the first unit he designed. How much will he receive for the tenth housing unit to be constructed? A. B. C. D. Php 60,000.00 Php 120,000.00 Php 180,000.00 (your answer) Php 240,000.00

Q.37) Whose theory is the explanation of residential land uses in terms of wedge-shaped sectors radial to the city center along established lines of transportation. A. Homer Hoyt (correct answer) B. Kevin Lynch C. Ernest Burgess D. Jane Jacobs Q.38) The value of extra work or change in construction plans by the owner. A. B. C. D. Unit prices provided credit does not exceed 10 percent of original contract Actual direct cost plus 15 percent for profit, overhead and tax (your answer) Value included in contingencies Estimate and acceptance in lump sum

Q.39) Early type of settlement in America taken after the “boug” (military town) and “fauborg” (citizen’s town) of the medieval ages. A. The European Planned City B. Medieval Bastide C. Medieval Organic City (your answer) D. Laws of the Indies Towns Q.40) Often enclosed and secluded the street, whose high density and variety of planning conveys a garden image. It sometimes includes flower planters and a water feature and usually supplies a variety of seating possibilities. A. City plaza B. Garden Oasis (your answer) C. City square

D. Street plaza Q.41) A ____________ is a wall which extends vertically from lowest portion of the wall which adjoins two living units up to a minimum height of 0.30 meters above the highest portion of the roof and extends horizontally 0.30 meters beyond the outermost edge of the abutting living units? A. Block B. Fireblock (your answer) C. Firewall D. Blotline wall Q.42) Refers to the most reasonable price of land and shelter based on the needs and financial capability of “program beneficiaries and appropriate financial schemes” (RA 7279). A. B. C. D. Financial range Affordable cost (your answer) House rental wage range Lower housing rate

Q.43) It is a traditional house that was called binangiyan. It was a single room dwelling elevated at 1.50 meters from the ground; the floor were made of hard wood like narra which rested on 3 floor joist which in turn were supported by transverse girders. A. Kankanay (your answer) B. Badjao C. Bontoc D. Kalinga Q.44) The sacred enclosure found in the highest part of a Greek city is called: A. B. C. D. Peribolas Temenos (your answer) Corps de Logis Pteroma

Q.45) In a PERT CPM. ____________is a starting node to two or more activities A. Concurrent node B. Merge node C. Simultaneous nodes D. Burst node (your answer)

Q.46) Le Corbusier planned a high density building that was a “super building” that contained 337 dwellings in only acres of land. What is the structure that supposed to be located in Marseilles? A. B. C. D. Unite d’ Habitation (your answer) Brasilia The Mile High tower Ecumenopolis

Q.47) In methods of compensation, if the Architect as Project Manager performs regular architectural services for the same project, he is compensated separately for these services as stipulated in what UAP Documents? A. UAP Doc 201 B. UAP Doc 202 (your answer) C. UAP Doc 203 D. UAP Doc 204 Q.48) The building that serve as a senate house for the chief dignitaries of the city and as a palace where distinguished visitors and citizens might be entertained. A. B. C. D. Bouleuterion Thersihon Prytaneion (your answer) Diathyros

Q.49) Tomb of Atreus, a noted example of the tholos type of tomb is also known as: A. Mausoleum, Helicarnassos B. Tomb of Clytemnestra C. Tomb of Agamemnon (your answer) D. Thersilion, Megapolis Q.50) The _________ shall submit ________ copies of shop drawings for the architect’s approval A. B. C. D. Engineer/ 5 Sub-contractor/4 Project representative/5 Contractor/2 (your answer)

Q.51) Contract Documents shall be the property of the_________. A. Owner B. Project Manager C. Architect (your answer) D. Contractor Q.52) A key housing agency that assist private developers to undertake low and middle income mass housing production A. National Home Mortgage & Finance Corporation (NHMFC) B. Home Insurance & Guarantee Corporation (HIGC) (your answer) C. Housing & Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) D. National Housing Authority (NHA)

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