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The National Watercolor Society 92nd Annual Exhibition

September 29 to December 2, 2012

N WS G a llery, 9 1 5 South Pacif ic Avenue, San Pedro CA 9 0 7 3 1


President's Message Jury of Selection Juror of Awards Awards, Donors, and Patrons Travel Show Itinerary Exhibitors Exhibit Catalog Board of Directors Signature Members Associate Members National Watercolor Society: Past, Present, and Future Membership Information Join the Awards and Donors Program Gallery Information and Opening Hours Credits

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Welcome to the National Watercolor Society's 92nd Annual Exhibition. Our three Signature Jurors of Selection Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, Fran Larsen and Warren Taylor, as well our first alternate Michael Schlicting, did an outstanding job choosing 93 wonderful paintings from almost 1,000 entries as well as selecting our 15 newest signature members. Our Awards Juror, Barbara Nechis also did an excellent job in choosing the awards as well as selecting our travel show. Our NWS Exhibition Director Penny Hill is to be thanked for her dedicated leadership in pulling together this gigantic undertaking into a fabulous exhibition. A special thanks goes to Valli McDougle for the many hours she invested to secure our numerous awards, to Mary Joy Gumayagay who produced our catalog and to the entire board who all worked so diligently on selection jury day, award jury day and on hanging day. Congratulations to everyone: those who had a piece selected, those who won an award or were chosen to be included in

the Travel Show, and to those who received their Signature status this year. A special thank you to all who entered and supported NWS with their entry. We wish to express our gratitude to the donors of the awards who help make all this possible. More than $32,000 was donated in this most difficult economic period. We could not enjoy this wonderful exhibition, no matter how hard we worked, without the faithful art material companies, magazines, societies and individual contributors. I am extremely proud to have been part of this process and to serve as your president. Congratulations again to each and every artist in this exhibition. Linda A. Doll President, NWS

PAST PRESIDENTS 1921 Dana Bartlett 19221924 Henri De Kruif 19251926 John W. Cotton 19271928 Theodore B. Modra 1929 Julian Ellsworth Garnsey 19301931 Donna Schuster 19321933 Arnold Franz Brasz 1934 Bessie Ella Hazen 1935 Lee Blair 19361938 Barse Miller 1938 Phil Dike 1939 Phil Paradise 1940 Ejnar Hansen 1941 Milford Zornes 1942 James Patrick 19431944 Frode Dann 1945 Emil Kosa, Jr. 1946 Millard Sheets 1947 Douglass Parshall 1948 Rex Brandt 1949 Sueo Serisawa 1950 Richard Haines 1951 George Gibson 1952 David Scott 1953 Watson Cross, Jr. 1954 Edgar Ewing 1955 Leonard Emondson 1956 Howard Clapp 1957 Edward Reep 1958 Dorothy Brown 1959 Keith Crown 1960 Jonathan Scott 1961 Delmer Yoakum 1962 Noel Quinn 1963 Clem Hall 1964 Howard Clapp 1965 Wayne La Com 1966 Irma Attridge 1967 Arthur Kaye 1968 Gerald Brommer 1969 Hazel Harper 1970 Frank Ackerman 1971 Elizabeth Hutchison 1972 Merwin Altfeld 1973 Pat Berger 1974 William Pajaud 1975 Ruth Rossman 1976 Jae Carmichael Bela Kasza 1977 Joseph Cook 1978 Mary Jane Kieffer 1979 Bela Kasza 1980 Jae Carmichael 1981 Howard Clapp 1982 Gerald Brommer 1983 Katherine Chang Liu 1984 Roger Armstrong 1985 Arthur Kaye 1986 Nancy Livesay 1987 Lee Wexler 1988 Meg Huntington Cajero 1989 Bonese Collins Turner 1990 Phyllis Solcyk 1991 Willellyn McFarland 1992 John Salchak 1993 Mary Lind 1994 Linda Doll 1995 George James 1996 Willellyn McFarland 1997 Ruth J. Eyrich 1998 Robert Hallet 1999 Mary Ann Chater 2000 Ronald Miller 20012002 Paulette Beakley 2003 Loa Sprung 2004 Donna Watson 20052007 Chris Van Winkle 20082009 Dick Cole 20102011 M. E. Mike Bailey


We were both honored and pleased to be voted by the members to serve as Jury of Selection for the 92nd Annual Exhibition of the National Watercolor Society. The diversity and quality of the works submitted was vast, and selecting only 93 paintings from the nearly 1,000 entries was daunting. Certainly, we appraised the qualities of each painting in terms of design elements and principles, and technical mastery.

But, what swayed our hand (and vote) was evidence of a well-thought-out and conveyed idea, a personal or unique vision, and the sensibility of the artist qualities that move the painting beyond a wellcrafted work of art to a truly striking image, and provide some insight into the sensitivity, creativity, as well as control of the artist. However, I would remind all artists of the statement of Ralph Gibson, who said: "The only thing for an artist to remember is that he or she is the only one fully entitled to judge the work. The artist who makes the work is the one who will spend the most time looking and ultimately understanding the content of the work." Congratulations to all who submitted their work, and special congratulations to those who are in the exhibition and whose works intrigued us in some way. We believe this show comprises a succession of images that demonstrate the requisite balance between technical skill, and independent thought. I thank my fellow jurors, Fran Larsen and Warren Taylor, for their professionalism and serious commitment to the task with which we were charged. I would also like to thank President Linda Doll and the NWS staff members who made this such a delightful experience. And a heartfelt thank you to the NWS membership for placing their confidence in our ability to select the 92nd Annual Exhibition. We hope you will find this show both exciting and moving. Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, Chairperson Fran Larsen Warren Taylor MICHAEL SCHLICTING, Alternate

Chairperson Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, Warren Taylor, Fran Larsen ALTERNATE JUROR Michael Schlicting

Previous Juries of Selection 2007 George James, Chairperson Betsy Dillard-Stroud Jean Grastorf 2008 Miles G. Batt, Sr., Chairperson Carrie Burns Brown Cathy Woo 2009 Jerry Stitt, Chairperson Carolyn Lord Carl Purcell 2010 Mark E. Mehaffey, Chairperson Carla OConnor John Salchak 2011 Ted Nuttall, Chairperson Mary Ann Beckwith Judy Morris

ELAINE DAILY-BIRNBAUM Breaking Rules Fran Larsen The Living Room, Nelle's House

Warren Taylor BaroqueNouveau



I was pleased and honored to be invited to serve as juror of awards for the NWS 92nd annual exhibition. I am particularly grateful to the jury of selection who gave me a superb menu of choices to work with. The paintings were consistently competent, some showing brilliant technical facility. This made choosing the awards challenging. I tried to select an eclectic representation consistent with the breadth of the work presented to me, not favoring any particular school, style or technique. First I took note of my intuitive reaction to select those that I considered to be unforgettable paintings: outstanding

aesthetically and visually but more importantly those that exhibited a spirit of the artists choices in point of view and reflected a personal statement. Proceeding from my own bias I give awards to those that I view as projecting the most feeling, originality of content, composition and use of color taking precedence over technical virtuosity. I cannot always explain my choices and I do not rigidly apply my criteria, but obviously I connected with those that I chose. Another juror with a different bias might choose differently. To the officers and members of NWS, you made my visit delightful; you were terrific. I am impressed by the care that went into organizing the work. It made my job much easier than it otherwise would have been. I advocate that your system for tagging awards be the standard for every organization. It has been my pleasure to be in the company of others who share with me the alternating joy and frustration that come in the course of working in this glorious medium. Barbara Nechis
Juror of Awards

Barbara Nechis holds a BA in History and Fine Arts from the University of Rochester and an MS from Alfred University. She was a faculty member of Parsons School of Design for many years and has taught seminars at Pratt Institute, throughout North America and abroad. She has served as a juror and board member of the American Watercolor Society and is the author of Watercolor From the Heart (WatsonGuptill Publications, 1993) and Water-

color: The Creative Experience (North Light Books, 1979). Her work appears in many publications and collections, among them the Butler Institute of American Art, Citicorp, IBM, Margaret Biever Mondavi, and the Napa Valley Heritage Foundation. She resides in Napa Valley in northern California. Her work is an exploration based on her response to the entire experience of nature. She uses its fundamentally abstract patterns both as a source of inspiration and as a compositional element to produce effects that allude to the proportions and harmonies of the physical landscape without imitating it.
BARBARA NECHIS Majeska Falls (top) Illusion Crevass (left)

Previous Jurors of Awards Before 1974, the Jury of Selection also chose the Awards. 1974 Keith Finch, Artist 1975 Sueo Serisawa, Artist 1976 Joyce Treiman, Artist 1977 Donald Teague, Artist 1978 Edward Betts, Artist 1979 Arnold Mesches, Artist 1980 Russell J. Moore, Director, Long Beach Museum of Art 1981 Don Lagerberg, Artist 1982 Henry T. Hopkins, Director, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 1983 Charles Reid, Artist 1984 Joseph Raffael, Artist 1985 Jury of Selection 1986 Joseph A. Mugnaini, Artist 1987 William C. Landwehr, Director, Springfield Art Museum 1988 Sandy Ballatore, Art Critic, Lecturer 1989 Billy Al Bengston, Artist 1990 William Brice, Artist 1991 Philip White, Artist 1992 Elleen Monaghan Whitaker, Artist 1993 William D. Gorman, Artist 1994 Michael Ward, Author, Editor 1995 Janet B. Walsh, Artist 1996 William Wilson, Art Critic 1997 Edward Betts, Artist 1998 Harold L. Gregor, Ph.D, Artist 1999 Virgina Cobb, Artist 2000 Rob Erdle, Artist 2001 Alex Powers, Artist 2002 Elizabeth A. Yarosz, Artist 2003 Edward Betts, Artist 2004 Tony Berlant, Artist 2005 Christopher Schink, Artist 2006 Stephen Doherty, Editor-in-Chief, American Artist 2007 Maureen Bloomfield, Editor, The Artists Magazine 2008 Peter Adams, Artist 2009 Jim Morphesis, Artist 2010 Christopher Schink, Artist 2011 Harold Gregor, Professor Emeritus, Illinois State University


The National Watercolor Society (NWS) wishes to thank the following companies, friends, and members of the society for their generous support of our Awards Program: CASH Awards NWS Purchase Award and Silver Star (page 12) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,000 NWS Masters Award (page 13) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,020
Sue Archer Linda Baker Carole D. Barnes Mary Ann Beckwith Mary Alice Braukman Gerald F. Brommer Carrie Burns Brown Dan Burt Cheng-Khee Chee Kathleen Conover Pat Cook Pat Dews Jeanne Dobie Toni M. Elkins Jean Grastorf Robbie Laird Fealing Lin Margaret M. Martin Laurin McCracken Mark Mehaffey Dean Mitchell Carla OConnor Marilyn Hughey Phillis Stephen Quiller John T. Salminen Michael Schlicting Betsy Dillard Stroud Soon Young Warren Frank Webb Eric Wiegardt Donna Zagotta

Loa Ruth Sprung Award (Non-Objective Subject) (page 13) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,000

Donated by Lowri L. Sprung

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Purchase Award (page 14) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,500 Stan Green: Beverly Green Memorial Purchase Award (page 14) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,500 (Architectural or Depicting Performing Arts)
Donated by Oregon Council for the Arts

NWS Past Presidents Award (page 15) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,245

M. E. Mike Bailey Pat Berger Gerald F. Brommer Meg Huntington Cajero Linda A. Doll Katherine Chang Liu Nancy W. Livesay Willellyn McFarland Ronald Miller William H. Pajaud, Sr. Edward Reep John J. Salchak Phyllis Solcyk Loa Sprung Bonese Collins Turner Donna Watson Chris Van Winkle

Winsor & Newton Award and Plaque (page 15) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 Alice Leonard Memorial Award (page 16) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 David M. Thayer Memorial Award (page 16) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
Donated by Valli Thayer McDougle

Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Florida Award (page 16) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Harriet and Arthur L. Kaye Memorial Award (page 16) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
Donated by Howard Kaye

Henry and Fujiko Fukuhara Memorial Award (page 17) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500

Donated by Y. Grace Niwa

Janet Hilford Memorial Award (Non-Objective Subject) (page 17) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500

Donated by Michael Hilford

JOIN THE AWARDS PROGRAM For more information on Awards and Donors, go to page 40.

Jerrys Artarama Award (page 17). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Kanuga Watermedia Workshops Award (page 17) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Linda A. Doll, NWS Presidents Award (page 18). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 NWS Members & Friends Award (page 18) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
Debbie Abshear, Florine K. Cain, Alida and Stevan Cavilo, Evelyn and William Clark

Philadelphia Watercolor Society Award for Excellence (page 18). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Roger Armstrong Memorial Award (page 18) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
Donated by Julia Vance

Toshiko Ukon Award (page 19) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Watercolor Artist Magazine Award (page 19) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 Watercolor West Reciprocal Award (Transparent Watercolor) (page 19) . . . . . . . . . . . $500

COMBINED Cash and Merchandise Awards Combined Donors Award (page 19) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500
Potomac Valley Watercolorists & Daniel Tellep Award. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $400 Golden Artist Colors Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100

Combined Donors Award (page 20) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500

Pennsylvania Watercolor Society & NWS Members Award. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $400 Grace Haverty, Marlin and Carol Rotach, Jaceena Shepard Savoir-Faire/: Fabriano Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $100

MERCHANDISE AWARDS Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award I (page 20) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,000 Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award II (page 20) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,500 Blick Art Materials Award (page 21) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $750 The Canson Fine Papers Award (page 21) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $750 Combined Donors Award (page 21) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $534
Salis International Inc. / Dr Ph Martins Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $294 Creative Catalyst Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $240

M. Graham Watercolor Award (page 21) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500

2013 Traveling Exhibit Itinerary


February 23 to March 25 Cultural Center of Cape Cod 307 Old Main Street South Yarmouth MA 02664 April 2 to May 14 Southern Arts Society Inc. 301 North Piedmont Avenue Kings Mountain NC 28086

June 4 to July 16 Lansing Art Gallery 119 North Washington Square Lansing MI 48933 July 30 to September 27 Grants Pass Museum of Art 229 Southwest G Street Grants Pass OR 97528 October 14 to December 6 West Valley Art Museum P.O. Box 6377 Peoria AZ 85385

Catalog of the Exhibition

Gloria Miller Allen, ID Patricia Allen, CA Anne Bagby, TN Sally Bailey, OR Deena Ball, PA Kathleen Ballard, CA Miles Batt, Sr., FL Chris Beck, CA Frederick Bidigare, MI Donne Bitner, FL Bruce Bobick, GA Cindy Brabec-King, CO Carol Brody, FL Martha Brouwer, WA Carrie Burns Brown, SC Peggy Brown, IN Kim Caldwell, WA Katharine Cartwright, ME Cheng-Khee Chee, MN E. Richard Clark, GA Kathleen Conover, MI Pat Cook, VA Rita Crooks, WI Barbara Davis, SC Marilynn Derwenskus, IL Herb Dockham, CA Robin Erickson, CA Jill Figler, CA Carol Frye, FL Nancy Fulton, WA Dorothy Ganek, NJ Vi Gassman, CA Kathleen Giles, NY

Jean Gill, VA Laurie Goldstein-Warren, WV Ellna Gregory-Goodrum, TX Lana Grow, MN Kristi Grussendorf, UT Tom Heflin, IL Susan Hinton, CO Joan Iaconetti, NY John James, TX Aletha Jones, WI Barbara Kellogg, NY Teresa Kirk, FL Andrew Kish III, PA Mike Kowalski, WA Witha Lacuesta, FL Mary Lynch, GA Carol Maddox, CA Carol Mansfield, CA Jinnie May, NJ James McFarlane, PA Sherry Meidell, UT Barbara Millican, TX Dean Mitchell, FL Thyra Moore, MD Sylvia Moss, OH Jackie Myers, CA Sayeko Nakamura, CA R. Mike Nichols, CA Catherine ONeill, NY Kristine Parins, WI Sandrine Pelissier, Canada

Sue Pink, FL Lynn Powers, OR David Poxon, United Kingdom Preecha Promprabtuk, OR Judy Rider, NC April Rimpo, MD Darcy Scott, MI Tony Segale, CA Kang Lee Sheppard, CO Harry Shields, TX Melinda Shook, CA Nicholas E. Simmons, MD Rita Sklar, CA Richard Sneary, MO Denise Sperry, NY Peggy Morgan Stenmark, CO Gari Stephenson, VA Kay Stern, TX Dashuai Sun, NY Brenda Swenson, CA David J. Teter, CA Jan Wallake, MN Deb Ward, IN Janis Ward, AR Donna Watson, WA Lee Weiss, WI Stewart White, MD Anita Winter, CO Susan Young, WI

The basis for National Watercolor Society exhibition participation: Painting must be primarily waterbased media on a paper surface and unvarnished. Pastel or collage, if used, must be in conjunction with the water media. The water media must be the dominant element.


T Denotes painting was selected for the 2013 Traveling Exhibit.

National Watercolor Society Purchase Award with Silver Star

E. Richard clark Antigua, Street Limbo T


Past Purchase Awards 1932 Phil Dike 1934 Rene H. Lopez 1935 Barse Miller 1936 Tom E. Lewis 1937 James Couper Wright 1938 Rex Brandt 1939 Tom Craig 1940 Standish Backus, Jr. 1941 Tom E. Lewis 1942 Dan Lutz 1943 Jade Fon 1944 Ejnar Hansen 1945 Loren Barton 1946 J. Jay McVicker 1947 Jan Stussy 1948 Richard Haines 1949 Frances De Erdely 1950 Sadamitsu Fujita 1951 Dan Lutz 1952 George Gibson 1953 Leonard Edmondson 1954 Richards Ruben 1955 Alexander Nepote 1956 Ynez Johnston 1957 Edward Betts 1958 Louise Preeman 1959 Glenn Bradshaw 1960 Clinton Adams 1961 Ruth Rossman 1962 Douglass Parshall 1963 Jerome Land 1964 Douglass Parshall 1965 Eleanor Haddock 1966 John Selleck 1967 Walter Askin 1968 John Kwok 1969 Joseph Cain 1970 Jo Rebert 1971 Frank W. Williams 1972 Ruth Snyder 1973 Lenny Silverberg 1974 Mary Jane Kieffer 1975 Gerd Koch 1976 David Solomon 1977 Electra Stamelos 1978 Maxine Masterfield 1979 Carolyn Brown 1980 Jo Ann Hart 1981 Alexander Guthrie 1982 Joe Jaqua 1983 Hartley Gurrey 1984 Helen Stanley 1984 Cynthia Ann Potter 1985 Carol Pursell Baliles 1985 Kay Ornberg 1986 Pat Deadman 1987 Peggy Flora Zalucha 1989 Patricia Hansen 1990 Liduine Bekman 1991 Elona Cole 1992 Paul St. Denis 1993 Peggy Brown 1994 Mary Britten Lynch 1995 Connie Dillman 1996 James Farrah 1997 Jean Grastorf 1998 Paulette Beakley 1999 Serge Hollerbach 2000 Cathy Woo 2001 George James 2002 Edward Reep (Honorary) 2003 Mary Carlton 2004 Richard Hanson 2005 John T. Salminen 2006 Steve Rogers 2007 Nicholas Simmons 2008 Soon Young Warren 2009 Geoffrey McCormack 2010 Bruce Bobick 2011 John T. Salminen

National Watercolor Society Masters Award

nicholas e. simmons Tsarina T


Loa Ruth Sprung Award (Non-Objective Subject)


Cheap Joes Art Stuff Purchase Award

Anne Bagby American Dream


Stan Green: Beverly Green Memorial Purchase Award (Architectural or depicting Performing Arts)
Vi Gassman Three Ring Circus

National Watercolor Society Past Presidents Award

dean mitchell Reservation Wall


Winsor & Newton Award and Plaque

Jackie myers Sound Bytes T


Alice Leonard Memorial Award Gail stephenson Hanging On To Time

David M. Thayer Memorial Award Andrew Kish iii The Redemption of St. Michael T

Gold Coast Watercolor Society, Florida Award sue pink NO. 8 T

Harriet and Arthur L. Kaye Memorial Award Patricia allen Sentinal T

Henry and Fujiko Fukuhara Memorial Award Carol Maddox Above and Below

Janet Hilford Memorial Award (Non-Objective Subject) donne bitner Lone Ranger T


Jerrys Artarama Award kristine Parins Against the Light T

Kanuga Watermedia Workshops Award DAVID J. TETER PHL Sulfur Pile T


Linda A. Doll, Presidents Award Miles G. Batt, sr. Poster Portrait

National Watercolor Society Members & Friends Award DASHUAI SUN OLD T

Philadelphia Watercolor Society Award for Excellence Peggy morgan stenmark Alley Geometry II T

Roger Armstrong Memorial Award Aletha jones Painting Back to Back

Toshiko Ukon Award Barbara millican Tablescape T

Watercolor Artist Magazine Award Susan hinton Prophetic T


Watercolor West Reciprocal Award (Transparent Watercolor) kathleen ballard Balboa Park Pond T

Potomac Valley Watercolorists & Daniel Tellep and Golden Artist Colors Award Kathleen Conover Invention Reflection T

Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award I Katharine Cartwright Amperes Law T Pennsylvania Watercolor Society & NWS Members and Savoir-Faire/: Fabriano Award Lee Weiss Thunder Falls T


Jack Richeson & Co., Inc. Award II Preecha Promprabtuk Speaker #7 T

Blick Art Materials Award John james Closing the Divide T

The Canson Fine Papers Award Lana Grow Invitational Viewpoint


Salis International, Inc. / Dr Ph Martins and Creative Catalyst Award Pat Cook Conversation XCIII

M. Graham Watercolor Award Darcy Scott After the Storm #5


Sally Bailey Red Rock Country


Deena Ball The Rush

Chris Beck Waiting in the Wings

Frederick Bidigare Enigma T

Bruce Bobick Listening to Moussorgskys Pictures at an Exhibition: Bydlo

Cindy Brabec-King White Washed Cellars T

Carol Brody Papers and Images

Carrie Burns Brown And The Beat Goes On


Martha Brouwer Two Plus Three T Peggy Brown New Directions III

Kim Caldwell I Never Saw A Purple Cow

Rita Crooks Rural Configuration T

Cheng-Khee Chee Crabs 2012 #3 T Barbara Davis Window Dressing Marilynn Derwenskus Under Chicago Bridges

Herb Dockham Mendocino

Robin Erickson Rialto Market


Jill Figler Chinese Cuisine

Carol Frye Jabberwocky T

Dorothy Ganek Sunday Afternoon

Nancy Fulton The Grandchild

Kathleen Giles Tulips on Tapestry

Jean Gill Before A Fall

Ellna Gregory-Goodrum Maidens of the Earth Laurie Goldstein-Warren Night Lights

Kristi Grussendorf Mesa


Joan Iaconetti Morning Commute Tom Heflin Winter Wren Barbara Kellogg Garden Game

Teresa Kirk Lines of Communication

Mike Kowalski Read All About It

Witha Lacuesta Danzon

Mary Lynch Street Chatter

Carol Mansfield Moon Dance


Jinnie May Passing

James McFarlane Westward

Sherry Meidell Daydreaming in Durango

Thyra Moore Brothers and Sisters

Sylvia Moss Yellow Signature T

Sayeko Nakamura Amost Spring

R. Mike Nichols Topsy Turvy Catherine ONeill Aunt Marion


Lynn Powers A Woman of Color Sandrine Pelissier Early This Morning

David Poxon Chicken Feeder

Judy Rider Key West Bike Buddies 3

April Rimpo Morning in NYC

Tony Segale Calore del Momento

Kang Lee Sheppard Rocky Mountain High


Harry Shields Burma Revisited

Melinda Shook Artists Row Mission Inn T

Rita Sklar Missing You Already

Richard Sneary Bird House Collection

Denise Sperry Kaleidoscopic Colors #3

Kay Stern Dinner Alone

Brenda Swenson The Forbidden Fruit #3

Jan Wallake Where Are We?


Janis Ward Mama Your Babies Are Cryin Deb Ward Ying Yang Mums T

Stewart White Industrial Empire State

Anita Winter Rooftop Memory T

Susan Young Mardi Dog II (Mardi Dog Revisited)

Board of Directors LINDA DOLL, President Sunshine Series #254 LINDA BAKER, 1st VP Awards What Comes Around


FRANK EBER, 2nd VP Traveling Exhibit Above the Fruited Plain

MARGY WEST, 3rd VP Catalog and Publications The Prince of Aravaipa II

VALLI McDOUGLE, 4th VP Publicity Windows on the World #3: East Meets West #1

DEBBIE ABSHEAR, Recording Secretary Just Friends

PENNY HILL, Annual Exhibition L'acqua da principio al moto suo

Kathleen Mooney, Membership and Communications Countdown


DOUGLAS STENHOUSE, Facility Coastline, Conanicut Island, RI N. C. SWAN, Newsletter About Laguna

VickIE Myers, Treasurer Six Pieces of Art

LOWRI SPRUNG, Historian The Fallen Star

Signature Members


Anne Abgott, FL Heather G. Abrams, NY Connie Scott Adams, CA John Adams, WA Neil Adamson, FL Kent Addison, MO Melissa Adkison, CA June Adler, TX Helen Ainslie, TX Michael Aitken, UT Dennis Albetski, KY Joseph Alleman, UT Gloria Miller Allen, ID ** Patricia A. Allen, CA Sue Allen, FL Osral B. Allred, UT Chester L. Amyx, CA Catherine Anderson, ME Judy Anderson, OH Nancy Dillard Anthony, VA David Aprato, CA Sue Archer, FL Ruth Armitage, OR James Armstrong, CA Randolph N. Armstrong, SC Trish Arnold, SC Frances Ashley, TX James Austin, CA Ken Austin, FL Marian Heath Axley, FL Mary Backer, CA Linda Bacon, CA Anne Bagby, TN M.E. Mike Bailey, CA * Sally Bills Bailey, OR Joey Howard Baker, AZ Linda Baker, NC Sandra Baker-Hinton, FL Kathleen Ballard, CA David M. Band, TX David Barba, NJ Angela Barbalace, NJ Kate Barber, WA Nancy Barch, PA Charlotte Barnard, NY Sabine Barnard, OK Carole Barnes, CO Robert L. Barnum, MI Ann Barron, MS Jeffrey Bass, FL Stephen Bates, MO Miles G. Batt Jr., FL Miles G. Batt, Sr., FL Judy Bauer, PA Kathy Bay, AR Lisa Forster Beach, VT Paulette Beakley, CA * Mary Todd Beam, TN

Nancy Beard, IL Chris Beck, CA Yachiyo Beck, PA Mary Ann Beckwith, MI Sandra E. Beebe, CA Katherine Beecher, CT Nancy Frost Begin, NM Paula Ann Behm-Windle, MD Liduine Bekman, TX Karen Becker Benedetti, OH William R. Benton, KY Patricia Chase Bergen, AZ Pat Berger, CA * Edith H. Bergstrom, CA Carol Bernard, CA Judi Betts, LA Karen L. Bieber, CA Patricia A. Billeci, NY Donne Bitner, FL Selma F. Blackburn, AR Karen Newell Blaesing, VA Arlynn Bloom, CA Bruce Bobick, GA David B. Boggs, MN John Bohnenberger, CA Eugene Bortnick, KS Elaine M. Bowers, CA Elsie Boyce, NC Cindy Brabec-King, CO ** Angela Bradburn, SC Diana Bradley, CA Glenn Bradshaw, WI Eve Bragg, GA Gwendolyn Bragg, VA James Brantley, AL Mary Alice Braukman, FL Sandra Bray, CA Ann Michelle Breckon, WA Paul Brent, FL Ingrid Brink, CA Charlotte Britton, CA Carol Z. Brody, FL Gerald F. Brommer, CA * Jack Brouwer, MI Martha Brouwer, WA ** Jim Brower, OH Carrie Burns Brown, SC Dana Brown, AL Gerrie Brown, VA Marianne Brown, CA Peggy Brown, IN Barbara Bruneau-Cleaver, NM Chica Brunsvold, VA Ken Landon Buck, KY Alfred B. Budnick, CA Will Bullas, CA William Burrell, TX Dan Burt, TX

Helen Burton, TN Faith S. Butler, CA Karen B. Butler, CT Nel Dorn Byrd, TX Mary Gregg Byrne, WA Meg Huntington Cajero, CA * Ken Call, IL Lu Campbell, CA Naomi Campbell, NY Ginnie Cappaert, MI Mark Cardoza, AZ Betty L. Carlson, CO Laura Carlton, TX Mary Carlton, WA Kay Carnie, CA Rahna Dalhaus Carr, CA Anna Z. Carrion, MA Bill Carter, AL Katharine A. Cartwright, ME Sally Cataldo, CA Leslie Cates, CO Deborah L. Chabrian, CT Hwang Nam Chang, NY Mary Ann Chater, CA * Marge Chavooshian, NY Cheng-Khee Chee, MN Xidan Chen, Australia Zheng-Ping Chen, OH Jansen Jian Sheng Chow, Malaysia Alfred Christopher, PA Celia Clark, NY E. Richard Clark, GA ** Evelyn Joan Clark, CA Jacqueline Clark, FL Patrick D. Clark, KS Eleanor Clarke, FL Barbara Jeffery Clay, TX Donald E. Clegg, WA Judi Coffey, TX Dick Cole, CA * Elona Cole, TX Jean Cole, CO Dennis Jerry Collins, CA Mark Collins, VA Rachel B.. Collins, VA Mari Conneen, NC Kathleen Conover, MI Florence Conrad, CA Joseph Cook, CA * Pat Cook, VA David Coolidge, FL Virginia Cords, CA Mary Lou Corn, MO Anne M. Cortese, PA Joyce M. Corum, CA Pat Cox, CA Christine Cozic, LA

Jane Burnham Crawford, CA Rita M. Crooks, WI Sharon Crosbie, WI Katie Crown, CA Mabel C. Culpepper, NM Sue Cunningham, IL Sandi DAlessandro, VA Elaine Daily-Birnbaum, WI Lisa Sannazzaro Daines, NV Carl Dalio, AZ Ratindra Das, IL Dean Davis, IN Tanya Davis, MD Doris Davis-Glackin, PA Ann E. Day, NJ Barbara Day, WA David De Armond, KS Robert De Voe, OR Margaret Debarba, FL Jean Deemer, OH Mary Deloyht-Arendt, AZ David DeMarco, WI Diane Denghausen, CA Pat Denman, CA Teal Dennen, CA Don Dernovich, NE Marilynn Derwenskus, IL John Desatoff, CA Pat Dews, FL Joseph C. DiBella, VA Vera M. Dickerson, VA Carol Dickie, AR Connie Dillman, TX Patricia Dispenziere, CA Henry W. Dixon, MO Stella Dobbins, IL Jeanne Dobie, PA H. C. Dodd, TX Donald L. Dodrill, OH Linda A. Doll, CA * Marnie Donaldson, CA Bill Doyle, WI Lucija Dragovan, IL Carolyn Dubuque, SC Steve Dudek, KS Janet Mach Dutton AZ Pauline Eaton, NM Frank Eber, CA Howard J. Eberle, PA John Edens, NY Rose Edin, MN William Edwards, Jr., PA Carol De Bolt Eikenbery, VA David Einstein, CA Joan Elion, CA Toni M. Elkins, SC Sy Ellens, MI Jerry Ellis, MO

Jim Ellis, VA Mary Endico, NY Carolyn Epperly, SC Linda Erfle, CA Robin Erickson, CA Janet Tarjan Erl, OR Rich Ernsting, IN Dempsey Essick, NC Gladys Fabe, CA Edie Fagan, FL Anne Fairchild, TX Manette Fairmont, CA Anne Fallin, CA Steve Fanelli, MI Edwina Farnand, NY James Farrah, AZ Diane Etienne Faxon, CT Don Fay, CA Frank Federico, CT Cynthia Moore Fehr, UT Zheng Liang Feng, VA Mary Lou Ferbert, OH Rosemary Ferguson, FL Lynn Ferris, FL Mel Fetterolf, PA Joan Folger Fey, CA Jill Figler, CA Ruelene Fillerup, CA Gerry Finch, TX Janet Flom, ND Marilyn Foley, GA Roger Folk, CA Kay Rebber Foote, CA Dana Forrester, MO Beverly Fotheringham, WA Ellen Allgaier Fountain, AZ Barbara Fox, NY John Leslie Fox II, CA Tom Francesconi, IL Frank Francese, CO Jonathan Frank, UT Yolanda Frederiksen, MD Barbara Freedman, AZ Kass Morin Freeman, PA Ruth Frerichs, AZ Jane Frey, IL Karen Frey, CA Gisele Friedman, CA Gerald Fritzler, CO Carol Frye, FL Louis Stephen Gadal, CA Lynn Gadal, CA Ann Gaechter, CO Nancy Galm, PA Dorothy Ganek, NJ ** Qian Gao, CA Walter Garver, NY Carla Gauthier, TX

Carolyn Gawarecki, VA Pauline Geerlings, CA Paul George, MA Charlene Gerrish, CA Glenna Gilbert-Jones, AZ Jean K. Gill, VA James Gleeson, CA Rolland Golden, MS Ken Goldman, CA Ruth Ann Goold, FL Frederick Graff, OH Jean Grastorf, FL Norma Gray, MI Joyce Green, ID Dorothy Greene, FL Greta Smith Greenfield, CO Ellna Gregory-Goodrum, TX Joseph Grey II, MI Warren Griffin, GA Petr Grigorev, KS Ellen Townsend Grim, CA Jeannie Grisham, WA Beverly Grossman, CA Kristi Grussendorf, UT ** Joan Gunther, CA Martha Guthrie, LA Madeline Haase, CA Jeff Hagen, IN Elaine Hahn, FL Barbara Taylor Hall, VA Lane Hall, OR Robert Hallett, CA * Diane Halley, CO Ken Hamilton, NJ Pam Brooks Hamilton, AZ Linda Hammond, TX Bruce Handford, VA Nancy Handlan, NC David G. Hanlon, CA Sheila Hansberger, CA Patricia Hansen, UT Janice Hanson, CO Richard Hanson, IA Susan Hanssen, FL Patricia Harrington, VA Kathryn Hart, CO Laurel Hart, UT Ann Bellinger Hartley, TX Elaine Harvey, CA Noriko Hasegawa, CA Larry Haught, CO Grace Haverty, AZ Winnie Hawkins, OK Janice Heaton, TX Tom Heflin, IL ** Cathy Hegman, MS Ellie Heingartner, OH Elaine Helbock, CA

Raymond Helgeson, CA Phyllis Hellier, AL Ray Hendershot, PA Terry Henline, MI Carole Hughes Hennessy, IL Patricia Herlihy, MD Susan Herron, MD Carolyn Hesse-Low, CA Allan Hill, PA Mary Francis Hill, WI Robyn Hill, Australia Ronald Hill, CA Sherry Tseng Hill, TX Jack Hines, MT Susan Hinton, CO Gwen Talbot Hodges, LA Karen Hodges, GA Beverly Lake Hoffman, MO Jane Hofstetter, CA Judy Hoiness, OR Ruth Holmes, CA Pat Holscher, NC Helen Honer, CA Anita L. Hoodless, AL Ann Howes, MA Margaret Huddy, VA Sandra Humphries, NM Lance Hunter, OK Yumiko Ichikawa, VA Jane Iten, VA Charline Jackson, FL Paul Jackson, MO Bill James, FL George James, CA * Steve Cedar Jameson, SC Kathleen Jardine, NC Russell Jewell, SC Elizabeth Johnson, MS Jack Johnson, CA Jeanne Johnson, PA Kim Johnson, AZ Donal Jolley, CA Aletha Jones, WI Darnell Jones, TX Jane E. Jones, TX Susan Jordan, CT Bev Jozwiak, WA Kwan Jung, CA Yee Wah Jung, CA Sherrill Kahn, CA Jack R. Kaiser, PA Joyce Kamikura, Canada Ruth Karp, FL Barbara Kastner, CO Howard Kaye, NE Geri Keary, CA Margaret Keller, MO Barbara Kellogg, NY

Jean Kelly, NJ Diane Kent, AZ Elizabeth Kershaw, FL Warren Wayne Kessler, ND Cheang Jin Khoo, Malaysia Norman Kirk, CA Judith Klausenstock, CA Shirley Klein Kleppe, AZ Jonathan Knight, KS Siegfried Knop, CA Dee Knott, NC Lynn Knowles, CA Gerd Koch, CA Robert Koch, IL Ruth Koch, CA James Koevenig, FL Christine Kopet, WA Jim Kosvanec, CA Mike Kowalski, WA Su Kown, CA Margaret Kranking, MD Joan Krathaus, NY John Krenik, MA Lynne Kroll, FL Chris Krupinski, VA Kathleen Kuchar, KS James Warren Kuether, MN Stan Kurth, AZ Andrew Kusmin, MA Frank La Lumia, CO Melanie Lacki-Lotz, CA Paul Lackner, WI Wayne LaCom, CA * Ernest Lacy, CA Robbie Laird, CA Dale Laitinen, CA Sally Lambrecht, NC Abby Lammers, MA Eydi Lampasona, FL David Larkins, MI Fran Larsen, NM James Larsen, AZ Valerie Larsen, NY Ron Larson, UT Carolyn D. Latanision, MA Florian Lawton, OH Jan Ledbetter, VA Roland Lee, UT Ara Barbara Leites, CA Deanne Lemley, WA Doug Lew, MN Linda Faw Light, KS Fealing Lin, CA Jonathan Linton, VA Jerry Little, CA Katherine Chang Liu, CA * Nancy W. Livesay, CA * Luis Llarina, CA

Mathilde Lombard, CA Larry Anthony Lombardo, PA Edna London, TN Carol Lopatin, VA Lisa Lopuck, CA Carolyn Lord, CA Diane Lounsberry-Williams, NE Ron Love, Canada Ann Loveland, MI Julie Lucas Runco, OR Mary Britten Lynch, GA Judy Lyon, CA David Neil Mack, OH Ted Maddock, CA Carol Maddox, CA Leni Mader, PA Catherine A. Mahoney, MO Margaret Mailly, OH Kathleen Maling, FL Pat Malone, OK Susan Mansell, TX Carol Mansfield, CA ** Eva Margueriette, CA Maritza Maritza Elias, HI Peggy Marsh, CA Pamela Marshall, MS Margaret Martin, NY Marjorie Martin, CA Lalit Masih, NY John Maslen, OR Anne Robertson Massie, VA Benjamin Mau, IL Susan Mauney, NC Mary Maxam, ID David Maxwell, TX Trish Mayberry, AZ William McClanahan, AR Joan McConnell, NM Geoffrey McCormack, OR Laurin McCracken, MS Dan McCrary, NC Jane McCullough, CA Bill McEnroe, WA Willellyn McFarland, CA * Georgia McGraw, FL Charles McHose, CA Robert McIntyre, CA John McIver, NC Geraldine McKeown, MD Susan McKinnon, OR Amy Dean McKittrick, MT Lynn McLain, NM Elizabeth McMurray, CA Thomas McNickle, PA Chuck McPherson, CA Joan McPherson, CT Charles McVicker, NJ

Geri Medway, CA Sylvia Megerdichian, CA Mark Mehaffey, MI Sherry Meidell, UT ** Robert Lee Mejer, IL Joseph Melanon, FL John Mendoza, CO Sharon Merschat, WY Christine Messer, CA Pia Messina, WA Morris Meyer, OH Phyllis Meyer, OR James Michael, WI Eric Michaels, CO James Millard, CA Reita Walker Miller, AR Ronald Miller, CA * Barbara Millican, TX David Milton, CA Dean Mitchell, FL Laura Allums Mitchell, LA Robert Mitchell, CA Lance Miyamoto, NJ Mary Moeller, WA Pat Molendyke, OH Don Monroe, IN Susan Montague, CO Joye Moon, WI Kathleen Mooney, MI Marjorie Moore, OR Richard Moore, CA Scott Moore, CA Anne Morgan, MI Judy Morris, OR Jill Morrissette, TX Rodney Moser, NC Gloria J. Moses, CA Sylvia Moss, OH Linda Moyer, UT Meg Munro, AZ Connie Murray, CO Ellen Murray, AZ Carole Myers, TX Jackie Myers, CA Marlies Najaka, NY Dianne Nance, FL Eileen Mueller Neill, IL Ruth Newquist, CT Phyllis Liljegren Newson, KS Woon Lam Ng, Singapore Beverly Nichols, AZ Wilda Northrop, CA Ted Nuttall, AZ Robert OBrien, VT Carla OConnor, WA Suzanne OConnor, WA Catherine P. ONeill, NY Sue Olson-Mandler, NE



Kim Seng Ong, Singapore Kaaren Oreck, WI Kay Ornberg, MN Carol Orr, AZ Barbara Osterman, PA Jo Ann Ostrowski, FL Perry Owen, CA Thomas Owen, CO Jeff Owens, CA Mary Owens, CA Gloria Baff Pace, VA Jane Paden, TX William Pajaud, CA * Kristine Parins, WI ** Monika Pate, TX Gloria Paterson, FL Beth Patterson, MA Donald Patterson, PA Charmaine Pearson, CA Carolyn Pedersen, NM Jacqueline Peppard, CA Gail Peters, OH Dan Petersen, CA Dorothy Peterson, NM Brenda Phelan, SC Gordon Phillipson, TX Marilyn Hughey Phillis, WV Carole Pickle, PA Ann Pierce, CA Sue Pink, FL Jim Pittman, CO Jann Pollard, NC Mary Ann Pope, AL Shirley Porter, NC Cynthia Ann Potter, OK Lonnie Powell, MO David Poxon, United Kingdom ** Jill Poyerd, VA Kris Preslan, OR Thomas Pressly, Jr., LA Bonnie Lou Price, OH Preecha Promprabtuk, OR Carl Purcell, UT Robin Purcell, CA Lila Putnam, WA John Quanrud, WA Stephen Quiller, CO Helga Raftery, NV Fritz Raiser, Jr., NY Debbie Cason Rankin, FL L. Herb Rather, Jr., TX Stephen Ravenscraft, IL Sharon Rawlins, CA Michele Rea, VA Michael Reardon, CA Edith Gummels Redfield, CA Edward Reep, CA *

Gail Hodin Reeves, CA Christine Reichow, FL Cynthia Reid, HI Richard Ressel, PA Dolores Ribal, OR Billie Richards, OH David Richards, MD Liz Roberts, VA Steve Rogers, FL George Ronsholdt, WI Peg Rosenlund, TX Marlin Rotach, MO Joan Rothel, OH Abby Rudisill, PA Ruth Rush, CA Leslie Erin Russell, OR Evelyn Rust, FL John Sacalis, NJ Pat Safir, TX Raka Bose Saha, MD Sandra Saitto, MA John J. Salchak, CA * Ann Salisbury, NC John Salminen, MN Pat San Soucie, OR Keith Sanders, AZ Virginia Sandler, CA J. Elizabeth Santone, OR David Savellano, CA Janice Ulm Sayles, VA Margaret Scanlan, TN Betty Schabacker, NC Sandra Schaffer, MO J. Luray Schaffner, MD A. J. Schexnayder, TX Michael Schlicting, OR Diane D Schmidt, FL Mary Jane Schmidt, WA Jack Schmitt, CA Aida Schneider, CA Betsy Schneider, CA George M. Schoonover, OR Carol Ann Schrader, AZ Mark Schuler, KS Mary E. Schurman, OR Marilyn Schutzky, AZ Susan Schwartz, TX Lita Schwartzberg, NY Barry Scott, TX Darcy Scott, MI Linda Scott, ID John Selleck, CA Jan Witten Sewall, TX Marie Shell, FL Charlotte Sherman, CA Harry S. Shields, TX Jack Shinto, NM Richard Shipley, IL

Melinda J. Shook, CA Joy Shott, WV Julie Shotton, KS Morris Shubin, CA Sherry Silvers, SC Duncan Simmons, TX Nicholas E. Simmons, MD Inga Simon, CA Victoria Sims, CA Carol Simson, CA Delda Skinner, TX Dorla Dean Slider, PA Edith Hill Smith, GA Jed Smith, CA Kristine Smith, TX Patsy Smith, NE Rowena Smith, FL Suzy Smith, NM Natalie Smythe, CA Richard R. Sneary, MO ** Ruth Snyder, CA Morten E. Solberg, FL Phyllis Solcyk, CA * David D. Sorensen, VA John Sowers, FL Virginia Spencer, CA Gary Spetz, MT Jean Uhl Spicer, PA Frank Louis Spino, FL Loa Sprung, CA * Siv Spurgeon, PA Barbara St Denis, SC Paul St Denis, OH Susanne St John, HI Robin St Louis, CA Mel Stabin, NJ Mary Anne Starbird, ME Nancy Stark, VA Randall Stauss, CA Robert C. Steinmetz, ME Peggy Morgan Stenmark, CO Gari Stephenson, VA Jane C. Stephenson, TX Shirley Sterling, TX Roland E. Stevens III, NY Iain Stewart, AL John Norman Stewart, CA Penny Stewart, CO David L. Stickel, NC Jerry Stitt, CA E. Jane Stoddard, NY Kathy Miller Stone, LA Phoebe Storey, CA Florence Strauss, CA Mary Strawn, AZ Betsy Dillard Stroud, AZ Susan Stuller, VA Michele Suchland, AK

Gloria Sullivan, IL Linda Darsow Sutton, CA Deborah Swan-McDonald, CA Caroline Swanson, GA Jeannine Swartz, PA Keiko Tanabe, CA Robert Tandecki, WA Robert Tanenbaum, CA Michael Tang, CA LaVonne Tarbox-Crone, OR Nancy Taylor, NC Warren Taylor, TX Bill Teitsworth, PA David J. Teter, CA ** Carol Thomason, CA Virginia Thompson, NC Silvia Frazier Thornton, TX Zhou Tianya, China Kathy Tiger, OR Htun Tin, CA Elizabeth Tolley, CA Gwen Tomkow, MI Linda Tompkin, OH James Toogood, NJ Lois Salmon Toole, OH Susan Webb Tregay, NC Judy Treman, WA Douglas W. Trowbridge, KS Bonese Collins Turner, CA * Cecy Turner, TX Linda Chapman Turner, WV Sabina Turner, CA William Turner, FL George Tutt, MO Toshiko Ukon, OR Christine Unwin, MI Chris Van Winkle, CA * Rosalie Waranius Vass, IL Claire Verbiest, CA Andrea Vincent, IL Teryl Townsend Viner, FL Myrna Wacknov, CA Betty Walker, SC Harold Walkup, OR Gael Wallace, CO Lewis Wallace, Jr., NC Dona LeCrone Walston, TX Steve Walters, CA Barbara Ward, CA Dru Scott Warmath, NC Jean Warren, CA Soon Young Warren, TX Sandra Washburn, TN Lorraine Watry, CO Debi Watson, PA Donna Watson, WA * Kitty Waybright, OH

Marilyn Wear, CA Frank Webb, PA Gale Webb, TX Carol Weiss, WA Lee Weiss, WI Guan Weixing, NC Dee Wescott, NM E. Gordon West, TX Arne Westerman, OR Gloria White, CA Stewart White, MD ** Vonnie Whitworth, VA Eric Wiegardt, WA Mary Wilbanks, TX John Wilkison, TN Chris Keylock Williams, OR Juanita Williams, OH Lew Williams, TX Jason Williamson, AZ H. Dean Willis, IL James Wills, WA Sue Wise, CO Donna Jill Witty, IL Pat Wolf, NM Cynthia Wolfe, TX Jeanette Wolff, CA Lois Wolford, MD Cathy Woo, WA Thomas Wooldridge, ME Suze Woolf, WA Edwin Wordell, CA Kate Worm, NC Allan Worthing, CO Jerry Wray, LA Keiko Yasuoka, TX Russell Yerkes, NC Nanci Yermakoff, MN June Young, MN Susan Young, WI ** Donna Zagotta, MI Peggy Flora Zalucha, WI Jerry Zelinskas, OH Dolores Ann Ziegler-Schilling, AZ Ann Zielinski, Canada Carol Zink, CA Suzanne Zoole, SC Scott Zupanc, WI

* NWS Past President ** New Signature Member

Associate Members

Linda Carpenter Aaron, CA Marcia Abbott, WA Laura Abella, NY Patricia Abraham, CA Alayne Robin Abrahams, PA Debbie Abshear, CA Lee Ackert, FL George W. Acock, OH Booker T. Adams, CA Dianne Johnson Adams, UT Doris Adams, CA Jeanne Adams, FL Nancy Floras Adams, FL Patti Adams, LA Everett Mayo Adelman, NC Hanna Adler, CA Gloria Grace Affenit, VA Ellery Akers, CA Olene A. Albertson, VA Ingrid E. Albrecht, IL Corby Alcock, AZ Janet L. Alexander, CA Kathleen Alexander, CA Roxanna Jo Alexander, NC Christine E. Alfery, WI Isabel Alfieri, Argentina Coleen Allen, WA Lee Allen, WA Elizabeth Allgood, OR Leslie Altman, IL Betsey Amador, CA Linda Aman, ID Mathew Leo Ambre, IL Daven Anderson, MO Gayle Anderson, OH Judie Anderson, IL Julie Anderson, CA Ron Anderson, MN Mirriam Andes, IA Anthony Andrade, MA Ettore Andreani, CA Laura Andreini, WV Ronald Andrews, CA Pong Apinyavat, CA Sandy Applegate, CO Juliette Aprato, CA Fumi Arakaki, CA Mary Archibald, CA Jan Archuleta, CO Doris Arima, CA Terry Arroyo Mulrooney, FL Michelle Arterburn, NM Susan Ashley, CA Denise Athanas, SC Mary Riehm Athanasiou, MA M. Joyce Athey, FL Mel Atwell, CA Raymond Atzet, CA Kate Aubrey, MA Joanne Augustine, NJ Diana Aurigemma, WA Lloyd Backus, MN Ginny Bacon, CA Pat Bailey, TX Sherri Bails, WA Anita Baker, VA Eleanor Baker, TN Frances F. Baker, NC Li Hsing Baker, OH Lucinda Baker, MD Nina Ruth Baker, AR Jodie Baldwin, TX Elena Balekha, WA Linda Clark Banks, CA Vincent Barbato, CA Rebecca Barham, TX Kay Barnes, WA Rosemary Baron, UT Barbara Baroni, GA Charles Barrett, FL Katherine J. Barrows, CA

Bruce Bartley, AR Andrew Bartos, Jr., PA Linda Bateman, TX Debi Bates, OR Sharon Bates, OR Suzanne Bauman, MN Mary Baumgartner, TN Char Baxter, GA Beryl Bayer, FL Jane D. Bayne, TX Helen Beacham, SC Freeman Beard, NC Elise Meredith Beattie, KY Caren Bechtold, CA Marnie Becker Il Garve Beckham, OR Margaret Bedell, HI James Beech, FL Estelle Beigel, CA K. W. Bell, MI Ally Benbrook, CA Jennifer Bennett, WA Robert Benson, CA Sarah Ann Bent, Hong Kong Cheryl Berrong, AK Robin Berry, MN George Henry Besse, FL Kathy Bethurum, WA Clarence Betleyoun, GA Brenda Bickerstaff-Stanley, CA Barbara Bickford, NY RJ Biesiada, CA M. Dianne Birnbaum, CA Kathleen Bishop, TX Pat Ann Black, KS Joan Blackburn, FL John Blackwood, AR Celinda S. Blair, TX Mary C. Blake, CA Julie Blanchard, MA Joesph Blanford, TX Sue Blass, CA Virginia Blodgett, WA Lisa B. Boardwine, VA Rita Bodner, NJ Roger Boehm, CA Kathie Boissiere, CA Gayla R. Bonnell, AZ Barbara Borgwardt, AZ Michael Edward Borne, TX Pauline Boston, FL Donna Botten, WA Marilyn Sears Bourbon, TX Jeanne Bourquin, MN Cheryl Bower, TX Pattie Bowler, TX Jerry Bowman, MI John Boyce, TN Dolly Boyd, MT Marilynne G. Bradley, MO Peggy Brandt, VA Brenda Mills Brannan, CA Rhonda Roban Brausey, ID Karen Fletcher Braverman, FL Francesca Brayton, CA Claudia E. Breese, OR Timothy Brenner, CO Marilyn Brewer, OH Cindy Briggs, OR Patricia Brinton, CA Raymond Broady, IL Jeannie W. Brockhausen, FL Georgia Brommer, CA Galena Isabelle Brooks, CA George Brooks, CA Terri Brooks, NH Bobbie Brown, IL Frances Brown, WA J. M. Brown, NY Joan Brown, CA Peggy Milburn Brown, AL

Jody Bryan, CA Linda Bryce, CA Elizabeth Buis, CA Eunice Bullington, CA Fred Bunch, NM Karen Bunkowski, UT Gigi Burboeck, NJ Ellen Griffin Burgoyne, VA Susan Cafarelli Burke, CA Helen Burkett, FL Jann Eiland Burnett, CO Jim Burns, CA Haunani Bush, HI Jane Todd Butcher, SC Nancy Butkus, MS Todd Butt, OH Gina Buzby, VA Cecily Byk, NJ Ginger Byrne, FL Helen Cadwell, FL Graydon Cafarella, IL Florine Klatt Cain, CA Douglas Cairns, CA Nancy Caldwell Geraldine Calvignac, NC Sandra Camp, AZ Chris Campbell, CA Jack Campbell, CA John L. Campbell, CA Carlos Campos, TX Ruth Canada, AZ Debbie Cannatella, TX Diane Cannon, PA Larry Cannon, CA Nancy Canter, CA Sandra K. Carlton, TX Codie Carman, CA William Carney, CA Jim Carpenter, FL Donna Carr, IN Elizabeth Carr, CA Dolores L. Carrasco, CA Alexander Carter, GA Don Carter, AZ Eleanor Carter, KS Jennifer Castagnetti, Australia Beth Cavanaugh, SC Christina Centofante, CA Anne Chaddock, VA Phil Chalk, CO Janie Davis Chambers, CA Alisa H. Chandler, NC Jane E. Chandler, NM Angela Chang, CA L. Viola Chang, CA Sheue Hong Chang, CA Gladys Checa, CA Shixiu Chen, Australia Susan Chenault, CA Selina Cheng, CA Patricia Cherry, CA Debbie Chevalier, OR Lei Chi, CA Janet Chiaramonte, CA Gisele Child-Olmsted, MD Josh Chilton, NC Victoria Chiofalo, CA Eugen Chisnicean, Moldova Joan Chlarson, CA Tina Chong, CA Autumn Christianson, CA Beth Christoff, IN Annie Christopher, VT Jim Christopher, AZ Julia Chu, CA Dominick Ciarla, NY Janice Cipriani-Willis, CA Ione Citrin, CA Rene Clair, CA Carol Clapham, Canada Frances Clapper, WA

George Clark, PA Karen Clark, CA Ruth Clark, NV Stacie Clark, WA Susanne Clark, IL Annie Clavel, CA Lillian A. Clinard, TN James Cobren, VA Yoko Cohen, CA Moira Cohn, CA Rosie Coleman, GA Edith Collins, TX Eileen Kennard Collins, CA Nancy Collins, CA Eve Comstock, CT Elizabeth Concannon, MO Michele Congdon, NY Cheryl Coniglio, PA Mary Conners, CA Matt Connors, CA Oren C. Cooper, CA Mary F. Coppett, OR Sally Ann Corbett, WA Jaimie Cordero, FL Annie Cordrey, CA Kathleen Cornelius, IN Walt Costilow, AL Heike Covell, AL Eleanor Cox, VA Hana Crawford, CA Edison Crayne, CA Carol B. Creel, LA Yvette Creel, LA Susana Cremin, FL Daniel Cross, IA Julie McIntyre Crouch, CA Eriberto Cruz, FL Elizabeth Cummings Monroe, NY Carolyn Cunningham, CA Carol E. Curtis, CA William Curtis, MO Mareth Curtis Warren, WA Carol Custance, CA Deborah Cyr, CT Nancy DAndrea, CA Francine DAntuono, MD Mary Kay DIsa, OH Lauren Daddona, PA Sue Dagenais, CA Kit Dailey, OH Don Dalton, VT Mickey Daniels, AZ Doris Darbasie, Canada Deborah Davids, CA Kevin Davidson, CA Barbara ONeal Davis, SC Dorothy Davis, CA Mary Davis, TX Mary Ellen Davis, NY W.D. Davis, WA Bobette Davison, CA Jose Luis de Juan, CA Catherine De Ryck, Belgium Len DeAngelis, RI Lola K. Deaton, WA Lurline DeFrancis, CA Belinda Del Pesco, CA Sandy Delehanty, CA Phyllis Donovan DeMeyer, WI Trish DeMilt, CA Clara Ann DeMott, OR Peggy Dempsey, CA Betty Dennis, CA Terry Denson, FL Susan Derrick, WA Erin Dertner, CA Daniel Desmond, OR John Desoto, NY Eileen Devery, PA Cheryl Devoto, TX Urmila Dewanjee, MD

Tricia DeWeese, VA Candice Taylor Diaz, AZ Mary Dickens, TX Janice DiGirolamo, IL Michael Dillon, TX Sally Dimas, CA Audrey LaRue Dinger, NJ J.M. Dirago, NM Phyllis Dixon, MD Herb Dockham, CA Jane Dodson, NC Mollie M. Dodson, FL Janet M. Doll, IL Caroline Simmen Domenig, NC Florence Dommes, CA Gareth Dorn, CA Nancy Dorn, CA Phyllis Doyon, CA Theresa JK Drinka, WI Jingjun Duan, China Janet Duncan, ME Penny Duncklee, NM William Dunn, CA Evelyn Dunphy, ME Kathleen Durdin, FL Maud Durland, OR Richard H. Dutton, MO Elga Dzirkalis, PA David Eakin, VA Sonia Ebert-Martin, CA Carlen Eckford, CA Gary Eckhart, VT Marney-Rose Edge, Canada Matthew G. Edwards, CA Sterling Edwards, NC Eleanor Edwards-Smith, NC Joyce M. Eesley, WI Kathy Egbert, TX Susan Elle, ID Deborah Marshall Elliott, VA Katharine Elliott, TX Camilla Staton Emerson, TX Randy Emmons, WA Bonnie Ender, AZ Dorothy Schulz Englehart, IN Colleen Macias Erickson, TX Patricia Erickson, WI Christine Esprabens, CA Cindy Evans, MI Judy Evenson, CA Terry Evers, AZ Alexandra W. Eyer, OR Patrick Faile, SC Beth Anne Fairchild, FL Oscar Fairley, DC Carol H. Fairlie, TX H-Louise Falardeau, Canada Nancy Rogers Falciani, PA Gindy Farmer, NM Michael T. Farrar, VA Amanda Farris, TN Patricia Farwell, FL Gail Faulkner, CA Lisa Faulkner-Wright, NV Cheryl Fausel, FL Diana Fava, FL Patrice A. Federspiel, HI Kathryn Feierabend, NC Sharon Feingold, CA Mell Feltman, NM Barry Feng, CA Barbara Fewster, FL Suzanne Reed Fine, GA LeRoy Fink, MO Robert Fionda, MI Katherine Lofaro Firpo, PA Phil Fisher, FL Beverly Fishman, TX Arthur Fix, OR Lisa Flahive, NV Debbie Flood, ME

Helga Flower, MI Jane Flynn, SC Susan Sue Foat, CA Larry Folding, MA Linda Foley, MI Mary Folks, CA Mary Helen Follingstad, WA Tom Fong, CA Airi Huoponen Foote, OR Jenny Foravita, CA Bobby Forbes, WA Janet Ford, VA JoAnn Formia, CA Pat Fortunato, NY Gretchen M. Foster, MI Judi Foster, NM Detra Francis, CA Peg Franken, AZ Mingshu Lin Franz, NM Karen Frattali, PA Theresa Fredricks, ID Charlene Freeman, WA Jane Freeman, MN Mitch Freeman, GA Richard French, FL Helga Frenner, CA Michael Friedland, CA Deborah H. Friedman, NY Devorah Friedman, CA Ellen Friel, NH Diane Fujimoto, CA Jeanne Fullerton, CA Joyce Gabiou, FL Christine Gafford, CA Caren J. Gafni, CA Teri Gammalo, CA Lora Garcelon, MI Anne Garrett, WA Bonita L. Garrett, AZ I. Lynn Garriott-Porter, MO Steve Garst, AL Jerrie Gast, TX Katherine Gauntt, NM Lane Geldert, CA Terry Genesen-Becker, MN Lucy Geraets, CA Ruth German, CA Susan Gesundheit, CA Herlinda Rojas Giandalia, CA Susan Gibson, AR Johna Gibson Bowman, OH E. Carole Gillin, CA Mary Gilman, CA Marylyn Ginsburg-Klaus, CA Marie Gipson, AZ Winnie Givot, OR Solange Glaize, CA Betty Glass, CA Bonnie Gleason, CA Marianne Glick, IN Connie Glowacki, WI Janice Godachy, CA Margaret S. Godfrey, OR Theresa Goesling, WA Richard Goff, VA Ben Goldman, CA Nancy Goldman, CA David Goldstein, VA Laurie Goldstein-Warren, WV Beverly Golembeski, NJ Joy L. Gonzalez, CA Jeffrey L. Good, TX Wendy Webster Good, ME Laura Goodfriend, CA Elizabeth Goodwin, WA Susan Gordon, CO Linda Grace, NM Jan Grady, CA Julia Graf, AZ Sandra Graham, CA Judith Grames-Lyra, CA



Susan Grant, NC Susan Greenbaum, OR Suzanne Blau Greenberg, CA Shirley Greenfield, FL Jenny Jensen Greenleaf, NH Carol Greenstein, CA Nancy Grenier, CA Kristin Grevich, MN Lisa Grob, NJ Sheila Grodsky, NJ Helen Groenekamp, CA Marilyn Gross, FL Veronica Gross, CA Lana Grow, MN Nancy Grubb, CA Roger Grulke, CA Mel Grunau, OH Judy v Gubser, CA Cris Guenter, CA Irene Guimera, CA Penny Gupton, HI Paul William Guth, CA Richard Gutschow, CA Judy Guttormsen, WA Norman Guy, CA Ray Guzman, NJ Marie Spaeder Haas, TN Charlotte Hackin, IL Kathie Hackler, CA Pamela Haddock, NC Bob Hague, FL Jeanne Hahn, CA Eileen Adele Hale, CA Randy Hale, CO Claire Hall, GA Janice Walker Hall, UT Linda K. Hall, MD Ruby Hall, FL Christine Craig Halverson, MN Robert A. Hamby, HI Dian Hammett, SC Casey Hanenkrat, CA Stephen Hanks, MD Steve Hanks, NM Diane Hanley, CA Sandi Hanlon-Breuer, FL Jamie Ellis Hansen, NC Mary Hansen, CO Wes Hanson, ID Mary Hardman, GA Lynne Hardwick, SC Joe Hargreaves, United Kingdom Mary Alice Harley, FL Ruth Hartman, CA Rebecca W. Hartvigsen, UT Cheri Hartzell Keller, PA Donald Harvie, CA Kaoriko Hasegawa, CA Rachel Hasson, CA Larry Hatfield, CA Linda Faye Hawkins, FL Helen Hayes, CA Michael Hayes, TN Pamela Hayes, HI Gary Haynes, TN Wendy Hazen, NH Donna Head, TX Ted Head, FL Patricia Healy, MN Catherine Hearding, MN Jeanne Heartsill, TX Karen L. Heidler, FL Peter D. Helwing, SC Eileen Quinn Hemphill, DE Bradley Hendershot, PA Verna Hendricks, UT Charles Hendrix, CA Glenyse Henschel, CA Win Henstock, Canada Angela Hernandez, CA Deloris Hernandez, CA

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Karen Kuhrt, DE Cynthia Kukla, IL Jan Kunz, CA Barbara Kuxhausen, WY Diana La Com, CA Louise Lachance-Legault, Canada Marlene Endicott Ladner, TX Evelyn Lombardi Lail, CO Janet Laird-Lagassee, ME Hal Lambert, CA Carole Lamont, CA Joan Lane, NY Patricia Langewis, AR William Langley, CA Kathleen Lanzoni, CO Barbara Lapp, CA Diana Larson, CA Donna Larson, CA Susan Larson, CO Michelene Reed Laski, CA Christine Lathrop, PA Helen Lautt, CA Lois Lawrence, TX Barbara Lawson, CA Vicky Lawson, CA JoEllen Layton, AZ Sheila Lazarus, CA Marilyn Le May Patterson, FL Marianne Leake, ID Karen Leback, WA Patricia Lechman, CA Choon Kee Lee, China Gloria Lee, CA Sue Ann Lee, CA Robert Leedy, FL Doyle Leek, OR James Lefebvre, OH Karen Leffel-Massengill, FL Sharon Lehman, GA Marie Dolmas Lekorenos, OH Lynn Leland, TX Jerrie Lembke, OR Karen Lenhart, MI Victoria Lenne, FL Drusilla Leon, CA Debra LePage, IL Joan LePore, NJ Larry Lerew, PA Nancy Leu Chang, CA Norma Lewis, FL Rich Lewis, CA Richard Lewis, CA Shuang Li, CA George Liang, CA Sun Liang, CA Gina Lijoi, NV Vicky Lilla, WI Isabelle Lim, Hong Kong Amy Lin, CA Donald Lind, CA Nancy Lindenmier, CO Marlyse Linder, CA Barbara Lindsey, MO Mary Anne Lipousky-Butikas, IL Elisabeth Ljungkull, MN Nicole Lloyd, TN Dyanne Locati, OR Jeannine Logan, MI Jeanne Long, MN Laura C. Long, CA Martha Inman Lorch, CA Diana LoSchiavo, CA Ronald Louie, NY Milton Loupe, CA Jane Loveall, CA Lilly Lovell, TX Cheryle Lowe, IN Peg Lozier, NV Cathy McAnally Lubke, TX Steven Lush, MA

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National Watercolor Society: Past, Present, and Future


NWS Regional RepRESENTATIVEs Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming Louise Cadillac Indiana Marilyn Derwenskus Michigan, Ohio Donald Dodrill Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi Betty Herndon Virginia Jan Ledbetter Tennessee Mary Britten Lynch Illinois Benjamin Wai On Mau Oregon, Idaho Judith Morris Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas Jane Paden Utah Carl Purcell Maryland David P. Richards Louisiana Kathy Miller Stone New England, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Susan Webb Tregay Montana, Washington Judy Treman Arizona Pam Brooks-Zohner International Miles Batt, Sr.

With an exciting vision and a new appreciation for an old art form, the California Water Color Society was founded in 1920. As the country grew, painters found inspiration in the expansive western lands and were, in their way, pioneers of a new spirit. The name of the society has changed twice since that time: first in 1967, to California National Watercolor Society; then in 1975, when the members voted to become simply the National Watercolor Society. The first exhibition was held at the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science and Art, which later became the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The first twenty-five annual exhibitions were held there. From 1946 through the early 1960s, exhibitions were often at the Pasadena Art Museum but also in Santa Barbara, San Diego, and the San Francisco area. From the late 1960s through the 1970s, Laguna Beach Museum of Art was most often the host gallery, in addition to the Otis Art Institute and the Palm Springs Desert Museum. Throughout the 1980s until 2010, the annual shows were held at the Brea Civic Cultural Center, the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Fullerton and the Riverside Art Museum. Throughout the 1950s, a biennial drawing and print show was also presented. Most years there is a show only for Signature Members. In 1956, the Exhibit of California and Canadian Watercolours was held in both countries. In 1960, Mexico City hosted La Sociedad de Acuarelistes de California. The past presidents were honored in 1976 and 1987 with shows at the Brand Library Art Center. To broaden the collections of watercolors accessible to the public, the Society donated twenty-five paintings spanning the early years (19251954) to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The selections from 1955 to 1980 were on loan to the Laguna Beach Museum of Art until 1989. Although NWS is obviously an exhibiting society, it is also an educating society. The images of its annual exhibitions are available for purchase on digital media as well as full color catalogs. Its traveling exhibitions visit collegiate and public galleries and museums throughout the United States and Canada. Special written materials are often prepared for these institutions. In conjunction with the

annual exhibitions, lectures and orientation programs are made available to docents of the host museums. As an additional service to the public, an Associates membership category was implemented. People who are interested in watercolor, or art in general, may become Associates and attend openings, shows, and Society events. They receive all the NWS publications and may submit work for the juried shows for the same fees as Signature Members. This membership provides an opportunity for involved patronage by those who wish to appreciate, encourage, and support the efforts of the society. In recent years, in an effort to reach members throughout the country, regional representatives have been organized to stay in touch with board activities in California. It is a way to plan shows in different areas and to find new locations for travel shows, which are selected from annual exhibitions. Regional invitational shows have been held in Colorado and Arizona. The Society also exhibited watercolors from its permanent collection featuring award-winning works from the 1955 to 1985 Annual Exhibitions. This show was held in January 1993 at the County of Los Angeles Century Gallery in Sylmar, California. In 1995, all available NWS archival material including slides of our show, catalogs and records were sorted, classified and delivered on August 30,1995 to the Smithsonian Institution Branch Office located in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. This material has now been accepted under a Deed of Gift and has become an official part of the Smithsonian Archives of American Art. When processed, this material will be accessible to everyone through the information highway. In 1999, the National Watercolor Society found and purchased a building at 915 South Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, California, 90731-3201. This has become the Societys center for offices, gallery, workshops and a place to house our growing permanent collection. The All-Member Exhibition was held in this building in 2009 and in 2010 the Annual Exhibition was presented in this newly renovated gallery.


The goals of the National Watercolor Society are to encourage interest and excellence in watermedia paintings by providing quality exhibitions and to act as an educational channel to pertinent information, exhibition opportunities, and beneficial programs to artists and the public. In addition, NWS sponsors programs and grants to children, and student art programs to encourage and assist education in the arts. Signature Membership Artists desiring membership in the National Watercolor Society must submit an image for the next annual exhibition. Requests for prospectus should be sent to: Exhibition Director National Watercolor Society 915 South Pacific Avenue San Pedro CA 90731-3201

Signature membership entitles an artist to:

use the NWS initials after their name vote and hold office attend annual business meeting receive invitations to all Society events, openings, and functions submit an image for the Annual Exhibition for a lower fee than non-members receive the regular NWS newsletter be listed in and receive the Annual Exhibition Catalog Associate Membership NWS has an active support group in its Associates. You may join by paying yearly dues, which entitles you to the same privileges as Signature Members with the exception of using the NWS initials after your name and voting. The Society is a not-for-profit organization; therefore, dues are tax deductible. ADDITIONAL CATALOGS Additional copies of this catalog are available from the NWS website or contact us at the address on the back cover.


A non-member or NWS Associate whose painting is accepted for annual exhibition will be contacted by the president and will be invited to apply for membership by submitting three matted paintings (not including the exhibited work) that will be reviewed by the Jury of Selection. Artists whose work meets the qualifications of this jury will be invited to become Signature Members of the Society. A second path to membership is open to non-members or Associates who have been accepted into three Open Annual Exhibitions.

NWS ASSOCIATE APPLICATION I wish to become an NWS Associate. Annual Associate dues of $40.00 (USD) enclosed. Name Address City, State, ZIP Telephone Website Email

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: National Watercolor Society MAIL TO: Membership Directory National Watercolor Society 915 South Pacific Avenue San Pedro CA 90731-3201 APPLY ONLINE:



The National Watercolor Society has a long tradition of supporting some of the finest painters working in water media in the United States and abroad. You also have the opportunity to recognize and support the talents of these extraordinary artists by contributing to the NWS Awards Program. DONOR LEVELS $1,500 to $5,000 $500 or more $499 or less CONTACT For more information, send your request to: Mail Phone Email Valli McDougle 8057 East 24th Drive Denver, CO 80238-3062 303 955 8750 Purchase Award Individual Name Award Will be added to make a Combined Award

Or use the form below.

NWS AWARDS AND DONOR APPLICATION I wish to join the Awards and Donors Program. Contact me for confirmation of my donation.

MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: National Watercolor Society MAIL TO: Valli McDougle 8057 East 24th Drive Denver CO 80238-3062 CALL:

Cash Award Purchase Award Amount of Donation $

Name Address City, State, ZIP Telephone Name of Award Email

303 955 8750 EMAIL: