SC025: Computer Science.

Assessment Mark Distribution Due Date Mode 15.00%

Assignment 3 : DATABASE

Group Project – 2-3 person/ group Project Submission: Week 9 (21/1/2013 – 25/1/2013) - Soft copy Group

1. INTRODUCTION For this assignment you need to create a database for Bahagia Clinic based on the instruction below: a) create a table based on the diagram in appendix. b) insert 8 related data for employee table (3 doctors, 5 staff) and 10 data for medicine table c) create a form to register patient * d) create a form for doctor to record the information about the treatment.* e) create a query to show the information about :- receipt_no, medicine_name, medicine_quantity, unit_price and total_price. f) create a receipt form based on the query in (e).* g) create a report to show the list of patient with their treatment information. * form that you had created should has related button based on your creativity.

2. REQUIREMENTS Software editor : Microsoft Access or Open Office Base

APPENDIX List of table Patient ic_no patient_name date_of_birth phone_no patient_address treatment_id Employee employee_id employee_name position employee_address employee_phone Treatment disease employee_id medicine_code medicine_quantity receipt_no T Medicine medicine_code medicine_name unit_price Payment receipt_no total_price .

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