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Joy to the World Chords

Joy to the World Chords

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Published by Martin Andrews

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Published by: Martin Andrews on Sep 15, 2013
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Joy To the World

Three Dog Night
D C G7 Bb6 FF C Db D C Db D C G Db D Bb6

Jeremiah was a bullfrog,

Was a good friend of mine,
D A7

Never understood a single word he said, But I helped him a-drinkin' his wine, And, he always had some mighty fine wine. Singing joy to the world,
A7 D7 D Chorus D G7 A7 D D

All the boys and girls now. Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, Joy to you and me.
A7 D C Db D C G Bb6


If I were the king of the world, Tell you what I'd do: I'd throw away the cars and the bars and the wars, And make sweet love to you. Said now .....
Chorus Riff

You know I love the ladies, Love to have my fun. I'm a high night flyer and a rainbow rider, A straight shootin' son-of-a-gun. I said, a straight shootin' son-of-a-gun.
Chorus then key change E D A E

Joy to the world, All the boys and girls. Joy to the world, Joy to you and me.
Chorus repeat with ad lib



Joy To the World - Three Dog Night

transcribed by Riff Ron

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