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Appendix 0

Checking boiler and heater dampers for proper positioning and travel. 3.2 1.10 Checking control valves for proper travel. 3.21.1 1 Simulating operation of closed loops. 3.21.12Calibratinginstrumentationwithstandardtestequipmentand making all requiredadjustmentsandcontrolpointsettings. Bench calibration of instruments at jobsite (Owner witnessed and approved) prior to installation is acceptable. 3.22 Testing and adjusting all safety devices and sealing wherever necessary or desirable. 3.23 Installing all safety devices (including pressure relief valves) after testing and adjustment. 3.24 Performing all electrical testing in accordance with the requirements of Owner General Specification. continuous clean-up of the construction area. Removing 3.25 Providing excess materials, temporary facilities, and scaffolding. them for cleanliness, and connecting 3.26 Blowing fuel lines, checking burner piping. 3.27 Sterilizing the potable water system and connected equipment. of flow as per established 3.28 Marking all piping to show fluid and direction procedure. 3.29 Performing all pressure and other mechanical testing required by the specifications.


Theseactivitiesshallbecompleted in theirentiretybeforetheplantis considered ready for acceptance and the introduction of feedstock. Remonsibility 4.1 Internally inspecting, cleaning, flushing, draining, blowing Contractor out, drying, and purging of equipment, tanks, vessels and their linings and piping systems, and the installation and removal of temporary blinds, strainers, screens, etc., as necessary. 4.2 Chemical cleaning BFW system, boilers, transfer line, Contractor exchangers, and high pressure steam system, and other specified parts of the plant including compressor suction piping and lube and seal oil systems. Providing chemicals and disposing of wastes as directed by Owner. 4.3 Chemical cleaning and passivation, including chemicals Contractor and disposing of wastes as directed by the Owner.

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