Plant Testing Acceptance and Commissioning Instructions 3.

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Re-installing all components such as safety valves, control valves, orifices, and meters removed for pressure testing. 3.12 Installing mechanical seals. permanent packing, and accessories in rotating equipment. 3.13 Checking rotating machinery for correct direction of rotation and for freedom of movingparts before connecting driver. 3.14 Making cold alignments to the manufacturer's tolerances. 3.15 Providing, installing, and removing all blinds required for flushing or operation. 3.16 Providing and installing all required temporary strainers. 3.17 Installing purge and vent connections. 3.18 Performing all non-operating pre-firing checksonboilersandfired heaters in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. 3.19 Manually checking materials handling equipment for freedom and direction of movement. 3.20 Providing the services of factory representatives for equipment or other items as required for construction supervisionand final check-out. 3.21 For all instrument systems within the defined battery limits performing the following operations: Anynon-operating checks that will ensure instrument 3.21.1 operability (Le., remove all shipping stops, check pointer travel, and verify instrument capability to measure, operate, and stroke in the direction and manner required by the process application). Cleaning all transmission and control tubing by blowing with 3.2 1.2 plant instrument air before connecting to instrument components. Cleaning all air supply headers by blowing with plant 3.21.3 instrument air and checking them for tightness. 3.21.4 Leaktestingpneumatic control circuits in accordancewith ISA Recommended Practice R F ' 7.1: Pneumatic Control Circuit Pressure Test, latest revision. 3.21.5 Checking piping from instruments to process piping for tightness. 3.21.6 Installing and connecting all system components and verifying their conformance to specifications and design criteria for function and range, using dummy transmission signals as needed. Checking all electrical signals and alarm wiring for 3.21.7 continuity, correct source of power,and polarity. Checking thermocouples for proper joining wires, position of 3.2 1.8 elements in wells, proper polarity, and continuity of receiving instruments.

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