What is a Thesis ?
A Thesis is a formal document to prove that an original contribution to Human knowledge has been done . Two important things: Identify a worthwhile problem or question which has not been previously answered Solve the problem or answer the question

Research is simply “gathering the information you need to answer a question and thereby help you solve a problem.”


Why Thesis ?
 Fulfills requirement of getting

Degree /Diploma

 Provides

an opportunity to explore a topic in depth

 Encourages a rigorous, logical

and systematic approach to problem-solving

 Career development


Thesis Procedure
 Select a Area /domain and narrow it down to a topic  Write a topic proposal and Scope of work  Choose an External Guide and discuss with him/her regarding the feasibility of proposed


 Discuss with the concerned thesis faculty ( Internal Guide) regarding the feasibility and

availability of proposed topic. Email is the most appropriate mode of communication. guide letter

 Submission of Thesis synopsis ( Max 3 pages) to Thesis Dept in hard copy with the External  Approval of thesis synopsis by allotment of Registration Number which would be sent

through email

 Submission of Response Sheets to the concerned thesis faculty (Internal Guide)  Submission of Final Thesis (It should be between 10000 to 30000 words )  Appearing for Oral and Written Viva Voce ( The candidate needs to handwrite at least 1200 to 1500 words on the summary of thesis at the time of viva)  Declaration of Thesis Result (The candidate can expect the thesis result within two months from the date of completion of the Viva Voce. But the institute reserves the right to put off the result, if any further clarification is required from the candidate or any re-evaluation is required. Generally, thesis marks would be Emailed)
Note 1 : The candidate has to compulsorily select the research topic on the specialization he/she studied. 4 Note 2 : There would be marks deduction or rejection of thesis for Non compliance of thesis rules

Capital Markets.Recruitment . Batch . corporate finance . Performance appraisal .Thesis Synopsis  Details of the student [Name (as per IIPM records).Phone No and Email Id ] Desired Area student intends to do Research (Eg :Advertising .Industrial relations .specialization .branding .)      Title of the thesis Problem definition /hypothesis /Research objectives Introduction to the Area of research (In brief ) Scope of the thesis work Synopsis format Continues in next file 5 .Section . Personal finance etc.

Thesis Synopsis     Research Methodology Justification for choosing a particular research proposal Summer Training Topic ( In Brief ) Details of the External guide (Name of the Guide .Qualification and Designation ) Approval letter from External guide ( Signatory note from guide stating that he/she would guide you ) Note : The Approval letter should be either in the form of External guide’s signature in the company’s letter head or email print out from his /her official email Id or External guide’s signature letter with company’s attestation or External guide’s signature letter attached with business card. 6  .

If the student has chosen a company specific research area. External Guide has to be necessarily from the industry or an academician who is not directly or indirectly associated with IIPM. A Guide is expected to counsel the students with respect to his thesis work but not to solve the problems. Institute reserves the right to approve or reject the guide as suggested by the student    It is advisable to choose one of his/her Guide who is well versed in the area (technical in nature ) one has chosen.Thesis Guide  Internal Guide/Thesis faculty is the person who is directly associated with Thesis Department ( See contact section) . 7  . Student should have at least one External Guide. then the external guide has to be necessarily from that company who is well versed in the area. A student can choose more than one person as his/her External Guide .

Selection of Thesis Topic  Current  Commercially viable  Challenging  Available Note : The candidate has to compulsorily select the research topic on the specialization he/she studied. 8 .

ipsos. www. civilaviation. www. www. envfor.mca. . www.infotech.atkearney. www. Strategic factor .gov.nic. www. www. Websites : 9 . . .grantthornton.idc.ami-communities. www. ICFAI journals on subjects like applied . www. .irda www. www. www.nic. www. www. www.nic. . Deloitte. www. . Business and Economy .com.emarketingpapers. PwC. marketing. www. Outlook .symphonyiri.mcxindia. www. www. steel. (*^Highly recommended for Finance and Economics topics) . www. . . .gfk. texmin. advertising etc. . www.fmc.booz. .imshealth. www. www. . www.nic. www.informa. www. www. www.Sources of Research Areas/Topics Magazines / Journals /Essay Papers : 4 Ps WatsonWyatt. www. Human Factor. case ^ tourism. .nic.ohfw. Business world .com . Accenture. . .com .in . .nic.rbi. M&A.nic. mdoner.powermin.

Appa Iyer Sivakumar. S. S. by Churchill. Lacobucci Equity Research And Valuation by Dun. Sundar Social Research Rao P. Rajendra Business To Business Market Research (Understanding And Measuring Business Markets) by Ruth Mcneil International Marketing Research by Kumar V. Bradstreet 10 .Research Related Books Business Research Methods: by Cooper D Research Methodology : Methods And Techniques by C. William G. M. R. Krishnaswamy. Zikmund Basic Econometrics by Damodar N. William G. Mathirajan Business Research Methods. Greene Statistical Methods For Practice And Research: A Guide To Data Analysis Using SPSS by Ajai Singh Gaur. Methods And Techniques by K. by Alan Bryman Management Research Methodology: Integration Of Principles. Al Marketing Research : Text And Cases . Nargundkar. Kothari Introduction To Biostatistics And Research Methods-. Marketing Research: Methodological . Zikmund-oklahoma State University. Sanjay Singh Gaur Marketing Research: Concepts And Cases. Gujarati Econometric Analysis by William H. N. (Special Indian Edition) by Cooper Donald Et.

 Try and use only single sentence for the Title.  It should be argumentative.  It should reflect the key idea (s) of your project.  It should be an indication of the structure of the thesis.  It should not be an announcement.  It should be specific.Thesis Title  It should be precise. 11 .

12 . A study on Succession Planning in XYZ Co.Sample Approved HR Topics  Performance appraisal system at HQ Ltd  Attrition analysis and benchmarking retention strategies at BTele –ventures  An Empirical Study on T&D Practices at CQ Ltd  Motivational Practices at ABC ltd  Team Building as an Organization Development Intervention : A Case of     Havells 'Employee Moral and Job Satisfaction : A Case of R LTd Work life Balance Study in IT industry : Case of XYZ Co Behavioral Training Practices for the middle level management : Case of XYZ Co.

Sample Approved HR Topics Talent Acquisition And Onboarding In IT Industry: A case of XYZ Co Training Need Identification In ABC Ltd. Induction Training Program study At ABC Ltd. Reward & Recognition System At PL Ltd.A Study in Relation to XY Ltd. Leadership Traits study at PQ Ltd. Validating “Competency Mapping” For Attaining The Best “Quality Circle Practices” XYZ Co  Improving manpower utilization through effective manpower planning: A study of ABC Co  Employee Engagement . 13 .  Recruitment and selection Practices at YK Ltd.

The relationship of money supply in M-2 and trading volume by index (any index such as Nifty etc.ICICI Bank Study Of Arbitrage Trends In Futures Market Impact Of Intangible Assets On The Market Value Of XYZ Co Significance Of CSR Reporting In Annual Reports Value Creation By Using Acquisition Growth Strategies Operational Activities And Capital Enhancement Of ABC company Warehousing And Logistics Issues In Commodity Market : Case of Z commodity Direct And Indirect Benefits Of Agriculture Futures For Farmers Identification Of Cost Reduction Opportunities In XYZ Co.) Micro finance in Islamic economy Capital mobility in Islamic economic system International trade under Islamic economic model . inflation rate and exchange on index performance (any index such as Nifty index etc.) The impact of government policies on freight forwarding industry (country name) Problems faced by small medium enterprise to be internationalize The impact of macro-economic factors on stock market index of (country name) Impact of interest rate.Sample Approved Finance/Economics Topics                  Economic Determinants Of Security Analysis Econometric Valuation Of CAPM Model Working Capital Management At PQR Ltd Private Banking Model .

comparative study between current 15 government and former government. .Sample Approved Finance/Economics Topics  Human Asset Valuation In The XYZ Sector  Fundamental Study Of Zinc In The Global Scenario  Credit Risk Analysis In SME Banking (XYZ BANK)  To study the relationship between price earnings ratio and return on investment ( Industry         specific study or any other methodology find suitable ) A test of price earnings ratio to predict future growths ( Industry specific study or any other methodology ) Factors affect on the dividend payout ratio ( Industry specific study) To study relationship between price earnings ratio and growth ( Industry specific study or any other methodology find suitable ) Relationship between market factors and stock returns of ( Industry specific study or any other methodology find suitable ) To investigate the association between dividend change and company’s earnings ( Industry specific study or any other methodology find suitable ) Determinants of capital structure ( Industry specific study or any other methodology find suitable ) Fund size and indicator of performance measurement for fixed income mutual fund (or any other kind of mutual fund for the study) Factors that lead to investment in mutual funds ( specific type of MF) Factors affecting trade volume the study of Asian development economics Structure and performance of economy in (country name).

) Effects of holidays on stock return: evidence index (any index such as Nifty etc.) Performance study of Islamic bank and conventional bank in a selected country Cross boarder mergers and acquisition of Islamic banks Comparison between sales price.Sample Approved Finance/Economics Topics Weekend effect on stock relation: evidence from index (any index such as Nifty etc. debt-equity and book market value of equity in analyzing stock returns Relationship between cash flow and investment spending in XYZ industry Development or establishment of issues of Islamic banking – in particular country or region Islamic finance system and economical growth Impact of dividend on investment decision Relationship between Assets and Liabilities in balance sheet Impact of fiscal policy on economy of (country name) Determinants of bond market capitalization in (country name) Relationship between CPI and bond price Islamic Banks performance in industrial lending Development of SME in Islamic based economies The relationship between corporate strategy and capital structure Assessing the profitability determinants of Islamic banking in (country name) 16 .

A Study of Select Private Hospitals in Delhi Strategies to increase the Market Share of Mother Dairy Ice Cream Market Mapping of Havell’s Fan Division An Empirical study to determine strategies for Coca Cola to increase market share in Muzaffarpur Quantifying bullwhip effects and reducing its impact Automated supply chain frame work model for mid-sized XYZ Industry Study of factors affecting the decision making of outsourcing in XYZ Industry 17 .Sample Approved Marketing Topics            An empirical study to enhance the market share of Airtel in Delhi & NCR An empirical study of consumer behavior in the Hair color industry An Empirical Study of Marketing Strategies of Vodafone A Study on the Sales and Distribution Strategies of AVIVA Life Insurance A Study on Market Perception of ICICI Prudential and Market Penetration in Delhi and NCR Effectiveness of Advertising Strategies .A Case of Indian Soft Drink Role of Advertisement in the Purchase Behavior of Women Customer Satisfaction .

Sample Approved Marketing Topics Strategic Analysis study with respect to Suzlon Energy (Wind-power Market) Factors Affecting Sale Of Saloni Brand Mustard Oil In Agra Region Impact Of Sales Promotion On Customer Retention Brand Loyalty Of Teenagers (Industry Apparel) Preference Of Youth Towards Foreign Brand And Indian Brand Industry Textile Implementation Of Six-sigma (Σ) Technique In Fast Food Service Industry Leads Generation In Sync With Sales Force Survey Of XY Ltd. Study Of The Brand Positioning Of Philips Competitive Intelligence Study Of Bisleri In Mineral Water Market Marketing Of Software Through Search Engine Optimization Market Research On The Perception Of Youth Toward The Counterfeit And Fake Products 18 .

Sample Approved Marketing Topics  Export Marketing Strategies Of Leather Footwear And Footwear Components In          UK And Germany Havell's (Branding) Position In The Switchgear Segment. Export Potential Of Handicraft Items To EU Countries The Indigenous Product Placement And Strategic Analysis Of Dealer Perception Of Videocon Air Conditioners Scope & Feasibility Of Supply Of Cotton To Various Spinners In Punjab An empirical study of the distribution network of Coca Cola in South Delhi Dealer evaluation study for Anchor Industries Sales Promotion Schemes . Endoscopy & Orthopedic Segment At XYZ Ltd Study Of The Retail Operations Of Mother Dairy Fruits And Vegetable Unit.A Study in Relation to Consumer Electronics Assessment Of Demand & User Preference For Surgical Medical Equipments & Implants For Neuro-spine. And Suggesting Improvements In Light Of Emerging Competitions 19 .

FORMAT OF THESIS The Manuscript consists of three main parts  The Preliminaries  The Content or the text  The References 20 .

The Preliminaries  Title Page  Abstract  Certificate of Originality  Thesis Topic approval letter sent over email  Acknowledgments  Table of Contents  List of Figures & Tables  Synopsis Note : Preliminary pages Numbering should be in lower case Roman numerals. Numbers at least ½ inch from bottom edge 21 . Centered at the bottom of the page.

 Title Page The Preliminaries .Name and place.It should include original signature of the Guide . the research methodology and .It should contain all capital letters . Counted.Name of the Title .Institute logo . Note : The Certificate of Originality should be either in the form of External guide’s signature in the company’s letter head or email print out from his /her official email Id or External guide’s signature with company’s attestation or External guide’s signature attached with business card. . Batch and Alumni No . 22 .Not to exceed 350 words  Certificate of Originality approved the thesis as a complete and final work requiring no further alterations. but not numbered . This signatory format is completely different from the format when submitted at the time of synopsis.This should include the problem under investigation.Student and Guide . and the expected out comes and implications of the research . It indicates that the guide has .  Abstract theoretical orientation.

Double space between entries. 23 .Center the heading “ACKNOWLEDGMENTS”  Table of Contents: from various .Non-text items. Numbered consecutively throughout  List of Tables: .Lists all sections with page numbers .The Preliminaries  Acknowledgments: .It should generally include acknowledgment of assistance received persons .Required if tables appear in the thesis . . Single space within entries  List of Figures: .Tables should be numbered consecutively throughout.  Synopsis: Original synopsis (without any alternations) should be attached.Required if figures appear in thesis .

A General Thesis Content  Introduction  Research objectives & Methodology  Literature Review  Primary Findings & Analysis  Recommendations  Conclusions & Implications NOTE: Page Numbering should be in Arabic numerals . right-hand corner. At least ½ inch from edge 24 .Upper.

Literature Review : Relevant literature to establish a sound base for the proposed research Research objectives & Methodology : Explanation of what is the research objectives and the methods used to achieve the specified objectives.A General Thesis Content  Introduction: Introduction of topic. Primary findings & analysis: Report on the primary data collected using the research methods and techniques .    25 .

A thesis is written from a consultant’s perspective. Conclusions & Implications: It should include how the data collected and the literature reviewed.A General Thesis Content  Recommendations: It should be based on resolving the Research problem.  26 . together contribute to answering the research questions and resolving the research problem.

Research Methodology It Should cover the following details:  Method used  Tool used  Target Audience  Sample size  Sampling method used  Research Area Considerations :  It must be appropriate to the objective of your study  Combined methodology is appreciated  Justifications regarding specific methods chosen or used 27 .

Data collection methods  Qualitative marketing research Generally used for exploratory purposes . depth interviews.involves a large number of respondents .statistical significance and confidence not calculated .tests a specific hypothesis . 28 .small number of respondents not generalizable to the whole population .uses random sampling techniques so as to infer from the sample to the population .examples include focus groups. and projective techniques  Quantitative marketing research Generally used to draw conclusions .examples include surveys and questionnaires.

If one is not using a style manual.It should include all works which are referred to in the thesis .Use any standard manual .Old forms or reports.References  Bibliography . single space within each entry and double space between the entries.May be placed at the end of the main text . Sample filled questionnaires with Business cards attached .Exclusions : Case study. . Power point slides  Response Sheets .  Appendices . Questionnaire format . .All thesis should contain all the Response Sheets in the prescribed format 29 .Inclusions : Articles .

Layout Requirements  Spacing  Font  Header and Footer  Margins  Paper  Overall appearance  Printing the final copy 30 .

Extensive quotations.5 Inch space or Double space throughout Exceptions: Title page and approval page. Footnotes or endnotes. Appendices. Entries in reference section. table or figure headings. Table of contents. Captions. Use the same font throughout. Use font size 12 Exceptions: Captions (not smaller than 9 point). Headings (not larger than 20 point)  Header and Footer The Header should include the Institute’s Logo with Name (extreme left) The footer should include the Student’s Batch ( Extreme left) and Thesis Alumni Id Number ( Extreme Right ) 31 .Layout Requirements  Spacing 1.  Font Any standard font is acceptable .

Student Name .5 inch left margin . Print must be sharp and of uniform darkness . White bond. and right margins Exceptions: pg no’s must have at least ½ inch clearance from each edge 8. Thesis Title . Batch .Name and Place. Capital letters in Golden color. Every content of the thesis should be in New Page  Printing the Final Copy Cover should include following – Bounded form (Black color) stating Institute Logo .Alumni No.Handwritten additions or corrections. One side only . dots or shading from paste-ups .  Paper  Overall Appearance All corrections should be made before final copy is printed Unacceptable: Overstrikes or cross-outs .Layout Requirements  Margins Pages must have at least:1. bottom. 1 inch top. Thesis Guide . Portrait format 32 .5 X 11 inches (A-4 Size) . Lines.25% (or higher) cotton content. Title and Alumni No ( cover Side ).

Thesis Deadlines Submitted to Thesis Dept  Submission of Thesis synopsis in Submitted to Thesis Dept  Submission of Final Thesis Hard copy ( Due date: As decided by the respective IIPM campus)  Submission of at least four ( Due Date: As decided by the respective IIPM campus ) One Hard copy + One soft copy(CD) response sheets before submission  Submission of Redo Final Thesis of final thesis (Every time the (Due Date: Within 30 days from guide is consulted ) the date of rejection ) Note :Delay in synopsis submission Note : Delay in submission of final will attract penalty of 5 marks per thesis and redo thesis will attract week from the last due date) penalty and also disqualify the student for convocation. 33 .

. he/she has to send all the previous response sheets along with the thesis synopsis .Batch. Alumni Id . which is generally considered as the main area of the thesis ) Note: .format & submission:  Details of the student [ Name (as per IIPM records) .Response sheets can be sent through Email or can be given in person . analysis done etc.Thesis work follow up – Response Sheets Response sheet . Section.All response sheets need to be appended to the report .Phone No and Email Id )  Thesis synopsis ( Attached with the response sheet every time )  Progress of the work (should be sent as separate attachment ): Students are supposed to send actual work content ( like preparation of the questionnaire . Email is the most appropriate mode of communication for thesis queries.The Institute reserves the right to reject any thesis for which response sheets have not been received 34 . data collection .Whenever a student sends his/her response sheet. .

To allow the candidate to defend the originality of the thesis Location: Thesis Viva Voce would be held at respective IIPM Campus where the candidate has studied . If there is any change in the location. the candidate would be intimated about the changed location by proper mode of communication. The length of written viva voce examination would normally be maximum of one hour and for Oral viva voce examination . it would normally be in the range of twenty minutes and a maximum of one hour. 35 .Viva Voce Examination Purpose of the Viva Voce examination:   To examine whether value addition to the existing knowledge was generated To establish that the research has been carried out independently and genuinely by the candidate To determine the candidate’s understanding of the literature used in the thesis To examine the conceptual and logical approach and research techniques used in the thesis. Duration: The length of viva voce examination may vary in accordance with different disciplinary practices and will depend on the examiners’ requirements. As a guideline.

Grammar.Spelling . Punctuation . Pace of work and Response sheet follow-ups) Viva Performance ( Oral and written) 36 .communicativeness and Layout requirements ) Assessment of Process (Independency shown by the student .Thesis Evaluation Parameters Research objective/ problem definition / Scope of thesis Research methodology / Description used Research results//analysis Achievement of aims / research objectives Originality //Value addition Quality of recommendations & conclusion Relevance of the Literature used Structure and technical presentation of the thesis ( Writing style .

synopsis) have been met. However the requirements may vary depending on the topic chosen would lead to rejection of thesis. Guide signatory page and  Students must always use the thesis title as approved and sent to them by email  Ensure that the structural requirements have been met.  Ensure that the data collected has been properly analyzed .  Ensure that the writing style should remain same throughout the thesis report.Check list -1  Ensure that the set research objective /problem has been achieved/solved.  Ensure that grammar. punctuation marks etc have been met.  Ideally a thesis is a combination of secondary as well as primary data.  Ensure that your thesis extends the understanding of a subject and makes an additional contribution to Human knowledge. Plagiarism  Ensure that preliminary requirements (Thesis topic approval mail.  The student should use Thesis Registration Identification Number but not the Student General Identification Number 37 .

Old  Ensure that Paper used in the thesis should of 8.25% (or  Ensure all data . Questionnaire format .  The approval letter / Certificate of Originality should be either in the form of External guide’s signature in the company’s letter head or email print out from his /her official email Id or External guide’s signature letter with company’s attestation or External guide’s signature letter attached with business card forms or reports. higher) cotton content  Ensure that Appendices include Articles . Sample filled questionnaires with Business cards attached. White bond.News papers cuttings .5 X 11 inches (A-4 Size) . tables and graphs should be in the color format  Final Thesis should be submitted in the form of a single Hard copy along with a soft copy  There would be marks deduction or rejection of thesis for Non compliance of thesis rules 38 .Check list -2  The Final Thesis report should be between 10000 to 30000 words  The format for the Approval letter is different from the certificate of originality which has to be arranged from the external guide.

edu ) Prof Swarup ( Thesis queries related to Finance ) Prof Rachna Singh (Thesis queries related to Human Resource and Marketing Area) (Rachnas155@gmail.sharma@iipm.jain@iipm. Sector 32. 2nd floor. 39 .edu) Prof Alpi Jain ( Thesis queries related to Marketing Area ) (Alpi.Department of Projects) ( . 0124-3350715) Postal Address : IIPM .79.vijay@iipm.Contact Prof Sumanta sharma ( Head . Institutional Prof Dipti sharma ( Thesis queries related to Human Resource and Marketing Area ) (dipti.INDIA .Operations and Marketing Area ) (0124-3350714) Prof Vijay Kumar Boddu ( Thesis queries related to Finance .Operations and Marketing Area ) (boddu.sharma@iipm. Behind Ranbaxy 0124-3350714 ) Rajiv Kumar ( Thesis Registration ID and Thesis Result status enquires ) (thesis@iipm. Building No.

Best of Luck ! 40 .

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