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An Ode to a Manifesto for Sound

Matthew Lee Knowles

23rd December 2008
“You must make no sounds, but the sounds you do make must be
earlier in time than the ones you are not allowed to make.

Making sound will result in punishment, in the form of sound and

any sound made will be a signal for a sound to be taken away.

A sound not made by you equals a sound made out of your control.

Any combination of sudden, imaginary sounds changes the future,

but not the past, it remains unbalanced until you choose to defy
the rule which states you must not enter or leave any sound which
did not cancel your senses.

Refusal to disobey any but one of the rules including the rules you
choose to set yourself, results in a sound been taken away and
transformed into an acceptance of the present absence.

A sound instructed by you or a sound influenced by your body is

as unacceptable as allowing a sound to exist within your ears.

You are only excused when proof is provided that your ears were
in charge of listening and not your mind - it will be assumed that
your soul, been in charge, took full responsibility for taking on the
form of the sound.

Sounds, however conceptual or minimal, will be charged for at a

flat rate which will change constantly, without warning.

Once imprisoned, you will be inspected regularly and all sound

producing equipment will be removed at the first insubordination.

Your corpse will float without disturbance or meaning for eternity.

Sound, as we think we know it, exists no further.”

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