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Editted Research Design, Setting and Participants

Editted Research Design, Setting and Participants

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the use of the natural family planning method in twhsadadada da djadhahdajhdahdada d adadahdhahdabjdajdabd asd ajdashdahidahidihadhiad a dajdhadhadha
the use of the natural family planning method in twhsadadada da djadhahdajhdahdada d adadahdhahdabjdajdabd asd ajdashdahidahidihadhiad a dajdhadhadha

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Published by: Rj Great-Tupac on Sep 15, 2013
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RESEARCH DESIGN The design of the study entitled “Needles and threads: The Parental View” is Qualitative Phenomenological. According to Stan Lester, qualitative study is based in a paradigm of personal knowledge and subjectivity, and emphasizes the importance of personal perspective and interpretation. The purpose of the phenomenological approach is to illuminate the specific and to identify the phenomena through how they are perceived by the actors in a situation (1999). SETTING The study will be conducted in Baguio City, because it is a melting pot where people of different cultures meet and live. Besides it is convenient and practical since it will be easier on the researcher’s part to communicate with informants, extract information, validate and reassess gathered data when meeting the point of saturation. The selection of informants will start at Irisan, Baguio City because according to NSO census of 2007, barangay Irisan had the largest population with 24,064 persons or eight percent of the total population of the entire city. Due to its large population, we conclude that parents in this barangay practice different disciplinary strategies like physical punishment. The interview will be conducted into the houses of the participants since in this setting the participants are relax and comfortable. The houses of the participants will be controlled of external distractions like noise and lightening. The house also comprise of enough space for the participant and the research to interact. PARTICIPANTS Participants will include parents with children ages 3-10 years old since according to Halpenny, parents with children with 2-9 years were more likely to slap children in response to a child behavior (Halpenny, et al., 2009). In addition a study by Murray (1995), found out that 92% of children ages 4-5 are more physically punished by their parents. The family must be living in Baguio City. The participants are self-confessed parents who are presently using physical punishment as their disciplinary strategy and they are willing to be part of the study.

researchers may have an easier time establishing a trusting relationship with new participants. Polit and Cheryl Totano Beck. . In the study. ask the first participants to refer another participant then proceed with the next participant for an interview. According to Denise F.Participants will be selected using Snow ball sampling method. Furthermore with an introduction from the referring person. the researchers will start with a participant to be interviewed. qualitative researchers use snowball method by asking early informants to make referrals to other study participants.

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