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Maha Vishnu Stotram

Shuklaam Bhara-Daram Vishnum

Dressed in white you are Oh! All pervading one,
Shashi Varanam Chatur-Bhujam
And glowing with the color of moon, with four arms, you are the all knowing
Prasanna Vadhanan Dhya-Yet
I meditate on your ever-smiling face,
Sarva Vigno-Ba Shan-Daye …1
I pray, “Remove all obstacles on my way”.

Shanta Kaaram Bhujaga Shayanam

I bow before the Lord Vishnu, who is personification of peace,
Padma-Nabham Suresham
Who sleeps on his folded arms, Who has a lotus on his belly,
Vishwaa Dahaaram Gagana Sadri-Sham
Who is the Lord of Lords and the basis of Earth,
Megha Varnam Shubhangam …2
Who looks similar to the sky with the color of the cloud.

Lakshmi Kaantam Kamala Nayanam

Who has beautiful limbs and is the consort of Lakshmi Mata,
Yogi Hrid-Dhyana Gam-Yum
Who has lotus like eyes and who is seen by saints through thoughts,
Vandeh Vishnum Bhava-Bhaya-Haram
Who destroys all the worries and all the fears,
Surva Lo-Kaika Nadham (2) …3
Who is the Lord of all the worlds.
Oushadeh Chinta-Ye Vishnum
Think about Vishnu while taking your medicines,
Bhojaneh Cha Janardhanam
Think of him as Janardhana while eating food,
Sha-Yane Padma-Nabham Cha
Think of him as Padmanabha while in bed,
Viva-Hey Cha Praja-Patim …4
Think of him as Prajapathi at time of marriage.

Yud-Hey Chakra Dharam Devam

He uses his Chakra while engaged in war,
Prava-Se Cha Thi-Vikramam
Think of him as Trivikrama while travelling,
Narayanam Tanu Thya-Ge
Think of him as Narayana while on Death bed,
Shridharam Priya Sangame …5
Think of him as Sreedhara while meeting your beloved.

DuSwapne Smara Govindam

Think of him as Govindam while you are in a bad dream,
Sankate Madhu Soodanam
Think of him as Madhu Soodanam while in trouble,
Kaanane Naara-Singham Cha
Think of him as Narasimha while in the forest,
Paavake Jala Shayinam …6
Think of him as Jala Sayina while fire is ravaging.
Jala Madhye Varaa-Ham Cha
Think of him as Varaha while struggling in water,
Parvathe Raghu Nandanam
Think of him as Raghu Nandana while lost in a mountain,
Gamane Va-Manam Chaiwa
Think of him as Vamana while on the move,
Sarva Karye-Shu Madhavam …7
Think of him as Madhava while doing everything.

Shoda Shaitaani Namaani

As soon as one wakes up in the morning,
Pratha Uthaya Ya-Padeth
If these Sixteen Names are read,
Sarva Paapa Vi-Nir-Muktoh
He would be bereft of all sins,
Vishnu Lokay-Ma-Ye-Yathe (5) …8
And reach the world of Vishnu at the end.