Are you always losing your place in a book? Why not create your own Bookmarks for yourself? It is very easy and also fun! Bookmarks also make great gifts for friends, parents, and grandparents. Follow these directions below to create your own unique bookmarks. You should create 2 bookmarks on one page. 1. Open Microsoft Word. 2. Go to View, Click on Toolbars. 3. Click drawing. 4. Go to View again, Click on Toolbars. 5. Click WordArt. 6. Click on the rectangle at the bottom of your screen. 7. Move your mouse on the blank page and click. 8. While holding your mouse down, drag the mouse to make a long rectangle. 9. You can resize it to make it the size you want. 10. You can add WordArt, shapes, lines, etc.--whatever you want to make your bookmark your own creation.

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