• It´s about destroy a powerfull ring and safe the Middle Earth from evil hidden for years. . Tolkien is the author of this book. including the beasts. R.Description • J. animals found there. R. • It´s a fantasy book because he characters and scenarios are imaginary.

founded main characaters who will change the fate of life in the Middle Earth. • In this book. dwarves. since hobbits. . uru-hais. wizards. men. spider and monsters which flying. elfs and trees which speak until orcs.Main Characters • In this story.

. stay here. • Creatures appears: orcs. trolls. spiders. balrog. • The main villian is Sauron. etc. . creator of the unique ring to dominate the entire existence. wizards. the villians who want dominate the Middle Earth by means of a ring.Characters: Antagonists • Also. men. wolfs.

. from beautiful landscapes to the darkest places in this trilogy. • Most of them. • Since beautiful landscapes until the deepest darkness.Scenaries • Everything takes place in Middle Earth. are imaginaries and is where climax unfolds in history.

a fictional place inhabited by men and other races anthropomorphic as hobbits.Time • His story is set in the Third Age of Middleearth. . elves or dwarves. as well as many other creatures real and fantastic.

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