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statuatory compliance & labour laws

Hi,Welcome to the world of statuatory compliance and labour laws DOWNLOAD JONE. 1.Download Labour welfare PAN India.PDF 2.Gujrat labour Welfare Form PDF 3.Maharashtra Profession Tax Registration Forms 4.Revised New minimum wages for all states.w.i.f 09 5.Registers, Forms and Returns under Minimum Wages A... 6.Forms,Registers and Records under Contract labour... 7.Forms,Registers and Records under Payement of Wage... 8.CONSTITUTION OF SUPPERANNUATION TRUST(SCHEME)9.Group Gratuity Plan 10- PF and ESI challans. Formate. 18. Procedure for workmen compensation act. 19. Trust deed under EPf act. 11-Contract labour Act. 20.Calculation of Income tax 09-10. 12-Check list shop and establishment Act.21.Procedure for registration of a new prv ltd company. 13.P.Tax Return Form-3 22. Payement of gratuity Act 14. Bonus Act 1965. 23. Excels Keyboard shortcuts. 15. Tutorial Excel. 16. Tutorial word. 17. Partnership Deed.18. Factories Act Register19. Professional Tax Formate. Compliance made easy

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Download Acts.
1.ESIC Act 2. E.P.F Act. 3.Payement of Bonus Act. 4. Payement of Gratuity Act1972 5.Minimum Wages Act.1948 6. Payement of wages Act1936. 7.Factories Act 1948. 8. Contract Labour Act 1970 9.Equal Remuneration Act 1976 10.Industrial Dispute act 1947 11.Panjab labour welfare fund Act. 12.Andhra Pradesh shop and establishment Act. 13. Panjab Shops and Establishment Act 14. Delhi shops and Establishment Act 15. Leave Management 16. Handling Disciplinary Matter Legally & Efficiently.

Check List for Auditing Statutory Records & returns
1. The Factories Act, 1948 Registers, Return & Abstracts. * * * * * * Register of Compensatory Holidays - Form -8 Register of Adult Workers - Form-11 Register of Leave with Wage Register - Form-14 Muster Roll - Form-22 Register of Accident & Dangerous Occurrences - Form-23 Inspection Book

* Half yearly Returns - Form - 21 (Before 15th of July (& 15th of January )of every year in duplicate) * Accident & Dangerous Occurrences - Form - 23 (Every Month)





Combined Annual Returns - Form - 20, ( Before January every year)

Latest News
* Notice of Adult workers - Form – 10 * Abstract of Factories Act, 1948 2. Payment of Wages Act, 1936 Registers, Returns & Abstracts * * * * Register Register Register Register of of of of Fines Advance Deductions Wages 1. Revised minimum rates of wages for delhi. with effect from 1-2-2009. 2. Changes in Professional tax slab in karnataka: 3. For Maharastra state ,Exemption from Profession Tax for salary income upto Rs.5,000/ 4. Changes in Professional tax slab in karnataka: 5. Rates of Minimum Wages w.e.f. 01-012009 in State of Haryana 6. Special allowance Maharastra Jan 09 to june 09 7. Minimum wages rate of Himachal has been revised.w.e.f-feb-09. 8.Access information of 26,000 Factories in Gujarat online ! 9. Minimum wages for punjab as on 1/3/09 is 3302 per month and Rs 127.3 per day. 10- ESIC new inspection Policy. 11- EPF interest 2008-09. 12- ESIC new ammendment for Sub-code in different region. 13. Enhancement in the scale of cash benefits under ESI Scheme 14. Enhancement in the wage ceiling for coverage under the ESI Act, for an employee under disability 15. Revised minimum wages &D.A for chennai from 1.4.09 to 31.3.2010.

* Annual Return - Form – IV ( in duplicate, before Feb,15 of every year to inspector of factories, cc: Labour Insp.) * Payment of Wages Abstract - Form - V * Notice of rates of wages - Form - VI * Notice of Date of Payment 3. Minimum Wages Act, 1936 Registers, Returns & Abstracts: * Wage Register * Over Time Register

* Annual Return - Form-III

* Abstract of Minimum Wages - Form-V * Minimum rate of Wages fixed Form-XI, XII & XIII * Name Address of Inspector 4. Payment of Gratuity Act Follow
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* Notice of opening - Form – A ( To: Labour Department) * Declaration - Form – F
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* Payment of Gratuity Act, Abstract 5. Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 * Register of Bonus - Form - C * Annual Returns - Form-D ( Before December every year)

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* Payment of Bonus Abstract


6. Equal Remuneration Act, 1976

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* Equal Remuneration - Form – D 7. Industrial Employment ( Standing Order), 1946. * Standing Order to be displayed on Notice Board 8. Shops & Commercial Establishment Act * Consolidated register containing 8 Forms * Inspection Book * Annual Return - Form – G ( 1st September, every year)

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▼ 2009 (69) ▼ June (69) Check List for Auditing Statutory Records & return... Checklist of Statutory Compliances by Employers fo... condition for availing of withdrawal/main advances... situations when Pension can be applied for EMPLOYEE PROVIDENT FUND ACT, SCHEME AND FAQ’s FORMS AND REGISTER TO BE MAINTAIN BY THE EMPLOYERS... Forms Under Delhi Shops and Establishment Act. Esic Challans and Return Formate in Excel sheet. Reliefs/advantages for employers under ESIC . Download ESIC Forms ESI Educate, Tips about ESIC. METHOD OF CALCULATION OF PENSION HOUR OF WORK - REST,OVERTIME AND SPREAD OVER UNDER... Revised Minimum wages- D.A of chennai payeble in ... coverage of International workers under EPF act. COVERAGE OF A RETIRED EMPLOYEE UNDER EPF ACT COVERAGE OF AN EMPLOYEE WHOSE SALARY CROSSES RS 65... COVERAGE OF A NEW EMPLOYEE UNDER PROVIDENT FUND SC... How to form group gratuity trust or scheme. Data Dequired to Be Furnished By the Employer for ... Group gratuity Scheme,Benifits to employer and emp... Method of Calculation of Bonus Calculation of Gratuity.

9. National & Festival Holidays Act * Form – V ( Annual Return, Before 31st January) 10. Karnataka Labour Welfare Fund * Form – D ( in duplicate, 15th January every year: Contribution both emp’e & emp’r, Rs. 3/- & Rs. 6/- respectively) 11. The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 * Registration Certificate (Before appointing contractor) Form-1 * Register of Contractor - Form-XII * Register of Employees employed by Contractor - Form-XIII * Muster Roll, Wage Register, Over Time Register, Fine Register Deduction Register, Advance Register ( contractor) * Notice regarding rates of wages * Display of the Act & Rules both in English & Kannada * Half yearly return by contracter - Form - XXIV * Annual Return by Principle Emp’r - Form – XXV (before 15th Feb) 12. Professional Tax Act, 1976 * Monthly return - Form – 5




STATUATORY COMPLIANCE & … Calculation of Gratuity. * Annual Return ESI News, Increase in Average Daily Wage Limit f... Now, get PF dues in 1 week 13. Employee State Insurance Corporation Act, 1948 LIC launches new unit-linked scheme * Muster Roll No relaxation in work experience * Wage Register for reserved cand... * Inspection Book NGOs BE TREATED AS INDUSTRIES * Accident Register FOR EMPLOYEE BENEFIT... * Cash Books, Vouchers & Ledgers Every month returns and challans to be sent for Mu... * Paid Challans, RDF and Declarations MONTH WISE CHECKLIST FOR * Register of Employees - Form - 7 SUBMISSION OF VARIOUS RET... Forms and Register under ESIC Act * Half Yearly Return - Form – 6 ( Apr - Sep & Oct – Mar) 1948 42 days after closing Contn. Period Revised Minimum wages for U.P. 2009 FORMS FOR CLAIMING BENEFITS UNDER THE EMPLOYEES' P... 14. Employees Provident Fund Act, 1952. FORMS FOR CLAIMING BENEFITS UNDER THE EMPLOYEES' ... * Muster Roll SUBMISSION OF RETURNS BY UN* Wage Register EXEMPTED ESTABLISHMENT... * Form- 3A, 5, 10 & 12A Karnatka Labour welfare fund. * Inspection Book Maharastra Labour Welfare Fund (statuatory complia... * Cash Book, Voucher & Ledger Statuatory compliance under * PF work sheet haryana labour welfare... Delhi labour Welfare fund rule 1997. * monthly return - Form – 5, 10, 12A along with paid What are the due dates for payment challans (before 25th of every month) of Profession T... * Annual Return - Form – 3A & 6A (before 30th April every Registers, Forms and Returns under Minimum Wages A... year) Forms,Registers and Records under Contract labour... 15. Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 Forms,Registers and Records under Payement of Wage... * Abstract - Form – G For Maharastra state ,Exemption from Profession Ta... 16. Employment Exchange ( CNV) Act. Changes in Professional tax slab in karnataka: Rates of Minimum Wages w.e.f. 01* Notification of Vacancies - Form – 6 01-2009 in State ... * Quarterly Return - Form : ER-I ( Mar, June, Sep, Dec) Revised New minimum wages for all Before 1 month states.w.i.f 09 * Bi- Annual Return - Form : ER-II ( Once in 2 years) Forms of different acts applicable in karnatka Revised minimum rates of wages for delhi. with eff... Posted by Satyam mishra at 12:03 AM What should a Factory Owner/Worker know about theP... What should a Factory Owner/Worker know about theP... 0 c o m m e n t s: What should a factory owner know about Factories A... What should a Factory owner or p o st a c o m m e n t contractor know abo... What should A Factory owner know 4/5



What should A Factory owner know about the Punjab ... Statutory Compliance Under Factory Act THE BOMBAY SHOPS & ESTABLISHMENTS ACT, 1948 Maintenance of registers and records under Minimum... THE MAHARASHTRA LABOUR LABOUR WELFARE FUND ACT, 19... Trade Union Act,1926 Ammendments Trade union Act 1926. Form 1 Application for Reg... LABOUR LAWS FAQ about provident Fund Excluded. FAQ about provident Fund Excluded. FAQ about Provident Unexempt FAQ about Provident Fund Exempt FAQ about Provident Fund. Group Gratuity Plan CONSTITUTION OF SUPPERANNUATION TRUST(SCHEME) THE CONTRACT LABOUR ACT 1970

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