ISSUE 119 / JUNE 2009

THE GULF’S moST popULar moTorinG maGazinE

WaiT is Over... The
IntroducIng the All-new 2010 cAmAro SS

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New e-Class


Just a taste of



62➾ Camaro rebirth

CoVer Car



All the latest gossip from the industry


Another successful hosting of the F1 at the best motorsport cafe on the island

46 TyphOON caR ShOW


Al Hekma hosts Typhoon’s car show with over 100 cars participating!


We speak to Mercedes new GM Dr. Ulf Ausprung

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52➾ TEchNO baRGE

60➾ a claSSIc RE-bORN

58➾ auDI Q5

5 cool rides
72➾ ITalIaN paNNachE 72➾ MINI NOSTalGIa


52 TEchNO baRGE!
An up-close review of the new Mercedes E-Class

58 pluG IT IN!

We test drive Audi’s new Q5

60 a claSSIc RE-bORN 70 juST a TaSTE

Out at the Dubai Autodrome with VW’s rejuvinated Sirocco

We bring back the beauties of Bahrain in this one on one with Justine, our hot ‘n’ cute French model!




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Dear Readers, The blistering summer months are upon us when noisy air conditioners put their best propeller forward in a test to churn out cold air and relieve the head-pulsating work that we have to deliver at our office. And then…things got even hotter when we bumped into Justine, our buxom French cover-chick, who agreed to pose for the magazine at the beautiful Banyan Tree Spa next to one of the most elegant sports cars of our time - the Maserati Gran Turismo S. Before I go into any more detail, I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the organizors of the VW Golf trip that we attended a couple of months ago. We did not intentionally delay your coverage of the event it was purely a restructuring error that caused some miscommunication between members of staff. However I am happy to say that it is included in the current edition of this magazine and it’s all looking good! Al Hekma hosted a car show organized by Typhoon who risked the mid-day sun to showcase some of Bahrain’s hottest underground cars along with a DJ and judges provided by Arabia Motors. However things didn’t turn out as we

expected and…you can read about that rumpus in our following pages. We also took a trip to Dubai to Check out VW’s new lineup of cars entering the Middle East market, including the allnew re-designed Sirroco that we chose to feature this month. Other test drives include the Audi Q5 and the Mini Clubman test-driven by our own “big boss” Moe K. Now let’s get down to the most awaited news… The Camaro is back! Our CEO drew the shortest straw to take this trip across to Dubai to test out this beauty and you will love the review. Overall it’s been a very busy month and I hope you enjoy the read and don’t forget to pin up our free poster on your walls to remind you who run’s the streets this side of the planet! Enjoy Features Editor

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This months Cover



New Mercedes-BeNz e-clAss sets segMeNt pAce
Kingdom of Bahrain – The all new Mercedes E Class makes its official debut in Bahrain.
spectacular and glitzy ceremony was lined up by S. A. Al Haddad & Sons distributors of Mercedes vehicles in Bahrain, for the launch of the eagerly awaited E-Class saloon at the Grand Foyer of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa, last month. The E-Class was unveiled by Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr Hassan Fakhro along with General Manager of Al Haddad Motors Ulf Ausprung. Superbly designed and engineered the E will once again form the backbone of Mercedes’ mid-range sedan sales around the world. Equipped with a host of features that most people would consider fictitious, the new car has been practically designed to almost drive it self. Check out the roadtest on our later pages and keep your fingers crossed for AMG to unleash its own tricked out version of the E sometime later this year.



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HeNNessey upgrAdes cAdillAc cts-V to zr1 spec


s far as we can tell, John Hennessey and his crew have somehow warped time and space to create the 36-hour workday. With all the products the Texas-based tuner is coming out with, there’s no other explanation. So in addition to creating the 705-hp Corvette ZR700, 715-hp GTR700 and

a duo of force-fed Camaros, Hennessey has decided to tackle the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V – and in the process created a four-door ZR1. The team is releasing four complete packages for Caddy’s M5-fighter, ranging from a 610 hp version all the way to a twin-turbocharged 800 hp variant.

M’s decision to not offer -at least for the time beingthe new Chevy Camaro with the Corvette ZR1’s 640 horsepower supercharged V8 engine has left the door wide open for tuners to satisfy the specific needs of power-hungry Camaro buyers. This latest proposal is the collaborative work of Chris Fesler and former GM Performance manager Jon Moss. The ‘dynamic-duo’ is preparing a limited edition run

cAMAro gets corVette zr1’s supercHArged V8 g

of specially modified Camaro’s that can be equipped with any LS-series V8 engine that’s currently available including the ‘Vette ZR1’s LS9. Other modifications include a custom made body kit with a new front fascia, a boot lid spoiler and 1969 Camaro RS inspired headlamps and tail lights, new alloy wheel designs, suspension and brake upgrades, special decals plus interior enhancements.

world’s fAstest g-coupe Hits 370kpH
he G-Power name has become synonymous with extreme BMWs and the company’s latest Hurricane CS based on the M6 Coupe fits in perfectly with that description. After G-Power’s own M5-based Hurricane RS broke the world record for the fastest sedan with a top speed of 367.4kph, the German tuner decided to shoehorn the same recordbreaking powerplant into BMW’s M6 Coupe. The end result is the all-new G-Power M6 Hurricane CS. Powered by a twinsupercharged version of the legendary high-rev BMW M V10, the Hurricane CS develops up to 750hp and 800Nm of torque and has a recorded top speed of 367.4kph, making it the fastest BMW Coupe in the world. To reach this level of performance, engineers needed to install the company’s belt-driven ASA T1-316 superchargers, each providing charge air for one cylinder bank and able to increase the volume of charge air by up to 25%. However, at this level, the engine would theoretically be developing up to 900hp. The inner workings of the ten-cylinder four-valve engine are also optimized with forged pistons from Mahle that reduce compression. They have been precisely matched for weight and are much stronger than their production counterparts. The production piston rods and pins also had to make way for special components that can handle the much higher forces. Further characteristics of the car are the multipart widebody kit, high performance carbon-ceramic brakes, fully adjustable suspension kit and last but not least oversized 21in wheels wrapped with Michelin rubber. While most of the parts used on the Hurricane CS are available individually, G-Power also sells the package as a complete car starting at €360,000 (BD 179,413).




liNgeNfelter teAses plANs for 2010 cAMAro ss
ingenfelter Performance Engineering have long been known as creators of the ultimate modern GM street machines. We fully expected their engineers to be lying in wait for the 2010 Camaro, and they haven’t let us down. Lingenfelter has released details for its engine packages, starting with a supercharged version putting out 550 horsepower and topping out with an intercooled, twin-turbo 7.0L LS7 packing 800 horsepower. They have also teased a Camaro body kit with drawings that show off a new front fascia and splitter, grille bar insert, hood with air extractors, rear spoiler, taillight panel, and rear fascia extension that can house quad exhaust tips. Pricing isn’t available quite yet, but full details on the Lingenfelter engine packages and body kit can be found on their website. The great thing about it all is that there is something for everybody in there from the basic package of a supercharger churning out 550hp with 550lb-ft of torque to 800hp and 800lb-ft of torque. The more HP you demand the more mods your engine will need. But Lingenfelter offer you the solutions from forged pistons to a complete 7.0litre engine conversion with a forged cranskhaft and what not. Best part is that the company is putting its money where its mouth is by offering a 3year warranty on all parts and engines it builds. For those of you not interested in toying with their engines, you can simply order the body kit and look the part.

dAMAged zr1 oN tHe cHeAp


e figured it was just a matter of time before a cracked-up Corvette ZR1 found its way onto eBay, and thanks to (we’re assuming) a hamfisted driver hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, a slightly marred example of Chevy’s hottest Corvette can be yours for the Buy-It-Now price of $97,500 (BD36,758). According to the listing, the Cyber Gray ZR1 sustained damage to the driver’s side rear, and while the bumper cover is torn and the left-side lower control arms are bent, we’re more concerned with the cracks in the rear tub. Assuming the structzural damage is repairable and the carnage is limited to the replaceable suspension and body bits, the ZR3 Premium Packageequipped ZR1 – with a clear title and only 1,200 miles on the clock – could be Humpty-Dumptied back together for a reasonable sum. But for us, those cracks in the tub mean only one thing: track toy. Strip out the interior, mount a pair of lightweight buckets, a Stack display and a cage, then proceed to the nearest track -- but not before you try to crash (no pun intended) GM’s two-day ZR1 driving school first.

ArdeN’s BeNtley Hood orNAMeNt: kitscH or cool?
eeling a bit jealous of your Rolls Royce pals? Then how about a bonnet mascot for your Bentley? Our verdict is still out on Arden’s new Bentley radiator figure but if you’re interested in the details here they are: the “Flying B” costs around US$1,480 (BD554) and can be mounted in about 30 minutes. According to Arden, the hood ornament has been designed to separate from the base in the case of a strong impact in order to minimize the danger of injury of a pedestrian, without being damaged itself. Additionally, there’s a patented quick-locking mechanism that offers a theft protection as the bonnet mascot can be dismounted and mounted by the owner at any time.




Mercedes-BeNz glk dresses up witH loriNser Aero kit
ometimes, buyers are only interested in sprucing up their car’s looks without messing around with the mechanical hardware. For those kind of customers, Lorinser has readied a complete body kit along with various alloy wheel proposals for the new Mercedes-Benz GLK SUV. The external package consists of retrimmed bumpers, side sills and a roof spoiler. Furthermore, there’s a new rear apron that integrates a diffuser and larger quad exhaust tips. The compact SUV’s looks can be completed by a set of beefier wheels such the multispoke R8 alloys on the GLK. According to the German tuner, there are various alloy designs available for the GLK.

Asc trANsforMs 2010 cAMAro iNto poNtiAc trANs-AM
here are many behindthe-scenes players in the automotive industry that few on the outside ever hear of, despite their huge contributions. ASC Creative Services is one such company, designing and building some of the most cherished cars on the streets, including all 547 examples of the Buick GNX. Today, however, the company has turned its focus to creating a Pontiac Trans-Am from the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro. The difference between the two cars has never been huge, historically, but they have always filled slightly different niches, with the Trans-Am typically getting a more aggressive treatment from the factory. ASC’s design is no different. Effected mostly by a body kit and wheels, the transformation to Pontiac Trans-Am includes an all-new Pontiac-style split-window grille, new front, side and rear aero, rear fender vents, trunk-lid spoiler, reworked side mirrors, and a new hood. Huge rear lights sit astride a Pontiac Firebird logo on the back of the car, while a single white stripe runs the length from front to back. No word on performance mods has been released, so this appears to be a visual modification only. Unfortunately for Pontiac fans, the Trans Am won’t really live on as ASC as they don’t have any plans to produce the car in volume - though they will build one out of your supplied 2010 Camaro if you just can’t get enough Pontiac in your life. Other projects that have put ASC on the performancecar map include the exterior design of the Saleen S5S Raptor supercar, all three of the Trailblazer, Malibu and HHR SS vehicles, the Saturn Ion Redline, and the 1993 Mustang Cobra.

porscHe reViViNg tHe 928?


t’s th.e return of the rumor of a new Porsche 928. At a press meeting about the Panamera, Porsche’s design chief Michael Maur confirmed that he’s working on a new coupe project. It seems that sales at Porsche are moving away from entry level/smaller cars such as the Cayman and Boxster and are moving towards the larger vehicles like the 911 and Cayenne. So Porsche is looking to place another large car in its lineup. While the Panamera will likely be the base of the

new 928, there is no word yet on how different the sheetmetal will be. The original 928 was designed to replace the 911, but history had other plans for it. The 911 proved evergreen, which gave the 928 an awkward and doomed place in Porsche’s lineup. This time if the 928 comes back, it will be for 911 owners who need more room, and as a direct competitor to more luxurious sportscars like Bentley’s Continental GT.




Mt900 gtr XX lANd sHArk
icknamed “The Land Shark”, this car weighs a full 250 kg (551 lbs) less than the already lightened GTR XX, coming in at 861 kg (1898 lbs) with its fuel tanks full. Yes, we said “tanks”, as in plural. This car runs on a multi-fuel system using petrol, methanol, hydrogen, and ethanol. Gocha claims that the use of multiple fuels means he was able to register his car as a “hybrid” in California, meaning he gets to take this monster into the often wide-open carpool lanes of Los Angeles! Here’s where the story gets a little suspicious, and no offense to Gocha is meant by this. After all, Gocha has to realize that there will be skeptics when a relative unknown claims to have put something like this together. We all know that the GTR XX uses the GM LS7 engine which powers the Corvette. Gocha says his car utilizes an engine with a 381 cubic inch plant generating an unbelievable 2,500 horsepower, in part thanks to the twin turbos. We instantly thought that the engine he was using was the LSX from GM Performance Parts, which is capable of handling that kind of horsepower. Now, before you start casting stones, let’s keep in mind another little twin-turbo Mosler that goes by the name of “Red Devil.” Remember this car? Built by Nelson Racing Engineering for U.S. Mosler dealer Mike Vietro (aka Corvette Mike or Mosler Mike) it produces 1800hp (1635hp confirmed) and has performance specs within range of this supposed Land Shark. However, the spec sheet says the block is from billet aluminum while the LSX is made of cast iron. He says his engine uses a 3.000” stroke and 4.500” bore, which would actually be a 382 cu. inch plant. His billet aluminum block engine has four injectors of varying sizes per cylinder, combined with racing fuel pumps capable of delivering six gallons (22.7 liters) per minute. Apparently, you can go really fast in this car, just not for long. The engine also makes generous use of ceramic, titanium, and carbon to keep the weight down. While the MT900 GTR normally goes from standstill to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds, Gocha claims his version gets there in just over 2.5 seconds. His car allegedly hits 150 mph in 6.7 seconds, and 250 mph in 17.5 seconds. The car is capable of a nine second quarter-mile, reaching 178 mph by the time it gets there. Even more astonishing is the sprint to stop time. This car allegedly goes from zero to 150mph and back to a dead stop in 8.7 seconds. That’s even faster than the Ultima GTR 0-100-0 time of 9.4 seconds, which seems remarkable. But also seems dubious. Helping to achieve these unbelievable times is the car’s aerodynamic body kit. Also added are new air intakes and outlets on the sides, and new intakes on the roof and upper body. They installed a full-length air ducting channel via the flat belly pan to get the best downward force possible. Intense Automotive Design also claims to have developed an all-wheel-drive system of titanium and carbon fiber, matching the all-titanium suspension system. Carbon fiber Dymag wheels have a magnesium center, and uses titanium lug nuts to attach to the car. Front wheels measure 11.5x19”, with bigger 14x20” rear wheels. With all that effort going in to weight savings, you wonder why an Alpine 7.1 Dolby Digital DVD system would be included. The In-Car PC and GPS also adds weight.

gM Builds oNe-off Hero editioN corVette zr-1 t
rolls royce pHANtoM dropHeAd coupe ‘AlA’ louis VuittoN
here is no shortage of special-edition Corvettes out there, factoryproduced or aftermarket. In fact, General Motors itself has released several custom kits in the past few months. But the Hero Edition Corvette ZR1, built to benefit the Kids Wish Network, is the only one of its kind. Based on the Corvette ZR-1 - already a very special car - with unique red accents, custom graphics and extra carbon fiber components, the Hero Edition also gets unique badging proclaiming its oneoff status plus signatures of the Corvette engineering and production team under the hood. For a twist, the Hero Edition isn’t for sale - not even up for auction. Instead, it will be raffled off by WinTheVettes to benefit charity. Entry tickets cost just $3 (BD1.123) each, but discounts can be had for


e’ve seen some obnoxiously modified Rolls Royce cars but we think this Phantom Drophead Coupe with its Louis Vuitton outer skin and larger than life alloy rims is so vulgar that it deserves to be ranked amongst the worst. Goes to show you that bad taste has no limits nor boundaries, it knows no rules or classes...

lots of 5 or more, all the way up to 6,000 tickets, which will cost just $5,000 (BD 1,123). What that means is you may well have to spend the purchase price of a standard ZR-1 in order to even have a chance at winning the car. But that’s what charity is for. Even though there’s only one Hero Edition car, with all the money this car is likely to raise for the Kids Wish Network, there will be many, many heroes.

22 : ∞JÉg - „õdG ,(¿Éª∏°S ï«°ûdG) ´QÉ°T

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600-Hp, twiN-turBocHArged ArtisAN cAMAro ss sA-600
t may seem like Chevrolet Camaro is slowly becoming a state-of-the-art model for tuning houses around the world because more and more aftermarket companies turn their eyes to this particular car for their new projects. Such an example comes straight from Artisan Performance who recently developed an aftermarket package for the top-of-the-range Camaro SS, with the resulting model developing an estimated power of 600hp. How’s that possible? you might ask. Pretty simple actually, as the package is designed in collaboration with who supplied a pair of GTK350 turbochargers to spice things up. Just for the pleasure of our techy readers, some of the modifications include a high-flow exhaust system with catalytic converter, ECU upgrade and boost control for turbochargers, custom intercooler and wastegate. The aforementioned source notes that Artisan also implemented bumper guards in front and rear, as well as 12-inch forged alloy wheels (22-inch versions come as optional), 14-inch SSBC brakes and an integrated diffuser for improved aerodynamics.

Unfortunately, buying one of these customized models might sound like dream for most of us - unless you’re Richie Rich obviously - with the upgraded Camaro SS priced at $69,000 (BD 25,839). There’s not much to say about the resulting model because the Camaro SS was already a great looking car but the guys over at Artisan did a very good job when it comes to exterior and engineering upgrades. Nevertheless, if you’re still looking for an alternative to this aftermarket package, you might want to have a look at the tuned Camaro from Lingenfelter we already told you about.

tHe ferrAri f-450 will MAke 585 HyBrid Horsepower


he future Ferrari F-450 will make its auto show debut this September at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the form of a concept. Compared to the Ferrari F-430, the vehicle it replaces, the 450 will be a little taller, the wheelbase a little longer and the track a little wider. Even the air intakes in the new front bumper will grow a little bit. But the news that everyone has been waiting to hear, what’s under the hood? Ferrari will use a 4.5 Liter V8 engine that delivers 550 HP. The engine will be mated to the same double-clutch gearbox as the Ferrari California and will feature the latest in Formula 1 technology, a Kinetic Energy Recovery System, or KERS that will add an extra 35 electric horsepower to the gasoline engine’s output whenever the driver demands it. But here’s the real question. Does it qualify for tax rebate?




electric greeNgt desigN study fortells tHe future of leMANs
This year's 24 Hours of LeMans is sure to be a race for the ages, but what about next year? Or the year after that? If GreenGT gets its act together in time for the 2011 event, the Switzerland-based firm could be the first to the grid with an electric race car. Penned by French designer Thomas Clavet, the GreenGT design study seeks to revolutionize the face of motorsport with an FIA-certified EV comprised of a carbon fiber chassis and a fiberglass body. In theory, a pair of 100 kW water-cooled electric motors are mated to a proprietary gearbox, sending a prodigious amount of grunt to a set of magnesium OZ wheels shod in race-spec slicks. How prodigious? According to the GreenGT, the closed-cockpit racer will churn out between 350 and 450 hp and a pavement punishing 1,475 lb-ft of torque up to 160 kph. According to the company, the 1,895-pound would reach 100 kph in less than four seconds and on to a top speed of 275 kph. Power is supposedly funneled to a duo of lithium-ion batteries through a set of solar panels, and in addition to bringing two GreenGTs to LeMans in 2011, the firm plans to produce 22 road-going models within the next three years.

lotus esprit to Be lAuNcHed iN 2012


he weight conscious sports car builder Lotus is very busy with the development of their new Elise and Esprit models. The smaller Elise is set to debut in 2011 and will be an even more developed version of what we see on the road today. While on the other hand, the Esprit, set to be unveiled in 2012, is dependent on how well the automaker does selling their Evora model. The Esprit will be a longer, wider version of the new Evora powered by a V8 mounted in the mid-ship position. Lotus hopes that by 2012 they will be moving anywhere from 4000 to 5000 units per year. But the future looks a little dim for the English company, as the deal with Abarth to produce a future sports car has been canceled and the Europa-based Dodge Circuit electric car also taking a dirt nap Lotus hopes that their new Evora will help them weather these hard times.

porscHe cAyeNNe goes wider ANd lower
orsche itself has recently gotten into the game of modifying its Cayenne SUV, so it’s no wonder the vehicle has been a favorite of the tuner crowd for years. Though MAFF Design’s latest creation may not have the exclusivity of the GTS Design Edition 3 revealed earlier in the year, it does have a flavor of its own. Based on the 957 Porsche Cayenne, the MAFF Design Muron is primarily an appearance upgrade program. LED daytime running lights, an aggressive front, side and rear body kit with flared and vented fender wells to house the widened track. That’s right; MAFF Design did do some mechanical work on the vehicle, spreading the width by 60mm up front and 80mm in the rear for an even more planted stance.


Combined with the lowering job adjustable between 35 and 80mm thanks to an electronic lowering kit or optional Version 3 coilover, the Muron offers a new dynamic sensibility to Porsche’s already very competent SUV. The MAFF portfolio includes some unique models able to develop over 700hp, which is one of the primary reasons engineers worked on the suspension of the big SUV. Furthermore, no tuner Cayenne is complete without a set of huge alloy wheels, and MAFF doesn’t disappoint, fitting a set of 22x10in alloys. Wrapped in beefy 295/30 rubber at all four corners, the driver will most likely run out of guts before the Muron runs out of grip.




VeritAs rs iii tHe uNtAMed BeAst
he striking Veritas RS III is finally set to make its world debut, which will take place this year at an exclusive supercar show held at the Hurlingham country club in the UK. For those of you that don’t quite remember, Veritas RS III is a one-seater speedster that packs a 600hp V10 taken from an M5 and dropped into a tiny 1,070kg shell. The car is most notable for its eschewing of any driver aids, something that we expect will see several of these kinds of stories popping up as overconfident owners forget about the lack of ABS and traction control. Additionally, Veritas will be offering a more tamed version with a 480hp M3 V8 engine if you feel the V10 might be a little too much. With the range-topping V10 in place, the car will hit 100kph from rest in just 3.2 seconds and go on to a top speed of 347kph if you can find a section of road long enough. Priced at $375,000 (BD 141,206), the car is no cheap proposition, but its performance and exclusive run of just 50 units should see enough people willing to part with their cash for the supercar.

uNique sportcArs teAMs up witH NoVitec rosso for ‘cAlAVerA’ ferrAri f430
errari’s F430 is destined to bow out towards the end of the year, set to be replaced by an all-new model, but in the lead up to its swan song German design group Unique Sportcars has teamed up with fellow Teutonic tuner Novitec Rosso to create the ‘Calavera’. Limited to just 11 examples, the Calavera (Spanish for Skull) is based around a highly modified F430 with unique airbrushing done by artist Knud Tiroch. He is one of the best in the business, previously being commissioned by David Coulthard, ZZ Top, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many more. Unique Sportcars, on the other hand, develops exclusive designs for customers wanting more than off-the-shelf. Some of the unique elements of the Calavera are the LED daytime running lights, engine dress-up kit, embroidered seats and an extended middle console. Novitec Rosso has been left with the task of boosting output of the F430’s high-revving 4.3L V8 engine. To accomplish this task, the tuner has added it’s now familiar twinsupercharging system, which in its latest evolution outputs 707hp and 712Nm of torque and promises 0-100kph times of just 26


3.5 seconds and a top speed of 348kph. Other modifications include subtle aero pieces, new 20in alloy wheels, uprated brakes, stiffer suspension (lowering the car by 35mm) and a sports exhaust system. Unique Sportcars is taking orders for the cars, and customers will have to wait roughly three months for their completeed cars once commissioned.


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With the amount of interest the racing scene has generated be it drag, circuit or kart, it was imperative for us at Max Media (publishers of the G.C.C. Re-known Arabia Motors magazine) to produce a magazine that would chronicle motorsport events from all over the world, with a special emphasis on the Middle East. Middle East Motorsport (M.E.M) is on a mission to not only highlight the region’s achievements in the Motorsport world, but to also introduce the industry’s pioneers to the racing community in the region. It’s all about bridging the gaps and bringing together an industry that has long been in the making.

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VeNtross eXpANds rANge witH New gt-r styliNg kit

wiMMer custoM porscHe gt2 puts dowN 680Hp


ith the tight tolerances, high-quality materials and top-level engineering that goes into today’s cars, there’s often a surprising amount of potential left inside their engines. It appears the Porsche GT2 is no exception, with the tuners at Wimmer Rennsporttechnik Solingen finding another 150hp inside the already brutal car with just a few additions. Starting with a twin-turbo version of Porsche’s 3.6L boxer engine, Wimmer adds advanced engine management, a custombuilt sport exhaust with high-flow cats, a redeveloped cylinder head and ‘sport’ camshafts. That’s all it takes to get output up to 680hp at the crank, though it does require an upgraded clutch to send that power to the rear wheels.

Wimmer says this upgrade pack is enough to push 0-100kph times down to 3.4 seconds, get it to 200kph in 9.78 seconds and from a stop to 300kph in just 25.8 seconds. Top speed: a mindmelting 356kph. To help the car match the engine’s capability, sticky and max-speed-rated Dunlop Sport-Maxx GT tires in appropriately understeer-biased 235/30 (front) and 325/20 (rear) widths are wrapped around 20in alloy wheels. Visually, the Wimmer GT2 also gets carbon fiber exterior mirrors and rear spoiler lip, though the entire exterior of the car can be made of carbon upon request. H&R suspension upgrades help handle the extra power. The price tag for this allout package starts at €29,800 (BD15,166).


orsteiner is an American tuning firm that until now has specialized in modifying German performance cars from the likes of BMW, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche. The company has now established a subdivision called Ventross that will be focused on Japanese models, and its second order of business after last year’s Lexus IS-F is a new styling kit for the all-conquering Nissan GT-R. The Ventross GT-R is modified with a sporty dry carbon fiber front chin spoiler. The spoiler features a center air channel that allows air to cool down the front brake system, while also increasing downforce. Meanwhile, the rear end of the vehicle features

a lightweight dry carbon fiber boot lid with a built in spoiler that reduces the weight over the factory steel unit by up to 50%. Finally, an integrated carbon fiber rear diffuser complements the new boot lid, while also enhancing the factory stacked exhaust design. Also available in the Ventross package is a three-piece forged aluminum wheel set in 19 and 20in sizes. According to Vorsteiner, all the aero parts are manufactured with a carbon fiber honeycomb matrix (CFHM) structure. This gives them superior stiffness, strength and durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber and fiberglass materials.



porscHe coNsideriNg roAd-goiNg rs spyder
ven five years after its final production, the Porsche Carerra GT lives on in the hearts and minds - and often driveways - of Porsche loyalists, supercar enthusiasts and plain old gearheads. And now Porsche is rumored to be working on a successor based around the RS Spyder American Le Mans Series (ALMS) race car. With 485-503hp from its 3.4L V8 and just 1,705lb (775kg), the LMP2-class RS Spyder has taken class or overall victories at the 12 Hours of Sebring and 24 Hours of Le Mans, in addition to numerous other races and the 2006-2008 LMP2 ALMS manufacturer’s championships. That kind of track cred is a solid foundation on which to build, but so far we can’t confirm any plans to take the RS Spyder to the street. The rumors hint that a slight downgrade in power and rise in weight for street-trim will be in order. If the RS Spyder does go road-legal, it will probably be in the neighborhood of 400hp (298kW) and 2,200lb (1,000kg) - right on par with the outgoing Carerra GT in power-to-weight ratio, but ultimately higherperforming due to its lighter weight. A production engine from Porsche’s existing lineup will also likely be sourced to replace the race-spec model. The carbon fiber tub chassis and running gear are expected to carry over from the race car, though the suspension will be detuned for bumpy city streets and the body and cockpit will be similarly relaxed to allow for more creature comforts. The two-seat roadster layout would be retained, however.

leXus is c gets f-sport MAkeoVer
exus recently expanded its F-Sport Performance Accessories line to include parts for the GS sedan and IS AWD. Previously the performance range was only applicable for the IS 250 and IS 350 sedans but Lexus has always maintained that parts would eventually be developed for other vehicles in its lineup. The new IS C F-Sport accessories include performance enhancing parts such as forged alloy wheels, brake upgrades, suspension systems, air intake, exhaust systems and more. The parts were developed with help from Toyota Racing Development (TRD). The new range includes 19in forged alloy wheels designed in a dark graphite finish, six-piston fixed calipers and drilled cast-iron rotors, braided stainless-steel brake lines, sports pads, and a new shock absorber and suspension spring set. The shock absorbers and springs were co-developed with Bilstein and provide a firmer ride, increased stability and reduced body roll. Body roll and chassis flex is further reduced with the adoption of the sway bars and a chassis brace. Engine performance is lifted with a new sports exhaust and intake system consisting of stainless-steel mufflers and double-wall exhaust tips and high-flow filters. Other pieces include a carbon-fiber engine cover, a performance clutch for manual models, as well as a quick-shift gearstick that decreases shift throw by approximately 35%. 29

HAMANN Adds BMw 7-series to ArseNAl
erman tuner Hamann usually specializes in tuning exotic sports cars but occasionally the firm lends its expertise to more sedate segments in the car world. Now, Hamann has announced a tuning package for a car that fits into the latter, the 2009 BMW 7-series luxury saloon. Hamann have made some obvious aesthetic modifications to the exterior of the car, including custom side skirts, a rear


spoiler on the boot and custom tailpipes. Joining the new body alterations is a set of 22in Evo wheels, which are attached to a performance suspension kit that sits up to 40mm lower than the stock model. The interior has also been given an upgrade, with new aluminum sports pedals and custom seats and floormats bearing the Hamann logo. In terms of power upgrades, Hamann have so far only tinkered with the diesel-powered 730d, boosting output of the 245hp stock engine by 45hp. No word has

been given about what other mechanical modifications are to come, but there are predictions that Hamann will also upgrade the engine found in the current 750i model the 4.4L twin-turbo V8 unit as well as the new 760i V12. Nevertheless, the Hamann tuned 750i should be a cracker in terms of performance, as the tuning firm is not known for its restraint in this area. The previous iteration of a Hamann-tuned BMW 7-series V8 featured a bored out 7.1L engine with 510hp and a top speed just a few kilometers shy of 321kph. Until more details are announced, however, we can only speculate on what the tuner has in store for the rest of the 7-series lineup.

geiger corVette z06 BiturBo: 890Hp, 7.6l MoNster t
he overall capability of the modern Corvette platform is simply amazing. Available in stock trim from tame to insane, the car adapts easily to modification, generating impressive performance. Geiger have proved exactly that with their latest creation, the Corvette Z06 biTURBO. Modifications were made to the cylinder block, head and crank. Not just that the displacement of the 7.0L LS7 was increased to a staggering 7.6L. Then the Geiger gang strapped on a pair of high-output turbochargers, not only that but they also added extra airflow to both the intake and exhaust ends to help get most out of the new engine. They managed to churn up 890hp at 6,100rpm and 940Nm of torque at 4,500rpm. That’s enough to push the Corvette through the air at 354kph according to Geiger. But they didn’t stop there. Like nature uses coloring to alert predators that certain prey isn’t safe to eat, so Geiger has painted their biTURBO car an eye-splitting shade of green. No one will miss the point once this car blasts past. The rest of the upgrades are intended to help handle the extra power and performance Geiger has put into the car: a stronger transmission and dual-disc transmission plus a carbon fiber driveshaft and stronger rear differential, larger 285/30 and 345/25 tires on big black alloys, and 380x32 (front) and 355x32 (rear) StopTech brakes to slow things down. Special Geiger-tuned adjustable shocks, higher rate springs and anti-roll bars finish off the handling upgrades. Geiger’s own GT body kit was used to give the car a lower, meaner look and to let the turbos breathe easier without destroying the Corvette’s brawny lines.



priNdeVille lAMBorgHiNi MurcielAgo
he power, the looks, the lust, if that ain’t enough, then how about some exclusivity as promised by British tuning boutique ‘Prindeville Prestige’. On the outside, minus a few changes like the different tail lamps and the underlying air vents, Prindeville’s newest Murcielago proposal features ta carbon fiber bodykit. The company states that with the exception of the front compartment lid, all the other factory panels, including the roof, have been replaced and restyled. What’s really different about the new ‘Murcielago by Prindeville’ is the supercar ’s interior that has been completely overhauled. The entire cabin has been upholstered in a two-tone ostrich hide while other notable features include the precision-milled aluminum accents on the dashboard and the lower part of the center console. To emphasize the attention to detail in the car’s interior, the company’s founder Alex Prindiville said: “The standard plastic air vents aren’t worthy of the rest of the interior, so although it was a complex and therefore costly procedure, we decided to manufacture replacements from aluminum.” “On their own these vents represent a significant proportion of the £10,000 (BD 6,014) cost of our interior ‘jewellery pack’, but it’s all part of the price of doing the job properly,” Prindeville added. Prindeville did not disclose the price of the modded Murcielago, but we reckon that those seriously interested in buying the car wouldn’t care less on how much it costs.

VAtH Boosts c63 AMg estAte to 585Hp V63 rs stAtus
arbon emissions taxes and fuel efficiency requirements are throwing a bit of a wet blanket on the horsepower wars, especially in Europe, but the aftermarket is carrying on the battle with undiminished ferocity. The latest combatant is Vath’s V63 RS Estate, a reinterpretation of the already impressive Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Estate. For those that are thinking this sounds familiar, it is. Vath released a nearly identical tuning package for the C63 AMG sedan last year. Once the gang at Vath are done with them, both cars generate 585hp and 690Nm of torque - up 130h and 90Nm over the stock values. But even with all that power, the V63 RS is barely on par with a stock Audi RS6 Avant, though it’s 6.2L V8 is a very different beast than the twin-turbo V10 in the RS6. The V63 RS Estate also adds a small factory’s worth of carbon fiber accessories, including hood, rear diffuser and interior trim, ensuring a unique look and improved performance. Other performance upgrades include 20in alloy wheels, 9in wide in the front and 10.5in wide in the rear, to help provide the grip that all that power will need. High performance brakes are also fitted to match the engine’s new potential, and the car’s 325kmph top speed.


sportscAr coNcept studies By irANiAN desigNer eMil BAddAl
emember the collective Iranian concept studies that we showed you sometime back. Well, we found yet another designer with potential from the Middle Eastern country. His name is Emil Baddal and we picked out three illustrations from his portfolio that caught our attention. The designs proposals are for a Lamborghini, a Ferrari and a BMW supercar. We reckon that all three studies could benefit from some tweaks here and there, but overall not a bad attempt at all.

cHip foose Builds MustANg for coNtest
ew names get the kind of respect in their field that Chip Foose’s gets in the realm of car design and custom hot rods. Foose will be giving away a custom 2010 Mustang GT to the winner of a free contest. The car’s build sheet reads like a sponsor dream list, with Magnaflow exhaust, Edelbrock supercharger, Bilstein shocks, Eibach springs, Royal Purple lubricants and Roush body work. It was actually built by Foose as part of Spike TV’s MuscleCar series. The contest is being run through Spike’s PowerblockTV site, where those interested in getting their hands on a Foose original for no money down, $0 a month can register for free. Entries are capped at once a week through October 12, 2009, so there’s plenty of time left to get your name in the hat.




NeXt-geN suBAru wrX sti is priVAtely reNdered AwesoMeNess
t’s fair to say that Subaru has enjoyed a run of strong product in recent years, as well as an exponential credibility increase in enthusiast’s eyes, essentially ever since the automaker began shipping over the Impreza WRX back in 2001. Those considerable achievements aside, it’s likewise fair to say that Subaru has yet to well-andtruly crack the aesthetics portion of the modern carbuilding equation, having produced some daring (if ungainly) entries like the origina B9 Tribeca and a series of aggressive yet


unpretty Impreza variants. And while we applaud originality, we think the folks at Fuji Heavy Industries could use a consistent design force, a man (or woman) with a mission that’s out in the public eye as something of a known quantity. Think: General Motors’ Ed Welburn, former Mazdaturned-Tesla wunderkind Franz von Holzhausen, former BMW lightning rod Chris Bangle, etc. All of this is not to say that the man behind the WRX STI rally car renderings shown here has the answers, but we know one thing: When passing these images around AM’s office, we all couldn’t help but say something to the effect of: “Oooooh,

damn that’s hot!” – a phrase we can’t remember associating with Subaru, much as we love driving the vehicles themselves. In any case, these images come courtesy of one Lars Martensson (apparently better known on the interwebs by his handle ‘GRID)’, a man who spends his days crafting 3D renderings for videogames (Rallisport Challenge 2 for xBox, Battlefield 2 for PC). To us, this Swede has a handle on what the STI needs to be: Squat, mean, and purposeful. Okay, so perhaps the cut-down greenhouse wouldn’t leave much room for taller folks (much less a helmet), but if one of these were parked in our driveway, well... we’d happily squat a little.

corVette zX-1 witH 620Hp supercHArged V8
he Corvette you see hiding behind this gracelessly sad lady is the ZX-1 by Kavajal Designs and it is based on the C6. On the outside the ZX-1 has been outfitted with a full bodykit that brings the Vette's overall width to 80-inches along with Ferrari-style side airvents, front and rear LEDs and new alloy wheels in sizes 19'' front and 20'' at the rear. Kavajal Designs has also customized the C6's cabin which now features a pair of leather bucket seats with contrasting red stitching, flat bottomed sport steering wheel carbon and fiber dash trim just to mention a few of the upgrades. Underneath the ZX-1's modified body, Kavajal Designs' team has added a supercharger to the standard Vette's V8 lifting output to over 620HP. In this particular car, the engine is matted to a 6-speed manual transmission. Other modifications include a sport exhaust system, upgraded brakes with Brembo discs and a race suspension. In case you're interested in this specific 2007 Corvette based ZX-1, Kavajal Designs has put the car up for sale on eBay with a 'Buy it Now Price' of $185,000 (BD 69,731).


Oxford-based Shaaban is hungry for success this year, but realises that competition will be fierce, with teams and drivers closely matched in terms of capabilities and performance. The top eight in the overall classification will score points during the opening race at the testing 4.574km German circuit, with points being awarded for the top six finishers in the second race. Shaaban and the Prema Powerteam will test for 90 minutes, before they are permitted a further one hour of official free practice run. The Lebanese driver admits that there are numerous fierce rivals this season. “ART Grand Prix are the defending champions and their drivers will be very strong,” he adds. “Mücke Motorsport, Manor Motorsport and my Prema Powerteam should also be in contention. But at this level of competition you cannot count anyone out.” Shaaban has been busy away from the race circuit in another leg of his Middle East Road Safety Campaign in the UAE and Egypt. Egypt currently has the Middle East’s third-highest traffic fatality rate. Shaaban is a UN World Ambassador for Road Safety. “I spoke at the UAE Ministry of Education, in conjunction with Shell’s Better Environment Awards, and in Egypt at the Library of Alexandria, the American University of Cairo, the British Council and to a widespread Egyptian media audience to further Road Safety awareness.”

start of the Basil Shaaban is relishing the any F3 Euro Series season in Germ

Basil Shaaban prepares for F3

he Arab world’s leading Formula 3 racing driver, Basil Shaaban, gets his challenge for honours in the 2009 Formula 3 Euro Series at the Hockenheim BadenWürttemberg circuit in Germany. The Shell-backed star joins Monagesque Stefano Coletti and Italian Matteo Chinosi in three Prema Powerteam-run and Italian-built Dallara Mercedes-Benz F308/9s in the 20race series. The Hockenheim race marks the start of the Lebanese driver’s third season in the prestigious F1 feeder series.

resh from his first victory in the Production WRC in Argentina, Qatari driver Nasser Al-Attiyah has gained selection for Volkswagen’s crack squad to tackle the 2010 Dakar Rally. Al-Attiyah’s background in Middle East competition is understood to have placed him in as strong a position for the drive with the 2009 winners as his current form in the P-WRC. Having previously won the FIA Middle East Rally Championship, FIA International Cup for Cross Country Bajas and the UAE Desert Challenge, the 38-year-old believes he can deliver on the opportunity handed to him by the German giant. Partnered with German co-driver Timo Gottschalk, Al-Attiyah joins this year’s 1-2 finishers Giniel de Villiers and Mark Miller, with double WRC champion Carlos Sainz also retaining his place in the team. Volkswagen boss Kris Nissen said: “With his Cross-Country World Cup title and stage wins at the Dakar, Nasser Al-Attiyah proved that he ranks among the best drivers in this sport.”


Regional MoToRSPoRT neWS

efending FIA Middle East rally champion, Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah, will not be able to become the first driver in history to claim four outright wins in the Syrian International Rally, when the third round of the regional series gets underway in Sednaya. The Qatari is also tackling the FIA Production World Rally Championship (PWRC) and the recent date change for the Syrian event has caused a direct date clash with the Acropolis Rally in Greece. AlAttiyah would be penalised for

missing the crucial Greek round of the production series and that has left the door wide open for a potential new winner of the Syrian event. Of the registered championship contenders, only Sheikh Khalid Al-Qassimi has won the event in the past and the date clash has enabled the UAE driver and several of Al-Attiyah’s other closest challengers to move back into title contention. The Qatari would have been bidding for a third successive victory in the newest round of the regional series, which ran for the first time as a candidate event in 2000 and joined the championship in 2001. Al-Attiyah and the retired multiple regional champion Mohammed Bin Sulayem currently have three wins apiece in the all-desert rally, which is being organised by the Syrian Automobile Club and will be based at the Sheraton Ma’aret Sednaya for the fifth time. Bin Sulayem is now the vice-president of the FIA and the president of the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE. He won the candidate round in 2000 with Irish codriver Ronan Morgan and went on to claim two further wins in 2001 and 2002 with Jordan’s Khaled Zakaria and England’s John Spiller reading the notes. Al-Attiyah’s winning streak began in 2005 and he repeated the feat with Ulster co-driver Chris Patterson in 2007 and 2008. The event was cancelled in 2006. “It’s always a nice rally and one which I enjoy very much,” enthused Al-Attiyah, who has claimed a maximum 20 championship points from the two rounds of the series so far in Qatar and Kuwait.

The UAE’s Sheikh Khalid Al-Qassimi has an excellent opportunity to win the Syrian International Rally for a second time


ewly-crowned Batelco 2000CC champion Mustafa Al Khan has been stripped of his final round race win following a technical infringement, but has retained his title. Following a complaint, Al Khan’s car was found to have contravened the technical regulations after running with a non-standard part on his car. The exclusion means the new champion loses his race one win and victory is handed to Shaikh Jaber with Mohammed Saleh in second and Tim Birkin in third. However, the change in results does not affect the final standings with Al Kahn having done enough to clinch the championship with 130 points, 12 points clear of Jaber.


MiddLe east bRanding foR RichaRds’ f1 teaM
third and most likely option for the branding of a David Richards-headed F1 team has emerged. The former Benetton and BAR boss was likely to launch his prospective budget-capped team in 2010 as either Prodrive or Aston Martin. But as he travels to the Middle East for talks with investors, the 56-year-old admits that identifying his team with the region is actually the frontrunning option. With Bahrain and Abu Dhabi now well represented in F1, Richards stated that he is leaning towards parts of the Gulf yet untapped by the sport. He said part of the F1 deal would be to set up a ‘composite plant’ in the region, while it is expected the team’s main base will be in Europe. Richards said his role will be low-profile, with a young Team Principal to be nominated. He also indicated that he will be taking up the option of a low-cost Cosworth engine deal. “They have introduced an engine for next year and that might be a viable alternative to going with one of the established engines out there today,” he said.


Loeb wins RaLLy aRgentina
Sebastien Loeb
orld champion Sebastien Loeb, has won the Rally of Argentina for his fifth win in five races this season and the 52nd of his career. Team-mate Dani Sordo of Spain was second, more than a minute behind, with Norway’s Henning Solberg, in a Ford Focus, taking third place, four minutes off the pace. The final day’s action proved disastrous for Solberg’s brother Petter, the 2003 world champion, whose privately-entered Citron Xsara suffered mechanical failure when he was running in a comfortable third place. Loeb clocked the best time at the opening two stages before easing up to avoid problems which allowed Ford’s Jari-Matti Latvala, who had lost eight minutes due to electrical problems. Loeb then hammered home his superiority by topping the time charts in the 23rd, and final, stage of the race inside the Estadio Cordoba. The world champion has now won six races in a row with his five this season in Ireland, Norway, Cyprus, Portugal and here following his victory in Great Britain at the end of the 2008 campaign. In the overall standings, Loeb has a 20-point lead over Mikko Hirvonen who was forced to abandon the race here on Saturday after the engine on his Ford Focus over-heated.



supeR aguRi MuLL f1 RetuRn J

apan’s Super Aguri could be set for a surprise return to Formula One in 2010, after withdrawing a year ago due to financial difficulties. Former Super Aguri team chief Aguri Suzuki stated that he was tempted to rejoin the sport he once labelled a “club full of piranhas”. He also said that if it’s physically possible he would certainly like to return to F1. Super Aguri quit the glamour sport after a promised major sponsorship deal collapsed and backers Honda were not prepared to offer long-term support. The sport’s governing body FIA has since set an optional cap of 40 million pounds on teams to allow entrants that might otherwise struggle to compete against big-spenders like Ferrari and McLaren. Although the optional cap is barely a quarter of what some teams have been spending, those that accept the cap would have more technical freedom in 2010 than those with unlimited budgets. The FIA also announced there would be space for three new teams on next year’s grid, potentially increasing the number of cars to 26 - six more than at present.

chevy cRuze Making theiR MaRk on the tRack
arrakech Morocco, held a series of firsts for the international racing series. Not only was this the first time the championship headed into Africa, but the new Chevy Cruze scored its first pole position and followed up by taking first place in both races, with Nicola Larini taking his first race victory in the series. The former grand prix driver raced for Ligier-Ford, Modena-Lamborghini and Scuderia Ferrari, scoring a career-best second-place finish with the latter at San Marino in 1994 after taking the DTM title in Germany the year before. The veteran Italian racer has been with the Chevy team in the WTCC since 2005, and scored his first race victory in the series in the second round of the double-header in Marrakech after his team-mate Rob Huff turned the first pole position for the new Chevrolet Cruze racer into the car’s maiden victory in the first race. Huff’s domination from start to finish was only compounded by the fastest laps that the Cruze claimed en route to the checkered flag in both races. The duo faced tough opposition from a field composed primarily of Seat Leon TSFI and BMW 320si touring cars, but the new Chevy ultimately prevailed at the new North African track.

MontezeMoLo’s Revenge: feRRaRi chief to staRt Le Mans f
errari’s participation in Formula One is so firmly entrenched in the identities of both the world championship and the Italian automaker that its abandonment of the series is almost unthinkable. But thinking about just that, according to some commentators, is what Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo wants people to start doing, as a spate of heated correspondence flies back and forth between Maranello and Paris, seat of motorsport’s governing body, the FIA. Montezemolo, who also serves as chairman of the Fiat group and head of the Formula One Teams Association, has been invited to ceremonially start this year’s 24 hours of Le Mans by the ACO, where he will be joined by Scuderia Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicalli. And while to some it may seem entirely benign, others insist that it’s a shot across the bow of the SS Max Mosley, the FIA chief who’s been pushing new cost-cutting regulations to which Ferrari, among several other teams, is vehemently opposed. But could Ferrari really leave Formula One? This isn’t the first time the idea’s been floated, following a recent campaign to form a renegade spin-off series and Ferrari’s Indy program in the 80’s, to name just a couple of examples. The hard, cold truth that Mosley must be realizing is that Le Mans series endurance sports car racing has grown in profile to rival that of Formula One, and even if Ferrari’s participation in the series is currently limited primarily to GT2, where it has taken numerous class victories, its heritage at the iconic French track is nearly as firmly entrenched as it is on the world’s grand prix circuits.



reaegnothaccees Dov Y t A R er Su c ss Pr
Over 80 Cars and Bikes Compete


he latest Drag round proved to be yet another successful event at the Bahrain International Circuit as over 80 cars and bikes made their way from across the region to compete in the fifth round of the ALBA Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship. Following intense competition in the fourth round and record-breaking times, this round saw drivers’ step up to the plate, after a break since the last round. No doubt it was the crucial penultimate round to score top times and positions as the lead up to the grand finale where the season’s champion will be crowned is right up ahead! AM 39




Street Fwd: 1 2 3 Fadhel Saleh (BRN) 11.473@192.67 (Al Sham Team) Adel Hassan (BRN) 12.063@170.36 (Team KFH) Moh’d Saleh (BRN) 11.756@189.27 (Al Sham Team)

Street Rwd: 1 2 3 Sayed Nader (BRN) 11.483@188.16 Jameel Ebrahim (BRN) 11.900@179.82 Jaffar Al Qassab (BRN) 12.426@180.75

Street V8: 1 2 3 Mishal Suliyman (KWT) 8.921@243.70 (Q8 Racing Team) Ahmed al Zaabi (KWT) 9.117@244.99 (Team STS) Ali Haji (BRN) 9.689@226.54

Super Street Fwd: 1 2 3 Moh’d A.Redha (BRN) 10.101@220.23 A.Rahman Mubarak (BRN) 10.386@236.02 (Team Bin Hasher) Ebrahim Mubarak (BRN) 10.344@193.96 (Team Bin Hasher)

Super Street Rwd: 1 2 3 Moh’d Haji (BRN) 8.414@269.46 (Team Get Boost) Saad Al Muran (BRN) 8.603@270.34 (Team Top Speed) Yousif Abdulla (BRN) 11.230@206.21

Super Street V8: 1 2 3 Yasser Shams (BRN) 9.778@220.88 (Team Sniper) Mizher Al Tanak (KWT) 1.793@118.37 (Team STS) Moh’d Ghanim (KSA) 9.091@242.20

Competition 7.5: 1 2 3 Rashid Bin Tammem (UAE) 7.510@286.16 (Team Top Speed) Hisham AL Mulla (KSA) 7.774@276.94 (Team SPG) Tariq Hadi (BRN) 7.591@293.16 (Team TRT)

Outlaw Fwd: 1 2 3 Bader Janahi (BRN) 9.200@196.93 (Team KFH) Ebrahim Mubark (BRN) 9.938@245.13 (Team Bin Hasher) Ali Asalim (BRN) 11.046@266.50 41



Outlaw Rwd: 1 Ahmed Al Tayeb (KSA) 8.977@249.97 (Team Mobile) 2 3 Moh’d AlJazeeri (BRN) 10.360@217.45 Ali Abdulla (BRN) 11.482@189.14

Outlaw 10.5: 1 2 3 Salah Salahuddin (BRN) 7.014@321.97 (Team QRT) Hussain Alshumeri (KWT) 8.204@268.58 (Team Q8 Racing) Khalid Yousif (BRN) 9.377@230.64

Pro Mod: 1 2 3 Khalid Moh’d (BRN) 6.205@363.73 (Team Bahrain 1 Racing) Ali Aryan (BRN) 8.098@191.04 (Team Bahrain 1 Racing) Ali Al Kaabi (UAE) 6.344@359.78 (Team SPG)

Street Bike: 1 2 3 Khalid Al Dooseri (KSA) 8.701@263.60 Bader Bin Edan (KWT) 8.907@260.62 (Team STS) Waleed Al Bdeen (KSA) 8.999@256.59

Super Street Bike: 1 2 3 Mishari Al Turki (KSA) 8.064@295.00 Hatan Al abadi (KSA) 7.892@299.91 Raffat Alshareef (KSA) 9.331@240.34

Pro Bike: 1 2 3 Mishal Al Saber (KWT) 7.192@256.41 (Team STS) Moh’d Bu Rashid (KWT) 7.448@289.20 Khalid Al Foozan (KWT) 9.692@233.89

Personal Best:

Fadhel Saleh (BRN) 11.473@192.67 (Al Sham Team) Moh’d A.Redha (BRN) 10.101@220.23 Moh’d Haji (BRN) 8.414@269.46 (Team Get Boost) New Record in the 7.5 CompetitionRashid Bin Tammem (UAE) 7.510@286.16 (Team Top Speed) 43





Motorox Café Hosts


round of tHe
ournalists and members of the media got to witness Brawn GP’s Jenson Button clinch his fourth victory this season, at the fifth round of the FIA Formula One World Championship in Spain, and pick up prizes following the Formula 1 screening at Motorox Café. Senior PR Executive at Bahrain International Circuit Mohammed Al Awadhi thanked the media for watching a thrilling race and for their continued support during the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix and the rest of the year. He added that their hard work and tireless efforts during Bahrain’s sixth hosting of the Formula 1TM World Championship had not gone unnoticed and the attendance figures along with the growing motorsport interest and awareness in the Kingdom as well as the region were clear indicators of the work they were doing. In addition, he thanked Layalina Magazine and Motorox Café for their ongoing support of this event and looked forward to the next screening. Following the screening, he presented members of the media with prizes courtesy of Bahrain International Circuit and Layalina. Among the raffle draw winners were Abdulla Ashoor, Fadhel Mo’men, Jassim Al Yafee, Sadeq Al Fardan and Mohammed Fakhreddin from the BIC Media Club. AM




tHe sCreening of tHe

f1 CHaMpionsHip



Al Hekma hosts Typhoon car show as over 100 cars show up to participate.


ven the scorching sun wasn’t hot enough for these cool car enthusiasts as they rolled out their blinged up rides to participate in the Al Hekma School’s Typhoon car Show. Anticipating only a local turnout we were quite impressed to see that quite a few GCC enthusiasts had stepped up to the challenge too. Yours truly were invited to judge the event. Previous winners were seen at the event as well as new comers with everything from glamorous Porsches to underground Integra’s mixin it up to show how hard core things are in the overlysunny islands of Bahrain.







Sadly though the organization of the event was not up to the mark and participants and attendees were heavily disappointed. Isa Saa’d an attendee said “I’ve been coming to this event for a longtime now but this year it was really bad. There was no organization, people were coming and parking their cars as they pleased and non of the organizers were present to even give you a hand.” Another attendee Hamad Hilal said “My friends who had their cars displayed were asking organizers for rules, for details and no body bothered to even answer them. Moreover you had so many cars that were straight of the showroom with nothing extra on them put on display. Certain parts of the show feel like a second-hand car showroom.” As for us at Arabia Motors who were invited to judge the show our judged got third degree too. Chief Judge Mohammed Bahar said “There was a lot of confusion, with organizers running around but not focused on getting anything done. We were invited and nobody even bothered to provide us with a bottle of water in the searing heat. And once we had finished judging the event we were told that we would be sent the results and nothing again.” So sorry folks, your names have not been mentioned only because the organizers have disappeared! AM


Been there done that
How long have you been working in Bahrain?

M speaks to Dr. Ulf Ausprung, General Manager, Al Haddad Motors, who recently took up his position in Bahrain after a long association with the Mercedes brand.


It has only been my tenth week since I’ve been here in Bahrain.

How do you find the Middle East market compared to the other places?
Well, as compared to China the Bahrain market is much less complex. The nice thing about this island and the car market is that it evokes immediate response once you do something right and vice versa. In contrast, China, with a population of 1.5 billion people has a car market of 6 million vehicles out of which 250,000 are luxury segment cars; so in such a place you need a different marketing and promotional tools. Also, Mercedes, the world over has always been highly regarded but its brand recall is much stronger in the Middle East.

Could you give us a brief background on yourself and what brought you o Bahrain?

Over the years I’ve been associated with Daimler-Chrysler, now de-merged into separate companies. For twelve years, I was involved in retail consulting all over Europe dealing in used and new cars and after sales service whilst professionalizing Mercedes Benz dealerships. In 1998, I build the Smart Car brand from scratch which involved putting up a dynamic designing and engineering team and investors for a wholesale operation. This was one of the most interesting and challenging periods in my career. Later, I took over the responsibilities of Switzerland operations whereby I led the Chrysler Jeep business as the Managing Director. My prime deliverables were in the areas of – product sales, after sales, marketing, public relations, and spare parts business. This was a good overall management experience for me. My next assignment was in Detroit, U.S for Chrysler which finally brought me to China, where I worked for five years. Truly, the communist country is an interesting and complex market. In between, I had thought about doing something on my own, but eventually, through the Daimler network the Bahrain option came up and I said to myself that it is a good opportunity to be back on the Mercedes side. It was an immediate decision that I took and now I’m here in this beautiful country.

The most popular one is the S Class 350 which comes under the top-end segment. With top-notch features and key attributes the S class provides a ultimate comfort, state-of-the-art technology to the high-income community that can afford such luxury cars. In addition, we have the AMG S Class which is also a popular car in Bahrain. The other model that is selling quite well is the very masculine looking C Class.

What is the most popular selling Mercedes car in Bahrain?

For a while now, Mercedes cars have been viewed by enthusiasts to be on the softer side as oppose to BMW, however, lately things seem to have changed? Is this true?
Yes it is true, no matter which part of the world you are in BMW has always been carrying the sporty image and we have always been more on the luxury upscale image. But then again two and half years ago the AMG elements became more visible and today these packages are getting a much stronger hold on our cars. For instance, the AMG package for the E Class gives the car a completely different look, more of a sporty design than the base model which is more of a traditional and conservative design. So yes we have changed over the years.



Is Mercedes planning another Supercar after the SLR? If so, when is it due?
Yes… I am sure you must have heard about the SLS AMG Gullwing. It’s sort of reminiscence back to the 1950s where we had the 300SL with Gullwing doors, however, this time it is a hundred percent in-house development. I don’t have all the technical details but it’s a 6.3 liter AMG engine which has been beefed up with 911 turbo and it’s going to play well in the Ferrari league. The plan is to show the car later this year in one of the motor shows and the launch will actually happen sometime in 2010. That’s going to be our new top-of-the-league car.

What are the other Mercedes cars that we should look forward to this year?
For 2009, we are planning to launch the E Coupe between June-July. It’s a nice car raised on a different platform of the E Class hence the name E Coupe. Next we are looking forward to a soft facelift for the S Class in September or October in addition to the GL. Also, more CL Class models will be coming in later this year

Which is your all-time favorite Mercedes car?
I personally love the Mercedes sports cars mainly the smaller ones with sporty characteristics, strong driving abilities and acoustics. My all time favorite is the SL55 AMG.

What message do you have for your loyal customers in the region?
In the next twelve months, we shall be adding new dimensions to our sales and after-sales services aimed at increasing the customer satisfaction levels. We are planning to upgrade our services environment whereby customers get a strong feel of the brand and engage in a memorable experience with us. Thus by the year-end we will lift our business by taking customer satisfaction to the next level. AM


We drive Merc’s all new state-of-art, gadget packed E-350

ets face it the E-Class is and has been the bread and butter of Mercedes-Benz’s lineup. This premium midsize sedan is set squarely between the company’s compact C-Class and flagship S-Class, and Mercedes-Benz considers the all-new 2010 E-Class to be its most important new car of the year. We get into the driver’s seat of this latest rendition and bring you the low-down on the product that has set a new bench mark for its class!

in Dubai


The E-Class’s angular new skin creases sharply and has rounded rear haunches that resolve in geometric taillights which complement its squinty, faceted headlights. LED daytime running lights create a mean countenance and its form follows function as well: It boasts a slippery .25 drag coefficient. Overall the shape is conforms Women and a lot of other folks will mistake this for an S-Class! Beneath the sheet metal, a steel unibody chassis has been modified to offer improved impact absorption and up to 30 percent more rigidity, thanks to new high-strength steel alloys. Adaptive shock absorbers adjust

stiffness according to damping forces. A new, electronically controlled Airmatic damping system comes standard in the E550 and E550 4Matic, and is available as an option on the V6 E350 which we drove. Seats with additional foam filling and optional active and massaging functions (trickled down from the S-Class) offer more long-distance comfort. Of course everything comes at a price! This is Mercedes guys! Eleven standard airbags and the usual litany of electronic aids grace the new E-Class, as well as a lengthy list of hightech safety features. Like its predecessor, the E-Class includes the Pre-safe system, which optimizes seat belt tension and airbag actuation when an accident is imminent. Equipped with the optional Distronic radar-based cruise control, Brake Assist Plus uses two short-range radar sensors to detect distance from vehicles ahead and supplements brake pressure to help avoid collision. Audible and visual warnings accompany the system’s braking, and if the driver doesn’t apply brakes and an accident is unavoidable, the system will apply full stopping power in order to reduce impact. Mercedes calls this its “digital crumple zone,” and we think it makes a lot of sense. The E-Class also inherits Blind Spot Assist from the S-Class, which lights up the side mirrors when a neighboring car occupies an area of the adjacent lane the driver cannot see. An audio warning engages if the turn signals are used and there’s a car in the way. The Lane Departure Warning system




senses drifting across lanes and gently vibrates the steering wheel to alert the driver and a drowsiness detection system monitors more than 70 parameters including steering angle in order to pick up on clues that the driver is falling asleep. If the vehicle decides the operator is too sleepy for safe driving, an audible warning chimes and a visual warning appears on the instrument panel. Night View Assist Plus is available as a stand-alone option and improves upon the system originally found in the E-Class’s larger stablemate. Night View features clearer visuals and a pedestrian-detection function which highlights human-like shapes with bracket graphics. The 2010 E350 and E550 sedans are available this summer in Sport or Luxury configurations. The E350 will feature the 268-hp, 3.5-liter V6, while the E550 will be equipped with the 382-hp 5.5-liter V8. Expect all-wheel-drive 4Matic and the steroidal E63 AMG to arrive later this year, while a 50-state E350 Bluetec diesel is expected by early 2010.

The Drive
We were impressed the moment we climbed into our E350: its tony leather and matte wood-lined cabin is much improved over the outgoing model. It is a serene driving environment. Equipped with the optional leather-lined dashboard, the more angular interior feels ergonomic yet upscale, and the knurled controller is surrounded by function buttons that make it easier to use. There are just enough controls on the dash to ease functionality without cluttering up the expanses of leather, aluminum, and wood. The steering-wheel-mounted shifter frees up space on the center console, and when the E-Class gets rolling the driver is met with reassuring feedback. Acceleration is smooth with strong pull in the middle and upper rpm ranges, but in Sport mode, the transmission doesn’t shift as aggressively as you might expect. With an emphasis on comfort and predictability, the E350 seems more concerned with consistency than it does with outright performance. Merc have also offered the Night Vision with the E-Class which means at night you’ll see black cutouts of human silhouettes by the roadside, with the system quickly identifying them and tracking their shapes as you pass. We didn’t get a chance for an evening drive to verify how exactly this is done but the PR material handed to us showed nothing short of awe inspiring technological breakthroughs. Adaptive headlights turn to follow the road and will dim high beams when cars approach from the opposite direction.

The Bottom Line
The new E-Class is a crucial car for Mercedes-Benz, and it comes at a time when consumers are focused more on core values, rather than flash or ostentatious one-upmanship. Thanks to its plusher interior and level-headed on-road demeanor, the new E-Class may steal some comfortoriented BMW 5 Series owners. And when the new E63 rolls around, you can bet the thrill-seeking contingency will be equally impressed. AM 54


Specs may vary Per Region
Engines/transmissions: 220 CDI; 2,143cc four-cylinder diesel, 168bhp at 4,200rpm, 295lb ft of torque at 2,899rpm, five-speed automatic transmission. 250 CDI: 2,143cc four-cyl diesel, 201bhp at 4,200rpm, 369lb ft at 1,800rpm, fivespeed auto. 350 CDI: 2,987cc V6 diesel, 228bhp at 3,800rpm, 398lb ft at 2,400rpm, sevenspeed auto. 350 CGI: 3,498cc V6 petrol, 288bhp at 6,400rpm, 269lb ft at 5,100rpm, sevenspeed auto. E 500: 5,461cc V8 petrol, 382bhp at 6,000rpm, 391lb ft at 4,800rpm, sevenspeed auto. All rear-wheel drive. Performance: 220 CDI; top speed 144mph, 0-62mph in 8.3sec, EU Urban fuel consumption 34.9mpg, CO2 emissions 159g/km. 250 CDI: 150mph, 7.4sec, 34.9mpg, 159g/km. 350 CDI: 154mph, 6.9sec, 31.4mpg, 179g/km. 350CGI: 155mph, 6.3sec, 22.6mpg, 199g/km. E 500: 155mph, 5.3sec, 17.2mpg, 256g/km.



Ahmed’s take on “life on wheels”

MUch Ado AboUt NothiNg!


missed up on far too many s people are different. opportunities with the gentler sex des the obvious Besi rambling on about motoring and variety in looks, I have spent far too much money shapes and sizes, fueling such an interest. But like rent we have diffe an aspiring teenage DJ, playing tastes, interests and a gig for his Red Bull intoxicated ities. These prior crowd, thanks to a borrowed last three variables mixer and huge speakers which (please excuse my statistical he scrounged (from his parents + speak) are what this new birthday and good grades fund), monthly column is all about its damn well worth it. obviously in the field of motoring. My name is Ahmed Al inant For some, music is the dom Derazi. I have been writing for their lives, ranking as feature of this magazine on an on-and-off the “highly important” priority in basis for the past six years. I life; igniting a pulse inside every was the magazine’s first foreign is played time a certain tune correspondent, covering motor (interest); and being selective shows in Europe, that’s besides and specific of the type of the test drives; and I was the e). The music they listen to (tast one who got you interviews with dominant feature in my life is the 8 Formula One drivers in one d of motoring. underrated worl issue! I have been given an I think watching Knight opportunity to write a column in Rider as a toddler on Bahrain’s Arabia Motors for a while, but I a deep Channel 55 sparked didn’t know how to start, till now. interest within me about cars, Now that you know what subsided, even which has not the world of motoring means to after watching the rather me, expect to read my opinions crappy half hearted attempt on this very page every month ht at a sequel: Team Knig starting with this issue. It may be Rider. In fact on the contrary; very thought provoking, it may with age, experience and be very critical of the way world ished education, my interest flour functions, it may be very light and and I began to understand, humorous. Either way, expect it tually appreciate and even to honest and opinionated. I may criticize much deeper than just not be the most knowledgeable the technological masterpiece on cars, bikes and pimping out –of what we merely call a car vehicles but I understand and but the whole life that revolves live the life of motoring on an ght and around it; from the thou everyday basis. I never shy away design of a car to the actual from telling you what I believe. influence it has on our lives. Oh and I think I am always right. Such an interest has not Look out for my column. AM always fared me too well. I have


New Car reviews

BLAST from The pAST
he new Challenger marked the return of the legendary muscle-car nameplate from Dodge. Unfamiliar to GCC residents, but revered by American enthusiasts, the Challenger utilizes retro styling that is largely a rethinking of the original 1970s Challenger's 2-door design. Sold only in top-spec SRT-8 trim with a steep GCC price tag, the Challenger isn't the affordable muscle it used to be back in the day. A total of 6400 of these head turners were built and each came with a numbered plaque on the dash panel. Under the hood, the Challenger features Dodge's 6.1-liter overhead valve Hemi V8 that also powers the SRT8 versions of the Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300 and Jeep Grand Cherokee. The V8 puts out 425 horsepower at 6200 rpm and 420 lb.-ft. of torque at 4800 rpm. The Challenger's lone transmission will be a five-speed automatic with an AutoStick manual shiftgate. Dodge says the Challenger will launch from 0-100 kph in 4.9 seconds and cover the quarter-mile in 13.3 seconds. Fuel economy will suffer accordingly. Like the concept car, the Challenger SRT8 is based on a shortened version of the LX platform that underpins the Dodge Magnum and Charger and Chrysler 300. The production car is true to the design of the concept, but the concept was four inches wider. The production car features a multilink short and long arm front suspension and a five-link independent rear suspension with Bilstein shocks. Vented 14.2-inch diameter rotors will be found up front, with vented 13.8-inch discs in back. Four-piston Brembo calipers will put the clamps down at each corner. The tires will be P245/45R20s up


front and P255/45R20s in back on aluminum wheels. Dodge says it has engineered the Challenger SRT8 to brake from 100kph to 0 in 110 feet and post a 0.90 lateral G on the skid pad. The Challenger SRT8 is offered in three colors: Brilliant Black Crystal Pearl Coat, Bright Silver Metallic, and Hemi Orange. Exterior features include highintensity discharge headlights, dual functional hood scoops, "carbon fiber-like" dual racing stripes, and a flat black rear lip spoiler. Inside, the Challenger has seating for five, a 290 kph speedometer, and leather upholstery with suede inserts, stitched accents, and orange accent stripes. Like other SRT models, the Challenger has a "Reconfigurable Display" in the vehicle information center. This feature displays "performance pages," which can provide readouts of lateral and longitudinal G forces, 1/8- and 1/4-mile time and speed, 0-100 kph time, and braking distance. Other standard features include Sirius Satellite Radio and a 13-speaker Kicker High Performance audio system with a 322-watt amplifier and 200-watt subwoofer. Dodge's MyGIG hard drive radio and UConnect hands free cell phone link are also available as options. Safety equipment include curtain side air bags, antilock brakes with brake assist, traction control, and electronic stability control tuned for performance handling characteristics. Too bad a high price and a non-existent marketing campaign will make the Challenger a rarity on our local roads. The Dodge Challenger SRT8 comes with a price tag of BD24, 000 and not only that but a convertible is rumored to be in the works. AM


Audi Q5
ith Manchester United recently winning the Premiership title, we decided to celebrate the win by test driving one of the sponsor’s latest offerings – the all new Audi Q5. But even before we begin talking about the product, we can tell you, that the Audi has won the design war, even before the battle has begun!


How do I look?
The symbolic Audi grille has been carried over to the Q5 although for some reason it seems to look a whole lot better here. It also shares many features carried down from its sisters such as the front lights of an Audi A3 and taillights of the Audi Q7. Inside the cabin is erm…an Audi A4! Which is not a bad thing as the A4’s ergonomics are class leading in most cases. Think of it this way, your A4 can now take you anywhere!

The Details
Audi’s Quattro four-wheel system is present and correct, this is a 4X4 remember with a 40 to 60 ratio front-rear torque that has been split to apparently give a more sporting drive, and it does!

The car handles fairly tidily, slipping into safe and secure understeer if you push too far. One thing that is very impressive about the Q5 is that for a 4X4, it never feels top heavy, its turning is sharp and accurate, so much so that you may even find yourself adjusting to its brilliance! We preferred testing the car on the average Bahraini road seeing as highways are just the connection of one bumpy road to another and in total honestly, the car is a lot more fun to drive when you have to dodge pot holes and deal with cats crossing like a game of frogger!



Visibility is good and the Q5 is compact enough to never intimidate the driver in urban driving. The huge door mirrors make the optional blind spot warning system almost redundant, though they also create a lot of wind noise at cruising speeds, which is one of the reasons we preferred the smaller village drive throughs.

Will you survive?
Let’s put it this way. Those of you who are expecting something earth shatteringly new will be disappointed. Having said that, Audi has established itself in the market well enough not to need something new to make its mark. The Q5 is a line straight down the middle of the medium sized SUV class. It’s well built and the perceived quality is high. It handles tidily which is all it will ever need to do, while it will manage any off-road work should you leave the tarmac. Those four rings on the nose are still a strong hook for many buyers and we see no reason why Audi won’t sell as many Q5s as it can make.

The Presence of Audi
The Q5 is certainly spacious, with an optional sliding rear bench. The controls are as intuitive as ever and the buttons and dials as slick to push, prod and twist as ever. There’s a new MMI system, with topographic sat-nav maps which displays buildings in a three dimensional view, pretty cool. If you are having difficulty choosing from the long list of rivals, then we’d tell you to pick the Q5 over the retro-styled Merc GLK or the oldish looking BMW X3. This car looks buff and suave at the same time. It’s like the Daniel Craig of the 007 range! If we sound underwhelmed by the Q5, then we don’t mean to be. It doesn’t do anything vastly new but it does do all its needs to do pretty well. It’s a compact Audi 4x4 and that’s been one obvious hole in Audi’s range. The Q5 has plugged that gap and that’s all it needs to do. AM 59

A ClAssiC Re-BoRn
s we were driving to the Dubai Autodrome, my attention starred away to catch a glimpse of this odd looking car recently launched by VW, the all new VW Scirocco - a uniquely designed vehicle – a car that seems to have quite a bit going for it. Volkswagen Middle East organized a horrific trip (a less then 24hour stay in Dubai in which to test drive 5 cars!!!) in which they gave media journalists around the gulf an opportunity to test out this remarkable re-born work of art. As we finished the press conference, I could tell that 90pc of my esteemed colleagues and fellow journalists were itching to get their hands on one car and one car alone - the Scirocco – to drive it around the twisting winding track of the Dubai Autodrome. The only thing bothering me at this point was, why in the world were all the cars painted in lime green!?


Adel Akram gets his hand on the reborn, eighties’ iconic hothatch from VW.

Love at First Sight

I took some time in just eyeing the car all around and quite honestly there wasn’t one negative thing that came to mind. It simply looks fabulous, from the shape to poise, to the aerodynamics. Most people not in the know will probably say “Wow! That’s how the Golf should have been built!” But guys this is not a Golf wannabe. It is a Sirocco hatchback – a car with a personality of its own. For those of you who don’t know the sheetmetal on the Sirocco was penned by design legen Guigaro who managed to mix in attributes that exuberate modest performance mixed with practicality and efficiency. Next up the interior too was quite impressive, it had similar attributes to those of a VW. The ergonomics looked well laid out and the entire cabin


had the bullet-proof German feel to it. The driver and passenger seats were comfortable and sporty where as the gears and controls were all well within reach. in terms of performance, with a top speed of 145 mph, a 0-to-60 time of 7.1 seconds. Although I have to admit that the Scirocco feels a lot faster than its performance figures might indicate.

The Drive

After pushing the car through tight turns, long straights & elevated chicane runs, the Scirocco proved its worth in doing what it was exactly made to do. Go fast and handle well! Being a front wheel drive, the car handles phenomenally well. The paddle shifts worked smoothly without the slightest bit of hesitation or lag. Throttle response is instantaneous courtesy of a turbochaged, 197 hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder that delivers 207 lb-ft of torque. Driving the front wheels is a choice of sixspeed manual or six-speed DSG automatic gearbox. The two are virtually interchangeable

The Verdict

When the time came to end our session of testing one of the best technically & physically designed cars by VW, there was only one thought poking away in my mind. Let’s be frank, the Scirocco is really just a much better-looking Golf GTI with less room and a BD12,000 starting sticker price. VW have managed to dust of its old badge with just enough design glitz and dazzle to make the Scirocco just a bit more desirable and glamorous then its sibling. With excellent handling and V6 engine variations, this is the VW that most young dudes have been waiting for (well actually nostalgic men in their forties would also cream for it given the Siroccos iconic eighties past). As for us, being crazy about hatchbacks as we are, this car comes as a highly recommended and even more slicker looking option then the Golf Gti for performance enthusiasts. A first rate thumbs up! AM




t took me a while to come up with an opening line for this story and then it suddenly hit me. Why not keep it real…real for this genuine all-American road terror…to put it simply…The Camaro is back!

bs up, drive manifesto) giving it the thum t into it was only a matter of time till it wen n and thus finally reached our productio hands of shores here in the GCC. Into the for this enthusiasts who’ve been waiting s. latest installment a good coupla year Built on GM’s Zeta full-size platform, ension, it sports a fully independent susp along with evocative, contemporary g totally styling that thankfully misses bein hardcore Camaro lovers it retro. For the that should come to them as no surprise n for the 2010 model came from inspiratio ran from saw the first-generation Camaro that For us here in the GCC, we first as a 1967 to 1969. a glimpse of this re-invented icon is then a “My favourite view of the 2010 car concept car way back in 2007. And lders, in looking backwards ... at the shou of it was given to mouth watering pre-view urn, ie when it the rear-view mirror,” says Ed Welb us in last year ’s Transformers mov red GM’s head of design. Who was pictu d “Bumble-bee”! was un-iconically calle ing the s and ‘YouTubed’ all over the net hugg With the Aussie part of GM (guy wheel new Camaro. responsible for sticking with the rear





Chevy finally makes ’em how they should be!



The TestDrive Experience

ensions and plank of wood coupled with susp (not carbon-fibre) body-shell covered by a fibre V8 that looked like a soap bar. handed the keys to a magnificent I was told us However the PR guys at GM had rally my expectations were SS model and natu ged with the new car and that things have chan that the soaring as I was earlier told by GM weren’t ly for once I can honestly say that they iter V-6, (the base model) is near 323-hp, 3.6-l that some of the tech from the lying! It seems So….with a as powerful as the Mustang GT!! rams has t was I Z06 and Holden development prog iter V-8 stuffed under its hood, wha can 6.2-l way into the Camaro and the car found its to expect? road. The car has got now actually grip the ally the The easiest thing to do… or actu out back independent multilink suspensions ral thing to do when handed the keys most natu s of the 245/45 front and and the stickines t your foot to an American muscle car is to plan ch wheels 275/40 rear tires mounted on 20-in launch. e the throttle and wait for the catapult on fail one bit. Wheel diameters rang does not e and the Let’s just say I followed procedur , to 20-inchers for the from 18-inches on base slams you Camaro did not disappoint. Yes it od V8-engined SS models. your seat and is an absolute hot-r LT back in to The entry-level 3.6-litre V6 (LS and again, power was never in that regard but then 24-valve models) is a cutting-edge DOHC The major car. really an issue even with the last valve direct-injection unit with variable Which is problem was always the handling. er. The timing that churns out 323 horsepow -gen Camaro’s optional why so many of the previous s dard manual transmission and the stan lamppost found themselves wrapped around both six-speeds. automatic are inside! To and trees…complete with drivers onto a it simply, it was an engine strapped put



Interior details r cabin, a wellpassenge

Inside the fourern design executed balance of heritage, mod licity and and attention to detail conveys simp nt with contemporary details in the refineme using low cluster, switches, dials and lighting, t. Only gloss, soft touch surfaces throughou all this has been done in plastic. problem is e or leather But then anybody expecting a sued d for ped steering wheel and dashboar wrap es are selling at must the prices these babi touches be blatantly optimistic! But nice little ient light package, and the like the amb gy, give the advanced LED light pipe technolo really, n a distinctive glow, something we cabi really liked!. in square Deep, recessed gauges, located ned in chrome, give a nod to housings outli instrument the classic Camaro interior. The engine l includes both speedometer and pane information centre located rpm, with a driver outs and between the large gauges – its read

the steering features controlled via a stalk on optional, console-mounted gauge column. An temperature, package includes oil pressure, oil re. and transmission fluid temperatu volts plaint I had with the car The only real com t headroom was its limited supply of front-sea of like the old car. Also to be which is kind of room precise there isn’t much of any kind back seat. But, the combination of in the stment, available eight-way power seat adju ring, plus standard tilt and telescopic stee e comfort easy to find for most should mak e in the people above average… but thos r Moe nd “above-average” like our edito beyo usly just give it a pass! Kayani should serio

n Powertraithe 2010 Camaro beats

At the heart of ce in an engine that delivers performan re power unexpected ways, especially whe as an ideal is concerned, securing its stance . vehicle for the Middle East



As mentioned earlier there are two Injection engine options available; a Direct pumping out 323hp available in 3.6L V6 ontrol manual and six speed Driver-Shift-C ) automatic transmission, a first for (DSC 6.2L V8 Camaro, while the more powerful 462hp with engine in the SS version produces six ual and 441hp with the automatic the man ion. speed DSC transmiss nel their All of the Camaro’s engines chan onsive chassis that features power to a resp ons, large independent front and rear suspensi el-disc brake systems with standard four-whe c stability ABS and GM’s StabiliTrak electroni rol system. cont

has coffin that was its predecessor. GM ty a comprehensive system of safe deployed use of high strength features including the areas and ultra high-strength steel in key structure. Secondary safety throughout the air bags, features include the regular front load limiters and front passenger safety belt detection air-bag deployment suppression m to ensure that your passenger syste head-first doesn’t make an involuntary exit through the windscreen.

track Take it to thepped with 19-inch wheels is equi


ld This is the part that most of you shou Yep, be reading with eyes wide open. rolling this Camaro is a lot safer then the

The Camaro ch wheels standard on the LT model and 20-in For SS models, 20-inch wheels as optional. 45R20 up are standard, with tire sizes of 245/ els and 275/40R20 at the rear. SS mod front Pirelli Pzero summer-only, are equipped with els and Z-rated tires. Twenty-one-inch whe



through tires are available as accessories vrolet dealerships. Che neering Andrew Holmes, Programme Engi Drive Manager for Global Rear Wheel Chevrolet Vehicles, said: “Driving the 2010 ension Camaro you can feel the rear susp the ing over every bump and crest in work cts are soaked up like they road. Road impa of ruts or barely exist, and even the harshest . ire only minor steering correction crags requ able to keep your foot Through it all, you are impurities on the gas, flying over harsh road es the Camaro handling in a way that mak ion.” characteristics superior to competit ever you want the freedom to drive If how , then you’ll on the road and also at the track use it t to get the SS - and not only beca wan with which to break loose the has more power standard rear wheels; all Camaros come with rol, but only the SS includes a stability cont

more… competitive/sport mode to allow a . In similar vein, the SS race like driving style a Launch with manual transmission also has tion for perfect starts, every time. Control func


cleverly The car itself, I like a lot. GM has ic muscle-car character and blended class ce it is. performance…and what a performan ts produced an amazing looking spor GM has there that wants to use it on car for anyone out you’d need or off the track. The only changes ediate future would be a spare set for the imm ing about of racing wheels. For those think term we can’t wait until one of you the long and get decides to slap on a super-charger the ZR1…for this thing rolling with the likes of t we call a fraction of a price. Now that’s wha money well spent! AM


tricks – the to Dubai to get a hang of VW’s latest bag of We fly

Golf VW
Golf MK6
to VW takes five fewer hours to produce on the production line than its predecessor.


he VW Golf is one of the most popular cars on the roads today. That’s because it is one of the very few cars that actually comes with decent options at a good price. A lot of online critics say that the previous golf should have been given a facelift in 2008, but because the Golf Mk5 was too expensive to manufacture and sales weren’t exactly that great, the entire exercise would have proved to be too costly. The new Golf however, is much cheaper to build and according

What’s new?
Well...pretty much everything. The whole car has been redesigned so every angle and body panel of the car is new, except for the roof. Because some of the parts have been borrowed from the Golf’s older brother, the Passat CC, and VW have added gadgets like the automatic parking aid, low-cost laser based cruise control and the integrated sat-nav/radio/ MP3/telephone system, this means that the new Golf still offers a new level of convenience that no other car in its class can match.



How does it drive?
After meeting at the beachside bar for an introduction and presentation from VW Middle East representatives we paired up with our partners and jumped into our cars and headed for Jebel Hafeet, the highest point in the UAE. On the roads of our desert route, everything inside was quiet and subdued. The ride is a lot smoother and steadier than the previous Golf and its competitors. Driving across rough sections of road was unnoticeable as the suspension effortlessly absorbs all the bumps so that all your fillings don’t come flying out. Thanks to the addition of low-noise foil around the windscreen, insulation around the windows and doors, and smoother door mirrors, passengers inside hardly hear a thing. The new Golf is more refined, but only a little, but this still makes it the most comfortable and quietest car in its class. It’s impressively hushed and comfy.

Creature Comfort
Apparently VW have cut costs in the interior as well, but for some reason you just won’t be able to see it, the richness is easy to appreciate inviting for you to look at the details. There is a lot of it inside the new Golf. And it remains that way. The traditional soft-touch dashboard is nothing but quality and the ergonomics have been designed to perfection. The best part though is the seats, they adjust in so many different directions that you are guaranteed to find a comfortable seating position no matter how tall or wide you are. The touch-screen entertainment system couldnt get any simpler to use, for many functions, you don’t need to push buttons repeatedly you simply slide your finger across the screen, as you would with an iPhone and we have finally found a clear rear-view camera that is sharp and actually shows you everything behind you. One downside is that the screen picks up fingerprints very easily, but nothing a lens cleaning cloth won’t fix every now and then. The tach and the speedometer are located within round tubes, and like the vents and shifter, they are surrounded by metallic accents that look more expensive than anything else we’ve seen in this class. To give it a classy finishing touch the piano black finish around the stereo and along the dash give the Golf a touch of class that outclasses all the competition. The touch-screen nav system is cool. One demerit: The gimmicky “rocket” button, which provides a spaceview perspective for a few seconds before returning to the previous map scale, is perhaps over the top.


A new power plant
VW cannot seem to stop going on and on about their new engines, and after spending about two and a half hours with the Golf TSI we can see why. The 1.4L 158hp 4 pot motor is nothing like we’ve seen before. Usually when you hear 1.4L you laugh and think that this thing has no power whatsoever, but thanks to VW’s new seven speed DSG or Direct Shift Gearbox, the Golf has no problem in accelerating quickly from a standstill or cruising along at low RPM’s on the highway. We couldnt help stretching the Golf’s legs on the highway a little, 200km/h comes up on the odometer quickly and comfortably, slowing back down to the legal 100km/h was just as quick thanks to the redesigned and now more powerful brakes.

Are we ‘For’ it?
Definitely yes, the new Golf is nicer to drive than its predecessor, quieter and more refined too. With its new looks and new features it looks like the Golf is on its way to becoming the #1 selling car in the world. The only question remaining now is, when are we going to see the GTi? AM

If you had a flat tire, are you the sort that would change it or would you pull over someone else to do it for you? Name? Age? Nationality
My name is Justine, I’m French and 28 minus 10 years old.

I’d call my maid! Or driver! Have you seen how it is outside these days??


I would like to be a politician someday…to help make the world a better place.

Turn On’s?

I think FB is great for making new friends but lately I think there’s a lot of sneaky predators on it. So one’s got to be careful!!

You’ve got a lot of friends on facebook, do you know them all or are you the type to just add anyone who applies?

Traffic police…good or bad?

Generally they are good, cuz they are here to protect us and help maintain our safety with rules and regulations. Having said that, that answer can change depending on the outcome of my driving exam.

I think that to get my attention a guy has got to be smart, funny and a bit humble.

Turn Off’s?

Can’ stand guys who think they’ve got it all whether its money or looks. For every dude who thinks he’s got a hot car, there’s someone else out there who’s got ten! For every guy who thinks he’s hot and has a six pack…there is Guillaume Canet.

Not completely…I sometimes do eat chicken in order to keep up my protein intake, but having said that I am aspiring to become a complete vegan.

We heard you are a vegetarian? What brought that about?

Did you know about Arabia Motors before we asked you for a shoot?

Yes I did…from a crappy source! But I guess all the guys are into it.

I like white chocolate. Black is not my cup of tea. What do you mean??? Like a normal person. Out of the fridge… Duh!!!

Like chocolate? Black or white?

What did you think of the shoot? You were pretty natural when it came to posing for the camera…is it part of being French?

Social networking sites? You for them or against them?

How do you like to eat it?

I think they are great to keep in touch with friends who are away and keep track of what’s goin on in each other’s lives. But lately I think they are kind of becoming an obsession to a lot of people. I guess they are ok as long as you don’t become addictive.

It was a great experience…although the wind did ruin some good shots. But I wouldn’t mind doing it again…but only if your readers want me back by popular demand.

Really important I guess…specially in this part of the world. In France you could ride a Moped and it would be ok. But here if you turn up in anything else then a Maserati or a Lambo you are automatically considered to be a loser. Which is sad!

How important is a car to a guy’s image?

So was it difficult getting ready for the shoot?

No, I got lucky because my friend Rabih helped me get prepared at his salon “Ellie & Jean”.

Do you watch football? Name your favorite team and player?

Well I still don’t have a driving license however the fastest I have been in a car is 260kph. I think when I get my drivers permit, I wouldn’t move without my sunglasses, my iPod and a few bottles of perfume in the glove compartment.

What is the fastest you’ve ever reached in a car?

I watch football occasionally and my favorite team is Olympique Lyonnais or more popularly just known as Lyon. My favorite player has to be Franck Ribery from Bayern Munich.

Necessary driving accessories?

Wow say that again! And again! And again!

‘Fghank Ghibbery” (AM: Its sounds divine in French! Alas you only need to remember the face!)

Hands down it has to be the Audi R8, Lamborghini and Maserati.

What is the nicest car you have seen in Bahrain?

If there was one thing that you could change about you, what would it be? (physical and character wise)

Well small cars are good. (AM: Damn!)

Does size matter? Big or small… car that is?

I would like to be a bit taller I suppose but apart them your really can’t perfect perfection, can you? (with an angelic smile)

Any parting comments for our readers?

Please, please, please…do not glue up these pages. AM




We drive the Gran Tursimo 4.2 across the Island…and back!

ust because we live in the Gulf, we get to do things differently! After driving the GranTurismo S about two months earlier we decided to get our hands on the slightly slower version of the car. Retrospectively speaking if the ‘S’ can shred tarmac then the GT 4.2 is quite capable of ripping it up to smithereens!
Before I begin ranting on about the car, let me just say that Maserati is back…give or take a few stumbles, of course! The first GranSport (the GT’s predecessor) was fast, but stylistically it resembled a Toyota Celica on steroids. The born-again Quattroporte is breathtakingly beautiful, but only recently did it finally get the automatic transmission it needed, as the original Cambiocorsa automated shifter was bad enough to warrant a visit to the dentist for new fillings. But the fix is in, and the 2009 Maserati GranTurismo proves it.

Starting With Something Good
A little re-cap for the non enthusiasts or the neo-enthusiasts to be precise. Maserati is a company that has a lineage of highperformance exotic GT cars — like the 1500S, A6GCS and the 3500GT, not to mention the exclusive 5000GT that was sold to royalty like the Agha Khan and the Shah of Iran. Therefore in penning this latest iteration, Pininfarina stylists had much tradition to draw upon. So there’s no confusing the GranTurismo with any model… say a Ferrari or…erm a Ferrari.

Lay eyes on the new car and you know that this car demands serious respect even from the local car wash guy, who’s practically seen it all in the nou-streets of Adliya. A wide, traditional Maserati grille with a prominent trident badge bares its teeth like the flared mouth of a serpent ready to strike. The body is curvaceous, yet finely drawn. The bi-xenon headlights have an angular shape, but once you step back, they blend perfectly into the car and look like the eyes of an angry cobra complementing its sharp fangs.


underscores the realization that this new Maser means business. Maserati claims an output of 405 horsepower at 7,100 rpm, while peak torque amounts to 339 poundfeet of torque at 4,750 rpm, of which 75 percent is available at 2,500 rpm. Maybe 405 hp doesn’t seem like enough in these heady days of 500-hp offerings from AMG and M-Sport, but it’s more than adequate to launch the GranTurismo to 60 mph from a dead stop in just 5.1 seconds, and it’ll carry this car to 177 mph if you dare. The six-speed automatic transmission adapts delightfully to your intentions. Drive aggressively and it downshifts with alacrity (even stopping fuel flow for a nanosecond to minimize shift shock) when you need to summon all the horses for a fast pass on an open stretch of radar free road. The tranny is the same automatic featured in the new Quattroporte sedan, it’s been more aggressively calibrated for the GranTurismo.

The roof line is an especially elegant arch that curves gracefully into a fashionably short deck. At first glance, you’ll think berlinetta, a little coupe, but there’s actually a lot of room behind those small rear side windows. Muscular rear haunches and a very slight forward rake underscore the perception that the car is poised to leap forward. Meanwhile, prominently sculpted wheel openings are filled with handsome 19inch alloys that carry Pirelli P Zero tires, 245/40R19s in front and 285/40R19s in the rear. Optional 20-inchers with 245/35R20s and 285/35R20s can be selected, and these carry a bold multispoke design adapted from the Birdcage 75 concept car that Maserati displayed at the Geneva auto show.

then trimmed the rear overhang by nearly 3 inches. The GranTurismo measures 192.2 inches overall on a 115.8-inch wheelbase, so the car is comparable in size to a BMW 6 Series, Jaguar XK and Mercedes-Benz CL500. The GranTurismo is Italian through and through, so there’s a palpable sensuality to the interior that reveals itself in that warm Poltrona Frau leather (available in 10 colors), accented with a choice of either wood or body-color trim. In fact this car is a riot of colors, as there are 19 color options for the steering wheel, shift knob and dashboard. There’s even a palette of optional colors for the brake rotors. The look is sustained by the sensual curvature of the handmade seats and door panels, the inviting tactility of the controls and the presence of Maserati’s trademark analog clock. Oh yes! And that exquisitely balanced sound system. There’s slightly more room in the GranTurismo 2+2’s rear seat than its BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz competition (especially the Jag), and the space is nicely outfitted with armrests, climate control vents, storage pockets and even a pair of cupholders.

Italian Car, Gulf Route

Along our drive to the southern tip of the island test route, we found the powerful Brembo brakes with cross-drilled rotors and four-piston calipers more then adequate in controlling the 4,145-pound GT unfailingly. The steering was very precise on-center, with just enough effort to afford reassuring control. This coupe is also surprisingly quiet at high speeds, with minimal wind noise. Drive this and you know, that Maserati is not trying to offer a hard-edged sports model; that’s Ferrari’s thing. The GranTurismo is exactly what its name implies: a fast, long-legged, comfortable Grand Tourer, with space for two, yet it’s also able to carry two full-size adults in the rear.


It’s Italian Through and Through
To create the GranTurismo, Maserati engineers cut the platform of the Quattroporte sedan by about 5 inches,

The new-generation 90-degree V8 is the same engine fitted to the latest Quattroporte with its new automatic transmission. When you awaken the DOHC 4.2-liter V8, a deep bass rumble from four big tailpipes

A Maserati Means Business

At BD55,000. the Gran Tursimo is easily a better alternative to the overly priced Bentley GT (yes it is that good!). It offers you hand crafted luxury, Italian flair and out of the ordinary sex-appeal. If the Maserati GranTurismo were a woman, it would be Monica Belouchi, the hot film actress from Italy - a zaftig in all the right places, mature, sensual, curvaceous, confident, and always a head-turner. Car personalities don’t get any more domineering then this…we mean it! AM



This Hummer qualifies as one of the hottest H3’s on our streets!
hat you are looking at here is a car that could be considered the replacement to the Arab’s favorite Land Cruiser. This particular car has been stripped down and draped up into a real street crawler.. Lets take a closer look. From the front of the car, the black bumper, grille and mud guards have been given a black glossy finish. Seeing as this car will rarely see extreme off roading as apposed to street domination,



not a bad choice of upgrade. The bonnet remains relatively unchanged yet the side mirrors have been given a coat of matt black. To compliment this matt finish, the side skirts have also been finished off in matt for durability when riding with a car full of goons! Now lets move onto the fun part, the rims. For most car enthusiasts, when it comes to looks, this is one of the first things on a car to be upgraded. This day and age the style and choice of rim is endless, however, with the condition of Bahrain’s road deteriorating faster than they are being fixed, a 24 inch Black Dime by KMC isn’t a bad option. To complement these big boy shoes, Nitto tires on all 4’s will ensure the protection of the rims as well as maximum grip on the roads. You know that when owning a car like this, with these kind of looks, the intentions of the ownerare made very clear. Attention! But every attention seeker needs closure some times, so this H3 has a special black ink coating on the back tail lights leaving this car looking like a jet that passes you by on the road. Finally, the ultimate touch, the upgrade that many are reluctant to take, the upgrade that offers no benefit whatsoever except for unlimited bragging rights.. Lambo doors! All in all, this car is definitely a street cruiser, and one to be seen in! AM






The small car, gets more leg room, storage space and five doors in this all new variant of the Mini Traveller.


ts no secret, that after introducing the New Mini in 2001, BMW has milked this particular heritage-rich vein of British nostalgia to unbelievable success - more than a million cars have been sold since then and worldwide sales are still going strong. We take a Dubai drive of the coolest Mini to date!
After the Mini was re-launched from the factory in Oxford, England, Bimmer re-invented the badge with the Cooper and supercharged Cooper S, followed by convertible variants of each, the hot John Cooper Works car, the base Mini One and numerous special trim editions.

Then, for 2007, BMW completely redesigned their little icon, bringing us another new New Mini - a slightly larger and more refined version that to the casual observer looks no different than the old New Mini. Clever! But then someone at the factory asked where to go from here? And the ball was in motion again.

If you notice
For those of us old enough to remember the original Morris Mini-Minor Traveller of which there are a few examples you see on the roads in the region, and then line-up the current crop, the Minis only real, erm, shortcoming throughout its production history (old and new) is its shortage of space to stuff your stuff. Designers in Oxford were immediately notified and here we are saying hello to the 2009 Mini Clubman - a Mini that gains 24 cm in length and a tres chic backpack. Wheelbase has been stretched by eight cm, giving a corresponding increase in rear leg room, and with the split rear seats folded, luggage capacity stretches to an accessible 930 litres. You can shove in your Plasma screen in there and throw in the laundry while your at it! Think of it as the Mini limo – all business up front and party in the back. Although not a traditional five-door, the Clubman does indeed have a unique configuration of five hinged


portals. Opening the passenger door gives access to a small rear-hinged “club” door (kinda like the FJ Cruiser) that makes accessing the roomier back seats less of a chore. Rounding out the count are two van-style rear doors - just like the ones on the original Mini Traveller. These guaranteed to bring back nostalgia to those who grew up with the brand. Personalization is a big part of the Mini strategy, and with the new hues available for the Clubman, there are over 30 possible colour combos. The Clubman inherits all the Mini’s mechanical bits, and is offered in both Cooper and Cooper S trim. The interior of this new generation Mini is a riot of circles, dominated by a Frisbee-sized central speedo. The funky retro



toggle switches are carried over, and perched on the steering column is a big tachometer. Frankly it all looks so good you’ll just find any excuse to flick things around in the cockpit. Whether you love it or find it overdone, you could never call the Mini’s cabin boring, and the quality execution and soft-touch surfaces give it a premium ambience that elevates the Mini above the entry-level crowd. I got to fling a Clubman Cooper S over some lovely mountainous roads south of Dubai near the Omani border and despite the wagon’s extra 80 kg and longer wheelbase, there seemed to be no loss in the Mini’s trademark agility and gleeful ability to unravel a twisting stretch of tarmac. The turbo engine in the S felt willing, offering up a strong and steady surge of torque above 3000 r.p.m. There is a bit of turbo lag below that, but the close ratio paddle-shift tranny helps keep things on the boil. You have two engine variants to pick from. The regular Cooper is powered by a 1.6-liter inline Four that produces 118 hp and 114 lb.-ft. of torque, and accelerates from rest to 60 mph in 8.9 seconds. Our drive - the Cooper S - utilized the 1.6-liter turbocharged Four, and produces 172 hp and 177 lb.-ft. of torque, hitting 60 mph in 7.0 seconds which is quite good considering its weight and length. So who’s going to buy the Mini Clubman? You can’t exactly call it a family car because it does have a bit of a practically issue, no thanks to the suicide door. So I expect the Clubman will most probably appeal to the trednoids of the mid 20s and early 30s range, people who are looking for a bit of practicality with tones of style and panache. All I can say is that if BMW continue milking the nostalgia trump card any longer, you might as well wait for the next edition of Mini wooden panel-van badged the ‘Cooper Dooper S’. Definitely a more complete Mini, this one! AM


For Engine Variety Against Bit pricey Competitors BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS, Mercedes C Class
A4 1.8 TFSI 4d Multitronic 3.2 FSI quattro 4d Tip PRICE BD15,000 BD22,600 L/100 7.7 9.3 0-100 8.6 6.2 TOP SPEED 218 250 CC/CYL 1.8/4 3.2/6 NM 329 158 BHP 158 261

For Agle for 2.5 tonne behmoth Against Werther’s Original styling Competitors Mercedes S65, Audi A8 W12, Volkswagen Phaeton
FLYING SPUR 6.0 W12 4d Auto 6.0 W12 Speed 4d Auto PRICE BD80,000 BD85,000 L/100 16.6 16.6 0-100 5.2 4.8 TOP SPEED 312 322 CC/CYL 6.0/12 6.0/12 NM 648 748 BHP 552 600

For The “baby” bentley Against Bentley for the MTV generation Competitors Aston DB9, BMW M6, Mercedes CL
CONTINENTAL GT 6.0 W12 6.0 W12 GT SPEED 6.0 W12 GTC 6.0 W12 GTC SPEED PRICE BD75,000 BD95,000 BD90,000 BD95,000 L/100 17.1 17.1 17.1 17.1 0-100 4.8 4.5 5.1 4.5 TOP SPEED 318 326 312 321 CC/CYL 6.0/12 6.0/12 6.0/12 6.0/12 NM 648 748 648 748 BHP 552 600 552 600

For Curvaceous lines Against Can’t think of any Competitors 3 series coupe, CLK
A5 3.2 V6 FSI 2d PRICE BD24,100 L/100 9.3 0-100 6.1 TOP SPEED 250 CC/CYL 3.2/6 NM 329 BHP 261

For The RS6 Against Bit too plain Competitors 5 series, Mercedes E Class, Volvo S60
A6 2.0 TFSI 4d Multitronic 3.2 FSI Q 4d Tip PRICE BD18,900 BD24,100 L/100 8.2 10.9 0-100 8.7 7.1 TOP SPEED 220 250 CC/CYL 2.0/4 3.2/6 NM 280 329 BHP 168 252

For 135 has power Against Looks Gross Competitors Audi A3, Volvo C30, Volkswagen Scirocco
1-SERIES 118i 5d 120i 2d Cabriolet 125i 2d Coupe CC/CYL 2.8/6 3.2/6 4.2/8 6.2/12 5.2/10 NM 280 329 440 580 539 BHP 206 256 345 444 444 125i 2d Cabriolet 135i 2d Coupe TOP SPEED 238 250 250 250 250 PRICE BD14,500 BD18,000 BD19,900 BD21,900 BD21,800 L/100 6.2 6.8 7.9 8.1 9.2 9.4 0-100 9.3 9.0 7.0 7.4 5.4 5.7 TOP SPEED 209 217 243 237 250 250 CC/CYL 2.0/4 2.0/4 3.0/6 3.0/6 3.0/6 3.0/6 NM 189 210 269 269 399 399 BHP 141 168 215 215 302 302

For Lots of Gadgets Against S8 is a guzzler Competitors BMW 7 series, Mercedes S Class, Lexus 460
A8 3.2 LWD 4d Multitronic 4.2 quattro LWB 4d Tip S8 5.2 FSI quattro 4d Tip PRICE BD29,000 BD38,500 BD49,900 L/100 8.3 9.9 10.9 13.6 13.2 0-100 8.0 7.9 6.3 5.2 5.1 2.8 FSI LWB 4d Multitronic BD27,500

135i 2d Coupe Cabriolet BD23,600

For 335’s power Against Added weight Competitors Audi A4, Volvo S40, Merc C Class
3-SERIES 320i Executive 4d 320i 2d Coupe PRICE BD16,500 BD19,700 BD21,500 BD22,700 BD24,500 BD24,600 BD27,500 BD30,500 BD35,500 BD42,500 L/100 6.5 6.5 6.9 7.1 7.8 7.2 9.2 9.5 12.4 12.9 0-100 8.9 8.8 9.8 7.0 8.1 6.3 5.7 6.0 4.8 5.3 TOP SPEED 225 229 225 250 243 250 250 250 250 250 CC/CYL 2.0/4 2.0/4 2.0/4 3.0/6 3.0/6 3.0/6 3.0/6 3.0/6 4.0/8 4.0/8 NM 210 210 210 269 319 319 399 399 399 399 BHP 168 168 168 215 368 268 302 302 414 414

6.0 W12 quattro LWB 4d Tip BD40,500

For Fair Space, Luxury Features Against Pricey, no Low-range Gear Competitors BMW X3, Infiniti EX, Mercedes Benz GLK
q5 2.0 TFSI Quattro 3.2 Quattro PRICE BD25,500 BD23,000 L/100 8.5 9.3 0-100 7.2 6.9 TOP SPEED 222 234 CC/CYL 2.0/4 3.2/6 NM 350 330 BHP 211 271

320i 2d Cabriolet 325i 2d Coupe 325i 2d Cabriolet 330i Sports 2d Saloon 335i 2d Coupe 335i 2d Cabriolet M3 2d Coupe Manual M3 2d Cabriolet Manual

For V12 Diesel Against Looks Boring Competitors BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Volvo XC90
q7 3.6 FSI Tip quattro 4.2 FSI Tip quattro PRICE BD26,500 BD31,200 L/100 12.7 13.3 0-100 8.5 7.4 TOP SPEED 225 244 CC/CYL 3.6/6 4.2/8 NM 360 440 BHP 276 345

For Sharp Looks Against M5 disappointing Competitors Lexus GS, Mercedes E Class, Volvo S60
5-SERIES 520i Executive 4d Auto 523i Executive 4d Auto 525i Executive 4d Auto 530i Executive 4d Auto M5 4d SMG Auto PRICE BD16,800 BD20,200 BD23,900 BD26,200 BD49,000 L/100 6.9 7.5 7.5 7.5 14.4 0-100 9.6 8.7 7.7 6.5 4.7 TOP SPEED 224 237 246 250 250 CC/CYL 2.0/4 2.5/6 3.0/6 3.0/6 5.0/10 NM 210 239 269 319 520 BHP 168 187 215 268 500

For Fun to drive Against 3.2 Quattro Competitors Porsche Cayman, BMW Z4
PRICE 2.0 TFSI S-tronic 3.2 S-tronic quattro BD18,000 BD19,900 2.0 TFSI S-tronic Roadster BD18,900 3.2 S-tronic quattro Roadster BD20,500 L/100 7.7 7.8 9.4 9.5 0-100 6.4 6.5 5.7 5.9 TOP SPEED 237 237 250 250 CC/CYL 2.0/4 2.0/4 3.2/6 3.2/6 NM 280 280 319 319 BHP 197 197 247 247

For Unique Design Against Too sharp Competitors Jaguar XK, Mercedes SL, Porsche 911
6-SERIES PRICE BD32,500 BD41,500 BD55,500 L/100 7.7 8.1 10.5 10.9 14.3 14.7 0-100 6.4 7.0 5.2 5.6 4.6 4.8 TOP SPEED 250 250 250 250 250 250 CC/CYL 3.0/6 3.0/6 4.8/8 4.8/8 5.0/10 5.0/10 NM 319 319 490 490 520 520 BHP 268 268 362 362 500 500 630i 2d Auto 650i 2d Auto M6 2d SMG auto

For Beasty Looks Against Way too pricey Competitors Porsche 911, Chevy Corvette, Lambo Gallardo
R8 4.2 FSI quattro Manual 4.2 FSI quattro R-tronic PRICE BD47,500 BD50,000 L/100 14.6 13.6 0-100 4.2 4.6 TOP SPEED 301 301 CC/CYL 4.2/8 4.2/8 NM 429 429 BHP 414 414

630i Convertible 2d Auto BD34,900 650i Convertible 2d Auto BD44,700 M6 2d SMG auto Cabrio BD58,900

For As British as the Ark Royal Against Nearly as big Competitors Mercedes S65, Second-hand Maybach, Yacht
ARNAGE Arnage Td Auto PRICE L/100 BD140,000 16.2 0-100 5.2 TOP SPEED 288 CC/CYL 6.8/8 NM 999 BHP 500

For Lots of room Against The iDrive Competitors Mercedes S Class, Audi A8, Volvo S80
7-SERIES 740Li 4d Auto 750Li 4d Auto PRICE BD52,500 BD58,000 L/100 10.0 11.4 0-100 6.0 5.3 TOP SPEED 250 250 CC/CYL 3/6 4.4/8 NM 610 813 BHP 322 402

For One of a kind Against It’s getting on a bit Competitors Mercedes CL, Ferrari 612, Speed boat
AzURE PRICE L/100 0-100 5.9 TOP SPEED 274 CC/CYL 6.8/8 NM 873 BHP 450 6.8 2d BD150,000 19.5

For Good idea Against Bad implementation Competitors Audi Q5, Land Rover LR2
x3 2.5i Si 5d Auto 3.0i Si 5d Auto PRICE BD18,900 BD21,500 L/100 9.5 9.7 0-100 8.9 7.5 TOP SPEED 209 229 CC/CYL 2.5/6 3.0/6 NM 249 314 BHP 215 268



For Best SUV Against Nothing Competitors Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes ML, Range Rover
x5 3.0si Exclusive 5d 4.8i Executive 5d PRICE BD30,200 BD34,900 L/100 10.2 12.0 0-100 8.1 6.5 TOP SPEED 209 240 CC/CYL 3.0/6 4.8/8 NM 314 474 BHP 268 350

For Monster pace, practicality Against Primitive interior Competitors Porsche 911, Dodge Viper, Aston Martin V8 Vantage
CAPTIVA 6.0 V8 2d Z06 7.0 V8 2d ZR1 PRICE BD25,500 BD31,100 BD50,000 L/100 10.9 10.9 0-100 4.2 3.7 TOP SPEED 300 320 370 CC/CYL 6.0/8 7.0/8 6.2/8 NM 543 634 823 BHP 400 505 620

For Thinks it’s a car Against Rear space Competitors Range Rover Sport, Cadillac SRX
x5 3.0 xDrive35i 4d 4.4 xDrive50i 4d PRICE BD39,500 BD44,800 L/100 10.9 12.5 0-100 6.7 5.4 TOP SPEED 240 250 CC/CYL 3.0/6 4.4/8 NM 399 599 BHP 302 402

For New design Against There is better Competitors Toyota Camry, Kia Optima, Subaru Legacy
EPICA 2.0 4d 2.5 4d PRICE BD7,000 BD7,900 L/100 9.5 9.8 0-100 12.4 10.5 TOP SPEED 207 209 CC/CYL 2.0/6 2.5/6 NM 195 237 BHP 144 156

For Drivers car Against Too expensive Competitors Mercedes SLK, Porsche Boxster, Honda S2000
z4 3.0i SE 2d M 3.2i 2d 3.0iSi Coupe M 3.2i Coupe PRICE BD20,200 BD21,900 BD24,500 BD26,000 L/100 9.1 12.1 9.0 12.1 0-100 5.7 4.8 6.0 5.0 TOP SPEED 250 250 250 250 CC/CYL 3/6 3.2/6 3/6 3.2/6 NM 299 364 314 364 BHP 231 338 265 338

For Price and power of SS Against To plasticky inside Competitors Dodge Charger, Volvo S60, Toyota Camry
LUMINA 3.6 4d 6.0 SS 4d 6.0 CSV CR8 4d PRICE BD10,000 BD14,500 BD18,900 L/100 10.9 14.3 15.2 0-100 7.4 5.1 4.9 TOP SPEED 250 250 270 CC/CYL 3.6/6 6.0/8 6.0/8 NM 329 528 550 BHP 240 360 400

For European wannabe Against Saab engine Competitors Toyota Avalon, Volvo S40, Lexus ES
BLS 2.0T 4d PRICE BD12,500 L/100 9.0 0-100 9.7 TOP SPEED 220 CC/CYL 2/4 NM 264 BHP 175

For Adequate space Against Build quality Competitors Mitsubishi Lancer, Toyota Corolla
OPTRA 1.6 4d 1.8 4d PRICE BD5,400 BD6,300 L/100 7.6 7.4 0-100 13.2 10.9 TOP SPEED 175 185 CC/CYL 1.6/4 1.8/4 NM 147 161 BHP 107 119

For Cheap Against Not a car Competitors Chinese bicycle
SPARK PRICE BD3,700 L/100 5.7 0-100 21.9 TOP SPEED 145 CC/CYL 0.8/3 NM 71 BHP 51 0.8 5d

For Internal hard drive Against 4WD drivetrain Competitors BMW 3 series, Lexus IS, Audi A4
CTS 2.8 4d 3.6 4d PRICE BD16,500 BD17,500 L/100 11.7 11.1 0-100 9.0 6.3 TOP SPEED 205 241 CC/CYL 2.8/6 3.6/6 NM 269 359 BHP 231 274

For Sheer size Against Way too big Competitors Toyota Sequoia
SUBURBAN 5.3 5d PRICE BD14,400 L/100 13.1 0-100 9.5 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 5.3/8 NM 505 BHP 355

For V Series Against Sloppy steering Competitors Lexus GS, Audi A6, Chrysler 300C
STS 3.6 4d Auto PRICE BD16,500 L/100 12.4 0-100 7.4 TOP SPEED 230 CC/CYL 3.6/6 NM 341 BHP 257

For Built like a tank Against Too much plastic Competitors Toyota Land Cruiser, Mitsubishi Pajero, GMC Yukon
TAHOE 5.3 5d 4wd PRICE BD13,400 L/100 13.1 0-100 9.0 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 5.3/8 NM 505 BHP 355

For US Presidents Against Nothing special Competitors BMW 7 series, Mercedes S Class, Audi A8
DTS 4.6 V8 4d PRICE BD21,500 L/100 10.8 0-100 7.5 TOP SPEED 208 CC/CYL 4.6/8 NM 394 BHP 275

For Value for money Against Thirsty car Competitors Jeep Cherokee
TRAILBLAzER 4.2 5d 4wd PRICE BD9,400 L/100 13.1 0-100 8.2 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 4.2/6 NM 395 BHP 294

For Nice leather Against Thinks its an SUV Competitors BMW X6, Lexus RX
SRx 3.6 V6 5d PRICE BD14,500 L/100 14.0 0-100 8.1 TOP SPEED 200 CC/CYL 3.6/6 NM 338 BHP 258

For Looks Cool Against Tahoe interior Competitors Dodge Ram
AVALANCHE 5.3 PRICE BD17,200 L/100 14.0 0-100 9.4 TOP SPEED 170 CC/CYL 5.3/8 NM 615 BHP 310

For Beefy Looks Against Not an off-roader Competitors Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Range Rover
ESCALADE 6.2 5d PRICE BD24,500 L/100 16.5 0-100 6.8 TOP SPEED 175 CC/CYL 6.2/8 NM 615 BHP 441

For Looks expensive Against Cheese grater grille Competitors Cadillac STS, BMW 5 series, Volvo S60

For Corvette engine Against Made from Origami Competitors Mercedes SL, Lexus SC430, BMW 6 series
xLR XLR-V 4.4 2d PRICE BD32,000 L/100 12.9 0-100 5.0 TOP SPEED 248 CC/CYL 4.4/8 NM 561 BHP 440

300C 5.7 V8 4d SRT 8

PRICE BD17,250 BD19,150

L/100 12.3 14.2

0-100 6.2 5.2

TOP SPEED 250 274

CC/CYL 5.7/8 6.1/8

NM 715 771

BHP 340 430

For Practicality Against It’s a Daewoo Competitors Honda Jazz, Toyota Yaris
AVEO 1.4 5D PRICE BD4,700 L/100 8.7 0-100 13 TOP SPEED 170 CC/CYL 1.4/4 NM 130 BHP 995

For The effort Against Thinks it’s an Accord Competitors Honda Accord, Toyota Camry
SEBRING 2.7 LTD 4D PRICE BD14,850 L/100 9.2 0-100 9.0 TOP SPEED 208 CC/CYL 2.7/6 NM 348 BHP 190

For Better than before Against Still could do better Competitors Chrysler 300C, Toyota Avalon, Volvo S80
CAPRICE 6.0 Royale PRICE BD16,200 L/100 14.5 0-100 5.3 TOP SPEED 250 CC/CYL 5.7/8 NM 530 BHP 360

For Good fleet car Against They forgot power Competitors Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz
C3 1.6 PRICE BD4,100 L/100 6.5 0-100 10.0 TOP SPEED 190 CC/CYL 1.6/4 NM 199 BHP 110

For Simplicity Against Boring car Competitors Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4, Mitsubishi Outlander
CAPTIVA 2.4 5D 3.2 5D PRICE BD8,300 BD10,300 L/100 8.9 11.5 0-100 11.5 8.8 TOP SPEED 185 204 CC/CYL 2.4/4 3.2/6 NM 219 296 BHP 136 230

For The steering wheel Against Annoying warning tones Competitors Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Mitsubishi Lancer
C4 2.0 PRICE BD5,400 L/100 8.1 0-100 10.1 TOP SPEED 206 CC/CYL 2.0/4 NM 273 BHP 177



For Young at heart Against No performance Competitors Toyota Camry, Mitsubishi Lancer, Citroen C4
AVENGER SXT PRICE BD8,500 L/100 9.2 0-100 10.4 TOP SPEED 200 CC/CYL 2.4/4 NM 305 BHP 173

For Denali looks good Against Ride is too soft Competitors Toyota Land Cruiser, Volvo XC90
YUKON 5.3 5d SLE 4wd 5.3 5d SLT 4wd XL 6.0 5d Denali 6.2 PRICE BD14,300 BD19,200 BD15,400 BD20,000 L/100 14.0 14.0 15.5 15.5 0-100 9.0 9.0 8.0 8.0 TOP SPEED 185 185 185 185 CC/CYL 5.3/8 5.3/8 6.0/8 6.2/8 NM 505 505 565 559 BHP 355 355 403 380

For Looks Big inside Against Isn’t all that big Competitors GMC Terrain, Chevy Captiva, Mitsubishi Outlander
CALIBER SE SXT PRICE BD6,990 BD7,800 L/100 8.1 8.4 0-100 11.3 10.4 TOP SPEED 186 200 CC/CYL 2.0/4 2.0/4 NM 248 302 BHP 148 172

For Macho looks Against Hard to get ino Competitors M1 Abrams Tank
H2 6.2 PRICE BD23,999 L/100 17.4 0-100 9.9 TOP SPEED 158 CC/CYL 6.2/8 NM 554 BHP 379

For Its Enthusiasm Against It’s just wrong Competitors Hummer H3, Land Rover LR2, Toyota FJ Cruiser
NITRO SXT RT PRICE BD9,450 BD11,400 L/100 13.4 14.1 0-100 10.3 8.3 TOP SPEED 205 205 CC/CYL 3.7/6 4.0/6 NM 318 359 BHP 211 260


Sharp looking saloon

For Has undergone a major facelift but still promises to Competitors dsdsdsdsdsd
H2 SUT 6.2 PRICE BD25,000 L/100 17.4 0-100 9.9 TOP SPEED 158 CC/CYL 6.2/8 NM 554 BHP 393

For Aggressive looks Against 4 doors Competitors Chevy Lumina, Chrysler 300C
CHARGER SE SXT R/T PRICE BD8,600 BD10,850 BD14,900 L/100 14.9 14.9 16 0-100 8.9 8.9 5.7 TOP SPEED 208 208 250 CC/CYL 3.5/6 3.5/6 5.7/8 NM 338 338 508 BHP 250 250 245

For Good size Against Small engine Competitors Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Defender, Toyota FJ Cruiser
H3 3.7 PRICE BD13,999 L/100 23.6 0-100 10.0 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 3.7/5 NM 328 BHP 239

For Great off-road Against Power-Price Competitors Jeep Wrangler, FJ Cruiser
H3T PRICE BD17,000 L/100 0-100 TOP SPEED CC/CYL 5.3/8 NM 433 BHP 300

For Has undergone a major facelift Competitors Chevy camaro, ford mustang
CHALLENGER 5.7 PRICE BD24,450 L/100 40 0-100 4.5 TOP SPEED 280 CC/CYL 5.7/8 NM 555 BHP 376


For Muscley looks Against: Likes petrol Competitors Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Land Cruiser
DURANGO SLT LTD PRICE BD10,650 BD12,800 L/100 13.4 13.4 0-100 8.5 8.5 TOP SPEED 180 180 CC/CYL 5.7/8 5.7/8 NM 318 318 BHP 210 210

For V6 is potent Against Exterior design Competitors Toyota Camry, BMW 3 Series
ACCORD 2.4 VTEC LX 2.4 VTEC EX 3.5 V6 VTEC LX 4d PRICE BD8,500 BD9,350 BD10,850 L/100 9.0 9.2 10.0 0-100 8.8 9.5 7.1 TOP SPEED 208 208 208 CC/CYL 2.4/4 2.4/4 3.5/6 NM 220 220 338 BHP 178 178 271

For It’s a Ferrari atleast Against It’s an ugly Ferrari Competitors Mercedes SL, Gallardo spyder, Vantage Roadster
CALIFORNIA 4.3 2D PRICE BD85,000 L/100 13.2 0-100 4.0330 TOP SPEED 330 CC/CYL 4.3/8 NM BHP 454

For Best in its class Against Needs more HP Competitors Mitsubishi Eclipse
ACCORD COUPE 4 Cyl V6 4 Cyl PRICE BD9,700 BD10,850 L/100 31 25 0-100 TOP SPEED CC/CYL 2.4/4 6/4 NM 220 336 BHP 190 268

For It’s a beast Against Corvette ZR1 is better in every way Competitors Corvette ZR1, Porsche 911 turbo, Aston Martin DB9
F430 2d Scuderia PRICE BD85,000 BD110,000 L/100 18.8 0-100 3.9 3.5 TOP SPEED 316 320 CC/CYL 4.3/8 4.3/8 NM 465 731 BHP 483 503

For -Robot interior Against No Type-R!! Competitors Volkswagen Golf, Citroen C4, Mitsubishi Lancer
CIVIC LXi EXi VTi PRICE BD6,800 BD7,450 BD8,650 L/100 6.6 9.1 9.1 0-100 10.9 6.6 6.6 TOP SPEED 204 235 235 CC/CYL 1.8/4 2/4 2/4 NM 173 192 192 BHP 138 198 198

599 GTB
For Prettiest Ferrari ever Against Nothing Competitors Aston Martin DBS, 911 Turbo, Lambo Murcielago
599 GTB Maranello 2d PRICE BD130,000 L/100 23.5 0-100 3.7 TOP SPEED 329 CC/CYL 5.7/12 NM 607 BHP 612

For Value Against Ugliness Competitors Jeep Compass, Kia Sorento, Toyota Rav4
CR-V 2.4 i-VTEC RVS 2.4 i-VTEC RVSi PRICE BD9,700 BD10,000 L/100 9.4 9.4 0-100 10.5 10.5 TOP SPEED 185 185 CC/CYL 2.4/4 2.4/4 NM 219 219 BHP 166 166

For Big V12 Against Too curvy Competitors Mercedes CL65, Aston DBS, Bentley Continental
612 Scaglietti 2d PRICE BD140,000 L/100 21.7 0-100 4.1 TOP SPEED 320 CC/CYL 5.7/12 NM 587 BHP 540

For Big interior Against Feels cheap Competitors Toyota yaris, Citroen C3
JAzz LX EX PRICE BD5,750 BD6,300 L/100 7.5 7.5 0-100 11.5 11.5 TOP SPEED 190 190 CC/CYL 1.5/4 1.5/4 NM 155 155 BHP 121 121

For Pretty Car Against Front wheel drive setup Competitors Toyota Prado, Honda Pilot, Subaru Forester
ACADIA 3.8 5d 4wd PRICE BD13,000 L/100 11.5 0-100 8.5 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 3.6/6 NM 357 BHP 301

For Lots of gadgets Against Little heavy Competitors Land Rover LR3, Dodge Nitro, Chevy Traverse
PILOT EX EXL PRICE BD12,500 BD14,500 L/100 12.4 12.4 0-100 9.5 9.5 TOP SPEED 175 175 CC/CYL 3.5/6 3.5/6 NM 347 347 BHP 253 253

For Big interior Against Time for a facelift Competitors Chevy Trailblazer, Toyota FJ Cruiser
ENVOY 4.2 5d 4wd 5.3 5d PRICE BD10,000 BD12,400 L/100 13.1 13.5 0-100 9.6 8.7 TOP SPEED 180 185 CC/CYL 4.2/6 3.2/8 LBFT 375 447 BHP 291 300

For Big 7 Seater Against Ugly Competitors Toyota Innova
ODYSSEY EXi PRICE BD11,500 L/100 10.5 0-100 9.2 TOP SPEED 187 CC/CYL 3.5/6 NM 339 BHP 244

For Value for money Against Tight interior Competitors Chevy Captiva, Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V
TERRAIN 2.4 SLE 5d PRICE BD9,700 BD11,500 L/100 8.9 11.5 0-100 11.3 8.8 TOP SPEED 185 204 CC/CYL 2.4/4 3.2/6 NM 219 196 BHP 136 230


3.2 SLT 5d


For Ruggedness Against Too Plain Competitors Toyota FJ Cruiser, Hummer H3
WRANGLER 3.8 V6 Sport 2d 3.8 V6 Sahara 2d 3.8 V6 Sahara 4d PRICE BD10,150 BD11,100 BD12,100 L/100 13.0 13.0 13.0 0-100 12.5 12.5 12.5 TOP SPEED 170 170 170 CC/CYL 3.8/6 3.8/6 3.8/6 NM 321 321 321 BHP 202 202 202

For Excellence Against Nothing to hate here Competitors Yukon Denali, Hummer H3, Cadillac SRX
LR3 4.4 PRICE BD20,000 L/100 15.0 0-100 8.6 TOP SPEED 195 CC/CYL 4.4/8 NM 425 BHP 295

For Lots of Panache Against Reliability Competitors Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7
RANGE ROVER 4.8 V8 HSE 4.8 V8 Vogue 4.8 V8 Superchanged PRICE BD29,779 BD32,342 BD37,884 L/100 14.9 14.9 15.9 0-100 8.7 8.7 7.5 TOP SPEED 200 200 210 CC/CYL 4.4/8 4.4/8 4.2/8 NM 440 440 569 BHP 306 306 396

For New model Against Still ugly Competitors Honda CR-V, Chevy Trailblazer
CHEROKEE 3.7 Sport 3.7 Limited PRICE BD9,850 BD12,300 L/100 13.4 13.4 0-100 10.5 10.5 TOP SPEED 180 180 CC/CYL 3.7/6 3.7/6 NM 318 318 BHP 210 210

For Performance Against 4 doors Competitors BMW X5, Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne GTS
RANGE ROVER SPORT 4.8 V8 HSE 4.8 V8 Superchanged PRICE BD29,270 BD34,925 L/100 14.9 15.9 15.9 0-100 8.9 7.6 7.6 TOP SPEED 225 225 225 CC/CYL 4.4/8 4.2/8 4.2/8 NM 425 549 549 BHP 300 390 390

For Best price Against Nothing to offer Competitors Land Rover LR3, Hummer H3
COMMANDER 4.7 Limited PRICE BD15,700 L/100 16 0-100 9.5 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 4.7/8 LBFT 677 BHP 326

4.8 V8 Superchanged HST BD38,529

For The SRT 8 Against interior is a little sloppy Competitors BMW X5, Cadillac Escalade, Toyota Land Cruiser
GRAND CHEROKEE 4.7 Limited 6.1 SRT8 5d PRICE BD15,900 BD20,500 L/100 14.9 16.4 0-100 8.0 5 TOP SPEED 202 250 CC/CYL 4.7/8 6.1/8 NM 452 569 BHP 305 420

For Killing the competition Against Parks itself Competitors BMW 7 series, Audi A8, Mercedes S class
LS LS 460 PRICE BD33,500 L/100 11 0-100 6.3 TOP SPEED 250 CC/CYL 4.6/8 NM 492 BHP 375

For Pretty good off-road Against Dated looks, crummy interior Competitors Toyota RAV4
PATRIOT 2.4L Sport PRICE BD8,700 L/100 9.5 0-100 10.7 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 2.4/4 NM 220 BHP 170

For Beautiful design Against Needs better brakes Competitors Cadillac STS, BMW 5 series, Mercedes E class
GS 300 PRICE BD22,300 L/100 10.1 0-100 7 TOP SPEED 238 CC/CYL 3/6 NM 310 BHP 245

For Great value Against Behind the competition Competitors Toyota Aurion, Chevy Lumina
OPIRUS 3.8 PRICE BD7,300 L/100 10.9 0-100 7.5 TOP SPEED 230 CC/CYL 3.8/6 NM 353 BHP 203

For Standard is loaded Against Front wheel drive Competitors Cadillac CTS, Chevy Caprice, Audi A6
ES 350 PRICE BD16,400 L/100 11.3 0-100 6.8 TOP SPEED 220 CC/CYL 3.5/6 NM 344 BHP 340

For The IS-F Against Cramped interior Competitors Audi A4, Mercedes C class, BMW 3 series
IS IS 300 PRICE BD14,800 L/100 9.7 0-100 8.2 TOP SPEED 230 CC/CYL 3/6 NM 299 BHP 228

For Fresh Desgin Against Has nothing to offer Competitors Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy, Toyota Camry
OPTIMA 2.0 PRICE BD8,800 L/100 7.7 0-100 12.1 TOP SPEED 208 CC/CYL 2.0/4 NM 184 BHP 138

For Land Cruiser reliability Against Design Competitors Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes ML, Porsche Cayenne
Lx LX 570 5d PRICE BD34,000 L/100 18.8 0-100 7.4 TOP SPEED 220 CC/CYL 5.7/8 NM 546 BHP 378

For Young at heart Against Nothing Competitors Citroen C3, Chevy Spark
RIO 1.1 LX 5d PRICE BD3,600 L/100 5.2 0-100 14.6 TOP SPEED 155 CC/CYL 1.1/4 NM 96 BHP 64

For Lots of specs Against It’s not a real off-roader Competitors BMW X5, VW Touareg, Mercedes GLK
Rx RX 350 5d PRICE BD20,800 L/100 11.2 0-100 8.4 TOP SPEED 198 CC/CYL 3.5/6 NM 341 BHP 270

For Good engine Against Needs more options Competitors Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V
SORENTO 3.3 3.8 PRICE BD8,150 BD8,700 L/100 12.3 12.3 0-100 9.9 9.9 TOP SPEED 190 190 CC/CYL 3.5/6 3.5/6 NM 294 294 BHP 192 192

For Standard power Against Belongs in a museum now Competitors Mercedes SL, BMW 6 series, Cadillac XLR
SC430 SC 430 2d PRICE BD30,000 L/100 12.3 0-100 6.2 TOP SPEED 250 CC/CYL 4.3/8 NM 418 BHP 282

For Lots of Accessories Against Price is a little steep Competitors Toyota Rav4, Jeep Wrangler, Toyota FJ Cruiser
SPORTAGE 2.0 5d PRICE BD6,350 L/100 8.3 0-100 10.9 TOP SPEED 174 CC/CYL 2/4 NM 183 BHP 139

For Looks mean Against No performance Competitors Mercedes CL, Bentley Continental GT, BMW M6
GRANTURISMO PRICE BD60,000 BD65,000 L/100 14.3 16.4 0-100 5.2 4.9 TOP SPEED 285 295 CC/CYL 4.2/8 4.7/8 NM 459 490 BHP 400 433

For Value for money Against Cotton suspension Competitors Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer, Chevy Optra
RIO 1.4 LE 5d PRICE BD4,450 L/100 6.7 0-100 13.0 TOP SPEED 155 CC/CYL 1.1/4 NM 117 BHP 80

4.2 V8 2d 4.7 S V8 2d

For Nice Design Against Tribeca look a like Competitors Subaru Tribeca, Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Land Cruiser
MOHAVE 3.8 PRICE BD10,588 L/100 12.7 0-100 9.0 TOP SPEED 200 CC/CYL 3.8/6 NM 362 BHP 276

For Stunning Against Envy Competitors BMW 7 series, Audi S8, Mercedes S65
qUATTROPORTE 4.2 Automatic 4.2 Sport GT S PRICE BD59,000 BD63,000 L/100 14.7 14.7 0-100 5.6 5.6 TOP SPEED 269 269 CC/CYL 4.2/8 4.2/8 NM 459 459 BHP 400 400

LAND rovEr
For Changed the name “Freelander” Against looks Competitors Jeep Cherokee, Toyota Fortuner, Kia Sportage
LR2 2.5 PRICE BD14,500 L/100 12.4 0-100 10.0 TOP SPEED 182 CC/CYL 2.5/6 NM 240 BHP 175

For Interesting car Against Costs too much Competitors Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3
B-CLASS B150 5d B170 5d B200 5d PRICE BD10,900 BD12,000 BD12,500 L/100 6.8 7.1 7.5 0-100 14.2 12 10.2 TOP SPEED 173 184 196 CC/CYL 1.5/4 1.7/4 2/4 NM 139 154 184 BHP 95 115 136



For Build quality Against Ride is too soft Competitors Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Lexus IS
C-CLASS C200K 4d C230 4d CL280 4d CL350 4d C63 AMG 4d PRICE BD14,300 BD15,300 BD21,700 BD24,000 BD35,300 L/100 8.1 9.3 9.4 10.0 13.4 0-100 8.8 8.6 7.2 6.4 4.5 TOP SPEED 230 240 244 250 250 CC/CYL 1.8/4 2.5/6 3.0/6 3.5/6 6.2/8 NM 249 245 299 349 600 BHP 181 201 228 258 451

For Utility, tons of space Against slow, pricey with options Competitors Kia Carnival, Toyota Previa
VIANO 3.5 V6 PRICE BD22,000 L/100 18.2 0-100 10.0 TOP SPEED 200 CC/CYL 3.5/6 NM 345 BHP 258

For Value for money Against Options are minimal Competitors Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Chevy Lumina
GALANT 2.4 4d PRICE BD6,900 L/100 8.9 0-100 11.5 TOP SPEED 200 CC/CYL 2.4/4 NM 227 BHP 170

For Best looking luxury coupe Against Price tag Competitors BMW 6 series, Bentley Continental GT, Maserati Granturismo
CL CL500 2d CL600 2d CL63 AMG 2d CL65 PRICE BD60,000 BD80,000 BD87,000 L/100 12.1 14.3 15 0-100 5.4 4.6 4.6 4.6 TOP SPEED 250 250 250 250 CC/CYL 5/8 5.5/12 6.2/12 6.3/8 NM 530 829 630 630 BHP 388 517 525 525

For Audio System Against Nothing Competitors Honda Civic, Kia Optima
LANCER 1.6 GLX 4d Evo X PRICE BD5,600 BD18,000 L/100 8.0 10.2 0-100 13.6 4 TOP SPEED 176 242 CC/CYL 1.6/4 2.0/4 NM 150 366 BHP 98 295

BD107,000 14.9

For Beautiful Against Everyone has one Competitors BMW 6 series, Cadillac XLR
SL CLASS SL280 2d SL350 2d AMG SL500 2d SL63 AMG 2d SL65 AMG 2d PRICE BD41,000 BD43,800 BD51,000 BD80,000 L/100 9.4 9.9 11.9 13.9 0-100 7.8 6.2 5.4 4.6 4.2 TOP SPEED 250 250 250 250 250 CC/CYL 3.0/6 3.5/6 5.5/8 6.2/8 6.0/12 NM 299 360 530 630 1000 BHP 228 311 382 518 603

For Extremely Stylish, Fair V6 Engine Aganist Useless Rear Seat Competitors Hyundai Coupe, Honda Accord Coupe
ECLIPSE 2.4 3.8 PRICE BD10,300 BD11,500 L/100 9.8 11.2 0-100 9.5 7.3 TOP SPEED 214 238 CC/CYL 2.4/4 3.8/6 NM 219 355 BHP 162 265

BD100,000 15.1

For Unique Against Too many on the road Competitors BMW 5 series, Cadillac STS
CLS CLS350 4d CLS63 AMG 4d PRICE BD34,000 BD56,000 L/100 9.3 14.5 0-100 6.7 4.5 TOP SPEED 250 250 CC/CYL 3.5/6 6.2/8 NM 349 629 BHP 272 481

For Good off-roader Against Another thirsty car Competitors Toyota Rav4, Land Rover LR2
PAJERO 3.8 V6 3d 3.0 V6 5d 3.8 V6 5d PRICE BD16,000 BD15,000 BD16,000 L/100 7.6 7.6 7.6 0-100 10.6 13.0 10.6 TOP SPEED 180 180 180 CC/CYL 3.8/6 3.0/6 3.8/6 NM 337 273 337 BHP 245 210 245

For Lots of gadgetry Against Plastic cabin Competitors BMW 5 series, Cadillac STS, Audi A6
E CLASS E230 4d E280 4d E350 4d E500 4d E63 AMG 4d PRICE BD18,500 BD21,500 BD27,000 BD30,500 BD51,000 L/100 9.4 9.7 9.7 11.5 14.3 0-100 9.1 7.3 6.9 5.3 4.5 TOP SPEED 240 248 250 250 250 CC/CYL 2.5/6 3/6 3.5/6 5/8 6.2/8 NM 245 299 349 530 530 BHP 204 231 272 388 514

For New design much better Against Nothing yet Competitors Toyota Rav4
OUTLANDER 3.0 5d Auto PRICE BD11,500 L/100 10.4 0-100 9.0 TOP SPEED 200 CC/CYL 3/6 NM 276 BHP 220

For Fun to drive Against Too expensive Competitors Volkswagen Golf, Audi A3, Volvo C30
MINI COOPER PRICE BD13,400 BD15,800 L/100 5.4 6.2 0-100 9.1 7.1 TOP SPEED 202 225 CC/CYL 1.6/4 1.6/4 NM 159 240 BHP 120 175

For Lots of luxury Against Smaller than the competition Competitors Volvo XC90, Land Rover LR3
GL CLASS GL450 5d GL500 5d PRICE BD39,000 BD41,500 L/100 13.5 14.1 0-100 7.2 6.5 TOP SPEED 235 240 CC/CYL 4.7/8 5.5/8 NM 459 530 BHP 335 382

1.6 1.6S

For Nothing Against Waste of Money Competitors Volvo C30, Audi A3, VW Golf
CLUBMAN PRICE BD13,300 BD15,775 L/100 5.5 6.3 0-100 9.8 7.6 TOP SPEED 201 224 CC/CYL 1.6/4 1.6/4 NM 159 240 BHP 120 175

For Extremely comfortable Against Nothing Competitors BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover
ML CLASS ML350 5d ML500 5d ML63 AMG 5d PRICE BD26,200 BD30,000 BD51,000 L/100 11.7 13.1 16.5 0-100 8.4 5.8 5.0 TOP SPEED 225 240 250 CC/CYL 3.5/6 5/8 6.3/8 NM 349 530 630 BHP 268 382 503

1.6 1.6S

For Everything about it Against Absolutely nothing Competitors Ferrari F430, Lambo Gallardo, Mercedes SL

For Swanky people carrier Against Why was it made? Competitors Toyota Previa, Chevy Uplander
R CLASS R350 L 5d PRICE BD27,500 L/100 11.6 0-100 8.3 TOP SPEED 230 CC/CYL 3.5/6 NM 349 BHP 268

911 Carrera Carrera S Carrera 4 Carrera 4S Carrera Cabriolet

PRICE BD29,000 BD33,000 BD31,300 BD35,200 BD33,000 BD37,000 BD34,300 BD38,300 BD47,200 BD51,100 BD67,000

L/100 9.8 10.2 10.1 10.7 9.9 10.3 11.6 11.6 12.8 12.9 12.5

0-100 4.7 4.5 5.1 4.8 4.9 4.7 5.8 5.8 3.9 3.9 3.6

TOP SPEED 287 300 280 290 287 300 275 275 310 310 328

CC/CYL 3.6/6 3.8/6 3.6/6 3.8/6 3.6/6 3.8/6 3.6/6 3.6/6 3.6/6 3.6/6 3.6/6

NM 390 420 390 420 390 420 370 370 619 619 679

BHP 341 380 345 385 341 380 325 325 480 480 530

For Better than ever Against Options are expensive Competitors BMW 7 series, Lexus LS 460, Audi A8
S CLASS S350 4d LWB S500 4d LWB S600 4d LWB S63 4d LWB S65 4d LWB PRICE BD41,600 BD53,000 BD70,000 BD83,000 L/100 10.3 11.9 14.3 14.8 0-100 7.3 5.4 4.6 4.6 4.4 TOP SPEED 250 250 250 250 250 CC/CYL 3.5/6 5.5/8 5.5/12 6.2/8 6/12 NM 349 530 829 630 1000 BHP 268 382 510 518 603

Carrera S Cabriolet Targa 4 Targa 4S Turbo Turbo Cabriolet GT2

BD107,000 14.9

For F1 looks Against Overall shape is old Competitors Audi TT, Porsche Boxster, BMW Z4
SLK SLX200 Kompressor 2d SLK280 2d SLK350 2d SLK55 AMG 2d Auto PRICE BD20,000 BD21,200 BD24,500 BD37,000 L/100 8.0 9.1 9.2 12.0 0-100 7.9 6.2 5.4 4.9 TOP SPEED 232 250 250 250 CC/CYL 1.8/4 3.0/6 3.5/6 5.5/8 NM 249 299 360 509 BHP 181 228 300 355

For More power now Against Tight interior Competitors Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4
BOxSTER 2.7 2d 3.4 S 2d 3.4 S 2d Tiptronic PRICE BD16,800 BD19,600 BD22,500 L/100 9.3 10.6 11 0-100 6.1 5.4 6.1 TOP SPEED 258 272 264 CC/CYL 2.7/6 3.4/6 3.4/6 NM 273 338 338 BHP 245 295 295

For A blast to drive Against Again tight interior Competitors BMW Z4, Mercedes SLK
CAYMAN PRICE BD18,100 BD20,700 BD22,900 L/100 9.3 10.6 11 0-100 6.1 5.4 6.1 TOP SPEED 258 275 267 CC/CYL 2.7/6 3.4/6 3.4/6 NM 273 338 338 BHP 245 295 295

For Interior comfort & space Against Needs new design Competitors BMW 3 series, Audi A5, Volvo C70
CLK 200K 2d 280 2d 350 2d 500 2d PRICE BD20,000 BD22,800 BD25,000 BD32,000 L/100 8.7 9.6 10 11.5 0-100 9.3 7.4 6.4 5.9 TOP SPEED 225 250 250 250 CC/CYL 1.8/4 3/6 3.5/6 5/8 NM 239 299 349 394 BHP 163 231 272 388

2.7 3.4 S 3.4 S Sport



For Literally drives like a 911 Against New headlights Competitors Range Rover Sport, BMW X5, Audi Q7
CAYENNE Tiptronic S Tiptronic GTS Tiptronic Turbo S Tiptronic PRICE BD20,400 BD26,900 BD30,400 BD50,000 L/100 12.9 13.7 13.7 14.9 0-100 8.5 6.8 6.8 5.1 TOP SPEED 227 250 250 275 CC/CYL 3.6/6 4.8/8 4.8/8 4.5/8 NM 370 500 500 699 BHP 290 385 385 500

For Lots of seats Against Monotonous design Competitors Buses
INNOVA 2.7 PRICE BD8,700 L/100 10.0 0-100 9.8 TOP SPEED 190 CC/CYL 2.7/4 NM 241 BHP 158

For Auto sliding doors Against Initial shape has never changed Competitors Honda Odyssey
PREVIA 2.4L, VVT-i PRICE BD12,600 L/100 10.9 0-100 11 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 2.4/4 NM 225 BHP 154

roLLs roYCE
For Massive presence Against Price, fuel economy Competitors Maybach 62
PHANTOM 4d PRICE L/100 0-100 5.7 TOP SPEED 240 CC/CYL 6.75/12 NM 719 BHP 453 BD175,000 16.6

For Softer exterior Against Forget off-roading Competitors Honda CR-V, Chevy Traverse, Kia Sportage
RAV4 2.0 XT2 5d PRICE BD10,700 L/100 8.8 0-100 10.0 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 2/4 NM 223 BHP 168

For sharpest Rolls on the road Aganist Still a boat Competitors Bentley Arnage, Mercedes CL, Drophead Coupe
PHANTOM COUPE 2d PRICE L/100 0-100 5.6 TOP SPEED 240 CC/CYL 6.75/12 NM 719 BHP 453 BD210,000 16.0

For Spacious interior Against Overall design Competitors Chevy Traverse, Kia Sportage
FORTUNER 2.7 PRICE BD9,000 L/100 11.9 0-100 11.3 TOP SPEED 170 CC/CYL 2.7/4 NM 241 BHP 158

For Ultimate convertible Aganist Unrealistic price, Petrol Addict Competitors Bentley, Azure, Ferrari 612
PHANTOM HEAD COUPE PRICE 2d L/100 0-100 5.6 TOP SPEED 240 CC/CYL 6.75/12 NM 719 BHP 453 BD220,000 16.0

For Agility Against Not enough gadgetry Competitors Hummer H3, Jeep Wrangler, Mitsubishi Pajero sport
FJ CRUISER 4.0 5d PRICE BD13,400 L/100 13.1 0-100 7.6 TOP SPEED 170 CC/CYL 4/6 NM 375 BHP 240

For Rugged car Against A little stiff Competitors Toyota Rav4, Honda CR-V
FORESTER 2.5XT 5d PRICE BD7,750 L/100 10.9 0-100 11.0 TOP SPEED 282 CC/CYL 2.5/4 NM 230 BHP 226

For Mini Land Cruiser Against Needs a re-design Competitors Honda Pilot, Chevy Traverse, Kia Sorento
PRADO 4.0 VX 3d PRICE BD15,400 L/100 12.6 0-100 9.1 TOP SPEED 175 CC/CYL 4/6 LBFT 394 BHP 262

For Everything Against Nothing Competitors Mitsubishi Pajero
LAND CRUISER PRICE BD18,500 BD21,100 L/100 12.5 16.6 0-100 10.9 10.8 TOP SPEED 210 180 CC/CYL 4.5/6 4.7/8 NM 406 433 BHP 240 235 4.5 L6 4.7 V8

For WRX STI Against Base model too plain Competitors Volkswagen Golf, Mitsubishi Lancer
IMPREzA 2.0 AWD 5d PRICE BD5,500 L/100 8.0 0-100 9.6 TOP SPEED 193 CC/CYL 2/4 NM 196 BHP 148

For New Style Against Bland inside Competitors Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Chevy Lumina
LEGACY 2.0 sportshift 4d PRICE BD7,200 L/100 9.6 0-100 11.4 TOP SPEED 193 CC/CYL 2.0/4 NM 187 BHP 165

For Tons space, options, power Against Hard cabin plastic Competitors Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition, Nissan Armada
LAND CRUISER 5.7 V8 PRICE BD 19,900 L/100 14.2 0-100 7.0 TOP SPEED 180 CC/CYL 5.7/8 NM 543 BHP 381

For 7 seater capability Against Soft suspension Competitors Honda Pilot, Kia Mohave, Chevy Tahoe
TRIBECA 3.0 PRICE BD11,000 L/100 2.3 0-100 9.7 TOP SPEED 195 CC/CYL 3.0/6 NM 297 BHP 245

For Funky folding roof Against Very girly Competitors Volvo C70, BMW 1 series cabrio
EOS 2.0 DSG 3.2 DSG PRICE BD15,000 BD16,500 L/100 8.2 9.2 0-100 7.8 7.3 TOP SPEED 229 247 CC/CYL 2.0/4 3.2/6 NM 280 330 BHP 197 247

For best soft off-roader Against Its could be better outback Competitors Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota Innova, Chevy Captiva
OUTBACK 2.5 PRICE BD9,000 L/100 9.7 0-100 10.9 TOP SPEED 199 CC/CYL 2.5/4 NM 226 BHP 165

For Solid car Against Ugly cloth seats Competitors Audi A3, BMW 1 series
EOS 1.6 DSG 2.0 GT DSG 3.2L R32 4Motion DSG PRICE BD10,000 BD11,700 BD15,000 L/100 7.4 8.0 10.7 0-100 11.4 8.8 6.2 TOP SPEED 184 209 248 CC/CYL 1.6/4 2.0/4 3.2/6 NM 149 200 319 BHP 100 147 247

For Reliability Against Doesn’t stand out Competitors Cadillac BLS, Volvo S60
AVALON 3.5 PRICE BD11,500 L/100 9.0 0-100 7.2 TOP SPEED 208 CC/CYL 3.5/6 NM 352 BHP 280

For Decent looks, Good legroom Against Luxury - Car price Competitors Volvo S80, Saab 9-5
PASSAT 2.0 TC PRICE BD15,800 L/100 7.9 0-100 7.6 TOP SPEED 237 CC/CYL 2.0/4 NM 280 BHP 200

For Cheap and comfortable Against Too many of them Competitors Honda Accord, Chevy Lumina, Subaru Legacy
CAMRY 2.4 VVT-i 4d PRICE BD8,460 L/100 8.0 0-100 9 TOP SPEED 194 CC/CYL 2.4/4 NM 216 BHP 157

For Technologically advanced Against Pricey Competitors Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Lexus LS460
PHAETON V6 4Motion 4d V8 4Motion 4d CC/CYL 1.3/4 1.8/4 NM 130 188 BHP 92 145 PRICE BD27,000 BD30,000 L/100 12.1 12.9 0-100 9.4 6.9 TOP SPEED 239 250 CC/CYL 3.2/6 4.2/8 LBFT 314 429 BHP 238 330

For Build quality Against Spiceless Competitors Mitsubishi Lancer, Honda Civic, Kia Optima
COROLLA 1.6 XLi 1.8 XLi PRICE BD6,400 BD7,000 L/100 6.7 7.3 0-100 11.0 9.7 TOP SPEED 185 192

For Cute Against Price Competitors Toyota yaris, Honda Jazz
POLO 1.4 5d PRICE BD6,500 L/100 6.0 0-100 14.5 TOP SPEED 167 CC/CYL 1.4/3 NM 112 BHP 68

For Fun factor Against No power Competitors Citroen C3, Honda Jazz
YARIS 1.3 VVT-i 3d PRICE BD4,400 L/100 5.6 0-100 11.7 TOP SPEED 175 CC/CYL 1.3/4 NM 121 BHP 86

For Interesting shape, firm handling Against Dull interior, firm ride Competitors BMW 1-Series, Volvo C30
SCIROCCO 2.0 TC PRICE BD13,300 L/100 7.6 0-100 7.1 TOP SPEED 235 CC/CYL 2.0/4 NM 280 BHP 200



For Roomy family car Aganist Limited off-road abilities Competitors Toyota RAV4
TIGUAN 2.0 TSI Sport&Style 2.0 TSI Track&Field PRICE BD11,500 BD11,500 L/100 9.1 9.1 0-100 8.5 8.5 TOP SPEED 201 201 CC/CYL 2.0/4 2.0/4 NM 280 280 BHP 168 168

For Best looking in its class Against Needs more power Competitors Mercedes CLK, Audi A5
C70 2.5 T5 2d PRICE BD17,200 L/100 9.8 0-100 8.0 TOP SPEED 235 CC/CYL 2.5/5 LBFT 319 BHP 227

For Most unique in its class Against Little too heavy Competitors Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, BMW X5
TOUAREG 3.6 V5 5d 4.2 V8 5d PRICE BD17,500 BD30,000 L/100 13.6 13.8 0-100 8.6 7.5 TOP SPEED 217 244 CC/CYL 3.6/6 4.2/8 NM 360 441 BHP 276 346

For Very stylish Against Pricey Competitors Volkswagen Passat, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry
S40 1.6 4d 2.4 4d 2.4i 4d 2.5 T5 4d PRICE BD9,500 BD9,750 BD11,700 BD14,600 L/100 7.2 9.1 9.1 9.4 0-100 11.9 10.6 8.9 7.2 TOP SPEED 185 200 215 235 CC/CYL 1.6/4 2.4/5 2.4/5 2.5/5 NM 149 219 230 319 BHP 99 138 168 227

For Likeable look Aganist Not exactly German Competitors Kia Carnival, Toyota Previa
SHARAN 2.8 PRICE BD11,000 L/100 11.2 0-100 10.3 TOP SPEED 212 CC/CYL 2.8/6 NM 265 BHP 204

For AWD system Against Nothing Competitors Cadillac STS, BMW 5 series, Audi A6
S80 2.5T 4d 3.2 i6 4d 4.4 V8 AWD 4d PRICE BD12,637 BD14,137 BD18,096 L/100 9.2 9.8 11.9 0-100 8 7.9 6.5 TOP SPEED 235 240 250 CC/CYL 2.5/5 3.2/6 4.4/8 NM 299 319 440 BHP 197 235 311

For Big Golf Against Old persons car Competitors Volvo S40, Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Lancer
EOS 1.6 PRICE BD8,500 L/100 7.6 0-100 12.2 TOP SPEED 186 CC/CYL 1.6/4 NM 149 BHP 99

For Excellent ride Against Interior too bland Competitors BMW X5, Audi Q7, VW Touareg
xC90 3.25d 4.4 V8 5d PRICE BD17,616 BD19,400 L/100 12.0 13.3 0-100 9.5 7.3 TOP SPEED 210 210 CC/CYL 3.2/6 4.4/8 NM 319 440 BHP 235 311

For Fun factor Against Boring interior Competitors VW Golf, Audi A3, BMW 1 series
C30 1.6 3d 2.4i 3d 2.5 T5 3d PRICE BD10,100 BD12,200 BD12,900 L/100 7.0 9.0 9.4 0-100 11.8 8.8 7.1 TOP SPEED 185 215 235 CC/CYL 1.6/4 2.4/5 2.5/5 NM 149 230 319 BHP 99 168 227


Pre-Owned Vehicles



Cadillac CTS 2008 12,618 km BD. 13,800

Honda Accord V6 2008 3.5L 2584km BD. 8,800

Honda Accord V6 2009 3.5L 519km BD. 9,800

Honda Pilot 2009 7,792km BD. 12,800

GMC Yukon 2008 5,895km BD. 12,700

Hummer H3 2007 48,933km BD. 9,500

Hummer H2 2008 7,000km BD. 23,800

Cadillac Escalade 2007 17,763 km BD. 17,000

Cadillac STS 2007 31,698 km BD. 14,000

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2007 chevrolet trailblazer

2008 nissan xterra

bd 7,350

96,028 km, 5 Doors, F/Options Tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

2001 Mercedes benz

114,353 km, Tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

Full option, 19,500 km, dvd, tv, bluetooth system, leather steering, in excellent condition, contact number: 39723372

2009 honda accord

2003 lexus 430

40,000 km, 4 Doors, F/Options Tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

2008 nissan altiMa 2.5


0 km, 4 Doors, F/Automatic Tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

113,000 km, tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559
2008 toyota rav 4

2008 Mitsubishi pajero

7649 km, 5 Doors, F/Options Tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

2006 nissan tiida hutchback

0 km, 5 doors, F/automatic, tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

32,120 km, 4 Doors, F/Options Tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

2005 bMW x5 3.0

2008 dodge nitro 3.7

0 km, 4 Doors, F/Options Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995

2006 huMMer h-3

89,577 km, 5 doors, F/automatic, tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

26,000 km, 4 Doors, F/Automatic Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995


2006 hyundai coupe v6
2008 dodge avenger

O km, 4 Doors, F/Automatic Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995

iF you Want to sell your vehicle call arabia Motors
47,500 km, Full options, at automatic, Mob: 36755388

Magazine 17402482
2003 Mercedes s-350

2009 nissan tiida 1.6

75,000 km, 4 Doors, F/Options Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995

iF you Want to sell your vehicle call arabia Motors
0 km, tel: 17556113, Mob: 39666559

Magazine 17402482

2004 Maserati coupe

1994 acura 1.8 gsr - v tech

19,000 km, 2 Doors, F/Options Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995

2005 Mercedes clk-200

34,000 km, 2 Doors, F/Options Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995

very good condition, Mob: 39725758

2007 porsche carrera-s

2003 bMW z4 (3.0l)

27,000 km, 2 Doors, F/Options Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995

2005 Minicooper

27,000 km, 2 Doors, F/Options Tel: +973 17 596626, Mob: +973 39457995

this car is in mint condition and fully loaded, its just had its 80,000km service done. it is fully insured and registered till july. For more info call ahmed on 36363293


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Dear AM,

I got to hand it out to you guys, the Saleen issue was mind blowing. When I saw the magazine on the supermarket shelf I was like holy %#@*, we have such crazy cars in Bahrain. Honestly guys it’s been long since we saw something so crazy on the cover. You guys are the best.

Hamad Dear Hamad,
Thanks for the mail buddy; we really appreciate the positive feedback that we get from you guys. Another thing if you think that the Saleen was a jaw dropper then u better look out for the upcoming issues, we promise you that you’re going to be quite satisfied with them.


Hey Guys,

Give me a reason why the Gulf’s best motoring magazine is not available in Arabic? I have so many friends in Saudi who have crazy rides but they don’t speak English, still they go out and buy the magazine. Guys its about time you took the Arabic speaking population into consideration too.

We have been looking into this suggestion and carefully studying it for a while. To tell you the truth we have had a lot of non English speaking readers telling us that Arabia Motors needs to have an Arabic version. And as a result the point has been taken into consideration. So till then guys just give us some time and you will see an Arabic version of the magazine soon enough.

Dear Rashid,

I have been a frequent reader of your magazine since many years now. The only problem that I do have now is that I will be moving to Canada after a month and I will really miss reading the magazine and being updated with the latest motoring news locally. So I am requesting you guys to find a way to help me out with this little issue of mine.

Was up

How is it going? We are glad you like the magazine as we put in a lot of time and effort in putting this magazine together. Anyways getting back to the point, we really do not think that it should be a problem sending you the magazine as we already do that for a bunch of guys. Just forward us your mail box number along with the other necessary details and it would be done in no time.

Dear Xen,


114 96



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