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Huxtaburger Tender Invitation - Fire

Huxtaburger Tender Invitation - Fire

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Published by Pete Kardum

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Published by: Pete Kardum on Sep 16, 2013
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Trade Description: Fire Protection
Quote No: Job Name: Job Address: Date: From: 10960 Huxtaburger Prahran 201-209 High Street Prahran 16/07/2013 Kon Pierros

Project Contract Terms: Superintendent:Liquidated Damages amount per week:Project Start Date:Project Finish Date:Payment Terms:Defects Liability Period:Retention:Site Allowance:Normal Hours or After Hours work:Site Access:Provisional & PC Items:Closing Date of Tender:Frank Rossi TBC TBC TBC 30 Days 26 Weeks 5% $3.50p/hr Normal Hours Via ground floor None 23/07/2013

We have pleasure in inviting your company to submit a quotation for the above project as detailed in the accompanying documents.

SCOPE OF WORKS  Due to the short notice for this tender each contractor has been issued with a full set of drawings. Please examine fully and provide a price for all items associated with this package.

Quotations are to contain complete Cost Breakdown & Itemized Scope of Works when submitting.


the subcontractor has inspected and agrees to the terms and conditions herein stated and to all those contained in documents attached hereto and incorporated herein. You will provide adequate site supervision. plant and materials as required maintaining progress with the current Leeda Projects program as updated from time to time. administration and implement necessary procedures required to carry out the works. safety plans.. The subcontractor must provide sufficient labour. Note: In your submission of a quotation for this project. SWMS.             INSTRUCTIONS You have included for all work within your sub-contract package as detailed on Drawings and Specification. equipment. immediately upon the subcontractor becoming aware of the defect. 2 . providing safety policies. This request shall form part of the Subcontract Documents. for approval prior to starting on site. All defects due to materials or workmanship not in accordance with this agreement must be rectified by the subcontractor at no cost to Leeda Projects. Prior to final payment a copy of all compliance certificates. as built drawings. maintenance manuals and other information relevant to the completion of the project must be provided. If the subcontractor fails to comply. It is the subcontractor’s responsibility to conform to all sites and work safe requirements. The subcontractor agrees to carry out all works in accordance with the specification and all drawings for the project in a workman like manner and to the satisfaction of Leeda Projects. The subcontractor must allow for all conditions of the contract in their tender submission and highlight any exclusion. Prior to commencement on site the subcontractor must provide a copy of their certificate of currency for Work Cover and Public Liability insurance.. Leeda Projects will rectify and cost will be charged to the subcontractor. The Subcontractor acknowledges that the site has been fully inspected and all relevant condition have been taken into account.

7. 14. (d) Original Tax Invoices must be received in Leeda Projects Office by the 25th Day of the month previous to the month of payment. Leeda Projects may itself or by others. the following shall mean. awards and industrial. (b) Any Testing specifically required by the Subcontract will be carried out at the Subcontractor’s expense. subcontractors will be required to certify to the principal contractor that they have fully complied with all of their obligations under C+BUS. LONG SERVICE LEAVE. Trade Marks and trade secrets (c) "Project Completion date" means the date specified (d) INSURANCES 1. (h) Immediately prior to commencing on site.  The Subcontractor fails to proceed with the works with reasonable diligence or in a competent manner. adhesives or any potentially hazardous substances which you intend to use including the Technical Data Sheets for all the items you intend to use. subcontractors and suppliers comply with Leeda Projects OH&S and quality procedures as amended from time to time and all relevant Acts. 9. MANUALS. which will confirm registration. Leeda Projects and the client for the respective interests and contain a cross liabilities clause in which each of the named parties to the insurance is treated as separately indemnified under the policy. PERSONNEL (a) The Subcontractor must have a competent supervisor of the Subcontractor's works acceptable to Leeda Projects.  Claimants ordinary place of business  Claimants phone number  Claimants fax number  Contract Number  Payment Claim No. the subcontractor will be required to produce a certificate for his / her workers or other documentation from C+BUS. (a) The Subcontractor is not allowed to issue any information.  and be signed and dated by the claimant (f) Payment claims may be in the form of/or must be accompanied by a Tax Invoice prepared in accordance with A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999. (b) Any instructions issued by Leeda Projects. . the Victorian Accident Compensation Commission and the Redundancy Payment Central Fund Ltd (trading as Incolink). assigned to Leeda Projects by the Subcontractor.000. . at their own expense must comply with all relevant industrial legislation. The Subcontractor is granted a revocable license to use such intellectual property rights for the purpose of the works only. its employees. (c) The Subcontractor warrants that the works will be of merchantable quality.  Tax invoice No. suitable for their purpose and comply with all applicable laws. 18. (c) Public liability insurance cover of $20. 10 CONFIDENTIALITY.  In the reasonable opinion of Leeda Projects the Subcontractor commits a substantial breach of the contract.  Period to which payment claim relates  Total amount of this payment claim $’s  A description of the construction work or related goods  And services in respect of which the payment claim is made and the method of calculation of the total amount of the payment claim. to the extent they can be.  The Subcontractor fails to comply with a direction of Leeda Projects or. 1. Leeda Projects can at its discretion at the time of receiving the final contract payment. advertisement. DEFECTS LIABILITY PERIOD (a) The Subcontractor must maintain and protect the works until the Project Completion date and must make good all defects appearing in the works prior to expiry of the Defects Liability Period.1 The following insurance details are to be provided to Leeda Projects by the Subcontractor prior to commencement of works and shall be maintained current and enforceable throughout the Project duration: (a) Certificate of Registration for WorkCover and Payment insurance. (b) To the extent permitted by law or any applicable written government codes of practice. (e) All Payment Claims / Tax Invoices must contain the following:  Name of Respondent (Leeda Projects Pty Ltd)  Name of Claimant. drawings and documents relating to the works will vest in and are hereby. Leeda Projects shall give as much notice as possible of variation to the Project Start Date. the Victorian Construction Industry Long Service Board (trading as Co-Invest). (b) The Subcontractor must keep confidential all information in relation to the contract and works unless the confidential information is disclosed. Regulations. workplace and enterprise agreements and site agreements. remedy the defect at the cost of the Subcontractor. if:  Leeda Projects has reasonable grounds to believe the Subcontractor is insolvent. LEEDA'S WORKS INSURANCE (c) 3 . The Subcontractor must provide shop drawings. EQUIPMENT & ACCESS (a) The Subcontractor acknowledges that it was asked to fully inspect the site including relevant physical conditions above and below the surface. DOCUMENTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (a) Copyright in all plans. (a) (b) (c) The Subcontractor assigns all intellectual property rights in respect of the works to Leeda Projects upon creation by the Subcontractor when those rights are developed or arise in the performance of this contract by the Subcontractor. EXECUTION OF THE WORKS (a) The Subcontractor must comply with all lawful directions of Leeda Projects in executing the works. (g) Recipient Created Tax Invoices. If the Subcontractor fails to carry out defects rectification in a timely and workmanlike manner. (d) The Subcontractor shall sign all documents necessary to enable Leeda Projects to perfect registration in Leeda projects name of any intellectual Property Rights assigned under this contract to it. PAYMENT CLAIMS & INVOICING (c) The value of your intended Payment Claim (not Tax Invoice) must be forwarded to Leeda Projects office by the 15th Day of the month for inclusion in a monthly claim to client. 15. (b) The Subcontractor must carry out the making good of any defects as directed by Leeda Projects. 8.  Safe Work Method Statements  Safety Policy  Checklists and Quality Assurance Procedures  Inspection Test plans  Copies of any licenses required for plant and equipment  Red/White Cards  List of chemicals.With the Leeda Projects prior written consent. COMMENCEMENT AND COMPLETION (a) The Subcontractor must commence the works on the Project Start Date or such other date as Leeda Projects may require. SHOP DRAWINGS. (b) All materials used by the Subcontractor must be new unless otherwise directed by Leeda. means of access and other matters relating to the site (together “Site Conditions”) which might affect its works before quoting. the date of the last payment. 11. designs. (b) Prior to commencing on site. unless the context clearly requires otherwise: (a) "Confidential Information" means (b) “Intellectual Property Rights” means intellectual property rights of all types including patents. and the Redundancy Payment Central Fund Ltd (trading as Incolink). Failure to lodge your intended claim amount may result in under claiming from the client. Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.LEEDA PROJECTS TENDERING CONDITIONS Definitions: In these terms. document. copyright. 3. SITE CONDITIONS – PLANT. TESTING (a) In addition to any specific testing required elsewhere in the Subcontract the Subcontractor must carry out any testing of the works requested by Leeda Projects. TERMINATION (a) Without prejudice to any other right that Leeda Projects may have. publication. and that payments have been made for the most recent period. it may terminate this contract by written notice to the Subcontractor. the Victorian Construction Industry Long Service Leave Board (trading as Co-Invest). the Victorian Accident Compensation Commission. 12. 2. warranty documents. 6.000 in the names of the Subcontractor. (a) The Subcontractor must comply with and must ensure that its employees. ENVIRONMENT. (b) Leeda Projects retains all intellectual property rights in all documents or information provided by it or with its permission to the Subcontractors in relation to the order. (c) The Subcontractor shall co-ordinate all deliveries of its material and be responsible for its handling and movement. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY (OH&S) AND QUALITY ASSURANCE. including the following areas but not limited to. subcontractors and suppliers. promotion or article for publication concerning the project in any media without prior written approval from Leeda Projects. (d) The Subcontractor must comply with and give all notices to Leeda Projects or the client required by any law of any government authority or similar body having jurisdiction affecting the works or the Subcontractor’s work. or similar insurance in accordance with the law in the state or territory in which the works are to be executed together with (b) Public liability or worker's compensation covers for unlimited common law liability arising out of work injury. SUPERANNUATION. manuals and “as constructed” drawings to Leeda Projects 13. WORK COVER AND REDUNDANCY. the period for which that payment applies. INDUSTRIAL MATTERS & FORCE MAJEURE (a) The Subcontractor is responsible for industrial matters relating to its personnel but must comply with reasonable instructions from Leeda Projects relating to industrial matters.For the purpose of carrying out the Subcontractor's obligations under the contract or as required by the law. (b) The Subcontractor must proceed to diligently complete the works by the Project Completion Date or revised date in the Works Program. the Subcontractor must provide Leeda Projects with the Subcontractor's OH&S and quality assurance plan that is in form and substance acceptable to Leeda Projects. the Subcontractor. 17. The Subcontractor must comply with those plans when executing works.

The policy will: (i) Include an excess for which the Subcontract will be liable and (j) Exclude coverage for tools and equipment. 4 .Leeda Projects must affect Contract Works Insurance in respect of loss or damage to the Works.

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