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Brain Atrophy/Cerebral Atrophy (insufficient nutrition) Pressure Atrophy of kidney/Nephrosis Skeletal Muscle Atrophy (cells become thinner, Spaces become larger, Stroma) Brown Atrophy of Heart (coronary artery) Brown Atrophy of Heart (micro)-(Brown Particles on both sides of nucleus) Hypertrophy of heart/Concentric Hypertophy (compensatory)Hypertension disease Squamous Metaplasia of Trachea Epithelium (Change into another type of cell) Intestinal Metaplasia (Chronic Gastritus) Hydropic Degeneration of Liver (Enlargement) Cellular Swelling of Hepatocytes(Not fatty because nucleus is not on the side of the cell) Cellular Swelling of Epithelia Cells of Renal Tubule Fatty Degeneration of Liver Hepatic Fatty DegenerationLipid Droplets Hyaline Degeneration in Renal Tubular CellsHappens in cytoplasm Hyaline Degeneration of Connective Tissue Hyaline Degeneration of Small Arteriole of SpleenMany Lymphocytes,Pink Staining,Protein accumulates Calcification(Necrosis) Cardiac “Coagulative Necrosis”(Myocardial Infarction)Cells lose Nucleus Coagulative Necrosis of Spleen (Splenic Infarction) Caseous Necrosis of Lymph NodesCheese-like(Tuberculosis)* Caseous NecrosisComplete NecrosisComplete loss of cell structure Liquefactive Necrosis (Brain) Fibroid Necrosis of Arteriole (Micro) Dry Gangrene Ulcer of Stomach(micro) Tubercular Cavity of Kidney(Tuberculosis of Kidney)Many Cavities Tubercular Cavity of Lungs Granulation Tissue(Micro)Complementary Cells, Fibroblasts Granulation tissue(Micro) Scar tissueProgresses from Granulation Tissue Pulmonary Congestion (A lot of Edema Fluid) Pulmonary Congestion(Heart Failure Cells )Brown Particles Nutmeg Liver (Liver Congestion) Liver Congestion

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