THE YOUTH RESPONSIBILITY When we talk about the youngsters in the Indonesia, we often find in many articles and

we ourselves even witness and support the development of nation. They are the hope of the nation who will carry out the struggle for the sake of the brighter future of the country. Today is young, tomorrow will be a leader. This statement encourages us to pay attention to the young’s existence in the future. By knowing all the facts, we realize how important the role of the young generation has in the future. The youth supposedly symbolize the force that never becomes weak quickly. The youngsters play significant roles and have a great potency and energy that can be prided. We should pay attention to many young people who are not aware of their education, their future and it is poor if we see our young people in our country behaving badly and intentionally avoiding teachings to follow the western culture. We can’t imagine and describe what is going to happen in the next time if all young people are careless in their responsibility. We have to be aware that the responsibility of nation developing depends on the young generation. By those considerations we should be very careful with any of destructive western lifestyle and culture that would affect the values and teachings. We have a great responsibility to the future of religion and nation. Young generation is the only hope of the life of nation; the development and the decline of nation depend on them. And the victory and the destruction of nation are on the hands of next generation Last but not the least; I would like to call you all to prepare our generation in order to be able to replace the old generation in the future. And I hope you and the society are to obtain from bad action and furthermore we have to develop our skill and potency to reach up the brighter future. That’s all for my speech and thanks a lot for your attention

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