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5s - concept

5s - concept

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5s - concept
5s - concept

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Published by: pzeeaura on Jun 27, 2009
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Problem identification- spot abnormal conditions quickly Standardization-one way, one place, one level of cleanliness Waste

elimination- reduce walking, waiting, searching, etc. Morale-less clutter, darkness and frustration

Threat of Bad Housekeeping

remove what is not needed and keep what is needed

WHY do we need this amount? WHERE is this used / required? WHAT is a frequency of use? HOW is this controlled? WHY is stored here?

Place things in such a way that they can be easily reached whenever they are needed

Set in Order or designating locations is about organization and orderliness. It means that there is a place for everything and everything must be in its place.

Keep things clean and polished; no trash or dirt in the workplace

Equipment that is kept clean performs more efficiently and has less unscheduled downtime. Prioritize on SAFETY, QUALITY & RELIABILITY.

Standardize, the fourth of the 5S's, involves putting the systems in place to ensure that everyone does things the same way.

Create the rules: Set a clear standard. Easy to maintain Make standard measurable. Should show what is a not standard. Stable platform to improvements.

Sustain is perhaps the most difficult phase of the 5S's. Commitment

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