Deals with heroic action - a struggle Scylla/Nisus Aeneas on Tiber // Belinda on barge Achilles shield // Belinda's petticoat

Cave of Envy // Cave of Spleen Grandiloquent Hyperbolic Inflated genealogy of a weapon The treatment of the card game Heroic speeches by major protagonists Description of warrior arms Battles and feasts Deus ex machina Allusions References Details of preparation for battle Invocations to the Muse Epic proposition Heroic couplets 5 cantos Fixed epithets Epic similies

Actual Classical Myth


Diction Idiom

inversion of sentence structure personifications Rituals Belinda Altars Lord Petre Coffee Sense of doom magic powers Clarissa's speech

Mock Heroic Features
Grandeur Religion & Omens


Sylphs Gnomes Jove

Good sense



Women's foibles Trivialities Sin of Pride

Mock Heroic Features.mmap - 22/05/2009 - Roger Knight

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