“Will you support legislation that funds all governmental functions except ObamaCare?

” This is the simple-phraseology of the query that all legislators [Fitzpatrick, all-of-PA, everyone else] must answer, for the ted-cruz-“defundit-bill”-is-the-last-chance-to-stop-ObamaCare; in August, GOP-popularity and Congressional-approval were boosted by the winning message [“Defund It!”], and it will be devastating for the GOP if they show voters that they are not willing to fight…to champion a heartfelt cause…as is currently being reflected in near-unanimous recognition of the “civil-war” occurring in the House-GOP. Yesterday, I was asked: “Can you give your best short rationale as to how the Graves bill will provide separation between funding govt. and funding ObamaCare?” The short-answer is that the specifics of H.J.RES.62.IH so-specify, as many have noted [skim the citations @ the hyperlinked-page]: See what others are saying about the Graves Plan Sign the petition and demand your representatives delay ObamaCare ASAP! Georgia Rep. Tom Graves has introduced new legislation called the "Stability, Security and Fairness Resolution," which would fund the government for Fiscal Year 2014 while fully delaying and defunding ObamaCare until 2015. This is our best and last chance to defund ObamaCare before it takes hold in three weeks. The effort to defund ObamaCare legislatively has become so potent that the lead-editorial in Sunday’s New York Times [predictably] tried to discredit it [the-annual-republican-crisis]; meanwhile, right around the corner in Times Square is a Six-story billboard on NYC's 42nd Street bashing ObamaCare. In fact, leadership has yet to issue a cogent reaction to the Graves Bill [as, per the Tea Party, Conservatives Push New Spending Resolution to Defund ObamaCare]; indeed, GOP staffers are working with D-staffers to keep special ObamaCare deal for themselves [thereby trying to kill Vitter amendment…which would end the 'D.C. exemption from ObamaCare'], and they are trying to punish Vitter, as per John Fund. Revelations as to the problems associated therewith have been admixed with unabashed maneuvering. For example, it seems [essentially] that BHO-wants-yoursexual-history and that comparable intrusions into an individual’s personal-space On the Penn State Campus, a Faculty Uprising Over Personal Data; indeed, a Firm Returned an ObamaCare 'Navigator' Grant Amidst Political Heat; exhibiting “avoidance,” obamadrew new red-line, claiming GOP debt-ceiling-demands-assault the US constitutionalstructure. Through it all, Confusion over law persists, as a Healthcare Co is to Lay-Off Over 100 Employees and Insurers are limiting doctors and hospitals in the health insurance market; that’s why BHO cares not that a New Poll Shows BHO’s Approval Is At All-Time Low, for he’ll claim victory once ObamaCare starts. To dramatize certain facets of this effort, note comments/activities of three people: BOB WOODWARD [who has claimed the GOP is USING 'EXTORTION, BLACKMAIL' TO DEFUND OBAMACARE; john-boehner [who is under-federal-investigation-for possible campaign-finance-violations; and Pat Toomey [who was interviewed on NBC10 (@ Issue Sen. Toomey) on 9/8/13. Next, recognize that Boehner’s emanations are best viewed as chewing-along-the-edges. Finally, recall the history, c/o Rob Boysen of Tea Party Patriots [PA State Coordinator, Eastern Region Coordinator, Philadelphia (Lower Bucks) Subgroup]:

"ObamaCare" was passed into law without a single Republican vote in either the Senate or the House. The only reason it passed was because after the election of Massachusetts's Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate, his vote against it would have been THE VOTE that would have stopped Obama Care in its tracks, However,

Harry Reid used a Congressional procedure known as "reconciliation" to get the bill through the U.S. Senate! For those who do not understand what "reconciliation" is, let me give you a short lesson: Reconciliation takes a previously passed bill and guts it. Then the "new bill" is inserted as the new language of said bill and requires very little, if any of the normal hearings, votes, or "arm twisting" that normally occurs with new bills. In this way, Harry Reid and the U.S. Senate didn't care how Scott Brown or any Republicans voted on the "new" bill, (aka: "Obama Care"). And let us also not forget that 99% of the Senators and Congressional Representatives NEVER READ THE OBAMA CARE BILL! Those of us who were deeply involved in all of the machinations of the writing and passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, WERE VERY AWARE of most of the "bad parts" of it, so we are not surprised at all by the sudden "awakening" of the Unions, Congressional staffers, and much of the "left wing" Media of just how bad the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act really is! The problem is that as the country gets deeper and deeper into fully funding and implementing "Obama Care", the more and more the "average" U.S. citizen will become more frustrated and angry that most of what the "meanies" in the Tea Party have been saying about "Obama Care" is "on the money, and they're going to be looking to US to "fix it". Guess what? Once this beast in fully funded and implemented, there's probably no way it's ever going to be repealed and/or replaced! As Ronald Reagan once said: "The closest thing to eternity is a Government program"! This is why the Tea Party Movement is doing all it can to stop. Our efforts over the past 3 1/2 years to stop "Obama Care" have been met with much resistance and much "hand ringing" from the GOP members in both Houses of Congress because of the "damage" we conservatives are doing to the GOP with their elections and their supposed "ability" to govern through compromises with the Democrats. What really bothers me is that in 2009 and 2010, our Republican representatives WERE WITH US! To their credit, as I stated before, NOT ONE OF THEM VOTED FOR PASSAGE of "Obama Care" and also to their credit, most of our GOP Senators and Congressmen have voted over 40 times to repeal/replace it! And now, once again, because the Conservative Grassroots Movement as demanded that our GOP Reps/Senators vote for a Continuing Resolution that funds the entire U.S. Government except for "Obama Care," we're the "bad" guys! If the House votes for a CR without funding "Obama Care" and IF Obama and the Democrats shut down the U.S. Government, then it's on them, not us! And rest assured my friends, if that happens, the "Mainstream Media", every Democrat and unfortunately, some Republicans will blame US! As Rhett said to Scarlett-"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

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