THE LIST OF 1000 MOST USED VERBS (1000 Kata Kerja yang sering digunakan) www.rajaebookgratis.


Accept Ache Act Add Add Up Admire Advise Agree Aim Allow Amuse Announce Annoy Answer Appear Arrange Arrive Ask Attack Attend Awake Bake Balance Bandage Barbecue Bark Bath Beat Beg Belong Bend Bite Bleed Block Block Blow Blow Out Blow Up Blush

Boil Borrow Bounce Bow Box Break Break Down Breathe Bring Brush Build Bully Bump Burn Burst Bury Button Buy Call Call For Call Off Camp Care Care Carry Carry On Carve Cause Catch Catch Up Celebrate Chase Change Charge Chase Chat Cheat Check Check In

Check Out Check Up Cheer Cheer Up Chip Choose Chop Circle Clap Clean Clean Up Clear Clear Away Clear Off Clear Out Clear Up Climb Cling Clip Close Cluck Coach Coil Collapse Collect Collide Color Comb Come Come Across Come Apart Come Back Come Off Come On Come Out Compare Complain Confuse Congratulate

Connect Consider Consist Construct Contain Continue Contribute Control Cook Cool Cool Down Cool Off Copy Cost Cough Count Count Cover Cover Up Crack Crash Crawl Create Creep Croak Cross Cross Out Crouch Crow Crowd Cuddle Crumble Crumple Crush Cry Curl Curtsy Cut Cut Down


rajaebookgratis.THE LIST OF 1000 MOST USED VERBS (1000 Kata Kerja yang sering digunakan) Cut Off Cut Out Cut Up Cycle Damage Dance Dare Darn Dash Deal Decide Decorate Defend Delight Deliver Demand Demonstrate Describe Deserve Design Destroy Develop Dial Die Die Away Die Down Dig Dip Direct Disappear Discover Discuss Disguise Dislike Dismiss Display Disturb Dive Divide Do Do Away Do Up Dock Donate Doodle Doze Drag Drain Draw Dream Dress Drift Drill Drink Drink Up Drip Drive Drop Drop In Drop Off Drown Dry Dry Out Duck Dump Dust Earn Eat Eat Up Edge Elect Embarrass Embrace Emerge Employ Empty End Engrave Enjoy Enter Entertain Equal Erase Escape Examine Excite Excuse Exercise Exchange Expand Expect Explain Explore Face Face Up Fade Fail Faint Fake Fall Fall Of Fan Farm Fast Fasten Fear Fetch Feed Feel Feel Like Fence Fight Fill Fill Up Film Find Find Out Finish Finish With Fire Fish Fit Fit In Fix Fizz Flag Flag Down Flap Flash Flatten Flee Flick Fling Flip Flit Float Flood Flow Fluff Flush Fly Foam Fold Follow Forget Form Free Freeze Frighten Frown Fry Furnish Gallop Gamble Garden Gasp QUANTUM ENGLISH .

THE LIST OF 1000 MOST USED VERBS (1000 Kata Kerja yang sering digunakan) Gather Gaze Get Get Across Get Along Get Around Get At Get Away Get Back Get Down Get Dressed Get In Get Into Get Off Get On Get Over Get Up Griddle Give Give Away Give Back Give Off Give Out Give Up Glare Glide Glow Glue Go Go Away Go Back Go On Go Out Go Without Grab Greet Grill Grin Grind Grip Group Grow Growl Grunt Guard Guess Guide Gum Gush Gush Hack Hail Halt Halve Hammer Hand Hand Out Handcuff Handle Hang Harm Harvest Has Has Got Has To Hatch Hate Haul Head Heal Heap Hear Heat Help Hiccup Hide Hike Hire Hiss Hit Ho[ Hoist Hold Hold On Hold Put Hold Up Honk Hoot Hope Hose Huddle Huff Hug Hum Hunt Hurl Hurry Hurry Up Hurt Hush Imagine Imitate Increase Inform Injure Inspect Install Instruct Interrupt Interview Introduce Invent Invite Iron Itch Jack Up Jam Jerk Jingle Jog Join Joke Jot Judge Juggle Jumble Jump Jump At Jump To Jump Up Keep Keep Away Keep Off Keep Up Kick Kill Kiss Kneel Knit Knock Knot Know Ladle Land Last Laugh Laugh At Lay Lead Lead Up To Leak Lean Leap Learn Leave Leave Out QUANTUM ENGLISH . Lend Let Let Down Let Go Let In Let Out Lick Lie Lie Down Lift Light Like Limp Line Line Up Link List Listen Litter Live Live On Load Lock Lock Up Loll Long Lend Look Look Look After Look For Look Out Look Up Lose Love Lunch Mail Make Make For Make From Make Off Make Out March Mark Marry Mash Mask Match Measure Meet Melt Mend Mess Up Mew Milk Mime Mince Mine Miss Miss Out Mistake Mix Model Moo Mop Move Move In Move Out Mow Nail Name Nap Need Neigh Net Nibble Nip Nod Notice Nudge Nurse Obey Occupy Offer Oil Open Operate Order Overtake Overturn Owe Own Pack Pack Up Paddle Paint Pair Pant Parachute Park Part Pass Pass Pass Paste Pat Patch Patrol Patrol Pave Paw Pay Pay Back Peck Pedal Peel Peep Peg Perch Perform Photograph Pick Pick Pick Out Pick Out Pick Up Pick Up Picnic Pierce Pile Pile Pin Pinch Pinch Place Plant Play Plough Pluck Point Point Out Poke Polish Pose Post Pounce Pound Pound Pour Pour On Powder Powder Practice Praise Prepare Present QUANTUM ENGLISH .THE LIST OF 1000 MOST USED VERBS (1000 Kata Kerja yang sering digunakan) www.

THE LIST OF 1000 MOST USED VERBS (1000 Kata Kerja yang sering digunakan) Press Pretend Prick Print Promise Protect Pull Pull Down Pull Out Pump Punish Purr Push Put Put Away Puzzle Quack Quarrel Quarter Question Queue Up Race Rain Raise Rake Ram Reach Read Receive Record Reflect Refuse Regret Relate Release Remain Remember Remind Remove Renew Repair Repeat Replace Reply Report Request Rescue Reserve Respect Rest Rest Result Return Reveal Reverse Ride Ring Ring Off Ring Up Rip Rise Roam Roar Roast Rob Rob Rock Roll Roll Up Roller-Skate Row Rub Rub Out Ruffle Ruin Rule Run Run After Run Away Run In Run Into Run Out Of Run Over Rush Rust Sag Sail Salute Save Save Up Say Scare Scold Scoop Scoop Out Scoop Up Score Scrape Scratch Scratch Out Scream Screw Scrub Seal Search See Select Sell Send Send Back Send Off Separate Serve Set Set About Set Down Set Off Sew Shade Shake Shake Off Shampoo Shape Share Sharpen Shave Shear Shell Shelter Shift Shine Shiver Shock Shoot Shop Shout Shovel Show Show Off Show Up Shower Shrink Shut Shut Up Sign Sing Sink Sit Sit Back Sit Down Sit Up Skate Ski Skip Slap Sleep QUANTUM ENGLISH .

THE LIST OF 1000 MOST USED VERBS (1000 Kata Kerja yang sering digunakan) Slice Slide Slip Slip Off Slip Under Slope Smash Smell Smile Smoke Smooth Snatch Sneeze Sniff Snore Snow Soak Sob Sound Sow Spank Speak Speed Spell Spend Spill Spin Spit Splash Split Split Up Spoil Spoon Spot Spray Spread Spring Sprinkle Squash Squat Squeeze Stack Stamp Stand Stand Back Stand For Stand Up Stare Start Stay Stay Away Stay In Stay Out Stay Up Steal Steer Step Step In Stick Stick Out Stick Together Stick Up Stitch Stitch Up Sting Stink Stir Stoop Stop Stop Up Store Stretch Strike String Study Stuff Subtract Succeed Suck Suit Sun Support Surprise Surround Swallow Sweat Sweep Swell Swim Swing Switch Switch Off Switch On Take Take Off Take Up Talk Tap Taste Teach Tear Tear Out Tear Up Telephone Tell Test Tighten Thank Think Think Up Thread Throw Throw Away Tick Tick Off Tickle Tidy Tie Tie Up Time Tip Tip Tip Over Tiptoe Toast Toss Touch Touch Down Tour Trace Train Trap Travel Treat Tremble Trick Trim Trip Try Try On Tuck Turn Turn Back Turn Down Turn Off Turn On Turn Round Turn Up Twinkle Twist Type Unload Underline Understand Undress Unfasten QUANTUM ENGLISH .rajaebookgratis.

rajaebookgratis.THE LIST OF 1000 MOST USED VERBS (1000 Kata Kerja yang sering digunakan) Unlock Unpack Unroll Untie Unwrap Upset Urge Use Use Up Vacuum Vanish Visit Waddle Wade Wag Wait Wake Wake Up Walk Walk Off With Wander Want Warm Warn Wash Wash Up Waste Watch Over Watch Watch Out Water Wave Wear Wear Out Weave Weep Weigh Welcome Wet Wheel Whip Whisper Whistle Win Wind Wind Up Wipe Wish Wonder Work Work Out Worry Wound Wrap Wriggle Wring Wrinkle Write Write Down Wink Yawn Yell Zip Zoom QUANTUM ENGLISH .