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Published by cathy_mary
BAC 2009 scris engleza L1-L2 normal, subiectul III, varianta 30
BAC 2009 scris engleza L1-L2 normal, subiectul III, varianta 30

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Published by: cathy_mary on Jun 27, 2009
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In this rapidly-changing world, learning is necessary as never before. Man doesn’t only need to satisfy his curiosity, but has to be able to compete with others. We gain our knowledge about our lives and the world around us from two sources: from books and from experience. These two sources are both important, however, most of our knowledge is based on our participation in real world situations. I think that books can help us explore the world, see different things through other people’s eyes. We can find almost every subject written in books, explained, or at least mentioned in an article. Knowledge gained from books is also easy to have access to you just by going to your personal library or to the highschool in order to satisfy you curiosity. On the other hand, it is clear that they are different in many ways. The first difference is in the writing that has enabled man to record the past, and pass it from generation to generation. Some might argue that experiences can also be memorized, yet what they don’t realize is that they can easily be twisted and lost. Moreover, books are an excellent guideline. Fixing cars, for instance, one cannot fix it without knowing about engine; books are the place where information is to be found. The second difference is that books are not everything. There is no secret that books are the best source of mankind’s knowledge. Of course, reading books provides us with wide range of knowledge. We acquire much knowledge about law, polities, mathematics when we read. We could use other people’s information and experience that it is very difficult or impossible to do by ourselves such as journeys to the space. In addition, with reading great stories of real people’s lives, we can get many experiences about how they solve their daily life problems, and how they use failure to achieve success in the future. These are valuable lessons an individual needs to learn in this lifetime. Experiencing is needed too, but experience will bring us problems and difficulties allowing us to develop our skills necessary to survive in the real world. Nevertheless, as the old proverb says “experience is the best teacher”. There are many types of knowledge that people cannot obtain by reading books. Books don’t deal with such things as love and care feelings, tastes of food and music tones. There are many skills that we can gain from practice. They should be gained practically and we should do them by ourselves. It is also obvious that learning from practice is easier than learning from books. On the other hand, experience is very hard to get, especially at my age, but is very hard to forget because you are the main character not some sort of hero or explorer. Another key difference between those two is the degree of objectivity. In books the author describes the world in the way he sees it or even add extra stories for the beauty of the book. In conclusion, both learning sources, book and experience, are important for us. But, in my opinion, knowledge gained from experience is more useful. Experience is a practical way to prove the veracity of the theoretical knowledge and an important part of our personality.

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