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#write down modulenames that are commonly used by games #this decreases the number of wrong results in various

types of memory inspectio n 1911.dll speedtreert.dll visionengineplugin.vplugin vision90.dll vbase90.dll nvscpapi.dll physxcore.dll #nvidia physx nxcooking.dll physxloader.dll physxextensions.dll cudart.dll openal32.dll vorbisfile.dll ogg.dll vorbis.dll vorbisenc.dll vorbisfile.dll binkw32.dll iconv.dll gameoverlayrenderer.dll #steam mss32.dll dbghelp.dll umbra.dll unrar.dll #CE dll's cehook.dll allochook.dll allochook-x86_64.dll allochook-i386.dll vehdebug-i386.dll vehdebug-x86_64.dll speedhack-i386.dll speedhack-x86_64.dll

#directx modules: (for games that load their directx file locally) d3dx9_24.dll d3dx9_25.dll d3dx9_26.dll d3dx9_27.dll d3dx9_28.dll d3dx9_29.dll d3dx9_30.dll d3dx9_31.dll d3dx9_32.dll d3dx9_33.dll d3dx9_34.dll d3dx9_35.dll d3dx9_36.dll d3dx9_37.dll d3dx9_38.dll d3dx9_39.dll d3dx9_40.dll d3dx9_41.dll

d3dx9_42.dll d3dx9_43.dll d3dx9_44.dll d3dx9_45.dll d3dx10_33.dll d3dx10_34.dll d3dx10_35.dll d3dx10_36.dll d3dx10_37.dll d3dx10_38.dll d3dx10_39.dll d3dx10_40.dll d3dx10_41.dll d3dx10_42.dll d3dx10_43.dll d3dx10_44.dll d3dx10_45.dll