Adding album art manually If the wrong album art was downloaded, you can add art manually

by using the Adv anced Tag Editor in the Windows Media Player. You can also display art files sto red on your computer as album art instead of the generic music icon that is used when album art is missing. To add album art using the Advanced Tag Editor: 1. In Windows Media Player, click Library. 2. In the Details pane, right-click the item or items that you want to edit, and th en click Advanced Tag Editor. (To select more than one item, press CTRL while cl icking the item.) If the Advanced Tag Editor command is not available, remove the read-only proper ty from the file. To do this, in Windows Explorer, right-click the file, click P roperties, and then clear the Read-only check box. If the music file is located in a shared folder on a network drive, ask your system administrator if you have the necessary file and folder permissions to modify the file. 3. In the Advanced Tag Editor, click the Pictures tab, click Add, and then browse t o the picture that you would like to display as album art. Acceptable formats include: .jpg .gif .bmp Although any size will work, we recommend that you keep the album art files rela tively small (for example, 200 x 200 pixels), because the larger the art file, t he larger the resulting song file. 4. After selecting the picture, click Open to add the picture as album art. You can also add additional information about the picture type and description, 5. Click OK to close the Advanced Tag Editor dialog box. Source(s): microsoft * 11 months ago

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