September 16, 2013 Elizabeth Hogan Enforcement Counsel New York State Board of Elections 40 North Pearl Street, Suite

5 Albany, New York 12207 Dear Ms. Hogan, I would like to file a complaint regarding the committee Friends of Bob Simon, Filer ID C45203. In the July Periodic Report for 2013, it shows $3,854 from a single contribution, yet there’s no listing of any names nor addresses. Pursuant to filing requirements, the committee must disclose names and addresses (where applicable) of contributors. I was wondering if there was more information filed in the disclosure report, and, if so, I had three brief follow-up questions:
• Did the contribution come from more than one party? • Who were the parties who contributed? • Were any explanations listed for the contribution(s)?

Thank you very much for your time. Best, Chris Smith

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