 TheBad breath can be caused by several reasons. Bucal  Gastric  Respiratory  .

people who have gastric problems manifested with reflux and many ulcers. is due to untreated sinusitis as people breathe through your mouth.  Respiratory cases are smaller. are also associated with bacteria that produce halitosis aggressive.Typically.  . about 2% of the population.

gums and tartar are aspects that can generate oral halitosis. bone loss and toxins causing odor. Cavities. A gum disease also triggers decay.  .

. but manifests itself only for a while and does not trigger the disease. There are also spicy foods like garlic can cause halitosis.

 .80 to 90% of cases of patients with halitosis have a dental origin due to poor cleaning tongue and gums. tartar and tooth decay product.  The remaining patients due to gastric problems and to a lesser degree to respiratory causes.

by using the same spoon or cups. Halitosis is transmitted from person to person because it is caused by bacteria that are transferred by contact. . by kissing. etc.

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