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PLUMBING ARITHMETIC 1. If the total fall of house sewer is 24 inches per 120 feet.

What is the slope per foot in sewer? a. 0.01 b. 0.02 c. 0.03 d. 0.04 2. Find the area at the cross section of a pipe with the inside diameter of 14 inches and outside diameter of 17 inches? a. 38.92 b. 73.04 sq. in c. 153.94 sq. in d. 220.42 sq. in 3. The amount of heat required to change ice to liquid water is? a. 344 Btu b. 144 Btu c. 114 Btu d. 214 Btu 4. For any two triangles, if an angle of one triangles is congruent to an angle of the other and if the two sides of one triangle are proportional to two sides of the other, they are what kind of triangles? a. Complementary b. Supplementary c. Similar d. Dissimilar 5. A temperature of 1800 F is approximately equal to? a. 52.220C b. 62.220C c. 72.220C d. 82.220C 6. An angle inscribe in a semi-circle is always? a. Unaligned b. More than 900 c. Less than 900 d. 900 7. A factor repeated to produce a power is? a. Numerator b. Square c. Quotient d. root 8. A polygon with ten sides is? a. Dodecagon b. Undecagon c. Decagon d. tendicagon 9. A rectangle reservoir has the following dimensions, L=4m, W=2m, H=3m. what is the maximum volume of water that can be accomadated in the tank? a. 24,000 liters b. 1,000 cu.m. c. 813 cu. Ft. d. 240 cu.m 10. Two angles having the same vertex and the side of one is the prolongation of the side of the pther is? a. Acute angle b. Scalene angle c. Obtuse angle d. Vertical angle 11. A water supply system is to be installed at a distance of 54 meters using 6 meters long PVC pipe with a diameter of 100mm. determine the number of length of PVC pipe to be used? a. 7 b. 8 c. 9 d. 10 12. What is the number of horsepower required to raise 25,000 lbs of water for a height of 30 meters within 10 minutes? a. 5 hp












b. 6 hp c. 7 hp d. 8 hp A city of 25,000 uses 15 gallons of water per day per capita. If it is required to raise this water 150 feet, what is the number of horsepower required? a. 9 hp b. 10 hp c. 11 hp d. 12 hp Twenty less than four times a certain number is 4. Determine the number a. 6 b. 5 c. 4 d. 3 What is the number of the horsepower to lift 10,000 gallons of water per hour top to a height of 90 ft? assume the weight of water to be 8- lbs per gallon a. 3.56 b. 3.86 c. 4.86 d. 4.56 How many gallons of water can a 75 hp engine raise 150 ft in 5 hours? One gallon of water weights 8-1/2 lbs. a. 595,238 gallons b. 594,238 gallons c. 593,238 gallons d. 594,328 gallons One cubic foot of water is assumed to wight 62.5 lbs. what is the weight of one cubic inch of water? a. 0.0361 b. 0.0316 c. 0.0416 d. 0.0461 A man bought plumbing tools worth 2100. The sales tax was 8%. How much did the man pay? a. 2368 b. 2268 c. 2278 d. 2378 A drainage pipe line 1000 ft long is laid at a slope of 2%. What is the total drop of the lower end? a. 10 ft b. 15 ft c. 20 ft d. 25 ft What is the travel length of a plastic pipe 4 in diameter if the offset angle is 11.250 and the offset length is 60 cm. a. 2m b. 3m c. 4m d. 5m A 150 mm diameter pipe, 50 ft long is installed vertically. It is filled with water at atmospheric pressure, what is the total pressure in psi at the bottom? a. 20.65 psi b. 21.66 psi c. 22.66 psi d. 23.65 psi What is the pressure in pounds per square inch at the base of a 10 foot water cylinder? a. 0.433 psi b. 4.33 psi c. 4.36 psi d. 4.63 psi If the total working area of the plunger of a pump is 10 sq. in. What is the total pressure in pounds on the plunger when pumping against 125 lbs per square inch? a. 11.5 lbs b. 12.5 lbs c. 13.5 lbs

d. 14.5 lbs 24. 350 is to be divided between Jones and Smith so that jones will receive 25 more than Smith. How much Jones received? a. 185.50 b. 187.50 c. 178.50 d. 186.50 25. 350 is to be divided between Jones and Smith so that jones will receive 25 more than Smith. How much Smith received? a. 167.50 b. 155.50 c. 165.50 d. 162.50 26. Find two consecutive even integers such that the square of the larger is 44 greater that the square of the smaller integers. a. 8 and 10 b. 10 and 12 c. 12 and 14 d. 10 and 11 27. A messenger traveling 65 miles per hour pursues a truck which has a start of 2 hours and overtacks it in 3 hours. Find the trucks speed? a. 37 miles/hr b. 38 miles/hr c. 39 miles/hr d. 40 miles/hr 28. A motorboat went 70 miles in 4 hours when traveling at full speed upstream on a river whose current flows at the rate of 6 miles per hour. How fast can the boat travel in still water? a. 21.5 miles/hr b. 22.5 miles/hr c. 23.5 miles/hr d. 24.5 miles/hr 29. Two coats of paint are required for an elevated water pipe line 7 inches in diameter (outside diameter) and 200 ft long. If a gallon of paint covers 200 sq. ft. on the first coat and 250 sq. ft. on the second coat, how many gallons are needed? a. 30 gallons b. 31 gallons c. 32 gallons d. 33 gallons 30. What is the radius of a circle the area of which is equal to that of a rectangle whose sides are 26.9 and 12.5 inches respectively? a. 10.34 in b. 11.54 in c. 12.24 in d. 12.44 in 31. What is the weight of a solid ball of brass 6 inches in diameter? Assume specific gravity of 8.4? a. 33.3 lbs b. 34.3 lbs c. 35.3 lbs d. 36.5 lbs 32. One cubic yard can give a volume equivalent to? a. 0.7651 cu.m b. 0.2835 cu.m. c. 0.9232 cu.m d. 0.2024 cu.m 33. Find the diameter of a circle whose area is equal to the difference between the area of an 8-inch circle and the area of a 4-inch circle? a. 5.26 in b. 6.93 in c. 12.5 in d. 3.79 in 34. One gallon is equal to? a. 2.31 cu.m b. 0.0023 cu.m c. 3.65 liters d. 22.8725 mm














11/16 of an inch is equal to? a. 16.2350 mm b. 12.3375 mm c. 17.4625 mm d. 22.8725 mm The volume of a cube is equal to the cube of the measure of its? a. Angle b. Corner c. Edge d. Diagonal If each of two lines is perpendicular to the same line, then the lines are? a. Perpendicular b. Parallel c. Tangent d. Converging Is a branch of mathematics dealing with integers and more generally, numeral computation? a. Algebra b. Trigonometry c. Geometry d. Arithmethic One pound per square inch is equivalent to how many feet of water? a. 4.21 ft b. 3.27 ft c. 1.24 ft d. 2.31 ft The power to which a number is raised is indicated by a small superior figure called? a. Logarithm b. Increment c. Exponent d. Mantissa A number that be exactly divided by two is? a. Real b. Original c. Integer d. Even How many feet can one horsepower raise a weight of 33 lbs within one hour? a. 10 ft b. 100 ft c. 1,000 ft d. 10,000 ft A space that is devoid of matter and in which the pressure is zero? a. Block hole b. Outer space c. Vacuum d. Inner space Decrease in the value of a physical property due to the passage of time? a. Inflation b. Depletion c. Recession d. Depreciation We may classify an interest rate which specifies the actual rate of interest on the principal for one year as? a. Nominal rate b. Rate of return c. Exact interest rate d. Effective rate The ratio of the interest payment to the principal for a given unit of time and usually expressed as a percentage of the principal? a. Interest b. Interest rate c. Investment d. Rate Additional information of prospective bidders on contract documents issued prior to bidding date? a. Depict b. Escalate c. Assessment

d. Bid bulletin 48. What is the corresponding effective rate of 18 % compound semi-quarterly? a. 19.25% b. 19.48% c. 18.46% d. 18.95% 49. Find the present worth of future payment of 100,000 to be made in 10 years with an interest of 12% compounded quarterly? a. 30,444.44 b. 33,000.00 c. 30,655.68 d. 30,546.01 50. You loan from a firm an amount of 100,000 with a rate of simple interest of 20 % but the interest was deducted from the loan at the time the money was borrowed. If at the end of one year, you have to pay the full amount of 100,000, what is the actual rate of interest? a. 18.8% b. 25.0% c. 27.5% d. 30.0% 51. The paper currency issued by the Central Bank which forms part of the countrys money supply? a. T-bills b. Bank note c. Check d. Coupon 52. Reduction in the level of national income and output usually accompanied by the fall in the general price level? a. Devaluation b. Delation c. Inflation d. Depreciation 53. It is a series of equal payment occurring at equal interval of time? a. Annuity b. Debt c. Amortization d. Deposit 54. The place where buyers and sellers come together? a. Market b. Business c. Recreation center d. Buy and sell section 55. A market whereby there is only one buyer of an item for which there are no goods substitute a. Monopsony b. Oligopoly c. Monopoly d. Oligopsony 56. It is a series of equal payments occurring at equal interval of time where the first payment is made after several periods, after the beginning of the payment a. Perpetuity b. Ordinary annuity c. Annuity due d. Deferred annuity 57. The total income equal the total operating cost a. Balance sheet b. In place value c. Check and balance d. Break even no gain no loss 58. Kind of obligation which has no condition attached. a. Analytic b. Pure c. Gratuitous d. Private 59. Direct labor cost incurred in the factory and direct material costs are the costs of all materials that













go into production. The sum of these two direct cost is known as: a. GS and A expenses b. Operating and maintenance cost c. Prime Cost d. O and M costs An index of short term paying ability is called a. Receivable turn-over b. Profit margin ratio c. Current ratio d. Acid-test ratio An artificial expenses that spreads purchase price of an asset or another property over number of years. a. Depreciation b. Singking fund c. Amnesty d. Bond Estimated value at the end of the useful life a. Market value b. Fair value c. Salvage value d. Book value Consists of the actual counting or determination of the actual quantity of the materials on hand as of a given date. a. Physical inventory b. Material update c. Technological assessment d. Material count Additional information of prospective bidders on contract documents issued prior to bidding date a. Delict b. Escalatory c. Technological assessment d. Bid bulletin A series of uniform accounts over a period of time a. Depreciation b. Annuity c. Perpetuity d. Inflation The quantity of a certain commodity that is offered for sale at a certain price at a given place and time a. Demand b. Supply c. Stocks d. Goods Work-in process is classified as a. An asset b. A liability c. An expenses d. An owners equity What is the highest position in the corporation? a. President b. Board of directors c. Chairman of the board d. Stockholders Type of ownership in business here individuals exercise and enjoy the right in their own interest. a. Equitable b. Public c. Private d. Pure Decrease in the value of a physical property due to the passage of time. a. Inflation b. Depletion c. Recession d. Depreciation An association of two or more individuals for the purpose of operating a business as co-owners for profit a. Sole proprietorship b. Company c. Partnership d. Corporation













We may classify an interest rate, which specifies the actual rate of interest on the principal for one year as; a. Nominal rate b. Rate of return c. Exact interest rate d. Effective rate It is defined to be the capacity of a commodity to satisfy human want. a. Discount b. Luxury c. Necessity d. Utility It is the amount which a willing buyer will pay to willing seller for a property where each has equal advantage and is under no compulsion to buy or sell a. Fair value b. Market value c. Book value d. Salvage value This occurs in a situation where a commodity or service is supplied by a number of vendor by a number of vendors and there is nothing to prevent additional vendors entering the market a. Perfect competition b. Oligopoly c. Monopoly d. Elastic demand These are products or services that are desired by human and will be purchase if money is available after the required necessities have been obtain a. Utilities b. Necessities c. Luxuries d. Product goods and services These are products or services that are required to support human life and activities that will be purchased in somewhat the same quantity even though the price varies considerably a. Utilities b. Necessities c. Luxuries d. Product goods and services A condition where only few individuals produce a certain product and that any action of one will lead to almost the same action of others. a. Oligopoly b. Semi-monoploy c. Monopoly d. Perfect competition Grand total of the assets and operational capability of a corporation. a. Authorized capital b. Investment c. Subscribed capital d. Money market The worth of the property equals to the original cost less depreciation a. Scrap value b. Face value c. Market value d. Book value Money paid for the use of borrowed capital a. Discount b. Credit c. Interest d. profit liquid assets such as cash and other assets that can be converted quickly into cash, such as accounts receivable and merchandise are called a. total assets b. fixed assets c. current assets d. none of the above the length of time which the property may be operated at a profit













a. physical life b. economic life c. operating life d. all of the above the provision in the contract that indicates the possible adjustment of material cost and labor cost a. secondary clause b. escalatory clause c. contingency clause d. main clause the present worth of all depreciation over the economic life of the item is called a. book value b. capital recovery c. depreciation recovery d. sinking fund gross profit, sale less cost of goods sold, as a percentage of sales is called a. profit margin b. gross margin c. net income d. rate of return worth of the property as shown in the accounting records of an enterprise a. fair value b. market value c. salvage value d. book value those funds that are required to make the enterprise or project a going concern a. initial investment b. current accounts c. working capital d. subscribed capital a market situation where there is one seller with many buyer a. monopoly b. monopsony c. oligopoly d. oligopsony a market situation where there is one seller and one buyer a. monopoly b. monopsony c. oligopoly d. oligopsony A market situation where there are few sellers and few buyers a. oligopoly b. oligopsony c. bilateral oligopoly d. bilateral oligopsony A market situation where there are only two buyers with many sellers a. duopoly b. oligopoly c. duepsony d. oligopsony Define as the future value minus the present value. a. Interest b. Rate of return c. Discount d. capital The ratio of the interest payment to the principal for a given unit of time and usually expressed as percentage of the principal a. interest b. interest rate c. investment d. all of the above Scrap value of an asset is sometimes known as a. book value b. salvage value c. replacement value d. future value

96. A type of annuity where the payments are made at the end of payment period starting from the first period a. ordinary annuity b. annuity due c. deferred annuity d. perpetuity 97. Bond to which are attached coupons indicating the interest due and the date when such interest is to be paid a. registered bond b. coupon bond c. mortgage bond d. collateral trust bond 98. When free competition exists the price of a product will be that value where supply is equal to the demand a. Law of diminishing return b. Law of supply c. Law of demand d. Law of supply and demand 99. The ratio of the net income to the owners equity is known as a. Price-earning ratio b. Profit margin ratio c. Return of investment d. Gross margin 100. Capitalized cost of any property is equal to the a. Annual cost b. First cost + interest of the first cost c. First cost+ cost of perpetual maintenance d. First cost+ salvage value 101. Which of the following depreciation methods cannot have a salvage value of zero? a. Declining balance method b. Sinking fund method c. Straight line method d. SYD method 102. The lessening of the value of an asset due to the decrease in the quantity available preferring to the natural resources? a. Depreciation b. Depletion c. Inflation d. Incremental cost 103. An increase in the value of a capital asset is called a. Profit b. Capital gain c. Capital expenditure d. Capital stock 104. Lands, buildings, plant and machinery are example of a. Current assets b. Trade investments c. Fixed assets d. Intangible assets 105. One gallon is equal to: a. 2.31 b. 0.0023 cu.m c. 3.65 liters d. 22. 8725 mm 106. If each edge of a cube is decreased by 50%, how much percentage will the volume be decreased? a. 87.50 % b. 85 % c. 83.60 % d. 80 % 107. The hour hand of a huge clock is 100 cm long. What is the circumferential speed of the tip of this hand in cm/hr? a. 45.5 cm/hr b. 50.25 cm/hr c. 52.36 cm/hr d. 55.45 cm/hr 108. Find the 25th term of an arithmetic progression 5,8,11,14. a. 77













b. 79 c. 83 d. 76 0 0 In triangle ABC, angle A = 45 and angle C=70 . Find the side opposite angle A if line AB=40m a. 33.64 m b. 31.70 m c. 30.10 m d. 29.20 m What is the radius and the centre of the circle x2+y2-10x -4y-196=0 a. (5,5) r=5 b. (5,2) r=15 c. (-2,5) r=11 d. (5,5) r=8 Find the area bounded by the line x-2y+4=0 a. 4 b. 4.5 c. 6 d. 8 A drop of falling water passes a point 300 m from the ground at a speed of 20m/s. how high above the ground will it be 3 seconds later? a. 198 m b. 195.80 m c. 104.20 m d. 112 m An airplane flying with the wind, took 2 hours to travel 1000km. and 2.5 hours to fly back. What was the wind velocity in kph? a. 50 kph b. 45 kph c. 58 kph d. 55kph How many three digit number can be formed using digits 0-9? a. 100 b. 115 c. 150 d. 120 After how many minutes from 12;00 oclock noon will the minute hand and the hour hand of an clock make an angle of 1200 for the first time? a. 23.40 min b. 21.80 min c. 20.00 min d. 22.30 min The bases of a right prism are pentagons with each side 6 cm long. The bases are 12 cm apart. What is the volume of the prism? a. 630.85 b. 710.12 cu. cm. c. 743.40 d. 695.00 Find the area of a pentagon that is inscribed in a circle if the area of the circle is 314 sq.m. a. 237.60 sqm b. 255.30 sqm c. 340.12 sqm d. 283.56 sqm Plumber A can finish a plumbing job in 2 days. Plumber B can finish the job in 3 days. Plumber C can do the job in 6 days. If they work together, how long will it take for them to finish the job? a. 1 day b. 1.50 days c. 1.15 days d. 1.25 days Three liters of 20 % alcohol solution is mixed with one liter of an X% alcohol solution. If new mixture contains 22.5%alcohol, what is the value of x? a. 20% b. 24% c. 28% d. 30% What rate in percent compounded semi-annually is equivalent to 20% compounded annually?









a. 22.2 % b. 19.09% c. 18.56% d. 16.50% At what rate of interest compounded quarterly will an investment double in four years? a. 17.7% b. 16.6% c. 15.5% d. 14.4% Find the distance from the point (5,-3) to the line 7x-4y-28=0 a. 3.10 b. 3.45 c. 2.75 d. 2.36 Find the distance from the origin to the line x+2y12=0 a. 5.37 b. 5.90 c. 6.12 d. 6.30 Chenlee is as old as Kenneth was four years ago. In two years, chenlees age will be eleven more than half of kenneths age. How old is chenlee now? a. 24 b. 28 c. 20 d. 26 A line segment L was measured once, twice and three times as follows: L= 55.210m, 2L=110.431m, 3L=165.634m a. 55.2100 m b. 55.2113 m c. 55.2155 m d. 55.2125 m What is the Fahrenheit equivalent of 26.500 centigrade? a. 81.50 b. 82.340 c. 79.70 d. 80.120 The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 34 cm. find the length of the shorter leg if it is 14cm shorter than the other leg. a. 15 b. 16 c. 17 d. 18 The measure of 1.5 revolutions counter clockwise a. 540 b. 520 c. 90 d. -90

c. 76.564 d. 76.465 132. How many meters higher is tower B? a. 79.30 m b. 77.70 m c. 81.40 m d. 75.90 m 133. In an isosceles right triangle, the hypotenuse is how much longer than its sides? a. 2 times b. 2 times c. 1.5 times d. None of these 134. Find the value of A if tan 4A=cot6A a. 90 b. 140 c. 110 d. 150 135. A spherical steel ball is placed into a vertical circular cylinder containing water, causing the water level to rise by 12 cm. if the radius of the cylinder is 15 cm. what is the radius of the ball in cm? a. 14.75 b. 13.50 c. 12.65 d. 15 136. What is the surface area of a sphere whose volume is 36 cu.m? a. 55.8 cum b. 48.90 cum c. 57.78 cum d. 52.70 cum The pressure in a tank is 50 psi 137. Find the equivalent pressure head of water a. 115.38 ft b. 125.33 ft c. 110.40 ft d. 130.25 ft 138. Equivalent pressure head of fuel oil with sp. Gr.= 0.92 a. 120 ft b. 136.23 ft c. 125.42 ft d. 141.58 ft 139. Equivalent pressure head of nectar a. 39.25 ft b. 44.30 ft c. 37.55 ft d. 42.63 ft A tank can be filled by pipe A in 3 hours and by pipe B in 5 hours. When the tank is full, it can be drained by pipe C in 4 hours. 140. What is the rate of Pipe A a. 1/12 b. 1/8 c. 1/3 d. 1/4 141. What is the rate of pipe C a. b. 1/12 c. 1/3 d. 1/8 142. If the tank is initially empty and pipe A & pipe B are open, how many hours will take to fill up the tank? a. 1.587 hrs b. 1.758 hrs c. 1.875 hrs d. 1.578 hrs 143. If the tank is half full and pipe A & pipe C are open, how many hours will it take to fill up the tank? a. 7 hrs

From the top of the tower A, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower B is 46 degrees. From the foot of tower B the angle of elevation of the top of tower A is 28 degree. Both towers are on a level ground. If the height of tower B is 120m. 129. An angle that measures from the horizontal upward to an object is called _____ a. Right angle b. Acute angle c. Angle of elevation d. Angle of depression 130. How high is tower A? a. 38.6 m b. 42.3 m c. 44.1 m d. 40.7m 131. What is the distance between tower A and B? a. 756.456 b. 76.654

b. 8 hrs c. 9 hrs d. 6 hrs 144. If the tank is initially empty and all three pipe are open, how many hours will it take to fill up the tank? a. 3.529 hrs b. 3.259 hrs c. 3.925 hrs d. 3.592 hrs 145. Point C is of the way from A(1,-4) to B (-3,8). Determine the abscissa and ordinate of point C. a. (0,1) b. (-1,4) c. (-3,4) d. (-2,5) 146. Plumber A is 8% taller than B, while B is 9% taller than C. by how much in percent is A taller than C? a. 17.72% b. 18.50% c. 20.56% d. 21.45% 147. Find the values of x if 5-2x=7 a. 1&6 b. -1 & -6 c. -1 & 6 d. 1 & -6 148. In how many ways can 11 women be seated in a round table with eleven seats? a. 39,916,800 b. 40,320 c. 362,880 d. 3,628,800 149. A single deck of playing cards is shuffled well. One card is drawn followed by another. What is the probability of getting two Aces? a. 8/52 b. 3/663 c. 4/52 d. 2/104 150. The arithmetic mean of 50 numbers is 32. If two numbers namely 16 and 48 are eliminated. Determine the new arithmetic mean a. 32 b. 33 c. 34 d. 36 151. One period of a sine or cosine function is called one ____of the sine and cosine curve. a. Cycle b. Shift c. Amplitude d. Phase 152. What is the volume of the sphere whose surface area is 108 sq.m.? a. 110.50 sq.m b. 105.50 sqm c. 115.00 sqm d. 155.10 sqm 153. Solve log3 (5x+7)= 2 for x a. 1/5 b. 2/5 c. 2/3 d. 1/3 154. Solve x4-9x2+8=0 for x a. + 8, + 1 b. + 2, + 1 c. + 6, + 1 d. + 4, + 2 155. The first cost of a plumbing equipment is P 385,000. It has a life of 8 years and a salvage value of P 70,000. Find the annual depreciation using straight line method. a. P 48,125.00 b. P 21,875.00 c. P 70,000.00

d. P 39,375.00 156. If x2 + y2 =2 and x2 y2 =2, then x4-y4 = a. 0 b. 2 c. 4 d. 5 157. If 3x=2y and 6y=7z, what is the ratio of x to z? a. 2:3 b. 7:9 c. 3:2 d. 5:7 158. Six consecutive integers are given. Then sum of the first three is 27. What is the sum of the last three? a. 29 b. 30 c. 32 d. 36 159. If the length of a rectangle is increased by 20% and the width is decreased by 20 %, what percent change occurs in the area? a. It remains the same b. It decreases 4 % c. It increases 5% d. It decreases 2% 160. A gasoline tank that is full has 8 gallons removed. The tank is then 1/10 full. What is the capacity, in gallons, of the tank? a. 2.5 b. 6.4 c. 15.8 d. 20 161. A motion was adopted by a vote of 5 to 3. What part of the total vote was against the motion? a. 3/8 b. 3/5 c. 5/8 d. 5/3 162. Of Teds salary, 1/10 is spent for clothing, and 1/3 for food and for rent. What part of the salary is left for other expenditures and savings? a. 17/30 b. 3/5 c. 19/30 d. 2/3 163. Susan is 4 times as old as Paul and 1 times as old as Mary. What fraction of pauls age is mary? a. 3/8 b. 2 2/3 c. 3 d. 6 164. How much money would a man have to invest at the rate of 5% per year, to have P1,470 at the end of the year? a. P70 b. P700 c. P1400 d. P1540 165. Find the value of x if the average of 1.0, 0.8, 0.2 and x is exactly 0.6 a. 0.2 b. 0.4 c. 0.66 d. 1.3 166. How many miles can a motorist travel from 9:55 am to 10:15 am at rate of 40 miles per hour? a. 13 1/3 b. 15 c. 20 d. 30 167. A salesman travels for 2 hours at 30 miles per hour and then covers 60 miles in the next 3 hours. What is the average rate for the entire trip? a. 18 b. 24 c. 36 d. 45

168. The elevator in a eleven-storey office building travels at the rate of one floor per min, which allows time for picking up and discharging passenger. At the main floor and at the top floor, the operator stops for 1 minute. How many complete trips will an operator make during a 7 hours period? a. 20 b. 30 c. 60 d. 76 169. A vertical pole 6 ft high casts a shadow 4 ft long. At the same time a tree casts a shadow 64 ft long. What is the height, in feet, of the tree? a. 44 b. 72 c. 96 d. 192 170. If 4 men can clear the garbage near a school in 6 hours, how many hours will it take 12 men working at the same rate to perform this task? a. 2 b. 8 c. 12 d. 18 171. An alloy of copper and tin is 20% copper. How many pounds of copper must be added to 20 pounds of the alloy in order for the resulting alloy to be 50% copper? a. 6 b. 12 c. 12.5 d. 13 172. How much water, in cm3, must be added to 100 cm3 of 80% solution of boric acid to reduce it to a 50% solution? a. 30 b. 40 c. 50 d. 60 173. How many quartz of a 90% solution of alcohol should be mixed with a 75% solution of alcohol in order to make 20 quarts of 78% solution? a. 4 b. 9 c. 11 d. 15 174. A machine can cut some wood in 6 minutes, and a man using a hand saw can do it in 18 minutes. After 4 minutes there is a power shortage and the wood must be cut by hand saw. How many minutes must the man work to complete the task? a. 2 b. 6 c. 12 d. 14 175. Three pipes are used to fill a pool with water. One pipe alone can fill the pool in 9 hours. Another can fill it in 6 hours. The third can fill it in 3 hours. How many minutes will it take to fill this pool if all three pipes are used simultaneously? a. 1.63 b. 11 c. 54 d. 98 176. If three secretaries can type six manuscripts in 12 days, how many days will it take two secretaries to type three such manuscripts? a. 4 b. 9 c. 12 d. 16 177.

d. 187. Angle x= a. 400 b. 450 c. 500 d. 850 178. An office equipment costing P42,000 depreciates to P11,500 in 10 years. What is the annual depreciation? a. P3000 b. P3050 c. P2000 d. P1500 179.


Circle is inscribed in triangle ABC. BC=4, AF=3, EC=5 a. 12 b. 15 c. 17 d. 24 180. The width of a rectangle is 4/5 its length. If its perimeter is 72, what is its area? a. 160 b. 250 c. 280 d. 320 181. In circle O, OA=6, angle AOB= 600. The area of the shaded portion= a. 2 b. 4 -3 c. 6 -9 3 d. 36 - 9 3 A rectangle lot 50 ft by 100 ft is surrounded in all sided by a concrete walk 5 ft wide. Find the number of square ft in the surface of the walk a. 1600 b. 5250 c. 5500 d. 6100 What is the distance from point A(3,4) to point (3,-4) a. 0 b. 5 c. 10 d. 13 Point (-2,6) is the center of a circle that is tangent to the x-axis. The coordinates of the point of tangency are a. (-2,0) b. (0,4) c. (-2,-6) d. (0,-2) If ab=6 and a2 +b2 = 13, then (a+b)(a+b)= a. 19 b. 25 c. 36 d. 49 In a certain office, 1/3 of the workers are women, of the women are married, and 1/3 of the married women have children. If of the men are married and 2/3 of the married men have children, what part of the workers is without children? a. 5/18 b. 4/9 c. 17/36

a+b b+a a-b b-a a. -1 b. 0 c. 1 d. a+b 188. A bag of chicken feed 18 chickens for 54 days. For how many days will it feed 12 chickens? a. 36 b. 37 c. 53 d. 72 189. A 14 cm inner diameter (i.d) water main furnishes water (through intermediate pipes) to a 1.00 cm id. Faucet pipe. It the average velocity in the faucet pipe is 3 cm/sec, what will be the average velocity (in cm/s) it causes in the water main? a. 0.0153 b. 0.0110 c. 0.135 d. 1.0 190.








In the figure above a,b,and c are in ratio 1:3:2. The value of b is a. 30 b. 50 c. 60 d. 90 Vicky buys a refrigerator that sells for P4,800 cash. She pays P2,000 down payment and promises to pay the balance in 36 monthly equal payments. What is the size of her monthly payment, if interest is charged at 6% compounded monthly? a. P80 b. P85.18 c. P90 d. 92.18 A marble with speed 20 cm/s rolls off the edge of the table 80 cm high. How far (in cm), horizontally, from the edge does the marble strike the floor? a. 7.8 b. 8.1 c. 8.3 d. 8.5 If a pipe fills a cistern in h hours, how much of the cistern does it fill in one hour? a. 1/h b. x/h c. hx d. h/x if is defined to equal xy-z, and +a=0, then a=



a. xz-y b. xz+y c. z-xy d. xy-z 195. A man travels 4 miles north, 12 miles east, and then 12 miles north. How far, to the nearest mile, is he from the starting point? a. 17 b. 20 c. 21 d. 28 196. In the figure, the measure of A a. 15 b. 45 c. 60 d. 80

197. A pulley whose diameter is 9 inches is connected by a belt to another pulley whose diameter is 6 inches. If the larger pulley runs at 1200 revolutions per minutes, at how many revolutions per minutes does the smaller pulley run? a. 800 b. 1080 c. 1600 d. 1800 198. How many tiles are needed to cover a bathroom floor 3 m long and 2m wide if each tile is a square of side 1 decimeter? a. 60 b. 300 c. 600 d. 1200 199. A tank is filled with oil. After 65 liters of oil are drawn out, the tank is still half full. How many liters can the tank hold? a. 130 b. 195 c. 260 d. 360 200. There are 252 students in a school. If the ratio of female to male students is 3:4, how many female students are there? a. 63 b. 108 c. 124 d. 189 201. A father willed that his three sonss inheritance from him (starting from eldest) be in ratio 1:2:3. If the middle sonss inheritance was P27,000, how much did the third (or youngest) son inherit? a. P13,500 b. P40,500 c. P54,000 d. P81,000 202. Mercury boils at 6750 F. what is the boiling point of mercury in 0C? a. 675 b. 357 c. 537 d. 735 203. What is the area of the square inscribed in the quadrant if the radius of the circle is 10 cm? a. 100 cm b. 50 cm c. 50 2 cm2 d. 25 2 cm2 204. What amount should be paid on February 14, 1991 on a loan of P5,090 made October 7, 1990 with 5 3/5% simple interest? a. P5,200 b. P5190.56 c. P6000 d. P5910.56 205. On a boys seventh birthday, his parents deposited P5,000 in his name in a savings bank paying 1 3/8% every three months. Find the value of his savings when he reaches age 21. a. P8762.50 b. P7862.50 c. P2678.50 d. P8276.50 206. A truck starts from rest and moves with constant acceleration of 5 m/s2. what is its distance traveled after 4 seconds has elapsed? a. 20 b. 30 c. 40 d. 50 207. A marble dropped from a bridge strikes the water in 5 seconds. What is the height of the bridge? a. 123m b. 125m

c. 120m d. 118m 208. A plane is traveling eastward at an airspeed of 500 km/hr. but a 90 km/hr wind is blowing southward. What is the speed of the plane relative to the ground? a. 590 km/hr b. 410 km/hr c. 500km/hr d. 508 km/hr 209. The specific gravity of cast iron is 7.20. find its weight density in lbs/ft2 of cast iron. Density of water is 62.4 lbs/ft3. a. 449 b. 720 c. 500 d. 450 210. A horizontal pipe has a constriction in it as shown in figure below. At point I the diameter is 6 cm, while at point 2 it is only 2 cm. At 1, v1=2m/s and P1=180 kpa. Calculate P2 (in kPa).








a. 10 b. 15 c. 20 d. 25 How high would water rise in the pipes of a building if the water pressure gauge shown the pressure at the ground floor to be 270 kPa? a. 25.5 m b. 26 m c. 27.6 m d. 28.3 m A lead pipe 50 mm in outside diameter and 1.20m is melted to form a cube of edge 10 cm. how thick(mm) was the pipe? a. 5 b. 6.05 c. 6.5 d. 6.55 Henrys father is now twice as old as he is 16 years ago, he was four time as old. How old is henry now/ a. 32 b. 24 c. 8 d. 48 The sum of reciprocal of two consecutive even whole numbers is 13/84. Find the numbers. a. 6,8 b. 8,10 c. 10,12 d. 12,14 A vertical pole was broken by the wind. The upper part still attached, reached a point on the level ground 4m from the base. If the upper part is 2m longer than the lower part, how tall was the pole? a. 5m b. 3m c. 8m d. 6m If the digits of a two-digit number are reversed, the number is three times their difference. What is the number? a. 42 b. 60 c. 24 d. 20 What is the time after 1:00 oclock will the hands of the clock forms a straight line? a. 1:35:10 b. 1:38:11 c. 1:39:15 d. 1:30:00

218. What is the time when the hands after 2:00 oclock are perpendicular with each other? a. 2:27:36 b. 2:28:16 c. 2:26:15 d. 2:28:30 219. The age of Dompoy divided by the age of his son gives a quotient of four remainder two 12 years hence, the sum of their ages is 66. Find the present age of the son. a. 34 b. 12 c. 10 d. 8 220. Atmospheric pressure is about 1 x 105 Pa. how large a force does the air in a room exert on the inside of a window pane that is 40 cm x 80 cm? a. 3.2 x 102 b. 3.2 x103 c. 3.2 x104 d. 3 x 104 221. A plumber is to install 20 meters long pipe, the length of pipe is 3.0 meters per piece. If the plumber has 4 pcs of pipe available, what is the total length of pipe he will have to install? a. 8 b. 12 c. 10 d. 6 222. The age of the father is 3 times that of his son. The sum of their age is 60. How old is the son? a. 10 b. 12 c. 15 d. 16 223. The cost of purchasing a set of bathroom fixture is P15,000.00. if the purchase will be made directly with the manufacturer, a discount of 30% can be availed of. What will be the cost of discounted fixture? a. P12,000 b. P13,500 c. P11,500 d. P10,500 224. Two years from now, Pedro will be two times as old as Juan. If the sum of their age 2 years from now is 60 years. How old is Pedro and Juan now. a. 17 b. 15 c. 20 d. 18 225. Car A which is running at the speed of 60 km/hr leaves station N which is 200 km away from station S where it is heading. Car B leaves station S heading to station N at the speed of 40 km/hr. how long will the two cars meet? a. 2 b. 1 c. 1 d. 3 226. A plumber covers a journey of 952,000 km in 7 days and 3 hours. Find his average speed in km/s. a. 155 km/s b. 1.55 km/s c. 15.50 km/s d. 1550 km/s 227. A young plumber deposited P1,000 in the bank at 6% interest compounded annually when he started plumbing at the age of 21. How much will he get from the bank when he retires at the age of 65? a. P12,990 b. P12,890 c. P12,980 d. P2,770

228. A refrigerators cost P 15,000 when it is new. It depreciates at the rate of 10% per year. What would it worth after 10 years? a. P5,130.18 b. P5,330.00 c. P5,240.18 d. P5,230.18 229. How much work is required to lift a 50 pounds weight 100 ft vertically from ground level? a. 500 ft-lb b. 5000 ft-lb c. 50ft-lb d. None of these 230. A swimming pool is 5 m wide, 20 m long and 1.20m deep, is being filled up with a pipe at the rate of 85 gallons per minutes. How long does it take to fill the pool? a. 6 hrs b. 6.2 hrs c. 7 hrs d. 5 hrs 231. The radius of a circle whose area is equal to that of a rectangle whose side are 20 meters and 30 meters respectively is; a. 9.17 m b. 13.83 m c. 15.92 m d. 14.92 m 232. Find the height of a cylinder tank which is filled with water weighing 200 kg and its diameter of the base is 4m (specific gravity of water=1) a. 13.92 m b. 16.92 m c. 15.92m d. 14.92 m 233. A plumber crossed a river 30m wide but current brought 40m beyond and further to the opposite bank. What is the total distance travelled? a. 50 m b. 60 m c. 45 m d. 55 m 234. A car 15 ft long overtakes a truck 30 ft. long which is traveling at a rate 45 mph. how fast must the car travel to pass the truck in 3 seconds? a. 90 b. 60 c. 91 d. 75 235. If the numerator of a fraction is doubled and the denominator is increased by 7, the valve becomes 2/3. If the denominator is doubled and the numerator is increased by 2, the value becomes 3/5. Find the original fraction. a. 4/5 b. c. 5/6 d. 4/7 236. 3M/2N =125, what is the value of N in terms of M? a. 12 M b. 8 M c. 4M d. M/4 237. The square of the positive integer y is how much greater than the square of the integer immediately preceding it. a. (y+4) 2 b. 2y-1 c. 2y+1 d. y2 + 1 238. A crate of apples contain one bruised apple for every 30 apples in a crate if 3 out of every 4 bruised apples are considered unsaleable, there are 12 unsaleable apples in a crate, how many apples are there in a crate? a. 270












b. 480 c. 600 d. 840 Two motorists start out from two twons 420 km apart and travel toward each other at the hourly rate of 30 and 40 km respectively. In jow many hours will they meet? a. 4 hrs b. 7 hrs c. 5 hrs d. 6 hrs Twenty seven coins composed of 5 centavo-coins and 25 centavo-coins have a total value of P 4.95. How many 25 centavo-coins are there? a. 15 b. 20 c. 18 d. 12 A boat travels a certain distance downstream in 2 hrs. on its return trip the same distance is covered in 5 hours. If the speed of the current is 6 mph, what is the speed of the boat in still water? a. 14 mph b. 13 mph c. 12 mph d. 15 mph What is the volume of the cylindrical tank with the flat ends, if the inside diameter is one meter and height is 2 m? a. /2 b. 2 c. d. /4 if the lengths of the sides of the triangle sail are 5m, 8m and 11m. find the area of the sail. a. 18.33 b. 19.75 c. 18.66 d. 19.50 Three years ago Juan was 1/5 as old as his father. Six years from now he will be 1/3 as old as his father. How old is Juan now? a. 11 yrs. Old b. 15 yrs. Old c. 12 yrs. Old d. 10 yrs. Old Going against the wind, the plane can travel 5/8 of the distance it can travel in one hour if it is going with the wind. If the plane can fly 300 mph in calm wind, what is the velocity of the wind? a. 69 4/13 mph b. 71 mph c. 73 mph d. 50 mph An office has 60 employees. If 4 out of every 5 employees are married, how many married employees are there? a. 20 b. 48 c. 24 d. 40 Find the area of a regular hexagonal with perimeter 12 a. 14.70 b. 10.39 c. 5.6 d. 9.25 In the numeral 4, 7, 3, 8 , the digit 7 means? a. 700 b. 7 c. 7000 d. 70 The surface area of a cube is 96 sq.m. how many are there in a cube? a. 96 b. 32 c. 64

d. 16 250. A man riding on a motorcycle runs 40 km/r., is followed 5 hrs later by a car which runs 60 kph. In how many hours will the car overtake the motorcycle? a. 10 hrs b. 5 hrs c. 12 hrs d. 15 hrs 251. Points A and B 1000m apart are plotted on a straight highway running east and west. From A, the bearing of a tower C is 320 W of N and from B the bearing of C is 260 N of E. Approximate the shortest distance of tower C to the highway. a. 364 m b. 374 m c. 384 m d. 394 m 252. If cos 650 + cos 550 = cos , find in radians a. 0.765 b. 0.087 c. 1.213 d. 1.421 253. In how many ways can 6 distinct books be arranged in a bookshelf? a. 720 b. 120 c. 360 d. 180 254. Roll a pair of dice. What is the probability that the sum of two numbers is 11? a. 1/36 b. 1/9 c. 1/18 d. 1/20 255. The formula for change of centigrade reading to Fahrenheit reading is? 0 a. F= 5/9 0C + 32 b. 0F= 9/5 0C -32 0 c. F= 9/5 0C +32 d. 0F= 5/9 0C -32 256. Two trains start from the same station and runs in opposite directions. One runs at a uniform rate 33 kph while the other at 35 kph. In how many hours will they be 195 km apart? a. 4 hrs b. 2 hrs c. 3 hrs d. 3 hrs 257. In a class of 40 students, 27 like Calculus and 25 like chemistry. How many like both Calculus and Chemistry? a. 20 b. 10 c. 17 d. 12 258.