Nine mesostics for Paul Newland Matthew Lee Knowles July 2008

Particularly to Art Until it is time to Love Never surE for What Lies beyond A fence Noise poetry Defence

he Passed A thought, Understandably Letting go

Nasty bEautiful Why can’t I baLance All sectioNs inDifferently

jumP stAnding a bUtterfly watches from across a Lake kNows how to be of its timE Which road to waLk down with friends At set periods buNuel coulD

four or five shiPs thAt Undo Love kaNt, there are two things in lifE Which don’t have to have meaning: Laughter and music no meAning that is, iN order to give us very Deep pleasure.

comPartments As you wish bUrning Like they ought to emergeNcy Easily shoWn a Lecture heArd a Nd avoiD


Architecture Unifying the traditionaL
torN cornErs Wilted Lost contAins eveNts konDo

comPoser fAther hUsband Liquid resultaNt nothingnEss Winning by Looking Across somethiNg which never existeD

lamPshade Antagonises Under the light it Loves to do that woNderful advicE cannot be put into Words, verbaLised but put into Art iN music anD poetry

Permission grAnted YoU do not have to take it, unLeash if you wish
I doN’t [buckEt] Want a sound to be in Love with another sound cAge oNce saiD