Nine mesostics for Richard Baker Matthew Lee Knowles July 2008

be cleaR at all costs he saId Clear He said At cost claRity Done

But not pAinful oKay bE cleaR

Robbing the rIch and Creating Havoc hArdly remembering befoRe when it was harD Bastards dAre to asK whEn or wheRe

Rushing Instantaneous Cambridge guildHall Acting welcome Release powereD Back to the gym cAught maKing monstErs please do not Run

maRvellous Isn’t it? on the Contrary, it’s ratHer something to be mArvelled towaRds. Directness. mayBe becAuse he worKed on a train, the titlE was so. wRitten on a .

Ready fIve stiCk in Hand, firm And tight (Ripping and flying Dancing across the space) Baring all Asking why one would taKe anything away from thE start oR the end…

tiRed? If you only knew! enCapsulated? How come? Angels dance on colouRed walls Dance on walls of colour

Bad thoughts At once, to thicKen the plot suffEring. stRing

vast gRatitude Indebted minCing all over Herself

A galleRy never haD such pleasure Barking Absolutely no Kids alEx foR who and why?

(entRy) If there must be a Collapse inside tHe exterior, Aristotle (entRy) woulD have known about it

But, we will never Act upon this pinK hair at the start (Entry) (entRy)

higheR on thIs than that Control t He he Art, but not the Red blood warDrobe at the Bar An oboe is ordered to be King, simply because it was thE only pRoduct of its time.

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