bismillahirahmannirahim”2. allsenior rank of actc.“asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and goodmorning” .3.

sir, ladies and gentlemenand my fellow students, it is indeed, a great pleasurefor us this morning, i would like to say welcome to mdm to skkel today. For information,________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________________________________________________( biodat). In this short time we take theopportunity to hear,to learn the technique on how to answer the question .She is here to exchange the idea and knowledge .without further do, now i would like to call upon mdm ---------- to deliver her talk and dialogue with us.please mdm________ (Englias JU for Papar district. Tq to______for spending some of her precious time to be with us and to visitskkel. thank you mdm for all the advice and encouraging dialogue with us today. as for the student I hope that all of u will not wasting this precious opportunity
But before we ended, we would like to acknowledge the speaker who came by and give talk and share with us on how to--------------------------. Therefore, the organizing committees would like to give away souvenirs as our appreciation. Please give applause to our speaker mdm ……………………………………………..

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