Planning Brief

Project Name: Group Members and Roles:

Format: Length: Outline:

Target Audience:


What have we researched?

Rationale behind the text?

How will you test whether the product is successful? How will you check that the product is effective?

The Mix Up Anuka Barua – Editor/ Sound Manger Hiba Butt – Cameraperson/ Sound Manager Uzair Babar – Director/ Sound Manager Short Film – Romantic Comedy 5 minutes Our short consists of four characters within the frame. Our protagonist is a young desperate girl called Saira who wants to go on holiday with her friends for a month however her mum disagrees and says no. However Saira comes up with a plan that will make her mother say yes she will do whatever it takes! The plan is to bring her boyfriend to her home, he is Jamaican .The young black male is named Trevor and he is presented as wearing dread locks, rasta hat and a string vest. Saira introduces her boyfriend to her mother and grandma into her home. Our short films end with a slight twist outside Sairas house. Our target audience is aimed at both females and males. As our production have both genders in it. Our age range is 12 and upwards Our production will be promoted through social networking sights such as ‘Facebook’ ‘YouTube’ ‘Twitter’ and by word of mouth We researched into many romantic comedies which would allow us to have an idea, we also looked at ‘YouTube’ videos to do with online dating, the film we researched into was Bend it Like Beckham which gave us more of an overview as one of the female character has a secret boyfriend. The rationale behind this text is to show an Asian household react to their daughter having a secret boyfriend regarding that he is not Asian. We will test our product by asking a focus group who is our target audience to watch our production and discuss whether our production is a success or not. Also we have conducted pre and post questionnaires asking a mixture of questions to do with our

What generic codes and conventions will be present:

Identify any resource constraints (location, characters, equipment)which can affect the production?

production. The questionnaires will enable us to get our audiences opinions on what they think or our production. From the results this will gives a much clearer outline on whether the production was a success or we would get feedback on how we could make it better next time. *Bright setting *String vest *Make up *Traditional clothing *Rasta hat *Dread locks Our production will take a few weeks to film and we need to make sure our characters don’t do anything to change their appearance such as their hair (coloured/cut) this is vital because we may need to re do the scene or take many shots over the course of time. Time management is an important issue as one of the actors/actress may not be available, if we wanted to film during school time one of the actors might have a lesson lastly having the actors/actress longer than expected to get the scene just right. For our location which is set in a house might cause a problem as there might be family members in the house, building work may be happening, family gatherings etc.