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Grand Ledge High School

Course Syllabus

Web Design
Teacher Name: Mrs. Tracy Clark

Grand Ledge High School Office: 517.925.5815 Teachers Direct Phone Number: 517.925.5831 Contact Times: M F (7:15-7:40am & 2:45-3:15 pm) *or by appointment Email: *email is preferred and will allow for the quickest response

Purpose/Course Description:

Web Design is a one-trimester class that will focus on the basic use of the internet as a tool and concentrating on (X)HTML tags associated with developing basic web pages. This is a project-oriented class.

Topics, Key Concepts, and Units of Study:

This course will cover all of the important steps for planning and creating a personal website. Students will; discover the history and uses of the internet; learn how to plan, design, and implement appropriate graphics and other multimedia to support a successful website; develop a working knowledge of (x)html tags. Students will also work with Adobe Photoshop to create, edit and enhance photos and graphics for use on their websites. Textbooks Used and Other Sources: Murray, Katherine. (2010) Learning Web Design with Adobe CS4. ISBN 13: 978-0-13- 507688-0. Shelley/Napier/Rivers. (2009) Web Design; Introductory Concepts and Techniques, Third Edition. ISBN 13: 978-1-4239-2718-1.

Materials Needed (Supplies Suggested):

Folder, USB Portable Flash Drive (recommended)

Methods of Instruction:
May include, but are not limited to: Lecture / Notes Presentations Guided practice Individual work Group work Online activities

Grand Ledge High School Evaluation/Grade Calculations:

Trimester grades are calculated by using the following percentages: Trimester Marking Period Grade: 90%

Course Syllabus

Trimester Exam: 10%

Trimester marking period grades are determined by dividing student points earned by the total points available.

Types of Evaluation and Assessment:

May include, but are not limited to: Daily assignments Homework Notes

Quizzes Tests (Pre & Post) Online activities

Online assessments Projects / Presentations

Tests: There will be a test over every unit studied.

** Tests remain in the classroom, but students may make arrangements to stay after school to go over assessments with the teacher at any time.

Final Exam: A cummulative exam will be given at the end of the trimester and will be weighted 10% of the trimester grade.
** All students must take the exam. Failure to do so will result in the failure of the class regardless of percentage.

Grading Scale:
93-100 90-92 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 A A- B+ B B- C+ 73-76 70-72 67-69 63-66 60-62 0-59 C C- D+ D D- F

Assignment Expectations:

Assignments are expected to be properly labeled, neat, complete, and turned in on time. Late Assignments: Assignments not turned in on the due date will be given a zero grade. Although strongly discouraged, late assignments from a chapter can be turned in ONLY UNTIL the day of the chapter test. Any assignment not turned in on time will receive half-credit OR less. If a student is absent on the day of a test/quiz, the student is required to make arrangements with the teacher to make up the missed assessment within ONE WEEK of the absence. If the student does not attend the designated time for the make-up quiz or test, the student will receive a zero grade. **In the event of an emergency or extenuating circumstance you may request for other arrangements to be made.

Grand Ledge High School

Course Syllabus

Classroom Procedures
Student Responsibilities & Expectations:
BE RESPECTFULrespect yourself, others, and school property. BE PREPAREDbring your book, folder, paper, and pencil to every class. BE ON TIMEbe in your assigned seat when the bell rings.


Consequences: Students consequences for not carrying out the above listed
responsibilities and expectations can include (but are not limited to) a written referral, after-school detention, in-school suspension, and/or out-of-school suspension, all of which will be accompanied by parent contact.

Passes will only be given at the discretion of the teacher.


The act of obtaining answers or completing assignments in a fraudulent or deceitful manner. Disciplinary action will be determined by staff and administrators. Possible zero grade for assignment and possible suspension. (One hour three days)

The High School attendance/tardy policy is available on-line in the student handbook at: Additional Operational Information: No food or beverages will be allowed in the classroom. Bottled water kept in the designated location will be the only exception. IF CLASSROOM EQUIPMENT (COMPUTERS, PRINTERS, ETC.) IS USED INAPPROPRIATELY, PRIVILEGES TO USE THE EQUIPMENT WILL BE LOST.

Grand Ledge High School

Course Syllabus

Computer Lab 602 RULES

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any class that relies on electronic equipment for instruction must depend on ALL students to help keep the laboratory in good condition. We must make a special effort to use common sense in the treatment of the computers, iPads, laptops, printers, furniture, textbooks, and any other materials, in this classroom. If our equipment does not work, you cannot learn what is intended for you to learn, which means that anyone not using proper judgment must be removed from the equipment. No food or candy or drinks allowed in the lab. NO playing games on the computer unless all work is completed and the teacher has given you permission. Not following this rule could result in losing computer priveleges. Do not move the computer on the table. Instead, you may carefully adjust the monitor and keyboard (keep the keyboard on the table, never on your lap). Do not in any way disassemble, deface, damage, or play with any equipment or materials in the lab. Do not sit on the table or seat backs, and keep your feet off the furniture. No software allowed in the classroom other than the software for the course. Students are to be working on only the software used in the course. DO NOT SAVE ON OR ALTER ANYTHING ON THE HARD DRIVE (C DRIVE) An intentional attempt to do so may result in the student being removed from the computer for the remainder of the course. When your instructor is talking to the class, all students will be listening. No students are to be using the keyboard, or listening to headphones when the instructor is addressing the class as a whole. I understand that all computer hardware, software, data, and files are the property of Grand Ledge High School. Any files, including my own personal files, may be accessed by school personal and may be removed if inappropriate. The use of inappropriate files may result in disciplinary action. I agree to utilize the computer equipment with care, to conduct myself appropriately within the computer lab, and to report any improper use or conduct to the teacher. As you begin using the computer each day, check your area for any possible problems with the equipment and materials or trash left by the preceding student. Notify your instructor immediately if you find any problems. LOG ON with the assigned user name and password. When you finish your work, close your files and LOG OFF. Before leaving, slide the chair up to the table, and pick up any papers around the computer or on the floor.

FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES MAY LOWER YOUR GRADE. **The school district reserves the right to seek any property damage or costs incurred as a result of student violation of this policy.**