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Bankruptcy: Dell is planning to adopting the reorganization strategy and going private, since the company isnt able to meet the changing demands of the customers as a result its profits fell 79% during December-March quarter. According to the analysis, the companys chances of bankruptcy is 31.81% in the subsequent years, therefore the company is planning to reorganize the entire firm. 2. Corporate Combination Strategies:

Joint Venture:

Dell came into Joint Venture with a China based firm-- CIT on 8th September 2004 under a name DFS. The imperative strategy of Dell to come into a contract was to provide financial services in U.S. Strategic Alliances:

Dell and ikaSystems formed a strategic alliance on 8th October 2011 to deliver payers to quickly deploy a flexible, scalable platform to manage daily operations, help significantly reduce administrative costs and meet regulatory requirements with minimal upfront investment.

3. Turnaround Strategy: The revival strategies adopted by Micheal Dell when he came back as CEO of Dell,Inc during the times of crisis i.e. during 2007-08 were to cut down on cost, including massive layoffs and decisions not to invest in launching products like portable music players and cellphones. The result of these strategies was that the companys revenue grew by 37% and the total expenses came down by 11% during that time.