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Consumer Buying Behavior Case Study

Submitted by1) Gaurav Kamat 2) Swapnil Kawalkar 3) Shreya Pradhan 4) Aniket Sawant 5) Swapnil Lilke 6) Avinash Srivastava

Case Analysis
Changing hands Started by Boots in 1948 Sold to Reckitt Piramal in 1997 for Rs 12.5 crores Sold to Dr. Morepen in 2001 for Rs 8.95 crores Strengths Strong brand recall No competitor in the burns segment Years of experience Entrenched in Indian minds as the best solution to domestic burns The Burns Image Started as a cream to soothe and heal skin burns Started showing Haath Jal Gaya? TVCs in 1974 For 98% respondents solution to any burn was Burnol in 1988 Burns market currently at Rs 39 crore

Change in image an attempt Failed attempt in 1967 as antiseptic Launched in 1994 as Antiseptic Burnol 3-in-1 Launched as Burnol Plus first aid cream in 1997

Weaknesses Unable to come out of the burns rut Turmeric seen as a staining agent Consumers not ready to accept other uses Constant change of ownership Low purchase rates despite huge recall

Level of consumer involvement

What strategies would you recommend to change consumer attitude towards the brand ?
Adding benefits Offer the consumer multiple benefits Increase perceived value Stress on alternative uses: non burn wounds, non burn blisters Promote itself as a must have in every household Changing product Introduce newer variants: splashes, gels etc May introduce herbal variants/ additives Make it lighter and non staining for modern consumers Changing package Change colours to blue (cooling) or green(soothing) to associate with the relief Sachets/ smaller tubes Easy to use spray bottles for liquids

Why have attempts to reposition the brand failed? Has it anything to do with consumer attitudes or appropriateness of communication messages?
Only a burns specialist The Affective component is very high leading to 90% of respondents thinking of it as the immediate burns solution Did not change original feeling, could not displace Boroline, Dettol Only 20% people actually own it Safer cooking techniques