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Questionnaire for Customer Satisfaction at SBI Mutual Fund.

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1. What type of investments do you make? A. Property B. Fixed deposit C. Mutual Funds D. Gold E. Shares

2. What are the important factors you consider before choosing an investment? A. Safety of principle amount 3. Why do you invest in mutual funds? A. Capital Appreciation B. Safety C. Liquidity D. Others B. Return C. Liquidity

4. What is your perception towards investing in SBI Mutual Fund? A. Excellent B. Good C. Average D. Below average

5. For what kind of query you came to the branch? A. Investment B. SOA C. Redemption D. Other .

6. When you invest in Mutual Funds which mode of investment will you prefer? A. One Time Investment B. Systematic Investment Plan

7. What is your satisfaction level with the SBI Mutual Fund services? A. Highly Satisfied B Satisfied C. Indifferent D. Unsatisfied

8. Do you get regular update for SBI MF on your registered email/mobile? A. Yes B. No

9. How did you come to know about Mutual Funds? A. Newspaper/Magazine B. Television C. Hoardings D. Friends/Family

10. Are you going to enroll for more plans of SBI Mutual Fund? A. Yes B. No

11. Have you recommended SBI Mutual Fund to your friends & family? A. Yes B No

Any Suggestions for Improvement